Noble Emblem

By Soaring Flame

Entire aspect crush

Entire aspect crush

Although Beta is not red ** Fattaz's person, does not have ‚air/Qi to calm down idly’ this Feat, but he uses Big Fireball Spell that the scroll discharges, still has the extremely high lethality and impulse.

After all Level, the Sorcerer talent is placed there. This Big Fireball attacks, probably is equal to elite level fire system demon Mage, used ‚air/Qi to calm down idly’ this Feat later might. Mage that although is expert in compared with Grandmaster Level fire system comes some disparities, may be used to cope with a front door of manor, has actually had more than enough to spare.

The huge sound, has naturally alarmed other guards in manor, looks that about hundred people of personal guards well up from the front bee, but also some guards from the second floors, in the balconies in three buildings, wave the weapon to jump down directly, that appearance, in childhood held like Beta the Malaysian honeycomb.

Was a pity very much, their people look like truly many, but Beta, ‚population’ are more.

Here is rich person area, the surroundings are surrounding a dense and numerous desert hornbeam, but Alice is elf Summoner, is only in an instant, then saw these trees grow the hands and feet, has stood, on long stream of rain water flowing down from eaves smooth boughs, but also grew the red eye and full is the mouth of advantage tooth.

Although does not have in Elf Forest , these wars come the aggressive military might strangely, but tall and slender, will walk, the has eyes eye stares in all directions randomly, is brandishing strange fostering talent of long rattan whip, to a certain extent, infiltrates the person, has an threat strength in another significance compared with the war old tree.

The noble personal guard is not the army, they do not have too many courage, sees the enemy population many oneself, has instigated all of a sudden first, then sees these enemy strange strange shapes, is frightens the courage not to have, ran away all of a sudden two-thirds people.

Guard who these escape, not in the Beta target, even somewhat by scared out of one's wits the enemy, has run from his side, he also has not paid attention.

„Your these bastards, you come back to me, the master spent that much money......” lead appearance middle age Class Holder just to send out to angrily roar, the words have not said, by a Shirley magic bang on the wall, was fainted deadly in the past.

But the remaining more than 30 people, stop up before the gate, looks tree essences that fearful and apprehensive periphery encircles slowly.

Emma drifts in the midair, as Saintess of storm goddess, she and Beta is different, obtained the ability of flight very much long time ago. But Alice is riding Unicorn, hides in the tree fine sea...... these tree essences layer on layer/heavily protect her, if no airborne field of vision, the bystander does not know where she is hiding.

„If you put down the weapon now, I can like, put you to walk a moment ago, does not begin.” Beta looked at three buildings, after there window curtains, there is a shadow: „My dozens seconds......”

Right now, that more than 30 people of guards have thrown the weapon immediately, then sets up in the fine sea to present a path, these mercenary do not dare to pass at first, after all these grotesque were too many, without the weapon, arrives among them, so long as they begin casually, must play.

But at this time Beta started the reciprocal.

‚Bold’ that guard, bellows, quickest speed ran that channel in tree fine sea, saw that had not been attacked, other people rushed headlong into mass action, was the hunting dog was expelling the small rabbit is likely ordinary, the sad fear ran away.

The Beta itself thinks that the person will run, but has not thought, in entrance there, still also the young people, is actually lifting the sickle, is staring at the present enemy wickedly.

Although his both legs in keeping trembling, although his whole body in breaking into sweat, but at least his look, panic-stricken is bringing enough insistence.

„Rare courage, rare young people.” Shirley has gotten down the attribute in the one side: „However...... This does not have what significance.”

Shirley waves, this youth photograph fought with the fists by the invisible greatness general, spits blood to fly upside down to the wall, also shoots, throws down on the body of that leader, acts recklessly.

This youth is only lv1 Class Holder, perhaps he is very strong regarding the average person, may meet Beta Shirley and the others, his strength disparity was too obvious.

Beta raised the head , to continue to stare at the window, that shadow did not see.

Alice according to the original plan, these tree fine directions in the perimeter security, here is the rich person area, once were attacked, naturally can have city health/guard Jungan to come. This is a very troublesome matter, but there is Alice , the matter was much easier to do.

Massive tree essences gather, can definitely work as the army to use, moreover is sharpest that. But the Perth City city health/guard army, told the sentence truth, copes with the rebellious people, or is general mercenary corps, does not have what issue, but copes with these tree essence that is controlled by Alice, that was a different matter.

According to the original plan, Alice is responsible for clearing and hindrance city health/guard army comes, Emma from the sky carries on to control the field. Storm Temple Divine Spell, the injury ability is ordinary, but controls the field effect actually quite.

But Beta and Shirley two people are responsible for the main attack.

Looked airborne fierce positive...... At this time was somewhat in the west, perhaps is not quicker, fights to be towed in the evening.

Breaks the front door, Beta enters manor hall, then smelled a thick dark energy flavor, making him extremely not happy.

In fact, the light is the dark energy, is not the too major problem. The dark energy itself, with bright energy, bright Magic Power and other things is or same, is only the one manifestation of energy, for example, Underworld Temple numerous believer, although also uses the dark energy, but will not make the person have any not good feeling, but in this dark energy, has been full of the resentment.

Has the resentment, generally represented this dark energy attack to absorb were many, very many lives, moreover made the dead twist extremely, under the state of mind of hatred died.

For example, Beta arrives at this world, has killed many people, because he does not kill by mistreatment, moreover mostly takes action with just reasons, even if occasionally stains a resentment, will dissipate quickly.

In the living room has several female servant to hug in the same place, hides in scattering trembles, Beta has been giving a hand signal to them: „A bit faster leaves here.”

Several female servant stand fiercely, outward runs, but Beta actually both hands suddenly move, to is running that female servant in front line has sent out one silver-white ‚Money Bombardment’.

Runs in forefront that female servant, has spread out several meter/rice with back several female servant, suddenly had actually wiped out the upper part by this Money Bombardment.

Before other lower part inertias , after flushing two, falls the ground, then withers by extremely quick speed, has the black air/Qi to gush out specifically, after several seconds, turned into a dry corpse.

„Snort, vampire!” Shirley wants to begin, but has not thought, Beta makes a move to be quicker.

The following several female servant embark the grating scream, was frightened completely falls down.

Beta waves toward them, said: „Walks quickly!”

Several female servant are supporting by the arm mutually, on the face bursts into tears, is enduring the weeping sound, staggering outward walks, they do not dare to cry to make noise, for fear that the little sound, will cause killing of that man.

They did not understand that anything is the vampire, does not know why own companion will turn into the dry corpse, they only know, is this man at present, has killed own friend. If he were not happy, may also kill itself.

After these female servant leave, character and style ten thousand women walk slowly from the staircase, she very attractively, Beta knows her, the lily beautiful woman in legend, Ivanka.

She wears a long gown, above has Magic Power to flow faintly, but in the hand grasps the magic stick that a black shining stone is building.

„Red Cleric...... As well as under legend culmination most beautiful woman, Shirley Archbishop.” Ivanka walks step by step, said: „Our Trump Families, as if have not offended you.”

Beta said with a smile: „Unexpectedly knows that our status, it seems like you have inquired our matter.”

„Heard that some people inquire the news of our family, who I naturally must look up am.” On Ivanka face is having permits Xieyun the color: „I think that you left, has not thought, you but to came a back thrust.”

Beta shows a faint smile, starts to pull out scroll outward.

Ivanka eyes concentrate, the sound has raised: „I want to know why you must aim at our family.”

„Vampire, everybody must execute it...... I want to say very much.” Beta smiles: „But eliminates actually does good deeds wickedly is only matter while convenient, I am not my some student, does not have that strong sense of justice. Massacres your vampire, for me, will have very big benefit, that is all.”

A gold coin throws high, when falls to the ground, in magic array outlined a golden armor, then this armor has stood, lifted up long both hands greatsword.

Ivanka withdraws two steps: „Three Grandmaster Level powerhouses deal with my this delicate woman, unexpectedly also needs summon to hit the frontline, you were too shameless.”

Hehe! In the Beta heart sneers, before Golden Knight jumps immediately, to/clashes...... A shake jumps to divide to fall, in Ivanka in staircase that stands.

The wooden staircase, is broken by smashing with stone immediately. The breaking wood that Ivanka and flutters about, the dust flutters together the upper air. But Golden Knight because of the huge crash momentum, single knee kneeling down stands in the center of flagstone pit at this time, as if temporarily does not have the ability to act.

Ivanka who hikes up high, the magic stick in hand, to foot under Golden Knight, the black energy is gathering before the stick point, extremely quick speed turns into a black energy ball.

At this time underground assumed Golden Knight that single knee kneels down to turn the body suddenly, has thrown greatsword in hand directly.

greatsword speed that throws is extremely quick, the ventilator turns circle generally, is only listening to whistling the wind sound/rumor, knows the might fearfully.

In Ivanka heart startles greatly, immediately stops, must use the small position to flicker to move to the technique forcefully, will flicker to transfer to directly other one side. Just appeared, the magic rope from airborne pulls down her together directly, the time counts on the fingers, till sighed simply observed. Ivanka did not have any response, has incurred.

When she just responded, on face has suffered a fist...... The huge momentum hits her face distorts, right, then the tooth of half is almost separated completely, the whole person flew three meters far, falls down, will struggle to stand, handle longsword pierced her shoulder blade directly, sews her on ground.

The painful squeal, the mouth that distorts from her bursts out.

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