Return of the Divine Emperor

By Feng Wuji Guang

01628 chapter The grievances of the two circles!

01628 chapter The grievances of the two circles!

"The creatures who will envy the enemy, there are the first generation of ancestors, the first generation of the dragon, the first generation of the phoenix, the first generation of Peng Peng, the first generation of Naga..."

Yun Qingyan put him in the heart and magic illusion and saw all the most powerful creatures at that time.

"Although the Protoss is a tough bow, but the worms of the hundred are dead and not stiff, they will not hesitate to fight with jade and burn, and fight with the gods who will envy the enemy!"

"In the end, the whole continent of the fairyland is broken into countless pieces because of this war!"

"And the biggest one is the fairyland of today!"

The eggshells are heard, all of them are accidental colors.

He does not think that these words were coined by Yun Qingyan.

After all, the first generation of the Dragon, the first generation of the ancestors, the first generation of 貔貅 ... these people, indeed betrayed the Protoss!

The Protoss did save the entire universe.

"The ancient books you read are unusual!" The eggshell first said.

Then, he said: "But what you said is a matter of mythology."

"In the era of mythology, there is another era, called the era of great destruction! The meaning is not broken!"

"That is the era of great destruction, there has been a stunning figure!"

"This person, not only invincible in the era of great destruction, but also created a new era with one's own power, the era of the mixed yuan -"

"Chaos is the amazing figure, stealing more than 70% of the original continent of the immortal...create it!"

At the beginning of Yunqingyan, there was still some understanding, the last sentence of the eggshell.

After all, the mainland of the fairy has broken into the heavens and the world, and how to steal more than 70% of the continent of the fairy?

But after thinking about it, Yun Qingyan is relieved!

What the eggshell says, stealing more than 70% of the original mainland's continent... It should mean that 70% of the area of ​​the heavens is stolen and then merged into a chaotic world.

"I can steal 70% of the area of ​​the mainland of the immortals. This person's cultivation is... I am afraid that it is still above God."

Yun Qingyan couldn't help but say in a blank tone.

God Lord is the Lord of the Gods, that is... Li Dianzhu!

Li Dianzhu in the peak period has a repair that transcends the supreme secret!

Beyond the cultivation of the Lord, you can imagine how terrible it is.

It is no exaggeration to say that such a existence, a thought, can completely destroy thousands of immortals!

"Do you still know the Lord God?" The eggshell was slightly unexpected. "It seems that the ancient books you have seen are really not easy!"

"The amazingly beautiful concrete repair is no one knows, and it goes beyond the known fairy tales..."

"But what is certain is that the Lord of the Gods can't create a new era, but he did it!"

The eggshell's rhetoric is very conservative.

Just come up, a comparable place.

As for the other aspects, there is really no way to conclude the eggshell.

First of all, the Lord of the Gods has fallen in the era of great destruction!

And the surviving existence is the life that was ruined by the era!

Moreover, like the Lord of the Gods, he is already strong enough to transcend the scope of the fairy tales...

Neither can do anything, measured by known realms.In this case, they can only be weaker and weaker than they do through what they do.

"Where does that exist, after creating the chaos?" Yun Qingyan asked again.

"The area of ​​chaos is too large, accounting for more than 70% of the original mainland of the immortals!"

"In such a big world, it is difficult to breed the corresponding rules of heaven, so... he is incarnate in heaven and merges with the chaos."

Under normal circumstances, Heaven is naturally produced!

Whether the mainland of the stars or the celestial world is a natural heaven.

But if the chaos world, as the eggshell says, the area has reached 70% of the original mainland of the fairy!

It is very difficult to produce the rules of heaven...

The reason is very simple. The chaos is too big. When the rules of the heavens are just born, they may be destroyed immediately.

"The first generation of ancestors, the first to the beginning of the dragon, the early generation of Peng Peng ... these people, have entered the chaos community?" Yun Qingyan suddenly asked.


I don’t want to say that the eggshells don’t want to say: “These people have already stepped into the mysterious world. In the fairy world, it’s hard to go any further!”

"But the chaos is different. The area of ​​the chaos has reached more than 70% of the mainland of the original fairy!"

"And the rules of the heavens in the chaos, or the existence of the incarnation!"

"That is to say, the rules of the chaos are enough for them to break through the supreme realm and break into a higher realm!"

The color of the cloud blue rock flashed.

No wonder those people, like the evaporation of human beings, disappeared directly.

"You said that winning is not self-sufficient, it means winning to invade the chaotic world?" Yun Qingyan said.

"Well..." The eggshell nodded slightly.

In the heart of the eggshell, there is still a sentence that has not been said. In their time, no matter who walks to win, they will eventually face the chaos.

“Failed?” Yun Qingyan asked indefinitely.

"From the fact that even Daqin has never heard of this, the win must have failed." The eggshell said.

In the heart of Yunqingyan, there is another incomprehension.

The chaotic world is very powerful, not

Only the first generations, even the rules of heaven, are the embodiment of the epoch-making avatar!

Even if it is a blind man, you can see that the winning rate of the invasion of chaos is very small!

Win, can create Daqin!

And can lead Daqin, swallowing more than half of the universe, it means that winning is not a fool!

No, it should be said that winning is not only stupid, but has a peerless means!

Such a person can't do anything to hit the stone with a stone.

"Do you really don't understand, win the lead of Daqin, why should you hit the stone with an egg?"

The eggshell seems to see the doubts of Yunqingyan, and suddenly said.

"Well..." Yun Qingyan nodded slightly.

"Winning my heart, I don't know if I want to take this step, but I can be sure, I have to take this step!"

The eggshell sighed softly. "My hatred for winning is because the win is a despicable way to defeat me!"

"But even if the person who won at the beginning is me, I will lead my forces to invade the chaos!"

Yunqingyan is getting worse.How to make it, like the creatures of the heavens and the world, and the end of the chaos is not endless.

It is clearly a living creature of the universe!

It is clearly the creatures that were born in the continent of the immortals.

The eggshell went on to say: "The gas in the universe is limited, but the soul will only grow more and more, and it will become stronger!"

"As the number of creatures increases, the number of strong people increases, and the air transport will only become less and less..."

“There will even be a day of exhaustion!”

"The earliest people who entered the chaos were the most powerful creatures of the universe at the time. Their concept was to directly destroy the creatures outside the chaos."

"Then, the extra air will be given to the souls of the chaos."

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