Human Emperor

By Huangfu Qi

Make reparations!

Make reparations!

„hē hē, Gao Xianzhi, you do not think that fights with me, but can also withdraw, rushes to rescue others?”


forest Daxiao said that in the facial expression full is the ridicule.

This fight mahatma sect Gutaibai is true Commander-in-Chief, is. Tang People had not underestimated that any person, has underestimated only continuously in their front Gutaibai. Cast the Iron Blood Caliphate legend to exist, possible only then this ability, only knows that proceeded to dispatch troops blindly?

The fight of first day, the mahatma sect lulled them by 200,000 military force(s), next day war, was dozens Behemoth, as well as seemed like does not have the methodicalness attack, lulled them!

These people too underestimated that mahatma sect these three characters, now, all entered the rhythm of mahatma sect!

But opposite, hears Musi

The words of forest, Gao Xianzhi surface sinks to the water immediately.

But the battlefield frontline, Zhangchou Jianqiong and An Sishun and the others are also the look sudden changes, two people looked at a front, crown prince Young Protector was held Kara blade of Adnan to constrain by the hand, the latter laughs wildly, goes crazy cutting intermittently to Wang Zhongsi, stubbornly constrains him.

Two people responded that also knows again slowly, the people fell into planning of Gutaibai. All inundate the nonchalant order, for the present. However at this moment, surpasses own Caliphate facing the military strength, Zhangchou Jianqiong and An Sishun were also helpless.

„What to do, what to do?”

Anxiety that King Song is filled with. Now has the opportunity to rush to rescue their, only then Gao Xianzhi and Albus, but Gao Xianzhi was constrained, Albus Tonglu Heavy Cavalry 20 ten thousand Caliphate Heavy Cavalry that outflanks with the rear area is chaotic, does not have the flaw he to attend.

But how did not know Wang Chong to the present!

As for battle efficiency greatly strengthened Wushang Heavy Cavalry, after receiving the order, after Mamlik Heavy Cavalry receives the order, is uniting other Heavy Cavalry, does not count surrounding Wushang Heavy Cavalry of casualties, even if were killed the field littered with corpses, threw without hesitation.

The situation became in imminent danger!

„Without enough time!”

Sees the front, Caliphate Heavy Cavalry are enormous and powerful, soon will form the encirclement from the both sides to nine dragons Legion and three Empire Great General, King Song clenched teeth, finally has issued the order:

„Passes on me to order, to convene the manpower that all can convene, no matter many, attacks completely, in any event, must prevent them to encircle!”


In a twinkling, prepares to lead the remaining several hundred not any battle efficiencies in King Song the manpower, prepares to rush to the front lines, suddenly, a shaking the Heaven and moving the Earth loud sound transmits from the front.


War cry shaking the Heaven and moving the Earth!

In the King Song heart shakes, steep raising the head, when sees only does not know, one team of several thousand people of white clothing confucian scholar, grasp the sword, insane threw generally, occupies place that Caliphate „V” shape lineup soon is healing, crazy, nearly suicide -type attack all around Heavy Cavalry.


„A Confucianism Sect people obeys orders, the present is we report back Great Tang the time!”

The mistake that „Confucianism Sect violates, must redeem by Confucianism Sect! Today, not retreat! Full power attack!”


One angrily roars to resound through the world intermittently.

King Song has been startled being startled, immediately looks the crowd front that say/way is joyful long, the young form, these bring Confucianism Sect to symbolize Expert, suddenly understood anything, in eye red. This Struggle of Military and Scholar, Confucianism Sect made the giant mistake.

Although Wang Chong has forgiven them, Empire has also forgiven them, but they have not actually forgiven themselves.

Li Junxian is leading the Confucianism Sect people, after solves the diamond Giant danger temporarily, without hesitation is leading Confucianism Sect Expert, has charged into that place V shape gaps, has charged into these Caliphate Heavy Cavalry.

The Confucianism Sect population are not many, but wins in cultivation base is extremely high, at this moment, only had them to solve this wave of crisis temporarily.


An intermittent calling out sound penetrating world, the endless noble spirit sweeps across the battlefield, large quantities of Caliphate Heavy Cavalry were calling out pitifully, was shot down under the horse, but the Confucianism Sect direction, died in battle similarly much. Each Confucianism Sect Expert simultaneously is even facing the attacks of more than ten Caliphate Heavy Cavalry, even if then so, all people take place of the fallen, without any person retreat, even somewhat before the point of death, bellowing, crazy detonation Astral Qi, is perishing together with the match.

In the short time, the Confucianism Sect casualties have gone to the astonishing situation.

„Minor Adviser......”

Sees this, in the King Song eye red, however actually anything did not do. Even if so, King Song also deeply understands, a Confucianism Sect people is also only sacrificial characteristics own life, is Great Army delays some time. When a Confucianism Sect people died in battle, the crisis still exists.

Almost subconscious, King Song looked once more to the front, White-hoofed Shadow has carried on the back, motionless Wang Chong.

„Wang Chong, all can only look at you now! A bit faster wakes up!”

King Song has gotten hold of the fist secretly, afterward on a vertical warhorse, proceeds to go.

Can change this war only has Wang Chong, before then, he must join the fight, is Great Army wins the time.


But at this moment, Wang Chong's situation similar bad risk numerous, each god of journeys thunder falls, is weakening his Spiritual Strength, leaves his time not to be many.

„Sun, although is the source of world thermal energy, is all Spiritual Technique gentleman long-awaited Spiritual Spell, but, eventually is also only Spiritual Spell. Sun is big , is the one of world and world divine creative force eventually, contains in the world. The sea of taboo is a complete world, in divine creative force by world, how possible to resist the world?”

The High Priest sound resounds through the entire taboo technique sea:

„Your destiny was already doomed!”

„This time, when obtains your complete soul and consciousness, makes me have a look at all secrets, what has a look at the child of so-called destruction is?”

The High Priest sound drifts from place to place, but actually cannot distinguish his position. But until this moment, High Priest truly said oneself this line of real objectives.

The war of common custom basic has nothing to do with him, for a lot of years, the High Priest also never participation has been to the common custom the war, but these time actually makes an exception to follow Gutaibai to make an expedition to the east together, but all gathers on Wang Chong.

Although is not clear on Wang Chong, what secret has own rebirth to the inside story.

However looks like, High Priest as if knows that are more.


Hears the High Priest words, the Wang Chong body trembles, raised the head fiercely, in a flash, in the mind passed over gently and swiftly an astonishing bright.

„High Priest, many thanks!”

The Wang Chong's sound suddenly resounds, he looking up, the vision looks at the void place above somewhere, on that young face, at this moment, impressively reveals one lightly, the smiling face of self-confidently brimming with.

This flash, in taboo technique sea somewhere, the air/Qi has calmed down idly, in the High Priest heart that controls the overall situation jumped fiercely, has to plant extremely not the wonderful feeling suddenly.

„I understand now! You said right, Sun is only one between of world divine creative force, possibly resists the entire world? So-called, to break the sea of taboo, must surmount the sea of taboo, is more formidable than the sea of taboo!”

Wang Chong indifferently said, that pair of young eye pupil is even more self-confident and blazing.


Hears this to turn the words, „taboo technique sea” deep place, High Priest steep changed the complexion.

The taboo technique sea is impossible to explain, from ancient to present, generations of civilizations, nobody can achieve, now is naturally impossible. High Priest does not know that Wang Chong wants to make anything, how also to do, but Wang Chong this towering change, made him feel one restlessly extremely.

However has not waited for High Priest to ponder, next quarter--


A dazzling ray, must flaming brightly compared with it Sun, explodes from Wang Chong within the body instantaneously, sunglow and solar eclipse, dazzling......, Is completely lifelike, jumps to shoot, but during blinking, appeared immediately in this piece of dim boundless taboo technique sea for one round huge white date.

High Priest is startled first, immediately has smiled.

„hē hē, this is your method!”

The High Priest manner and sound relaxed obviously, unknowingly stopped including everywhere purplish black god thunder. Wang Chong's responded that looks like in High Priest, deceives oneself and others completely, puts up a last-ditch struggle.

„Haven't I told you? Useless, your present energetic attainments and I also miss many, perhaps gives your enough time to grow, in the future you perhaps can also surpass me. However now......, You have not achieved this Level!”

High Priest indifferently said.


Wang Chong smiles, has not struggled to distinguish:

„That this?”

The ray flashes, in first blazing by bright Sun, the day nucleus, sunglow, solar eclipse and solar flare jump to shoot, suddenly is a giant Sun presents the one side, that boundless thermal energy and ray, compelling forcefully draws back the surrounding darkness and purplish black god thunder.

Under two great dates complementing, the Wang Chong young figure also became big incomparable.

„Is truly impressive, but you do this are only the futile effort. Taboo technique sea because of increasing a solar divine creative force, but changes. Here, you could not resist me!”

The ray flashes, the distant place, in the black vast deep place, High Priest reveals the figure once more, he is leaning on the law stick, steps slowly in sea level.

Now, he almost knows that the Wang Chong's details, Talas fought, he comprehended „Forbidden Technique, Ardent Sun” perhaps was his limit. Can by strength of the, make two giant Sun to be truly impressive.

Only depending on this point, Wang Chong can pull up in history topest Spiritual Technique gentleman, was inferior, in living the long time, had the High Priest of innumerable knowledge and in front of secret, these as before appear not worthy of mentioning.

The ages of two people, fully showed all!


However the High Priest voice falls, the distant place, the void tremor, the high place sky over Wang Chong, the ray flashes, third giant fierce Yang lives baseless. At this moment, High Priest also slightly look changes. Even if he has not thought, Wang Chong can simultaneously make three unexpectedly „Sun”.

【Ps: Today two, tomorrow's three!】

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