In this magical world, people bear the fairy sac, raise the monsters, control the demon soldiers, cultivate the demon planting, and take pride in climbing the realm of the demon sorcerer.
Looking for secluded secrets, unwilling to be reconciled. Then open his eyes, Chu Yun returned to twenty years ago.
Everything starts again, he is determined to make up for all regrets, chase dreams, and embark on a different path of the strong.
Cute fox demon loli, sly snake demon crush, pure lotus demon fairy, natural rabbit demon sister, sexy slut demon sister... one by one, slowly cultivate.
The Xinghai Dragon Palace, the Abyss of the Sea Eye, the Tomb of the King of Pluto... The secret of the Immortal House is in the mind, waiting to be excavated.
The world is in great shape, the situation is changing, the talents are beautiful... He will witness one by one and surpass it!


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