The Last Cat in the Universe

By Zui Yin Chang Ge

17. Chapter 17 [catching insects]

17. Chapter 17 [catching insects]

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Chapter XVII

Xin Tesi Empire Today there are two big news.

The first years of their black pieces Marshal season Yun to repair a cut on his head-inch boards.

The second is leaked from the military, a video about cats.

The satellite network is not a huge secret, then strict corps can not monolithic.

Photo by Marshal media cloth, a neat inch board did not ruin his image, but slightly softer than previously broken to even more sharpened and masculine, let a few pictures of thousands of men and women see Huaichun Bulong legs.

In the era of strife, people will always be full of a sense of crisis, such a sense of crisis so that they can bring to the robust masculine appearance of male insecurity and oppression is particularly favored.

For example, repair season Yun, Ji Yun Xiu Xiu Yun season and this type.

Once a photograph, he received numerous fans fans brother and sister touted praise.

But has not been classified as confidential cat fight video after the leak, it is not calm in the original Star Online sparked countless waves.

Cat's physical fitness is really amazing!

Breaking the myth of zero defeat Marshal did not say, a corps marshal will hang up Shoudexia long fight!

As the naked eye is difficult to get a glimpse of the degree, the amazing bite force and sharp claws came almost to coldness come simply - handsome explode! ! !

Ordinary people do not want to go into in the end why Marshal overturned, they just see the results had been very excited.

Do not break the myth is always a myth, was broken by the more in order to have progress.

Their marshal will go further after that!

Although only the safety of the cat called immeasurably with said information on the size of the big cats.

Although the cat just say one kind of information on pet cats.

But so what!

Although the appearance of little girls can be powerful strength ah!

You know what is the concentrated essence of it!

Villain know what beauty and strength of both ...... no, small cats do!

You know what contrast Moe!

This is!

A tiny ball!

Force of the explosion!

Long so lovely must have been to confuse the enemy!

Maybe you can also cross the border in the face of mixed Meng predators!

An appearance of a variety of uses!

Our life on Earth is the ancient rocks!

Now the little cats or marshal our home!

Think of the fun!

You must be crazy applause to pay tribute to the table!

Star Network user flattered 360-degree seamless lick screen, happy to jump to.

do not stop!

The best every day this aniseed burst out!

Not feel they can not raise it does not matter, let us at least be able to see more ah!

Every day against the light to see the cat brain, will become a good mood all day!

Star online user group of cats just like to see the marshal and knock the drug as crazy no brains blown Macabre Hey turn the day, while the case of the line have to be much serious.

Ji Yun Xiu see a lot of new people, because today's season to attend the Imperial military court marshal.

Marshal thing about attending a military court, involving the two cases.

First, with regard to the case before the spy leak caused by military aircraft attacked Marshal missing.Second, before the former deputy marshal's allegations empire Ministry of Scientific Research, the top leaders of both parties need to be present confrontation.

The first is basically a virtual certainty to give spy death penalty is a simple one-off games to go.

But the second thing ten of August. Nine is to become a long see-saw.

Empire Research Department external image is quite good, in the biological sciences has also made many outstanding contributions, has been the marshal told them this thing does not pan though well known, but because in the past the image of absorbing considerable goodwill's sake, for a sentenced to rebels who allegations, most people hold the mentality of distrust.

There is no conclusive evidence, the lawsuit a bad play.

Ji Yun repair but did not choose to withdraw.

His idea is very simple, anyway, his silver blade number is still re-upgrade design, short-lived fad can not be separated Royal Star.

Now that there is the opportunity to look nausea Empire Scientific Research, for his every move they make on tenterhooks for months, why not do it?

For that matter, Marshal very pleased, even expected.

We can look forward to high-value overshadowed unpleasant change type.

Ji Yun Xiu heart is very wide, but the mind is also small.

Positive, well-founded doubts or comments, he can openly accepted. But eight children offend him offend him, he can remember for a lifetime and will never tired of looking for trouble.

He does not love beat him to death - after all blunt knife flesh is the most painful.

Of course, the kind of empire research department, he wanted to beat him to death, killed no way to type.

So Ji Yun Xiu taking it every chance, we should look at the other side of nausea, as part of scientific research caught the chance, you should start with him or punch him, like nausea.

Ji Yun Xiu mood is quite wonderful, he looked forward to a smelly face tribunal Minister of Scientific Research, the mood is even more wonderful.

He sensed scientific research minister to him over here, not the slightest fluctuations face, put on a pair of strategizing calm attitude.

He sat next to act as first secretary of the Army with a long and handed him a stack of information.

Mr. Marshal took the hand, gently shook the hands of the minister who rushed solid content.

This is like a thick stack of information in his hand, is not conducive to his understanding of the research department of key evidence as to the other kind of "I mastered the evidence so I insisted on hearing turned dry your" illusion.

Think the opponent is always been for them not false speech is even more glowing hatred of the season Yun Xiu, minister of scientific research face suddenly green.

Mr. Marshal pushed to the line of sight, slowly turned over the information.

Top fonts dense, in fact, all expense information from the database in the Ministry of Security over the ancient earth materials, the main contents of cats experience.

Heaven knows may know, the Army chief marshal know know, sitting across from scientific research minister did not know.

Waiting for court time, Ji Yun Xiu turn two data, we look up at the sitting across from him minister of scientific research.

His face was expressionless face cold look, as if looking at a dead thing.

Minister of Scientific Research is the opposite of this vice if he really grabbed the key evidence of what attitude scared pins and needles, carefully cropped up on his forehead sweat.He is experienced quarter of the year Yun repair that matter, the Ministry of Scientific Research for the first time in a quarter roll is turned repair Yun hand, at the moment if he really grasped what incredible evidence, is to make sure they Kill the whole of.

By the time high-level scientific research department, is certainly a get away.

Ji Yun and repair works slowly turned over a cat experience, turning the sheet of sound across the street from the ears of the people, is like a loaded gun.

Mr. Marshal looked at each other counsels have to look like a white face and gently knocked on the desktop, by its own electric cat rolled a pinch-type head had to change the mood instantly becomes a fine.

Hit my mind, but also dare my cat idea.

This Marshal scare you die!

Do not know they have been in the eyes of some people become more safe meat and potatoes of breath Kendiao thirty Lingshi.

He wants to continue eating, but looked at the rest of Lingshi, or licked his paws.

Cats may not always look at his food bowl was empty, that would make them feel very insecure.

So he left the last ten pieces, placed Lingshi out of the box, try to feel the flow of Reiki within a □□.

He squatted before the shortage in Star buttoned neatly to accumulate so many years of Reiki, Reiki did not add up to more than thirty Lingshi eaten today produces more.

Ann is the only cat very sense of crisis, he has always been the habit of saving for a rainy day of spiritual power.

But he was only a young cat, for emotional control completely unlike those clan sophisticate. For example, prior to his fight with Ji Yun repair it on the head, on an impulse, the accumulation of years of hard aura with his shirt.

- While the vast majority of Reiki are actually ten Lingshi season Yun Xiu few days provided for reference.

Now thirty blocks Kenwan, but added to restore the previous level and even on the rise.

The more security straight from the upper body pawing at the edge of the box, explore his head and looked at the rest of the box ten Lingshi, finally failed to beat the cat's instinct, give yourself a point surplus.

He patted his little belly, began with the installation of the walls of the box as cat scratch board flex too shabby, shook its tail, claws retracted.

He disk-shaped optical brain firmly on the top of the head, four small short legs taking the stairs.

After the downstairs cat climbing frame have not played more security, petty season marshal today by his hot head cold face shaved, out the door not only it did not cut off removed the cover snacks, but gave plus several one exam.

Not the Ann no way to destroy the shield, but that was not necessary.

There incentive system actually completed the task of learning is very good, at least for the more security, there are snacks as a reward, he was quite motivated.

Ann sat neatly in the morning, the season Yun to repair his "Xin Tesi common 9oo words" to back over, also finished out of the way of the protective cover switch panel title, the inside of snacks took to the cleaners.

Whole milk and white cat hairs groups have got into the large package in his pocket, his tail dangling outside.

He finally bag a final sugar after eating, go two steps back, but kick Ta, together Gululu rolled down the sand and even brain cat with light and next to the bag.After the cats were safe the entire pocket into the atmosphere exudes a sweet taste of candy wrappers, rolled several times and stopped after a few seconds, the more secure it from the inside out to a head, wary Shuzheerduo I looked around, did not find people did not find any cameras, just licked his nose, slowly climbed out of the packaging bag.

Snacks eaten.

The first book is also back over.

Ann was dangling from the snack he threw a package into the land of trash, garbage bags and biting dragged to the door.

Ann is the love clean cat.

He was sitting on top of the cat climbing frame circular platform, shook the hair, licking also stained a lot of snack debris and odor claws and hair.

Lick can not afford to provoke waved a small stream of water, to clean up their own fur.

White hairs group bathed in the sun, the edge face is gorgeous shining light, the same as if the light.

This is a small platform next to floor-to-floor opposite the large pendulum clock.

Ann look at the time, touched his little belly, think of those Xin Tesi staple food to eat on the taste of last night, the blue cat's eye look left and right to see, eventually fell just been him off the ground light on the brain.

The book he learned this morning that there are takeaway vocabulary.

Ann could remember more before he agreed to a number of copyright applications, as well as before the broadcast earned money.

Ji Yun Xiu said that the money is in the safe.

After the witty little cat jumped down from the cat climb the shelves, next to a small light went all the way to the brain, follow the instructions on the book, out of a small furry paws fiddle with a couple of light brain, found the button, press the soft pads down.

Mr. Marshal does not need to takeout, so the more security to find for a long time did not find the name of Li Dai takeaway word software icon.

After now be able to be able to understand most of the common vocabulary, the more security only to find Mr. Marshal of the brain light, full of a certain news, certain aircraft records, a certain virtual military line war platform, a certain virtual interplanetary war platform, a an event record ......

The more Ann: "......"

Blowing sex mad surge of military style.

No wonder would take him to eat cafeteria.

Yes, nothing wrong, this is quarter repair Yun.

The security line of sight will eventually be moved to row on the green side of the final picture.

He now understand this is called Jinjiang software is a powerful multi-platform software.

If you think there is a sense of helmet or biological compartment, the connection to this platform, you can enter a virtual community, almost everyone has an account of this platform, which has been called the second society.

Not ready to think or biological sense helmet compartment, you can do some simple operations by optical brain page.

For example, various types of cloth works, such as broadcast, such as online transactions, such as recording live or is it ...... takeout.

Ann does not know what the stuff is delicious, take-away dish a list of a literary game, a game of a complex.

The final turn of the more annoying very safe choice altogether sorted by price and volume - he chose the most expensive that another wave of selling in the best of that page.

Yes, a whole page.

Ann does not know more, though he did deduction of income is the platform balance, but consumption is the brain light will bind the account notifications.Mr. Marshal is awaiting trial.

Mr. Marshal remote bracelet felt a jolt.

Mr. Marshal glanced down at the bracelet on the screen.

Mr. Marshal saw his account is instantly deducted three hundred and sixty thousand.

Mr. Marshal saw that he was deducted three hundred and sixty thousand consumer name is: take-away.

Ji Yun Xiu: ......

Ji Yun Xiu:? ? ?

His account of the money can be used, only the security of the.

A morning gone, not even my cat takeaway point have learned? ?

An abrupt loss for the Marshal knew nothing about at the time of receipt of the notification.

He glanced back to see the balance after completion of take-away point, now increased a lot than before it.

As previously arrived only buy a few dozen eight-digit price began to count, he can buy a few pieces of twenty.

Twenty pieces!

An Gaoxing more of fluff called roll on the carpet.

Then he switched he thought one morning began with their own eating the thirty blocks, roll the action instantly stopped, and two front paws curled up on his chest, looking at the bare belly small beige ceiling, the whole a cat with the same silly.

So I actually eat?

Twenty pieces that were not enough day to eat it! !

- You can not give yourself a cat with a surplus of salted fish What is the difference!

The more security is also very clear that he could not let the season to repair Yun gave him an unlimited amount of supply began.

After all, he played yesterday with armor so many games, to see clearly plainly, a mecha have at least one primary energy cabin two alternate energy cabins, each cabin to put at least two energy began with in energy supply.

Ji Yun Xiu Shoudexia so many soldiers can promise to give him fifty per month uniform, it is estimated to open his own coffers.

You can not move a military warehouse it!

While a main mine own coffers certainly considerable, but that in itself is the troops in war, if there is a case in urgent need of it?

And he had agreed to be fifty, the more I am safe, but only the integrity of a friendly cat!

Paralysis of hairs on the carpet group two front paws up, and holding his head in anguish rolled twice, finally looked up, shook the ears, look to emerge on the optical brain page.

Star Network users are still licking up over fifty minutes of video ecstasy Flurry.

Many people cried and begged the marshal only social accounts under his aspiration to put the cat out, there are people secretly from outside the domain of the country where imperial Xin Tesi quiet Mimi came over the wall, perfectly integrated into the ranks of the chirp cry in.

At this time, the largest virtual community shopping mall - above the central square holographic projection citizens suddenly cut into a piece of black.

Music suddenly of a lag.

People Guangzhao Street, around the square chatting in doubt stopped.

After a brief period of darkness, a fluffy little head appeared in over the central square.

It is upward, watching the scene, stretched out his head leaned camera, from the past to be able to clearly see that fine white hair and pink little nose, and even shy exposed white fangs like a small tip also see clearly.

It seems to be some doubts about the current situation, little "Mi Wu," a cry, cry fragile and delicate, could hear his heart chattered.He swerved his head, looked up and craned their necks to see what seems to be, then jumped jumped on the table next to them the full to the brim on top of a variety of foods, as well as a light brain.

That station is playing the same optical brain Fengyun hairball jump on the table screen.

So the little guy seems to confirm what the face of the lens crooked head tilt, whine whine in the air, "Meow," a cry.

Citizens within the square brush and light through the brain marshal social pages of people breathing a lag, in a quiet and silent atmosphere seemed to understand something.

Then the uniform of a violent burst of screams.

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah! ! ! ! !

Cat ah! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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