The Last Cat in the Universe

By Zui Yin Chang Ge

16. Chapter 16

16. Chapter 16

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Chapter XVI

Ji Yun Xiu looked at his four army chief, it was not for them to surprise onlookers.

He just looked at it again four people one by one, and finally look to speak xiaonianqing.

"I remember you on vacation." Marshal said.

Seventh Army chief eyes as flashing light, not at all like the cold dead face askew in front under.

Covered in sub-visible trace of an emotional pleasure.

"Yes, sir!" The first army chief, raising his hand over his young colleague's mouth, his face with a warm smile, "We just wanted to see what will be your ability to beat, what kind of character."

Ji Yun Xiu told him such things do not get mad, these followed him all the way to touch Gunda climb subordinates, he was bullied for so many years, this state too normal.

Anyway, after the end of schadenfreude, not too nice nice work being bullied.

A degree of relaxation before long.

Marshal thought, simply replied:. "In the virtual training room."

Carter, Ji Yun Xiu Bianxiang they nodded slightly and turned to leave here.

Several Army chief looked at each other, even quite staggering: "? So let us."

"Marshal blow to lose one so big it ......"

"No, I think there must be a way of escape." Seventh Army chief assured his face.

"Flip flip it, anyway, ten of August. Nine is directed at you go." Third Army chief had a lazy stretch waist, turned around and left.


Sixth Army chief pushing hopping young colleagues, urging him: "go to the training room, walk walk."

Ji Yun Xiu listening behind the movement, no walking on a quiet walkway, a slight squint squinting.


Trample. Lin you still need my hands?

Antonius really put the pendant it?

Marshal mood is quite good, the whole body much more vigorous momentum a little cold.

He walked opened the memorandum interface, opened a new page record of abuse on when the security fight.

In other injury to injury problems this broken, it must be changed!

They fight not look at the surrounding terrain, terrain means there is no sense of superiority, but also must be changed!

Shot depends on instinct and to avoid this, it is to be changed!

But the more he will prepare Chuaizhe placement of the battlefield, to the kind of place this is terrible ills.

An even more reluctant to roll on the battlefield, to stay in the Royal Star have to watch out for other people after another stab in the back.

After all, research value of ancient life on Earth, than he was worth a genome ss level even higher.

Even the more security there is very powerful large Sha Zhao, but as long as there is still someone to his eager, they will one day be succeeded.

After all, humans are from the era after the end of the Earth, it has spent hundreds of years fighting with other intelligent species in the universe, the ultimate victory, the race to get maximum living space.

Once you have some kind of purpose, it will reach a basic human want is a matter of time.

Unless you grow as fast as those of an intelligent man.

Marshal thought of the future of the security situation, looking at the entries on the memo, determined more determined.


We have to change!

Do not change are not allowed to eat snacks!

Virtual training room of the Ann sudden burst of aversion to cold,Sneezed.

Positive analysis to explain to his previous fight video of the second army chief turned his head to look at him, wondering: "how?"


The more safe taking a closer look, and did not find anything abnormal, then shook hair, well-behaved continue sitting back listening.

Probably fighting monsters have a natural talent, the more security for those tips and induced mentioned understand very quickly, sometimes even in a few Army chief tells how he should be resolved before, he already knows how to do it a.

Any tips and induction after being pricked, it will become common.

Ann and a few more Army chief Xun had finished a whole video, the two sides are ready to make a marked want.

Second Army chief looked around: "We have no control authority marshal training room, the more security will not use, I go to that bar?"

The remaining two one cat have no opinion.

An advantage of the opportunity the jump on his shoulder, looked at each other and did not wear a cap avatar, unfortunately left on the shoulder.

They went out, had to suffer another four Army chief of fixing authorities merely ran.

I had seen all the security cameras put a paw paste into the wall pull the pull not down four people opt for a lag.

"Come ah!" Second Army chief happy hello, "I go walk walk it."

"No ......" Third Army chief realized what "Give us marshal roll-over, the cat is not it?"

Ann shook the tail: "Meow!"

Do you have any dissatisfied you?

Second Army chief corrected him: "They have a name, called the security."

For some instinctive caution, first army chief calm asked: "There is fighting assess it?"

"Yes, but I do not show you." Second Army chief with a group of people plus a cat into his virtual room, "Well, whoever you on?"

In addition to face curious to see more security, did not react few people outside the Seventh Army chief, were the uniform of the future big three steps back.

Joke, Marshal are overturned, sending food with them on what is the difference?

When we do not really face ah?

The first Army chief did not hesitate to betray the youngest colleagues.

"Xiao Qi on!"

Take a look at the situation say.

Ji Yun Xiu fifty boxes filled with the energy spar taken out from his private library, into the car.

Then leisurely stroll from the apron back, I went to the office before he threw several documents side looked again, covered with a poke through, they finally shuffles back to the training room, put on a helmet to enter Army chief of a second virtual room.

Just go in, Mr. Rao is used to see the scenes of the Marshal, also suddenly appeared in front of a sea of ​​people scared two seconds.

Here are all the various corps of soldiers, dressed in different uniforms, but very orderly as neatly as if sitting in accordance with their different responsibilities and distribution of the Legion when formations, even very consciously left out of the aisle .

Virtual room has a characteristic of unlimited extension, and occasionally have two or three corps multiparty practical exercise together, so that it can accommodate the number is considerable.

But this number now ......Marshal looked around.

Probably they do not have now the task of all soldiers stationed here.

No one is now coming Marshal, everyone intently watching the virtual training room used to facilitate a close watch on the big screen, very occasionally whispered exchanges.

Before marshal standing rear, still in front of him looked flattered cocky seventh Army chief, caught off guard by the security of energy even tore three cabins, primary energy and alternative energy sources have all been hollowed out, with lightning speed It was declared defeated flutter Street.

When the settlement battle assessment, Ji Yun Xiu hear speech in front of a soldier in a low voice.

"Seven Army chief This is the eighth lose it ......?"

"Yes ah, lost a second to react after winning two cat ...... is called the security right? Midfield but when several army chief seems to be more safe to talk about something, after seven Army chief has been in flutter Street. "

"The cat is such a powerful thing !! I see information security department, said the latest data released, which is one of the most popular ancient Earth's most common pet pet ah ah !! !!!"

"Can a cat as a pet, the ancient people on earth fighting must be very high, probably like Marshal did it."

"I also saw the information, although it is a pet, but cats are very ferocious predators, but very close to human beings."

"But I think the more security beat seven Army chief close look nothing like humans ......"

"I think this is normal, I checked a lot of information on ancient Earth before, you know that aquatic animals called Pipi shrimp do? Is one of the ancient people on earth quite like the food."


"Pippi shrimp punch spark can play in the water! End but still be on the table, said to be one of farming or large-scale fishing of the species it."



"It's terrible, ah, our ancestors."

"...... I'm sorry, I'm ashamed to ancestral gene."

Although a native of the Milky Way, but concern for the Earth's ancient culture classes in favor of Mr. Marshal, quiet listening to these soldiers discussions.

Had read a complete data backup also a, he would almost believe their evil.

Mr. Marshal assessment looked at the battle on the big screen, for more security even able to upgrade in just one hour from skill to skill c d surprised.

Then the more it seems safe with c-level skills and burst them are even ss s grade level of physical fitness, the Seventh Army chief press mad friction on the ground.

Ji Yun Xiu looked at the rest area, I feel he's under suspicion xiaonianqing almost a life.

After Mr. Marshal finally picked up his conscience remaining in the air in front of translucent panel to enter a series of commands directly in front of the most spectator seats.

His appearance scene of a quiet moment.

Marshal in the safe hands of a rollover thing everyone knows.

After all, Marshal record panel has been hanging in there not hidden, on top of o defeat into a record 1, shining hang in there, as is clear to tell everyone that they, like the myth is broken.

But instinctively, that nearly one hundred thousand soldiers uniform stood up, like get a general instruction, standing salute."Good marshal!"

Over the last people in unison greeted sound is not small, especially these also are full of gas when soldiers.

Deafening, almost a moment of deaf people.

And the more security is to be scared straight coming into the season to repair Yun pocket, leaving only a tip of the tail on the outside.

Army chief that the people on the ground friction press ...... not an expert, do not have high cat style.

First Marshal toward those soldiers back to a military salute, then looked down at his pocket exposed the tip of the tail, felt the pocket of the little guy into a group counseling, she turned to him to unconsciousness in a station Army long schematically.

Several Army chief have announced the dissolution of the corps on their own, let them go back to wondering just battle video.

Quiet down until around, the more secure it stuck a head and looked up anger directed at Ji Yun Xiu meow.

Marshal when he was a baby take credit, he dug out of his pocket, rubbed his head, again abnormal adroit way he scratched his chin.

The more security was scared out of anger Yun skilled in the quarter, revised higher skills fast line and cats to eliminate completely, then slowly, slowly in the hands of season repair Yun has become a soft white fluffy cat cake.

Cats do not have a little dignity.

Even the Gululu spoke for comfort and security.

Marshal looked at him revealing a small belly of the security.

The greatest advantage of ss-stage genome is this little bar.

- learn what skills faster, including line and cats.

The second field army chief will fight canceled, replaced by a reception room furnishings.

Ann press on the ground is more friction several field xiaonianqing the first time lying on the sand, revealing a sense of the whole person vicissitudes of a surge of life and death.

Marshal looked at him, sat down on the sand another single person, the more his leg placed in the nest, just looked up and asked: "? Both fought"

"Only a small seven hit." The first army chief caressing dog's head a bit younger colleagues, "we are ready to carry out in private."

Ji Yun Xiu turned around and looked lying on the sand, hear these words had to move about the xiaonianqing.

Ann turned around and looked the first Army chief stroking the dog's head, looked at the dog's head is touched but Tingshi Seventh Army chief motionless in the sand.

The more security: ......

You really do not fellow human love.

We like cats, in which case will lick each other's hair.

The more security thinking, comfortable lay back on the season hamstring repair Yun, a small upturned belly, self-serving Yun's hand holding a quarter of the repair and bite and kick had a great time.

Whole cat soft, delicate sounds sweet, very cute.

No time before the fight, the man pressed askew fierce look on the ground friction.

However, several Army chief mood to appreciate, they looked more frightened Ann four looks very fragile, but it can easily tear Mech claws in the hands of Marshal kick to kick to, very worried about the next second will marshal It disappeared in the virtual room.

But Marshal for the safety of slapstick accustomed to, he did not even see subordinates concerns, but directly open the video before the battle began to re-set analysis.

They will wait until a complete analysis of all ten games again, and emphatically criticized the length of time a lot of mistakes and Seventh Army could not face the fast adjustment of non-state enemy of human illnesses,Ann has slept more legs in the air in the season to repair the leg nest Yun, also playing a small snore.

The more security stumbled feel they have been hold up.

It is a cocoon of thick and full of big hands, warm and familiar, gentle care of his body up.

The more security the blue cat's eye opened a crack, glanced after holding him, sharp-eared shook slightly, and sleep in the past.

He was really tired.

Virtual training room, especially the consumption of energy, fighting spirit tension, coupled with the role of a virtual room in the spiritual nerve pain, is a large consumption of spirit.

Seventh Army chief of state is getting worse and finally stumble directly on the sand reluctant to move, there is such a reason in it.

Ji Yun Xiu cat with his car, put in place on the soft cushion, galloped all the way open back home.

The more secure the whole cat lethargy, direct sleep until the next morning.

Frigidity style bedding, light gray, in addition to a human form, there is a small group of drum kits.

That bulge here Cengceng went over there and took two steps, and ultimately to identify the direction, unearthed a group of creamy white hairs from the edge of the pillow.

Ann turned around to see the season gradually woke repair Yun, paw slap paste in the marshal's face.

Cute little cat's wake-up service!

Thankful humanity!

Marshal reached out his paw caught a pull over and put his back rub it into the yard.

The more security: ......

The more security:? ? ?

An ignorant look more force.

He crawled back out from the quilt, finishing her body was ruffled fur, paws and licked the way to wash his face, then he jumped on his chest Marshal, jumping across the quilt on his chest.

Marshal stand it, he opened his eyes, reaching a mean corner of the box in the room.

"Energy spar."

Ji Yun Xiu waking a hoarse voice low, with a little twang, elongated tail, is particularly sexy.

But his sexy voice and did not bring any benefit to him.

The only hear the voice of his more security, feet Yi Deng jumped out of bed, leaving almost the Deng Deng Marshal stitch in pain rolled over in bed, and finally no longer have to sleep mind, sit the body.

Marshal today to begin a busy work.

This means that only the security of a person at home.

An Ga Ga bang bang of the gnawing began, watching the marshal after wash after that is not shy about his clothes put on, feel the body again with a trace of spiritual power sparkling, then toward the repair season Yun soft " meow "sound.

Ji Yun Xiu heard, took the brain light came more into the arms of safety.

In fact, before the communication is also on the ground floor living room, but let people stay at home all day did not give him something to play, It sounds like the cat abuse.

So marshal to simply light up the brain to stay - anyway, he still remote bracelet.

The more security lay in a box began, looked up at Mr. Marshal.

"Meow!" The more security to him stretched out a paw.

Marshal is collating a buckle collar and cuffs, hear the cry security, it should be a cry: "ah?"

The more security to get a response, Zhao Jian there is an even smaller needle than the child of a flash of lightning, the next second put the head marshal of hot rolled handful."Meow Ow!"

Ann shook the tail, two shiny blue cat's eye look at the repair season Yun.

Shaoxia, look at you for giving me so much began with copies.

Give you a free hot heads ah!

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