The Last Cat in the Universe

By Zui Yin Chang Ge

14. Chapter 14

14. Chapter 14

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Chapter XIV

Marshal back to the station!

Not only marshal back to the station also brought a cat! !

Marshal took the cat to the canteen first! ! !


The first canteen?

Got the news of the soldiers looked at each other for a few seconds, and then completely concur put down the work in hand, working under the body of his colleagues envy jealous eyes, swarm rushed to the canteen first.

When the cafeteria is the first of three laps around was packed in three out of the loop, we ate dinner in the cafeteria stuck inside can not get out of the man angrily shouted: "What squeeze squeeze !! scattered scattered Marshal ah !! End point early meal with his cat to go !! "

Marshal indeed Chuaizhe his cat ran away.

How much he still have to think twice about their external image - after all marshal a country, not stationed sits behind the captain of perennial running at the front of the generals, external image is not always too friendly.

This is not conducive to deter the enemy.

Although he himself did not want to kill himself transported into a god, resulting in higher Shoudexia seven Army generals in addition to a few people did not dare to look directly at him, but nonetheless the media to blame, what is a foregone conclusion, he does not want too no way.

The more security have been very well-behaved on the outside, to the foot of Mr. Marshal face.

Then Mr. Marshal him into the office and shut the door the moment, it is a jumping to the desk, the tail banged the table "flap" sound, even with everything placed on the table shook jingle bang Lang burst ring.

It looks very unhappy look.

Marshal looked at his trembling desk, naturally can not know why the more angry at security.

But Marshal think, you can not because the cafeteria is a cafeteria, you look down on it ah!

This station them in the cafeteria, but the delicious names.

"Canteen good taste." Marshal only explains it this way, it does not recognize their own food empire in fact, for a smear.

The more security squint squinting, tail movements gradually slow down.


"Really." Marshal gently poked a small group of white-haired head.

He basically the first in the canteen of the more popular dishes are the point again, full twenty-two not afraid nor can it block the security of the mouth.

Marshal sat a desk to hand to put on the table two paper files took up.

Information will be delivered over the use of paper documents, mostly handwritten, inconvenient to use the network delivery of content.

After all, with the satellite network delivery, always go through the information security department that hurdle, although confidentiality agreements, but can not guarantee that no one embezzlement.

The hands of the content of the document is very simple, the top is written confession before the trial of the deputy who arrested.

The other side is really directed at him by the blood, but not for selfish reasons.

He was part of the empire to research his family hostage, and ultimately make such a thing.

Currently the military has convicted him on charges of rebels, because it accused the sake of empire Ministry of Scientific Research in court and given a lighter fall, family, military families still enjoy subsidies, but I was exiled to remote mine Star until death, not go away.


Marshal thrown into the hands of the files on the desktop.Difficulties are not the reason betrayal, this thing obviously there are many better solution, the other party has selected the most clear and most people one kind of disgust.

Marshal for the research department at his side hands and feet have got used to things, after all, the only one ss Xin Tesi Empire genome level, high research value to go.

Marshal is also interested in the side even left a small gap of several people placed in something coming, so cornered.

- Well, he acknowledged that the last remaining gap a bit big, a direct result of his very tragic rollover.

But to be honest, deputy marshal had changed not know how many, not many can basically stay at his side more than a year.

Spent three years not quit running is to be the instigation of weird people, once again replace his deputy this matter, on the season Yun Xiu here they not matter.

After all, who was supposed to belong to the working life of toil deputies are under him, the first Army Corps long to do, and wore the name of the deputy, but it became orderly to wait on his life.

Marshal matter of life and work have no big impact.

But still people very uncomfortable.

Especially the Imperial Ministry of Research group of lingering bugs.

Ji Yun Xiu sullen chilly looking at the table of the file, the rise of a sudden sweep of the monitor to pop the office door, reaching the point of a button, opened the door.

Ann looked ChuiShiBan the orderlies pushed the car over a meal, suddenly stood up, a blink of staring at them.

Two orderlies also a blink of staring at the cat on the desk, then stopped at the huge office of a small conference table.

The more they turned to Ann, crooked head tilt, from the desk jumped to lightweight, and jumped into the meeting goes long table, squatting on the main seat of the long table, watching the orderlies of the dishes one by one put on the table.

They lay down a more security on the "meow" sound, like a king and then patrol the territory, as they lay down around the plate onto the circle, occasionally even bow Sniff.

Mr. Marshal micro eyebrows can not check screwed up, looked at the face of two orderlies meow more security, because the original file is not how things feel more feeling somewhat refreshing.

But after aware of this attitude, Marshal realized that should not be, they have been adjusted fast, that a trace of wrinkles between the eyebrows not stay long, disappeared.

Although wonder why the marshal would point so many types of dishes, but as the conduct of military or let two orderlies Bijin mouth, put the dishes after completion, reluctantly glances positive paw carefully push lightly where the dish, the more security, turned around and walked out.

Ji Yun Xiu got up, looked around food, which a hand to point to what they end up, then sat in the main seat.

Squatting next to the main seat, looking down licking the face of a more secure food, like what is detected as "shabu" and look raised his head, looked at the Shining eyes picked up the fork of Marshal.

Marshal take a piece of meat fork poke, looked up and looked at the plate claws clinging to the front of his head was turned around to look at his hands the safety of meat, shook hands poked the meat,Seeing the security of a small head also followed the same rhythm of swing, blankly stopped the action.

At the security has been completely turned around, stuck his two front paws forward step, small head upturned face when desire ......

Mr. Marshal hesitate to put the meat down.


An anger more jumped three feet high, paw go hook plate.

Marshal eye grassland, the dish went up.

The more security smell Choi Heung, and out of reach plate, anxious flew marshal the body.


He paws resting on Marshal chest, then lay a paw on the face of Mr. Marshal.

"This is my." Ji Yun will repair paste paws holding the face, the whole back into a cat on the table, the more poke Ann's little head, "Do not care food."

The more security is poke back two steps, watching the season to repair Yun serious eyes, tiny paws step on step on the desktop, the sound muffled sobs, whining grievances for a while, see Marshal unmoved, he angrily He turned his head toward another fierce dishes.

As Mr. Marshal said, the taste is really very wonderful.

Ann never looked down upon the human food in this regard, in order to enjoy, humans are always able to reach so many other creatures staggering achievement.

Creamy white hairs shaking tail group, opened the belly bites.

Marshal eat more security gap looked up, he swept did not change a bit small belly, no more accidents.

Before shortage star when he was now, and the more □□ product Ann eat enough to have his own food several times the size.

"The more security." Marshal like the thought of what, shouting buried bitter to eat more safe one.

An licked his lips stained with the sauce, turned to be a cry: "Meow."

"After dinner to do a power level test." Mr. Marshal said.

The more security twisted too far not interested.

Marshal unhurried: "By the way the fifty stone energy this month to take home."

"Meow!" This decision immediately received a positive response group of hairs!

Ji Yun Xiu satisfactory bowed his head.

Marshal is always a way to get what he wants.


Power level test in the marshal's private training room.

In order to ensure that the loss of the material, such as Yun Ji repair full blow of life and life can go on beating wear a frigate strong role deck, private training room, in addition to its infrastructure and other projects all you can only practice in a virtual training room.

Marshal teaching how to use the more secure virtual satellite network.

He put on his helmet to the more secure - to be exact, the more secure is to have a cat cage into the whole sense of thinking helmet.

After obtain the consent of the security, the season and easily repair Yun gave him a measure of the level of mental strength.

Marshal then looked at the value of spiritual power data security at the top level of ss, do not hesitate to cut off the network, and the number of road opened fire interception wall, this piece of data tightly stopped at the half leading the data pool track, and then delete a few instructions clean.

...... It really was terrible.

The more spiritual level security ss pinnacle of power, coupled with basically on a par with his physical force, if exposed to, they are one person, one cat are we going to be a mad dog chasing a group of Imperial Ministry of Research bite.Marshal cats are looking at the whole group into the helmet, is bewildered head appeared below the helmet to the more security, more security scratched out a finger chin:. "Nothing"

The more security rub the rub season Yun Xiu stop hand: "meow?"

Marshal hand back, decided to temporarily put aside the things that bug.

Ann knocked on the helmet, asked: "will use it?"

An retracted behind the helmet, growled: "Meow."

So I put on another helmet marshal training room and said:. "That started"

This year did not go out with the patrol commander, but has been packed in the entire universe pirates guarding the premises or in the guarding of the second, fourth, fifth, three Army chief, failed to get the same with the other four colleagues holiday.

The moment they board the dedicated virtual number 6, one on one with the soldiers practice their own corps belongs.

After seeing their own Executive virtual number lights up, three people without thinking uniform abandoned his soldiers, Marshal of the virtual room to knock on the door.

They want to be very marshal opponent, even if it is to be ruthless rolling Ye Hao.

But in allowing them to marshal the door after, but he did not get them as an adversary.

Today, the Marshal's virtual training room is a vast expanse of sky.

If there's one more special place is on the right hand side of the virtual room, there is a high positive operating meteorite, meteorite with this war in the universe, known as the tomb of the warrior.

Mech entity "Silver Blade" No. Marshal has been damaged, has no possibility of repair.

So after confirming the safety of marshal, military science classes have begun intense restoration began upgrading design silver blade number.

But in the virtual room, silver blade number is still clean as new, quiet and silent at this time is standing on top of this piece of sea stars.

Three Army chief solemnly.

In their memory, this road silver figure always walk at the forefront in the war, as the road marked with the tip of the army, led the army all the way to Mars-powerful, invincible!

Today, standing in front of his silver blade number as the opponent this time is a licking paws are clean up fur ...... kitty.

Army chief:? ? ? ?

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