The Last Cat in the Universe

By Zui Yin Chang Ge

12. Chapter 12

12. Chapter 12

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Chapter XII

Ann took the furry little ass in protest against the Marshal.

Ji Yun Xiu refrained to rub a furry impulses that group.

"I am here for hello."

Marshal emotionally moving.

"Do not read, you will not even buy something."

Marshal enlighten them with reason.

However, the Ann turned around and gave him a loud wailing meow, do not appreciate.

You can not buy you help enough!

Where so much nonsense!

Ji Yun Xiu thought, and said:. "Can not read, you can not read those food recommended"

"Black market to purchase energy spar is."

The more security shameful shaken.

Ji Yun Xiu can not always have time with him, after all, is a country marshal, standing out there, responsibilities and status quite naturally.

The more it is a fairly safe to understand - even if it is his first owner, the little girl, weekdays also carrying a bag to go to school yet, let alone a nation of Marshal.

The more security is not the kind owner will not be lonely death of an ordinary cat, he was working it has a very clear perception for the next quarter will go to repair Yun busy.

So let people translate Food Recommended, go to the black market and let people help buy energy stone, once or twice but fortunately, every time please others, it is clearly unrealistic.

Ji Yun Xiu looked at a slight tilt to the security dangling the tip of the tail, continued:. "Do not read, do not even know how to earn money."


The more security stood up, shook the hair.

School to learn!

Not that literate it!

In the year under the watchful eye of a large group of human cub Rulangsihu he learned to bite the bullet!

But once it is re-learn!

The more security bulging small breasts, bats in front of a naive style, a look at the children to do is to give elementary education before school books.

Then out of the books voice: "sun."

The more safety scared jump, jump to the sand corner, guard staring at the book.

Marshal turned to look at him, then nodded his hand gently on top of a word.

So books and out of the voice: "Milky Way."

Ann looked the more deadpan doing the demonstration, one after the other poked top word of Mr. Marshal.





The more Ann: "......"

Well, well, you know!

Ji Yun Xiu looked counsels are scared to go back into a ball of cat paw stride running back, a kind of mold is poking audiobooks.

After matching to the audiobook guard set parameters, satisfying turned around and continued to think about the problem to cat climbing frame.

Light pen is a very nice interior design and environmental design tools.

It can paint directly in the air, wear special glasses to see what they painted.

Light strokes out of the strokes has a very good sensitivity, built-in material selection and after the effect of color, by supporting the glasses to see, you can see the effect immediately after the renovations are completed.

In general, after the paper has a rough design concept, the light field can Chuaizhe designed to compare the ratio.

Light pen can be useful again, Mr. Jia Buzhu Marshal no cell design.Ji Yun Xiu wearing glasses, shuffles wandering in this regard is not much of a living room twice, referring to commodity pattern of those cat climbing frame, crooked half of the living room are painted again.

James finished after reading circle, always for their own self-confidence with an enigmatic captain of turned around to see has been done on the protective cover six sets of questions, demolished more than thirty bags of snacks security.

Ji Yun Xiu then gently put his spectacles side of the lens on the front of the safe.

Positive biting a biscuit way poked the seventh page of the word Ann surprised a moment: "Meow?"

Marshal leaned over to hold him up:. "Take a look"

The more curious Ann stuck his head.

Marshal plain asked: "how?"

Ann looked at the pile of crooked lines hesitantly.

Ji Yun Xiu turned to look at him.

The more security remain silent: "......"

Ji Yun Xiu looked blankly white dumpling arms for a moment, before opening again, but the topic hop thousands of miles away: "? What to eat at night."

"Meow." The more security turned around to see his little snack.

"You have not tried Xin Tesi stars staple food." Marshal warned.

The more security back his head, rub the rub season repair Yun chest.


I eat with!


Ji Yun Xiu faint nod, then that side of the lens back on the security front, put his little head turned to his painting of a cat climbing frame.

Once again he asked: "So, what do you think?"

The more Ann: "......"

Marshal tone calm waves: "Well Xin Tesi stars staple food taste."


This melon wanderers how you like this!

Cats also are not allowed to feel that you painted ugly ye! ?

Although the heart is full of very intense fluctuations, but the security still rub the rub season repair Yun chin, very against their expressed approval.

"Ah, I feel good."

Mr. Marshal finally satisfied.

He rubbed the head of security, look and tone are no fluctuations laments: "silly."

The more security:? ? ? ?

I tell you.

You are such a person, on the previous Earth, has long been a cat sets sacks chaos claws scratching died.

Ji Yun Xiu did not even aware of himself is a vengeful this cute little cats.

The heart is full of bad taste marshal, in some innocuous little things always like to tease others about it, and then looked at each other with a face plate because of his serious look uneasy look.

His immediate under seven Army Corps long, for so many years is the hostility he suffered the hardest hit.

Now, Mr. Marshal felt his life-saving grace cat is particularly interesting - than the seven already mastered Oil Stick, despite how he was playing with all eight wind does not move the same plate with a poker face with his Army chief who add up interesting.

Ji Yun Xiu sit on the back to hold the sand, the more easily set a bunch of security can not quite understand something.

Then take advantage of this idle time, while cat while finishing line and their own letters piled up mountains of Communicator.

"Thanks to you ......" Mr. Marshal says.

Communicator in his past where there have been ten can not read the letters had been called a miracle.

Now, because of the security reasons, those with numbers all his communications spate of take out.The vast majority are safe to ask him more things.

Look at the kind of titles that this is idle nonsense letters, marshal all point even point is not open, out of direct Canoeing deleted.

In a pile of inquiry inside, there is a fairly unique title.

People believe that information security department.

Brought a message in the annex, the words "final review articles about cats announced information" on the attachment.

The effect is to marshal look, if there is any need to modify your taking the time to reply.

Marshal paused, not as straightforward as other news ruthless clean up, but the point off.

Then he crossed out a neat lot of information about cat Felis subfamily animals hunt and recipes.

Leaving only the type of information that large carnivorous feline ferocious.

Those referred to the information Felines Felis animal fighting is very weak chicken, he has also been crossed out, leaving only its close to human beings and the Earth as one of the ancient humanity's most popular pet related outline.

All in all, the rest of the data overall look, will only make people think the cat is a petite flexible, soft and cute appearance, very close to human predators fighting the light of day to day but the.

There is a certain risk, but this risk is known as the season close at hand Ares repair Yun.

People neglect such risks as the risk.

Ji Yun Xiu while considering the special nature of the security side of the deleted data.

Give ordinary people a little mental preparation, the more free time when security forces broke something terrible, causing panic among the masses.

Then Mr. Marshal content will be deleted a lot of data recovery to the information security sector mailbox.

As to receive a reply that one is in any mood, it is not considered within the scope of the marshal.

Marshal busy.

He should consider the security issues of education, to consider how to do cat climbing frame, to consider the safety belt where to go for dinner, after the military junta should also be considered, as well as how to interpret student during his missing something with the empire and why There is no injury will come back ......

Mr. Marshal While thinking, while continuing to clean up the inbox.

Then he saw a very familiar and let him see the pieces could not help but make people sick.

Ji Yun Xiu deadpan letters to members who are part of the research point to open, watching the top worded asked him to hand over letters of the Earth's ancient heritage of the country, a rare light laugh loudly, categorically replied to a "no" after very decisive deleted the message.

Marshal enmity with the Imperial Ministry of Research deep.

Before this goes back fifty years, only forty, that a medical examination at the rank of marshal was a young colonel was officially incorporated into the Imperial military conquest.

Young Marshal had never been seen just came along with their parents Dili dishonorably discharged from the countryside planet is not much strict, detailed in the previous nor measured through gene level - it was the country of the planet behind the instrument displays only qualified and unqualified .

The era of the universe, the vast majority of human genes are maintained at levels between c and e, B and B above, the basic stamp may be able to walk the path of the military.

a level regarded as excellent, s regarded as the top level.

Shield Empire of the year Kevin Marshal, s is the top level of the gene body.For humans, the gene level, a large part genetically determined.

While it is true we can rely on to break the physical limits plus some drugs acquired to enhance the gene level, but not that rare drugs, just to break through the physical limits almost the equivalent of people died once.

Can by its own efforts to enhance the level of human genes, through the ages, only the founding emperor of the Xin Tesi empire of a person.

And our genetic body ss level, look to the whole universe, other countries are not conceal it, people Xin Tesi Empire do not know, but they, as one of today's universe, powerful nation, ss level only Ji Yun a repair.

Empire Scientific Research Department at the time of boiling, without regard for the military face, directly put Ji Yun Xiu tied back in a research institutes.

Ministry of Scientific Research who normally the name of the essence of death have bowed under the guise of loyalty to scenery, secretly doing what no humanity of experiments, people do not know, witnessed part of the season and even experienced repair Yun can not know?

Dare to put my mind to move more security head, do not think they have do not have that ability.

With high genetic level but still he is a personal kind of different, more human security is not, nor is it an ordinary cat, it was a bite role energy spar without blinking.

To secure a more unhappy, Bang a direct lightning split the entire research department did not, Yun Ji repair not feel a thing, or even feel flattered.

Empire State Ministry of Research senior gang is not a good thing, conflicts with the military and military science class is not one or two days.

The marshal is already with child gang of people torn face, resting in front of the media gave over their face.

The whole empire knows that God of War to see the silver blade Empire Scientific Research dislike, takes a bit of what the military science classes not solve the problem, he would rather go to a reputable private Academy do not want to go to the Empire State Ministry of Research.

Ann refused to give the other side, but this is torn nerve and then broke Bale.

Marshal looked delete completion page, the new account will slowly pulled into the blacklist.

Open the blacklist, a neat row of children are all named account empire Ministry of Scientific Research, the OCD is very friendly.

The more Mr. Marshal Ann crouched legs, dedicated early childhood enlightenment books poked before him, did not attract the slightest attention quarter was revised Yun movement.

Marshal then looked at their own cat, in just twenty minutes time, eating at the word of two, making the protective cover related topics in the exam system, very smooth to get a dozen small bag of snacks.

An IQ the more we can be extraordinary.

He turned around to see Xiu Yun season, ten small snack bag placed in a row, two sea-blue sky as the cat's eye clarity no haze.


The more encore proud!

Too proud to tip of tail Zhi Huang!

Marshal thought, or rubbing a handful of the more Ann's head, he boasted: "severe."

Even though Mr. Marshal praise perfunctory tone who is also a stick reading, but has long been accustomed to the security of this way of speaking he is flattered to accept the praise.

White hair dumpling not opened the season to repair snacks Diao Yun hand, opened a small belly shaking tails feeding.Marshal open the bag, opening the previous social pages, looking at the background in a variety of platforms to copyright his account to request paused.

It seems he will have to consider giving more security to get a light brain, open an account.

But the light is to bind the brain and accounts of proof of identity, the identity of the safety of the currently announced it, get an independent identity is obviously wrong.

And the more secure for the time being did not recognize the whole word, gave him an identity separate account this idea is not realistic.

We still have to name only under his name.

When families have to go to apply for household registration a light attached to his brain and accounts, dedicated to the safe use.

Mr. Marshal thought, very handy to put things into the hands of his own mouth.


Ji Yun Xiu recovered from contemplate in a bow saw more Ama is a bitter indictment of the eyes.


Mr. Marshal board with a no fluctuations face, pretending to look like nothing now, again removed the bags of snacks, the fire blocked the security of mouth.

And moving the topic of transferable skills 1eve199.

"The more security." Marshal onto the front of the mask at the front of the security, pointed to the top of the terms "copyright application."

The more security gnawing snacks: "Meow?"

"Will give you a penny, you look at whether or not to agree." Marshal pointed to one of the messages, "This is about your product image copyright application."

He then moved to the next: "Business copyright application on your photo portrait."

"It's about you ......"

A marshal a number down, stopped at the last one, "the copyright on the commercial derivative works of your application."

"Meow." The more he puzzled Ann poked last.

"It is to use your image ......" Ji Yun Xiu homeopathic point for him into the sample page.

Speak to an abrupt end.

One person, one at the little cat goes Marshal uniforms with cat ears cat tail and young men on the sample page. Yellow figure, he fell into a dead silence.

Ji Yun Xiu: ......

I knew not to change the subject.

Should I choose to be looking at the security howl and beat his little pink mouth pads.

Tut, unwise.

The more security: ......

What's wrong with you people? ?

Believe it or not I a human resource backhand meow claws!

Teach you what kind of integrity dedicated cat lovers!

One person, one cat does not speak.

Situation was very embarrassing.

A long time, took the lead marshal raised his hand, rubbing the arms of a cat cub's head, easily ordered a report.

Then as if nothing had students in general, very cool for the security button is pressed rejected.

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