The Last Cat in the Universe

By Zui Yin Chang Ge

11. Chapter 11

11. Chapter 11

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Chapter XI

Mr. Marshal uniforms off yet.

Against the warm yellow sand single screen in a dark and solemn military uniforms relaxation, the slightly lowered seeing the legs of the cat, rubbing his hands being gentle animals exposed belly, a little guy out to him claws, hook a hook seems to be going his badge.

The sun came floating down through the floor to ceiling windows, even if the military plane looked chilled alienation, but still is a sun room quietly coated with a layer of soft glow.

Light and dark, cold and warm.

Like a sublime paintings.

Crowd together Hupenghuanyou melons for a time the audience are tightly held her breath.

Then the next second, the screen dark.

Woo ---- wow! ! ! ! !

Actually turned off! ! !

The audience sad beat his table, the heart is very crash.

So beautiful!

So beautiful ah! !

Xin Tesi Empire □□ galaxy masses of hundreds of nearly $ 100 billion, a person can never be together, "Ji Yun Xiu Marshal" and "beauty" of these two words.

Ji Yun Xiu rarely appeared before the media, he always resident on the battlefield and barracks, is his mech called silver edge, photos circulated on the Internet to be more than he himself.

And that rare times he appeared, not on the battlefield just down the road is in the battlefield of.

At that time, his body every nerve, every cell is tight, hardly able to adhere to a reporter over three minutes in his time such a state.

A tribute to the young marshal numerous victories, always accompanied by the words "cutting edge", "God of War", "Predator" and "Wan edge reminder not of the body" and the like.

Marshal had to face the reporters, the fragile state of mind of some, nor is it useless cold-blooded and despotic, tyrannical to describe the life long battle generals on the battlefield in.

Words about the United States, who is never out of reach marshal to go.

But after just seen the picture, people seem to understand what in that moment for the United States Steel.

Appreciation of beautiful things is suddenly interrupted, unfortunately, at the same time Beng out is frenetic creative passion!

The era of the universe, adequate resources, survival vast range, except for areas outside the war, the vast majority of humans for satisfaction of material needs is very high.

In the highly material needs met, mankind has become particularly great importance for the pursuit of the spirit of entertainment and self-worth.

This is an entertainment industry and art industry genius of giving birth bright stars of the era.

Reverence and vision for the Reichsmarschall of ancient life on Earth, so a group of artists to death chasing love and dream of ecstatic.

The unconscious sparked a frenzy trend of a cat person, this time is the living room looked at each other.

"I forgot." Ji Yun Xiu first to admit mistakes.

He not only forgot the security does not use optical brain, the more secure he did not even read the text this day and age it is also forgotten.

After all, he and exchanges between the security, in fact, has not been too much of a hindrance.

The more security to see how much that picture also understand.

He turned over the little belly, four paws clinging to the hand of Mr. Marshal soothing rub the rub: "meow ......"Ji Yun Xiu homeopathic scratched his chin dropped to the ground to pick up the camera, and then turn the page on the social networking platform bracelet.

He might say no one would believe, marshal the private account opened for decades, hundreds of billions of fans, but only dozens of content.

A pull-down, all-planet so and so certain a certain galaxy battle came Herald.

It is precisely because you use less, will be ranked in the last light of the brain.

But I did not expect to be more safe to open one by one poke, also unwittingly point to open a live option.

Ji Yun Xiu at his home, just looking at the system automatically send out only a four-minute live recording screen.

This screen recording perfect destruction of the formation of his previous content, but pieces of content-related data but gains excellent.

This is the entire star Jinjiang Internet's most widely used social platform.

He said that the social platform, but is actually a very wide range, encompassing all sectors of intellectual property rights, platform services from cloth, upload, one-stop package extended to copyright protection circle.

These include all aspects of audio, video, text, academic, pictures, etc., it is a very comprehensive platform of prosperity.

In the form of live are not uncommon on this platform, even the norm.

Normal means have a mature industry chain.

Marshal's eyes fell on a piece of video of the delete key, hesitant.

Nestled in the lap of the marshal, Tanzhao small belly, meow meow woo woo called.


After the season a little meal repair Yun casual should be a cry, or did not choose to delete, he points to open the back page of the account, the amount of a sweep of the top.

"These." Marshal out a finger against the security of the chin, the slightly force him turned around to see the screen, "is they give you the money, was able to understand it?"

"Meow." The more security numbers or can understand.

Arabic numerals actually has not changed.

He counted surprised to find as many as eight digits!

Eight digits! ! !

He broadcast for a few minutes? !

Royal Park can buy a three-ring inside the house!

"What can I do?" Ji Yun Xiu although his mouth is so asked, but the hands did not stop, but directly open the snack satellite network sales page.

Ann looked at the price, do not hesitate to shoot little paws on the back of Mr. Marshal.


Give me aLL!

Ji Yun Xiu at this time, as if able to understand the language, like a cat, the lure of the high sales of the first page of each bought two, several of which are more security on the ship said he likes to eat, and each Marshal to ten added.

An prefer the more spicy, although other tastes relish, but spicy taste something back to the first day on the ship, it was safe to eat the cleaners.

Ji Yun Xiu this regard has always been keen.

An almost never looked at the balance of how to move, but also to see him continue to buy buy buy season repair Yun, stand up and step on the Marshal's thigh, two claws to catch each other's chest: "! Meow"

"Ah?" Marshal stop action, go slightly tilted back, "Half an hour later send come."


An meow meow more wailing wailing, revealing a small fangs.

Ji Yun Xiu will take on his chest two kittens paw in the hand,Look down with more security on the TV for a long time, suddenly blessing to the soul.

"Buy energy spar?"

"Meow" cat's eye two more security shiny.

Marshal looked chilled, on a pair of blue eyes, no one can resist the temptation mess hands, could not help but squeezed the security cheeks.

"That is not for sale." He said.

Energy spar because of its special nature, and not as an ordinary civilian resources, large-scale investment market.

But because of its natural and pollution-free Naicao, and energy is sufficient reason, large-scale military and civilian, people's livelihood and industry, but it is able to apply each year based on the performance of the empire the use of reimbursement.

Xin Tesi star as the Empire Royal Star, a large population has been maintained very good natural environment, a large part of the reason is because the resources used by industry and people's livelihood, not solar energy is the energy spar.

Although people still use the electricity, but the power source is solar energy and energy spar, clean pollution-free green.

And a variety of reasons, the average person is not easily available energy spar, even if the chance to buy, the market today did not allow them to use energy stone equipment.

So energy spar is not for sale, regarded as one of the resources of the state monopoly.

Ann did not get the answers to their own satisfaction, not to pinch immediately, even small paws and belly are back, angrily went to the edge of the floor to ceiling windows covered with plush carpet, place a roll, tummy sun from the sun.

Mr. Marshal tragically abandoned not angry, just continue to give more security snacks.

What no one will chat with tasty snacks marshal, or what to open their own small online in Star point good to eat.

So Ji Yun Xiu had to be pulled down in accordance with the sales breath and bought no fewer than one hundred kinds of snacks.

After then, he seems to think of what, in the search box enter a bunch of information, switch to your account payment orders, shut the front of the various interfaces, just turned around to see under the sun seems to be shrouded in a layer halo hairs groups.

"Energy spar ......" Ji Yun Xiu slowly said, "nor is it can not buy."

The more security hearing this, Xu's ear about to put up, turned around to see the season to repair Yun.

Mr. Marshal just quietly watching him.

Ann is on the road, he "bass" and look to jump back and then hit a few rolling around in Marshal, grubbing of meow.

His two small paws repair Yun Ji stepped on the leg to go, even the sounds have become sweet and greasy, very no position, a look that is blown down on both sides of the fence typical!

Marshal looked at the little fence, said:. "Black market there."


Then you help me buy ah!

You do not have the black market early to say it!

What is the point hanging someone appetite!

You put such a person in our family, you give teeth breaking out and pinned on the wall!

Ji Yun Xiu as one of the highest military command, in order to ensure the source of his money and status, the emperor gave him a very generous one Energy Star mine.

Although the season regardless of mine never revised Yun star thing, but the star of mine, after all, his signature.

So, head of the star ore mined each month give an account of this, that they will attach with the way energy is proportional to the current month earnings spar.Before release, Yun Ji repair basically changed hands on to Shoudexia own generals to let them go up military reserves.

Although a lot of energy on the stone put earn on the black market, but in terms of marshal, in exchange for the lives of thousands of Waldo Shoudexia not enough soldiers.

Ji Yun Xiu command of the Army of the reason is called God of War conquering army, part of which there is reason to throw Army armed marshal the energy to do the stone over many years do not pay.

Thought here, has not help marshal turned around to see the beginning step to step to the more relaxed security on his thigh.

- Oh, he is now known, the cat's habit, called stepped milk.

Ji Yun Xiu hold two hairy claws, paws felt the palm of small habitual still a close one, could not help but rub a paw pads heart.

He asked; "Every month I give you fifty stone energy, enough?"


Lingshi this kind of thing, of course, the more the better!

Ji Yun Xiu seem to understand the meaning of security, he calculated that price:. "But you this money, enough to buy ten block"

The more Ann: "......"

So before I even had a small bite Money ten million up and down yet? !

Ann could not help but start more serious thinking they would want to live cause to do so.

Always felt he could sleep broadcast day into a good several hundred million.

Marshal looked into the cat among the meditation was about to reach out and touch his head, heard the doorbell ring.

Delivery robot is sent small snacks, sent degree than expected to be a lot faster.

Along with small snacks brought together, there are ten to see this particular □□ books.

The cat's eye looked round yo Ann repair season Yun, flattered waiting for feeding.

And he watched season to repair Yun snacks are put aside, then turned to a big stall snack cage on a layer of transparent protective cover lock, then open up in front of the security in which a book.

"Literacy, learning to understand a reward five bags of snacks." Mr. Marshal says.

The more security:? ? ?

Snacks when you not say so!

Ji Yun Xiu overlooked the safety complaint eyes, again picked up a pen light, start climbing frame cats continue pondering how to perfectly into the living room.

Deadpan way to encourage more security and said: "Come on."

Mr. Marshal paused, then added:. "But you cat ah"

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