The Last Cat in the Universe

By Zui Yin Chang Ge

9. Chapter 9

9. Chapter 9

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Chapter nine

The camera fight waste, and put the camera into the scrap the wall, are two entirely different concepts.

In the camera and the wall materials for spacecraft, wherein the intensity difference of about the desired times or more.

A slap in the face to the wall spacecraft paste pit, which is the result of systematic training, Mr. Marshal perfectly open to ss gene level of the gene optimization level do.

Although the generals looked soft and delicate bird cute little animals, but no one risked their lives to go near it.

Only Marshal value of this force broke up several grades of ordinary human figure, dare to put a little guy close at hand.

But not fondle a distance it!

The generals face such a cute little guy, as long as people are not on the claws on a slap shot, that's nothing to say.

The more security squatting place, neck sleek communicator shook slightly, reflecting the bright light.

He looked up at direct retreated to the door, quite politely kept a few curious onlookers human attitude, after two seconds it shook its tail, turned to Mr. Marshal whines out loud.

Marshal heard EENOW, leaned over to hold him up.

Soldiers will follow in the schematic generals blood samples back, then neat deputy arrested stiff in situ.

The deputy whole body hypothermia situation is kind of how stiff, Marshal also very clear.

Before the security in the rain too lazy to go out hunting, animal breath catch a lot back, in order to prevent deterioration, to play on the paw meat froze and hung on the branches in the outboard side of safety.

As long as the security forces are not removed, despite the wind and rain, which are frozen solution can not guarantee when eating is fresh.

An Yun repair the season too comfortable enough hold, badges and too Ge cat, he thought, an attempt to climb up the marshal cap when squatting, no response has been Mr. Marshal hold down.

The final group of milk white hairs into the marshal Weiweiququ group cloak pocket, only two small claws projecting from the inside, stuck to the small head.

Marshal and his deputy did not go to say in regard to the circumstances surrounding an attempt to take his blood sample.

With the toes would like to know, optimizing gene ss level he is necessarily attracted multi-coveted forces, Ji Yun Xiu has long been accustomed to stab in the back and means endless.

Even if the other party's purpose is not just his blood, after the information desk of the marshal is not working.

So Ji Yun chose to repair back to the conference room to continue the military meeting.

The theme of the meeting except for the military spy on the contents of the report, there are around the corner of the empire want hands-border neighboring galaxy thing.

For so mean to convey top down, from top to bottom it is ten thousand military refused.

"Emperor for the time being only tentative." The first general bluntly, "You laid the galaxies eighteenth term in office on the emperor, and he now hoped he was when he was able to accomplish something."

Ji Yun going to the repair leg of the climb Ann meal, ears and gently shook.


Restoration of feudalism?

Ji Yun or repair of this country is a constitutional monarchy?

The more secure feeling that something is wrong,He climbed to the season Yun Xiu legs, two claws to catch small table, a saw stood side of a small flag on the desktop.

Flag pattern on top with Ji Yun Xiu exactly the same on the cap.

Black bottom, pure gold and brilliant appearance intense red outline of a flower in full bloom.

The more secure and not seen such a banner.

According to his long tail out of time count, he will leave the Earth tens of nearly a hundred years.

During this period the emergence of a new country can be understood, the rapid technological development directly jumped into the era of the universe, the more security to bad science, although he felt unlikely, but barely understand.

But the era of the universe, a new country can be strong to lay a galaxy in a short period of time nearly a hundred years?

Ann is a little more reading, but also know how a galaxy much ah!

Other countries have special What to eat cooked rice yet? ?

Ann grew more and more feel right, he listened attentively than half of the meeting, but refined way of speaking because of you important information habitual generals, never again to capture what critical information.

In the meeting drew to a close when the window a quiet darkness suddenly light up.

Several generals looked out the window, "wormhole exit opened, about three hours after the 6, Marshal, let's return to the frigate."

The more secure heard, followed looking out the window.

Far from the eye, it is a star lit up half of the planet.

Green profusion of blue ocean and broad rivers handed 6 large plates broken down into irregular shapes, sunny weather at high latitudes, can clearly see a few white peaks.

However, the security did not find the desert.

Vegetation coverage planet exception impressive, almost looking for less than a massive naked. Exposed outside of the land.

"Xin Tesi star, Xin Tesi Empire Royal Star." Ji Yun Xiu Ann rubbed the head, whispered explanation.

The more security but Dengyuan eye, jumped jumped on the table, anxious to repair Yun patted the back of season: "Meow!"

"Meow meow!"

Earth too!

This is not Earth!

This is not a path to the Earth's car! !

Ji Yun Xiu does not understand the security of anxiety, but he felt.

After all left under the generals, Marshal to a tablet handed over more security.

The more security paw poked in the top few characters.

Ji Yun Xiu Yi Zheng: "Earth?"

An catch the more urgent: "Meow!"

Ji Yun Xiu face uncontrollable emerges out of Jisi surprise: "You are on Earth?"


Marshal surprised face froze for a few seconds, some do not know how to speak.

The more anxious Ann turn a few laps, meow meow woo woo urging him.

"The more safe ......" Ji Yun Xiu convergence of the face, "the human home planet Earth ...... ...... already gone."

Ann watched the season to repair Yun stunned ten seconds.


Earth is gone, then I tribal gang cats too!

So one by one wit certainly not overturn!

Human beings in the universe are so fragile era □□ down, we Niubi could fool a family of nine cats is certainly no problem!

But Ji Yun Xiu words and did not finish.

An in Vietnam after he react,He continued: "So far for more than two thousand years, human life on Earth except spared."

The more security silly.

Mr. Marshal considerate did not bother him at this time.

He speculated about the safety of the Earth has not died away, because of abnormal fluctuations in space or is it a small wormhole, through a lucky coincidence time dimension, reached that planet they met.

As for the more security is how to adapt to the global environment a big difference with the shortage of stars, season Yun Xiu do not know do not bother to guess, any creature in the face of oppression death, always amazing burst of power.

Not to mention itself has quite amazing ability of the security.

Ann took the full ten minutes before they stepped foot from his own Chuansong Zhen was spread to the fact that they recovered after a few years.

So long in the past, tribal cats estimate either immortal or a gg.

Till now I do not know a few left.

Although at first ran immortal go, we know that the passage of time people have changed the taste is necessary to understand, but opened after Euro RSCG is the first time the front face of this situation, the more security, not avoid wilted down.

Ji Yun Xiu has been looked at in high spirits love tossing white milk hairball listless da da way to reach out and scratched his chin.

Ann rub a bit more light bird big warm hand, have responded feebly: "Meow."

Marshal do not know how to comfort him.

But fortunately the security of the malaise did not last long.

Creamy white hairs small groups spread out belly to gently stroking his human knead for a moment, as if the sense of Yu gas rub scattered, stand up, suddenly remembered in my room he chewed on throw Lingshi corner.

That things change human well-being, and only began with a small belly still a little temperature.

"Meow." Ann returned to the repair season Yun cloak pocket, urged him to come out a head.

Ji Yun Xiu behavior for various security is getting more understanding.

"To go back?" He asked.

The more security in his pocket shrink the shrink, the mood was not too high:. "Meow"

Ji Yun Xiu put on the cloak altogether, easily rub a handful got into the pocket of the security, got up and left the meeting room.

And other soldiers guard outside the conference room of silence followed the marshal behind.

A conference room across the cockpit and a training area from the Marshal's room.

When trained district corridor, coming towards the two people wearing different uniforms with ordinary soldiers, Ji Yun Xiu slightly surprised when you see and opt to get out of step, salute.

In the past only nodded slightly then looked straight ahead and walked over to the marshal even today in front of them stopped.

Then pulled out a mass of white ...... ah? It's not that they do not know the little animals?

Ji Yun Xiu, said: "Science class."

"Yes! Marshal!"

"There are backup archive Earth gene sequences in a biological it?"

"There! Marshal!"

An hear more keywords, shook the ears, to wake up from hanging in the hands of the Marshal salty cat in a dry state.

Ji Yun Xiu and so wanted to obtain consent after the security back to the Royal Star, go eight children complete information sufficient to give him a big Academy of genetic testing.But know that the more security might be life on Earth after the meaning of his existence is very different.

The era of the universe, lost the true origin of the human female star of all the earth have an ancient fanatical obsession.

Even if it is not useful, it will always be saddled information on an Earth spaceship bound for the universe.

This is the belief that their roots.

"The more security, you are willing to do a genetic test? Just a hair on it." Ji Yun Xiu will be more security to his eyes.

Ann watched the season Yun Xiu eyes, that which a magnanimous.

With the ordinary cat is not the same, the more security is lint-free, it is difficult to uproot hair down, the presence, in addition to more serious repair of the season Yun, the light that physical fitness is also no one can now more safe anal too, want to be safe strong take genetic material is basically impossible task.

The more security thought, looking at the repair Yun season is coming on in envy owners, paste in a paw on the cheek Marshal, then rub the rub.

With a few bright white cat hair was floating landed Marshal black uniform sleeves, especially conspicuous.

Marshal only took one and handed it to science classes before.

"Earth's gene pool to check, the result before 6 I will."

Two soldiers brain science classes flexible enough, a quarter of repair Yun said so immediately aware of a possibility, his eyes looked bright again retracted Marshal arms group of hairs, hairs and then took it hard homemade howl cry, turned "Chi Liu" did not look a shadow.


Ephemeris 2o17年 November 8.

Xin Tesi Reichsmarschall season Yun Xiu attacked and missing nearly Zhouhou Ping safe return, when the Royal Star after 6 appeared before the media, squatting on a whole body white cap, looks cute and delicate little creature.

Under the hundreds of media, trillions of live audiences doubts, he answered questions from the press officer of the military.

"This is a cat."

Mr. Marshal will wayward insisted he played squatting on the safety cap hold down, face gathered around the six sides of the media outlet, a full eighteen galaxies, trillions live in front of the whole empire Xin Tesi the audience's face, announced the gene sequence of the little guy.

"Human home planet Earth legacy of ancient treasures."

"The whole universe remaining, finally a cat."

Finally, the whole universe a cat! ! !

Empire People's boiling!

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