The Last Cat in the Universe

By Zui Yin Chang Ge

8. Chapter 8 [catching insects]

8. Chapter 8 [catching insects]

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chapter eight

Although medic reassure the physical and mental Marshal everything is normal, but as a captain on each of the first frigate Army generals, or concur requirements let marshal dressing day.

Marshal a day related to the safe stay in his room.

Not in the room and nowhere to go, after they returned on this ship, directly open the wormhole, and now the whole fleet have entered the wormhole tunnels.

After a day, the fleet will leave the wormhole outlet near the Royal Star wormhole into the Royal Star's gravitational waterway, the final 6.

The more secure holding marshal to Lingshi, lying in the lap Marshal eating.

Although the security is a monster, but as a cat's nature, so he was always customary to find a warm place to nap.

Inside the spacecraft is heated, and not particularly warm place, so the more security the most common place to stay, that is, Mr. Marshal legs and Mr. Marshal asleep in bed.

Healthy people who are always nice and warm, with a tribal veteran's words, is yang sheng.

Ji Yun Xiu belongs to the yang of that type is very strong - though he goes people to face the standard cold cold heart, but his body nice and warm feeling very let the cat likes.

Mr. Marshal with those generals did not hesitate to say rest on the rest, spend the whole day in his room, watching the eating energy security stone, Kenwan energy stone, went to put several small snack boxes to the demolition .

Ji Yun Xiu finally found a safe feeding more fun.

Mission hairs outstretched paws holding his hand to eat ...... feeling very warm.

Whether small tongue lick your fingers feel or touch the palm side of the soft honking feeling little belly, or two paws pads come into contact with the skin feel, make people feel spontaneously and leisurely Happiness.

It is also fed the more secure feel in heaven.

Some people keep feeding someone thigh was warm bed to sleep there, simply could not be more flattered up!

Although small belly rub thighs always like to take advantage of, but it does not matter, fed something delicious ah!

After returning to Earth should be able to expect to eat more delicious, more secure tail Alice could not help but want to go to heaven!

Early next morning, the more the warm security blanket from a small arch head, looked up and saw the care grooming has been completed, Mr. Marshal sitting upright on a chair.

The security of the movement is small, but too quiet room, still very obvious.

Ji Yun Xiu turned around and looked at him, "awake?"

"Meow." The more security soft to be a cry, drilled from the bedding, sitting on blankets, paw lick, wash your face.

Mr. Marshal have become accustomed to sleep every night to have a group of hairs sneak into the bed of the arch.

Prior to secure the cabin very serious when he said a few times, but in the case of repeated, Ji Yun repair or humiliation choice of plush forces exposed belly bow.

Until today, he has been able to very calmly got into bed with the more safe to say good night and good morning.

Ann finished licking the hair, turned around toward the yet eating a small snack boxes, push lightly from inside one of the bags not tasted the taste of packaging,Dangling trot, jump to the feet of Mr. Marshal.

But surprisingly, Ji Yun Xiu refused feeding him.

"Not today." Mr. Marshal gently nodded his appearance in front of translucent panel, "There is a later meeting."

Several generals on the frigate will be important report to Mr. Marshal light brain, the same day as the army proposed outline and information.

Those simple words reports directly, and no tactful wording of official documents between the lines reveals a neat military style.

Marshal sitting in front of the bedroom of a simple desk, watching the air floating virtual file.

After the security is still not quite able to understand the text, in snack bags dangling jump on the table, he tried out the paw hook the hook floating virtual file, but now after holographic projection, it is boring to recover the claw back Mr. Marshal legs, a little yawn.

Mr. Marshal uniforms is a solemn black, spread with dazzling gold buttoned cuffs and edges.

Center cap to the brim decorative look around some flowers, pure gold and brilliant red intertwined strong, very beautiful, also trimmed with gold on hanging in the back of the cloak fringed epaulets, drawn on both sides, very cited cat attention.

Ann stared at the wisp of tassels, there did not look at the tail shaking, unable to control themselves want paw when Ji Yun Xiu took the lead stood up.

He will be more safe gently on the table, seeing squatting down on the table and looked up at him, the more security, thought, took out a stone from the energy side of the cupboard, into a more Anhuai in.

He went to the conference room to the main ship of the meeting, the more secure it is best to stay in the room at ease eating energy stone.

Such a huge warships, if really get lost looking for is a big project.

This is not a spy, not to mention ...... just a few days he will be able to completely remove the missing.

From now report at least several years to come it seems, there is light on warships on hidden deep this did not kick out.

"Obediently alone, do not go out." Ji Yun Xiu Having realized that the room in addition to his deputy and also to enter, then paused, then opened a drawer and took out a small decorative diamond.

The body is decorated with a beautiful carved sapphire, the more security than eye color to many deep, jewel care is gray, filled with artificial mechanical sense, the overall mix is ​​very nice.

The decoration is very small, it is slightly larger than a thumb cover, see styles are pendants, necklaces because the top still attached.

But look at the size, it should be giving to wear.

Ji Yun Xiu necklace brutal pull two laps: "I hang up."

An tilted more to avoid the season to repair Yun's hand, he refused.

"Communicator." Marshal simply explained exemplary clicked intermediate sinking sapphire, light on his brain pops up a communication request.

This time the security obediently put his head stretched past.

Milk white hair will thin chain cover, leaving only a small pendant on her chest shook slightly.

"Well, I go to the meeting." Marshal scratched his chin more security.

Raising the security lowers his chin to scratch, lazy: "meow ......"

Ji Yun Xiu put the cloak on the back of a chair,He turned around and left the bedroom.

Ann began with the holding, without hesitation he got into the long-vacant Shaw wanted to snack box - this box with the material used to like Ann cartons are not the same, but a little narrow, touch soft, breathable top there are some holes, is simply tailored for small cats, cat trap all the time exudes atmosphere.

The more open the belly Ann yesterday eaten a box and now she jumped into the empty box, dig the hole and roll over and over again enjoying themselves.

The more security in those furry little paws in the ventilation holes to poke poke, had enough after a stand, four claw claw clinging to his tail eating a few mouthfuls, chewing mouth felt no taste, just remember the he was kicked began to go in the corner.

He let go of the tail, began again in his arms, opened his mouth to reveal a small fangs, hum hum rip rip eating up.

Filling the body with spiritual power, the more secure now that they are not just spells become more powerful, and even a lot of tough physical fitness.

Simply put, the minions more sharp, explosive force of legs and feet become very powerful, smooth and even fur are even more up in the dark environment even bring a little of Emmanuel.

This change allows the security saw his cool a wave of the future will be able to move mountains, the more sure he must hold fast to the idea of ​​a season repair Yun thigh.

It is said that Ji Yun Xiu hands! There is a planet of energy stone veins! !

A planet! !

Veins! ! !

What are afraid to have a light bite bite bite was a hundred and eighty years to complete ah! !

An Gaoxing more thought, munching the Lingshi, while shaking tail.

At this time, the room door was opened.

An ear more gently shook, look for the door through the hole in the carton.

To his surprise, the coming season is not repair Yun, but he only met his deputy both sides.

One in the cabin on the security screen, once the season is to check the repair Yun abandoned in the cockpit of the time.

An impression of the deputy Yijingyizha is not good, especially when in the cockpit of each other in spite of his willingness to attempt to forcibly picked him up and touched him, the more impressed some bad.

Ann began licking the side, looked at the deputies entered the house after what seemed to open the device, and then began to search around in the house temptation up.

This does not sound like the way to help take things or housekeeping ah.

The more security thinking, and began licked his arms, round yo eyes unblinking look at the young man in the house, four of Tankan.

An Seeing the look at, to see this xiaonianqing search to a hidden cabinet.

The security cabinet that hides remember, is stored inside the infirmary sent blood samples, in season body repair Yun collected.

Blood whether in science or in the side of the mysterious side are very important medium.

After even a check to the season repair Yun body medic, also must be full in season repair Yun blink of an eye operation, the remaining blood sample or spot damage or preparatory work culture, it gives gets here, follow-up operations must be in season repair Yun complete blink of an eye, but also to play a full report.

See deputies picked up a blood sample,The more security squint squinting, began to drop, the next second, it disappeared from the box in the figure.

Ji Yun Xiu put that disguise the communicator to the security of the time, I did not even think the really safe to use.

So in the middle of the pop-up military communication request meeting, Mr. Marshal frowned slightly.

The generals are under Grossly, nose nose view of the heart, as if did not see anything.

Ji Yun turned repair communications.

The security of the big cat face appeared on the screen, his blue eyes full of round yo curious to see fly out from the bottom of sapphire camera.

Marshal paused and asked: "What happened?"

Generals thought it was just a statement asking that the results of a rise, but is now asking Marshal bird cute little animals he brought back.

The little guy they have not seen it, but when Marshal return with the small animals with it, as these frigate captain generals still clear.

On the battlefield you can order a good leader when hundreds of curious though, but also very calm and did not show it, but look set to emerge openly in the Marshal's communications projection, no more.

The more secure heard coming from the sapphire in the season to repair Yun voices, directed at the tiny camera opened his mouth: "Meow!"

Small cats do not know how to operate a camera, a very crisp bats fly camera, abnormal placement of the camera accurately in the paste on the wall in front of the deputies face.

Members sitting on the outstanding leaders of the military seats, we see that as a slap in the face of the little guy, communications picture while spinning, finally flashed a deputy marshal was full of frightened face, followed by "crackling" sound, camera black down.

Ji Yun Xiu a blind eye, seat Lower Dir a general action neat transferred out of the surveillance Marshal of the room.

No one on the monitor screen, nor that group of small creamy white dumpling, everything is normal.

Marshal has never been suddenly got up when moving a few boxes in the sweep into the corner.

The generals did not hesitate, got up with out.

And other group get together momentum can easily put ordinary people fainting in the past soldiers entered the marshal the room, first thing you see, is to want to escape a posture is fixed in the place of marshal deputy, deputies before the body was hidden cabinet opened, his hand still holding a blood sample.

The wall in front of him, a scrap of miniature camera is firmly embedded in the wall inside.

Their eyes scanned the room, we can see the desk, there is a whole body got into a big bag of snacks, leaving a milky white tail dangling on the outside of the little guy.

Seems to have realized their arrival, the little guy to withdraw from the bag, shook the hair, they rushed soft "meow" sound.

Cry whine enough to be tired of the dead.

But several generals season under repair Yun also looked at the camera firmly paste on the wall, looked at the desk on the delicate soft cute little guy, while the other jumped desk came to shoot straight He stepped back a big step.

The more security: ......? ?

What retirement? What you back! ?

You do not want to touch the cute little cat do??

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