The Last Cat in the Universe

By Zui Yin Chang Ge

7. Chapter 7 [catching insects]

7. Chapter 7 [catching insects]

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Chapter VII

Ephemeris 2o17年, November 2.

Sitting has proven the most abundant material in the universe XVIII. Galaxy, tens of thousands of pieces of livable planet Xin Tesi Empire, the big news!

Among the youngest Marshal Empire three seasons repair Yun marshal routine patrol on the way raided, current whereabouts are unknown!

Once out of the news, it immediately received wide attention.

Ji Yun Xiu is a promising generals throughout the empire.

He is young and promising, high quality military, is a sword Empire Kaijiangtuotu, he laid a galaxy Empire, known as the God of War Xin Tesi's silver blade.

The most important thing is, in the age of the universe average life expectancy of up to three hundred years, the marshal only just turned nine years old, prime of life, there is a very bright future and prospects.

Army under public pressure mounted for two days to die, finally could not stand the pressure, sent a press officer responded to this news is true, but did not find sufficient evidence season marshal has been sacrificed, the military has sent rescue forces Marshal went missing star field search and rescue.

Although the military table such a speech, but people who do not hold out much hope for this.

After all, the official said, the place is in place by the raid at the border of the galaxy thirteenth ruler, time is life before entering the main star's atmosphere.

In other words, Marshal season before entering the human livable planet, in the universe of the missing.

Missing in the universe, not to mention the various problems of radiation protection suits suffered, and just vacuum environment is enough to kill a person in minutes.

Even if it is a high level of genes, known as "God's Army" command, you can not change human beings in the universe fragile environment of the facts.

Among the entire Xin Tesi empire, admired hero and embrace some kind of idol feelings of young girls into a gloomy being.

The satellite network social platform, but also has begun to sacrifice the most likely point at outstanding generals among the vast universe played a candle.

The military is not to the benefit of the group's popularity was Tian Linggai have turned up!

Marshal has not stamped sacrifice it!

The remains did not find!

You would not think a good point!

The military can only optimistic after a day of fast was broken.

Media is crazy out of the report.

Search and rescue team to probe the fifth to thirteenth galaxies border abnormal gravitational field!

The first rescue team to salvage the thirteenth galaxy border to the wreckage of the spacecraft, in situ test material to determine its wreckage for the season marshal car "God of War" No. propeller!

The eighth to thirteenth search and rescue teams now armor debris edge of the galaxy, which is confirmed Marshal "silver blade" power energy body!

Sixth search and rescue teams find the "silver blade" No body armor in the thirteenth edge of the galaxy, the extent of damage up to 93%!

The third search and rescue teams in the thirteenth galaxy border successfully recovered "God of War" was the main, the extent of damage to 7o%, the cabin found the remains of two marshals Guards!

Such a series of messages to return, shrouded in the shadow of the Empire peoples hearts more strong.

Army also luck minds of those who look at what's hammer to crack their self-confidence.

Until the fifth day, the military received a fourth search and rescue teams by the military inside the contact details to the news,Heart was rekindled hope for a miracle.

The fourth team said they searched the wreckage part of the "God of War" was placed in safe spaces, after data recovery, security cabin top six are all shown to be safe prolapse state.

There is no marshal now remains, is not without hope.

After intense search and rescue for a week, sits the Royal Star Army Corps received its first season with the repair Yun marshal went out to the army patrol news.

Now Marshal trail, confirming its good state, now the army broke camp after three days will return along with Marshal Royal Star!

Military long relief, the next day, was finally able to marshal with missing for a week on the words.

Ji Yun repair a competent under the general waiting a long time, the missing eleven after he truthfully reported for the cleaning of internal espionage.

"If possible, I hope to reach the Royal Star, when you turn up in front of the media." The military press officer looked at the front of the projector, could not help but tense.

"Can." Marshal nodded projected, the sound is not of cold as an ice years.

With security in the face of the always calm and relaxed state is not the same, Ji Yun Xiu in the face of sinking creamy white hairs ball alone, just the customary sulky mood it is not exposed.

But in front of colleagues and the public, who have always clamped tightly together.

Empire need a sharp knife, a pillar of the military needs, people need a road mark.

Need someone to stand on top, standing on the forefront to lead them, protect them, give them a sense of security.

Ji Yun Xiu is such a role.

Kevin Marshal's golden age has passed, his physical state in decline, while Ji Yun Xiu are all promising successor.

So he must be sharp, tough, vicious.

This momentum, even if it is across the long expanse of time and space, just a projection, let the peace of the text-based officers legs on the battlefield played no roll.

After the completion of carrying out a brief exchange, the marshal took the lead cut off communication.

After the press officer long sigh, easing the mood for a moment, and immediately ready to go to the table will be held.

Missing Reichsmarschall without sacrifice, he was about to return his troops intact!

This news excited the people, the media out in force, a day earlier near the address given squatted military.

Alice is people look forward to Mr. Marshal, we are now undergoing medical examination on its own warships.

No one knows what went through Yun Ji repair, they only know that a raid resulting in the disappearance of Marshal, warships and heavy armor considerable loss, also lost their lives two Guards.

Everyone well Marshal seriously injured dying even at the expense of preparation, but who did not think, when Ji Yun to repair communication actually intact, the scout ship then came back, it is full of energy, a little strange at all.

Marshal of the body responsible for the medic, the more the magic.

Ji Yun body's internal injury repair and traditional illnesses are gone, the whole body look.

But for a variety of authentication procedures have proved that this is the marshal himself, came to inspect the body of medic almost to doubt their captain was out package.

On the battlefield touch Gunda people climb,Few did not have chronic disease of old wounds.

Mars is called the silver blade repair Yun season is even worse - though Mr. Marshal gene innate optimization level is very high, powerful spiritual force is staggering, but he also can not avoid the inevitable result.

But after missing return, Ji Yun Xiu perfect body even return to the pinnacle of his genetic level could ever have!

Medical room, medic checked repeatedly to return to the marshal a lot of times, before the judge had to admit that there is nothing wrong.

"Marshal, you are experiencing what you? Your body ......"

"Ah." Xiu Yun season should be a cry, the generals put on clothes, sat up, looking to squeeze through the crack of a small group of white hair.


An Yiyue the jump into bed, squatting season repair Yun legs to bring up the nails, the corner of the mattress on the bed Naoliao pulpy to show dissatisfaction.

"Meow meow meow!"

"......" Marshal looked down on as a little guy with two seconds to understand what he meant, explained, "I want to accept the check."

The more security and a paw Naoliao mattress: "Meow!"

This is the reason you abandoned me in a bunch of people do not know where it!

This ship is so big! If I had the sense of smell I can not find you!

The more security thinking, anger and scratch scratched hard mattress.

Two medic looked bad temper milk white small animals, a little worried about this little guy next second blood spattered on the spot - who does not know the season is a cold-blooded marshal deserted kill God!

But the reality is very different and they think, in two medic surprised to watched some horror, Mr. Marshal hairs group will hold up, he said:. "Will not be a next time."

The more security does not speak.

That contraction of the beautiful cat's eye became a thin line in the medical room bright lights, shallow glance full of beautiful light blue.

Marshal glanced at the standing of two medic, the white hairball on the shoulder and went out.

The more security badges on the uniform jacket of Luo Ji Yun Xiu was uncomfortable, but still knows to give a dignified face marshal stay.

So he waited until after leaving the medical room, only to lay a paw on the season repair Yun's face, then not at all rude slid into his coat, just a little stuck his head from the chest to the other side.

"...... I'm sorry." Ji Yun Xiu also realize not everyone related to him, like the ability to meet an unfamiliar environment.

Moreover, he was out of the inner tube from the parent star little guy - the security of the body seems not even to adulthood.

"You compensate an energy spar, okay?" He held out his hand and touched the safety of a small head, he looked up and scratched his chin exposed small, "there is a small snack."

Mr. Marshal took several days to explore out moderate scratching his chin the way the force, get comfortable arms of hairs groups narrowed his eyes, ears and even sip it down, a rattling sound, a cool way to heaven.

Shoudexia's a nice touch, fluffy, but also with some warmth.

Mr. Marshal touched for a moment, put down your hand. Ann shook the ear, looked to repair Yun season.


Look forgive Hello sake of the Lingshi.

The more security thinking, paw under the revised Yun coat from season to reach Mr. Marshal just put down the hand.Obviously we want to continue to be scratching his chin.

However, Mr. Marshal gently press his paws, and looked cool watching from the corner came to a few soldiers.

Several soldiers were also surprised a moment.

Then immediately salute: "Marshal!"

Ji Yun Xiu jaw gently, then went over from their side.

The more safe little head has been looking at the left chest of their uniforms, beautiful blue eyes wide circle.

After a few soldiers do not see that in their own perspective, the more safe and turned around and looked at the quarter mark repair Yun left chest.

Not familiar with the banner style.

Do the authors of the dozens of nearly a hundred years, and regime change?

Ann is more speculation when Tingjuelingmin ears to capture the small voice of dialogue that several soldiers.

"This is the one that science classes can not recognize the little creatures do?"

"Yes, I heard that before he ran from the cockpit, did not have time to see, did not expect to encounter here."

"I look quite lovely."

"Some do not ride with the marshal."

"Joke, with Marshal can not take a ride with you?"


Ann shook the small ears, flattered Listening to several human praise him cute.

Ji Yun Xiu with more security through broad and bright walkway on the ship, back to their room.

Open the door, one saw the corner boxes of snacks.

He will be more safe from his arms to hold out, but not to dismantle those snacks, but directly hold more safe to go in the wash room.

One person, one cat in front of a mirror in the wash room.

The more security bewildered.

A long time, Mr. Marshal frowned slightly and looked in the mirror of a dark starched white uniforms themselves and the whole body of the security.

"Do not take it?"

I came to see how suitable ah.

Marshal so confident of thought.

The more security: ......

Such a cute little cat and you take a standard does not take the cold face, you really do not mind a little number it? ?

"I feel very ride." As if seen through the idea of ​​silence under the more secure, calm and asked Mr. Marshal, "The more security, you think?"

Ann shook the tail, bow licking its paws.

"An energy spar." Marshal said.

An action the meal: "......"

Marshal increase deadpan: "two."

The more Ann looked up at him.

"Three." Mr. Marshal looked more security to him shrugged and said, "do not take the ride?"

An altogether more agile, a paws in the previous quarter, revised Yun palm, and lowered his head without hesitation to Lingshi forces.


Ride ride ride! Chicken thief children ride! No one is more than just take us up!

Who does not take, the more I jumped up on Ann Strickland burst his dog's head!

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