The Last Cat in the Universe

By Zui Yin Chang Ge

6. Chapter 6

6. Chapter 6

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Chapter Six

The more security is not a trouble, Mr. Marshal feel everything is a lot smoother.

After adequate sleep, Ji Yun Xiu began seriously to organize from the surplus security cabin.

Ann looked at the season Yun repair supplies shining confirmation of rummaging through the screen, punched a small yawn, jumped jumped out of bed, went to the door up and scratched the door.

"Meow." He turned around and called out to repair season Yun.

Mr. Marshal glanced migraine, "to go out?"

Ann looked at the repair Yun season came, a small head also followed around in a circle, "Meow."

Ji Yun Xiu, raising his hand ready to open the door certification, but also like the thought of what looked down at the creamy white hairs covered group in the final round yo eyes that gaze to the marshal or said nothing, and opened the door.

The more Ammann step out, he slides did not look a shadow.

Marshal stood for a moment at the door, or the door left a crack.

He wanted to ask what is safe to do more, and soon realized that he did not understand the security of meow.

Think of the exchange this obstacle, Marshal while finishing materials, while some worry.

Now that the security has agreed to go along with him, Ji Yun Xiu naturally began to consider the issue of the security of the feeding.

While keeping with the term to describe the relationship between myself and intelligent beings with a level does not seem good, but given the security that diminutive size and habits of some wild animals with very similar, Ji Yun Xiu really can not find a time What is the appropriate adjective.

This communication must be addressed.

Marshal thrust the record in this matter on the mask at the side of the wall.

As well as determine the level and kind of the little guy capability - now are willing to go with him, the little guy and if sufficient capacity and its own issue do not mind, Ji Yun Xiu is sure to carry on the battlefield Chuaizhao hairs groups.

After all, a special group hairs ability, if people are aware of the anomaly, certainly in trouble after another, might as well carry more convenient.

In addition there are white give back to Dili after it conducted genetic testing, gene database entry satellite network ......

Too many things to do, Mr. Marshal watching recorded on the memo entry, put down your hand, turned around and continued to inventory supplies.

The more security came back, Ji Yun Xiu just finished viewing the invisible chip in the news, the message box was empty, Kevin marshal did not return messages over.

Ji Yun Xiu heard outside Xixisuosuo movement, will pull a chip, turned around to see the piece of the door.

Under the door into his to a white furry Zhao Jian, is trying to explore the inside of an attempt to squeeze the door open.

Marshal bird watching casually waving claws, even a little like laughing.

Ann shook at the door of the ear, aware of footsteps inside the door.

"Meow!" The more security to recover the paw, shouted toward the door.

Ji Yun Xiu open the door.

The more security went in the seasoning bags Diao up, walked back to the door, hook the hook quarter paw repair Yun trousers.


Marshal down at the Fengyun hairs groups.

Hairs also were looked up at Marshal.

This time, the marshal did not wait hairs groups once again out loud, you understand the meaning: "want to eat barbecue?"

The more security rub the rub season Yun Xiu legs, "Meow."

Marshal did not think, he has finished goods inventory, ready to go to the walk itself nearby, keeping a daily exercise.

Meanwhile, Ji Yun Xiu kinda wanted to satisfy desires.

He posted a posted oxygen, took the tool to follow the safe way to go out to the edge of the pond, Marshal stopped.

The more secure the sauce in his mouth to put down the bag, very well-behaved big legs rub rub Mr. Marshal.

Ji Yun Xiu looked around the pond put a big circle, the strips have been dismantling processed meats, blankly looking down at the safe.

Do not think just out of the safe so long time, Probably a whole employed about this thing.

Marshal looked at these animals being mutilated perfect - the sky's the ground running water swim, had not run away.

"This one."

Marshal often picked up on a table and some birds, bird meat is delicious, taste tough road, whether it is soup or frying taste great.

But this bird is usually perched on the woods.

And this one area, looking ahead, full of barren land and hay.

"Where did?" Marshal while scooping water washing meat, while asked.

The more security stretched claws, pointing to the south; "meow."

"Finished take me to." Marshal says.

Ann watched the season to repair Yun skilled action, shook his tail: "Meow."

"The future is not to give you something to eat just like you people go?" Marshal get baked bird funny cat, looking at the safety and recite the way, but also self-serving, said, "People should not I good craft . "

- purely on the barbecue this respect is the case.

I just feel more safe listening repair Yun season is really very insidious, even attempted to tie him with food!

Not at tempts fault of their own, the more straightforward Ann eat while training and preparation of the next pan dedicated barbecue season marshal.

The event was followed by a meal digestion Marshal stroll in a bare woods.

The more security Halfway stopped, looked up at the sky.

Some dull gray sky, air, water vapor and heavier.

Ji Yun Xiu also aware of the changes in the air, "going to rain?"


It can be more than.

The rainy season is coming.

Seasonal cycle of the planet is very special, when dry drought dead, when floods floods death.

Ann have nests before the high slope in, but not a high slope has been smashed, and even concave inside, they are now only a quarter repair Yun security cabin.

Now, the rainy season, safe spaces and if left in place, then, had not two days will be able to open the door is certainly a wonderful personal experience the underwater world.

So when the first rain falls down a symbol of the end of the dry season, the Ann Ji Yun Xiu returned to the security cabin and opened the thrusters toward the previous quarter, revised Yun optimistic about the dry woods fly past.

The most suitable landing place aI safe spaces judgment is a lot of trunk twigs of trees.

Marshal altogether will be everything to aI, squatting on his pillow with a pile of dirty stamped out of the Indian plum Ann looked at each other.

"White." Ji Yun Xiu suddenly reach,The hairball prop up, walked over to console, bar chair pulled from seamless bulkheads inside out, and then the hands of hairballs on the operating table, and asked, "Do you know how to read it?"

The more secure surprised a moment, turned around and saw a vision of the characters on the screen, he was frightened now turned into an illiterate.

This past several decades!

You humans how even the words have changed! ! !

The more secure a good face says it all.

Mr. Yu Shi marshal holding the cat, pointing to the key operation of the stage, one by one began to teach.

An trance between the just-recalled the year when Euro RSCG, was a large tribal elder threw a classroom full of fear in human cubs rub lesson.

The more aware of this security interest is not high, but it is very calm marshal, he said:. "Your name is not white."

This implies that you learn, you can tell me what your name is ...

Ann shook the pointed ears on the head, and suddenly began to enliven the spirit.

"These three, is the season."


"Tone is ......"


"Ah, the next ......"


Apart from the security relied on their own every few hours to waste began eating the spiritual power, can not help but always insisted rain cover out of the waves outside the aura twice.

Apart season Yun Xiu wearing waterproof clothing to go out every day to walk around outside to confirm safe level.

I never stop being stuck in heavy rain security cabin of one person, one cat, teaching progress very rapidly.

The more these days now safe repair season Yun emotions actually quite rich - though always with a straight face a deadpan look, but actually not too good temper.

Ji Yun and repair now more than the security to be more, he even has a special record the security habits of small books.

For example, love to clean, will spit hair balls, bursts of love lying on the side of his eight tail number after number seven will finish leaving only a tail and hide, then very aggrieved group into a ball.

Another example is particularly fond of sleeping in the warm places, like going round in circles chasing its own tail, flapping like to catch some dynamic stuff.

Another example is the ability of the security, it is unprepared to make Ji Yun Xiu.

To set fire on digging down to the water windy, and even recruit Ray pour ice have no problem at all, as well as the security cabin interior surface of excessive force accidentally scratch out a few deep claw marks.

Ji Yun Xiu every time I see that a few footprints, I felt the true sense Xieyue An grace not to kill.

He never paw does not say, but also desperate angrily beat him with the butt pads or get to him, but never used against him special abilities.

Marshal eyes on since a few footprints back, turned around and looked at the paw gently pat the back of his safety.

The more security to see him over here, turned around the operating table press a few keys.

Marshal read it again, "...... more?"

"Meow," the more pressing security and a few other keys.


White shook his tail hairs dumpling happy, "Meow!"

"The more security?" Ji Yun Xiu no doubt the two seconds they regain consciousness, "Your name?"


The more security.

Marshal season sip Min Chun, that seem to pick on a little fierce eyes slightly crooked,Very reluctant about revealing look can be called a smile.

Ann then hand touched the little head.

The more security to let him touch for a moment, then jumped jumped off the console, go to the little cupboard to put spices on the edge of the bag, scratched doors.

Unfortunately, I repair Yun Ji told him: "seasoning used up."

"...... ???"

The more security, such as lightning, turned around to see the stage being seated in the operator Marshal insertion of the device, very tragic "wailing" out loud.

Even if no Lingshi!

Even I did not have to eat barbecue!

Good heavens!

Cat alive in the end what is the point!

An squatted in front of the cabinet, the group has become a sad ball.

Ji Yun Xiu a regular daily routine check invisible chip in the news, he will insert the chip, walked over to the security, squat body starts during the verification is complete, gently poked the ball hairs:. "There eat. "

Ann looked up to see him more.

In fact, the safety of food stored in the cabin, in addition to nutrients, as well as a dozen boxes of compressed food taste very good food.

Those food to ease the psychological pressure of the cabin to escape being put to staff, after all, in the face of the plight of people who are always pessimistic thoughts can not help but rise, and delicious food can make people feel much more heart Lishu Tan.


An paws to catch the season to repair Yun knees, two cat's eye shining bright.

Ji Yun Xiu stood up, ready to go to just put things out, turned around and saw a message on the screen.

It was a bunch of band number.

Marshal suddenly got up, then write down the number of bands will be deleted messages pulled out the chip, instead opened the safe space communication system, a bunch of bands that will be entered into.

The more security booth in front of the cabinet looked that good pick to eat show a series of operations of marshal, whines to get up, I went over.

Another head-band port of people seem to have been waiting for a long time, in an instant communication out to turn on the screen.

Appears on the screen who is deputy Yun Xiu season.

He moved to almost to the whole face Tieshanglai: "! Marshal You okay?!"

Ann heard the call more meal, went to the previous quarter, revised Yun leg side, looked up at him.

He obviously feel, Ji Yun Xiu momentum changed.

Let the sense of security not help but follow nap idle cozy atmosphere disappearance was erased, replaced by the more secure is to have whole body hair stand up sense of chill.

Marshal momentum would be very consistent with this name.

Ji Yun Xiu positive youth and the looks nearly thirty, with the impression that the more basic security are already middle-aged marshal different.

In these decades he turned to leave, the earth has not only demonstrated the new text, also entered the era of the universe, even the highest rank are not so particular about.

The more security thinking, shook him to put up the hair, nails slightly sticking out a little bit, began to climb down the pants of Mr. Marshal.

The screen is still there he kept asking.

"What hurt your body? Need to bring Medics it? Recharge it? How the planet environment is still safe? Cabin surplus also enough yet, there ......"

Marshal did not answer, he sensed the leg hairs move the ball,Entrusted directly to the up, left on the work, and then interrupted deputy then cold channel: "location."

"Yes! First Army currently stationed thirteen galactic ruler House!" The deputy reflexively straighten his back, eyes on the next second set on white dumpling sitting on the operating table, and a face full of curiosity and doubt.

Marshal did not answer his doubts meaning, directly ordered:. "Army departed, back to the Royal Star, dispatched a d-level reconnaissance ship down when passing s13 Planetary No. 22"


"There." Mr. Marshal glanced at the screen being cocked his head, tail behind the flash flash security coolly added, "more than ready to snack on some small warships, directly into my bedroom."

Carter, marshal convenient falling hung up communications.

Deputy: ......

Deputy:? ? ?


Small snacks? ? ?

Marshal Implying that it hurt the brain! !

The deputy became alarmed expression the moment.

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