The Last Cat in the Universe

By Zui Yin Chang Ge

4. Chapter 4

4. Chapter 4

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Chapter Four

Season marshal totally did not realize that they have been a little more safety record on the books.

He took the piece of clean chips, went to the operation stage.

This chip is invisible point a means of communication, Ji Yun hand piece repair, leading to the end of another marshal of the empire, Kevin.

This is in addition to the chip maker and two parties, no one knows the secret.

Those in power do not want the whole military kinship, so outside, and Kevin Ji Yun Xiu two just nodding acquaintances, and even occasionally in some important meetings, and showing that the momentum be tit for tat.

In fact, the relationship between the two marshals in private is quite good.

As we all know, in the season when the repair Yun save exploits, used to be a men Kevin marshal general.

But in the season's exploits have been enough to repair Yun was promoted to marshal, officially took office waiting to file down when Kevin marshal in front of hundreds of thousands of troops face, merciless season will repair Yun scold them.

Whether the two parties do not care, but know this other person must be concerned about.

After the season was reprimanded Jun repair things happen, first to comfort, that is the kingdom of Emperor term.

Not many people know, and Kevin Ji Yun Xiu, it is not regarded as put the actual name of the first teachers and students.

The teacher called the student, and had nothing to criticize place, and it does not feel Ji Yun Xiu was reprimanded in front of hundreds of thousands of military personnel is a very shameful thing.

As an army general, only to be scolded wrong decision has been very light punishment.

As a soldier, there should face the error and the spirit of sacrifice, especially in the most general.

You know, those soldiers because of his error command to sacrifice, even to see his chances of being reprimanded should no longer have.

Ji Yun Xiu chip into the slot with the console, for the empty message area is not surprising.

He finished fast rigorous authentication, enter the coordinates of a string of short, after displaying send complete, simply ripped off the chip.

Mr. Marshal armor and ships are blown into space junk, although the security cabin equipped with a propeller, but not enough power to penetrate the planet's atmosphere, you want to get out of here, can only wait for rescue.

Outside in the end is what the situation, Yun Ji repair is not clear, but falling out of the day this thing is a no-brainer could want.

Silver is called Xin Tesi Jagged edge even in routine inspections of the road attacked and missing, and the big news enough explosion in the major league of galaxies, enough to those of other countries and has been coveted alliance of Xin Tesi Empire He raised some robbing of thinking about this.

Among other things, there's Kevin pressure certainly large enough to pinch off a big head.

Marshal season courtesy of a trend already faint bald teacher expressed Taking a bit condolences.

Marshal know, help arrived degree certainly not slow, but because of the power, stab in the back with the intricacies of foreign enemies, there is no way around fast.

Still have to be ready at least stay a few days on the planet.

Water and food are the most wanted.

Mr. Marshal goes on stealth chip careful personal good income, turned to look at the safety of the planet is suspected protists.One turned around, he Zhengzhu.

Security at this time is because the more there are two claws holding his big head ore, nibbling a little bit, little bit of bite down debris also did not let go, all licked into the stomach.

Energy spar is currently the largest known energy content, the highest ore hardness.

So far not been able to be the perfect way to break down, can not purify, ore attempt to hit the cut would cause very serious internal energy consumption of ore with ore.

Research in this area researchers worry about two hundred years, always in the end did not figure out how to save on the premise of energy within the ore, the ore decomposition perfect cut.

So up to now, have not spar energy as a mechanical material put into mass use, even if it is blown into the universe that Taiwan Marshal garbage armor, only the top layer of powder synthesis energy spar in a very critical position painting.

And this makes two hundred years sorrow of hardness problem for the little guy seems ...... not a problem.

The more security happy to eat, although Lingshi and no taste, but he can clearly feel the aura of the body a little bit of an increase.

Kind of like a sense of freshness squatting sun room heating in cold winter days, let him become a pool of whole cats are soft cake.

Ji Yun Xiu looked at him for a while gnawing stone, decided not to think about the little animal teeth in the end how hard this problem.

He asked: "white, you know where the water you?"

An gnawing the stones looked at him, holding the baby began rolled over, get into his ass.

My body is filled with refuse.

I never knew how to reason with people, and no one would reason with him, Mr. Marshal silent child, decided to start from the other's preferences.

"A spar, you take me to the water source."


The more secure a stand on his feet!

Really easy to understand.

Ji Yun Xiu swept the safe excited look, turned around to pick up a few containers, He even saw container cabinet stood a simple folding and BBQ sauce.

"Is it far?" Asked Ji Yun Xiu.


Mr. cat zero-level language marshal paused: "Far?"

Ann did not say anything more.

Mr. Marshal asked: "far?"

The more security mouth: "Meow!"

"Is it dangerous?"

Ann does not say anything more.



Mr. Marshal looked at the BBQ sauce and folded, then asked: "? There are aquatic animals do."


Well, not far, there is no danger, there is the presence of aquatic animals.

Ji Yun Xiu will be put back in the hands of a few containers, feel that they could put their own language amount a year are spent on the little guy.

Look askew dislike of nutrients before and thought their savior, Mr. Marshal for the human race proved faulty taste did not mind, and the BBQ sauce to bring, thought, and just in case He took a tube antidote.

The more secure from human society for many years, which is only to be used to recognize a water containers, as for any use other tools are, the more secure it a smear eyes, do not understand anything up.But this has nothing to do with him, has a relationship with him only just began.

Ann looked at the repair season Yun, gave him a meow, eating less than half of the press began under the paws, not contented turned to look at the walls filled Lingshi.

A typical eating a bowl of looking at the pot.

Or craned their necks to look at.

"After coming back to you." Marshal says.

The more security crouched still, his head will be determined by mankind for a long time looked at this, and then I turned around, holding Lingshi lay the floor and cried, quit.

Ji Yun Xiu: "......"

This protest is really straightforward and scary.

Put the army dare, backhand to give you into the closed room.

Ji Yun Xiu looked the more well for a while, year-round living in the barracks, he always used to let Shuoyibuer subconsciously did not choose to compromise.

Ann said nothing more, chewing a mouthful of Lingshi, a beautiful pair of cat's eyes slightly screwed up, turned around to look at that from time to time stand still human one.

Ji Yun Xiu was his aim was some frustration, but his performance in the face of frustration, but it is some appear to be more indifferent.

"I now give you, you do want to bring way to eat it?" Asked Mr. Marshal.


Well solve ah!

Completely unaffected by the human expression of security at him meow.

You hold me!

I hold Lingshi!

We take a walk through a heart to heart communication across racial ah!

Marshal season and not been able to successfully grasp only hairs dumpling complex meaning.

An expectation in the two gradually disappear, ears droop down a little bit.

He looked aggrieved Mr. Marshal, "meow" sound, walked over to repair two front paws to catch the season Yun big legs, attempting to use body language to tell him is driving this cute little cats hold up!

However, Mr. Marshal understand style is inexplicable.


An adorable mixed failed to recover the paw, and fiercely in his heart remember a fortune, his own chewed began to push into the corner away, whining turned around to scratch the door.

Mr. Marshal totally did not realize that they are once again written a little book on cat cubs.

He is only when this little guy compromise, and I feel very bright opened the door.

The more security to small short-legged four feet away, but ten minutes away, on the edge of a pond at his lap.

Fish in the water seems to be aware of the movement of the shore, toss tails from the water fast dived.

The pond is not large, but very deep, the bottom has a steady stream of ground water coming in, due to hot sake with a little heat.

Running water, small in size, about as big forty-five square look, go deep deep but very clear, one can see in the end.

Reared fish in the water, not many, mainly by not find food to go catch small animals in the dry season.

The more safety sat down on the edge of this small pond, comfortable licking its paws.

Ji Yun Xiu turned around and looked at him, looked around did not see the look of large carnivores.

In the dry season in this place, can hold a spring, this little guy is also powerful enough.

Ji Yun Xiu will be carrying containers are filled with water, it looked close to the bottom of the pond fish.

The fish cultivation season Yun know, the usual recipe family in the thirteenth galaxy,Sweet, non-toxic.

Once again, in order to avoid paying an energy stone, Mr. Marshal or directly out of the barbecue with the tip of a thin stick, shot like lightning, ruthless quasi-fast action, he poked a stick up two fish.

Ann was more shocked his actions, cat's eye widened turned around and looked at him.

Season marshal did not speak, he will open a portable stove energy, oil and spices come in on the side that was like watching a beautiful sapphire eyes, shuffles began barbecue.

Marshal itself is slowly rose up from the soldier, field survival time of more to go, because too many needs its own hands-on time, leading to marshal trained to have single-handedly superb barbecue craft - only to barbecue.

Ann looked more methodical action Yun Xiu season to fish brush on layer after layer of things, some barely able to hear him out, and some he could not identify.

But very sweet.

Let the cat appetizing.

Marshal baked fish, turned around to see him unwittingly conspire white hairball.

The more security to see him, looking at the string of fish, looking at him, looking at the string of fish, according to the final paw directly in the hands of Mr. Marshal, reached over his head, little pink nose roast sniffing the fish.

Some hot, but the physical fitness of the monster of questioning any harm.

For the cat is somewhat tongue discomfort - but the food before moving hardly any regrets.

The human pursuit of food really is endless.

An eating the delicious grilled fish while thought.

Mr. Marshal looked hairball elegant but very fast action of eating a fish, and then the blue eyes that time on, he was very calm, said:. "We usually do not eat nutrients"

The more security: ......

Also remember how this thing!

You people in mind how so small!

The more security very perfunctory "meow" sound, turned around to see the hands of the Marshal take another.

"This is my." Marshal refused him.

The more security Chou Chou Ji Yun Xiu, went to the edge of the pond, take aim, a fish, a wave of his paw.

A thunder deep-fried, very different from the impression down to almost micro-electro-optic can not check, a thick arm around children of lightning with thunder crashing down, spray deep-fried, sprinkled sitting on the edge of the pond unsuspecting one person, one cat sweating face.

With the spray blown out together, as well as small water fish pond.

All of the fish.

Ji Yun Xiu: ......

The more security: cat face senseless force .jpg

Marshal season looked to be irrigated birth had a thoroughly grilled fish.

The more at ease virtual shrink the shrink neck, he really did not think eating a half stars began to give him a spell to bring such a large increase.

He stepped on the uncomfortable step on the ground in front, turned around and went to the shore of the bombing Diao fish are over, very neatly yards on the season in front of repair Yun.

He sat in the row behind the fish, looking upward directed quarter Marshal cute "meow" sound, mixed Meng attempt to cross the border.

Ji Yun Xiu did not get angry, it was never a big deal did not say, but this little guy saved his life.

He felt that, at the moment only cute little hairs groups to please him look quite interesting.

And new strength out of the Angang Gang show,Mr. Marshal also keen interest.

Ji Yun Xiu know this is bad taste.

Marshal season goes against his standard cold face, in silence watching the white hairball A minute later, only to look away, to destroy a piece of grilled fish aside, again poked the security Diao back three fish, not a word of grilled up.

The more relieved Ann, looking down at his paws, for just that one lightning also a lingering fear.

High-temperature drying moist environment for signs of doing them quickly.

Grill also cooked too fast.

Ann looked at the three fish, I can not wait to scrape together the past.

However, Mr. Marshal was in his Coushang the next second, the results of their labor exalted up.

The more safe enough to try paw, is simply not enough.

The more secure look to repair Yun Ji, Baba grievances: "Meow."

Mr. Marshal listening to this call, a little want to touch him, but the surface remained unconvinced.

He is very cruel to even more security out of a multiple-choice questions: "This, and energy spar, which you want to?"

Ann watched the season Dengyuan repair Yun, humans really think this is very shameless!

Even ask such a question!

An angry jumped more season to repair Yun's legs, and then the next second season without hesitation towards the repair Yun pulls out a small fluffy furry belly.

Then soft sweet and greasy "meow" sound.

Net bullshit!

Of course you have to ah!

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