The Last Cat in the Universe

By Zui Yin Chang Ge

3. Chapter 3

3. Chapter 3

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third chapter

Ji Yun Xiu did not understand what the hands of only petite harmless little animals think, his strength recovered more than half, was finally able to stand up.

Think before only white small animals love the clean little habits, his careful hands as if, like silly little creature on the bed the only one clean place.

Let's still call it bed.

Ji Yun Xiu without blinking an eye glanced at large may smear the blood on the bed, and on top of the remains of a suspected something of his internal organs and muscle tissue fragmentation, turned and walked over to that side Fengyun oval egg is not open, lift hand touched one of the blocks.

Ann shook the ear, playing a human being from his shock rogue's recovered, to see their side of the white protective shell is slowly closing, quickly scrambled to his feet, jump out of bed.

He found a not-so-dirty place stood watch as the white eggshell began to swell deformation, accompanied by slight mechanical sound, in just a few tens of seconds into a house - Accurate said, it should be a room.

The more surprising about this security in a scorched earth suddenly put up to house lap, stretched out his pink soft pads temptation patted the wall, now it is not thick.

But look at how the Earth which have been less technology for decades, the more security strolled around the corner, then looks at the door of the place stopped.

Earth science and technology have now progressed to such a degree ah!

Ann thought the same clan who does not love to find the owner, but turned into a humanoid cat addicted to playing the game, I feel at the moment if you can go back and find them, they can certainly gain a lot of variety of new game Amway.

Over the past several decades, the security also miss some clan gathered crowd occasionally Tucao owners feeding a wide variety of human aspirations cats.

Since the newly appointed official shovel feces to be here - although appears to be in trouble, but it does not matter, he can come here, it must be a way back.

Humans are always unexpected smart.

Go back to the same family say hello reported that a safe or.

The more security so I thought, and I feel quite comfortable shook tip of the tail.

Ji Yun Xiu After starting in Safe Mode, entered the room to see this in the bed of the small white dumplings gone.

Mr. Marshal pace micro Dayton, brow twist from a few small marks.

But in the end he did not do anything extra action, but took out the clothes from the closet of the room put small, he took out a small bottle, pulled the cap but kept in small fingernail-sized transparent patch the bottle of liquid spray to soak up the patch, posted next to his own nose, took a deep breath.

This is a small tool Star Alliance residents will use portable oxygen paste, soft, skin-friendly breathable colorless, then sprayed with a special liquid oxygen attached under the nose does not look strange, one can adhere to the three in the absence of oxygen Hours.

Obviously, the planet is not habitable for humans planet.

Low oxygen content, air dried, livable planet gravity higher than normal, just as it feels like to walk among the primary gravity exercise room.

Ji Yun Xiu excellent physical fitness,Before adjusting breathing stick to the body back to the moment you have to supplement the oxygen.

Mr. Marshal action very structured, looks very cool.

He sat on the ground, hand patted the side of the wall, on the wall a few strayed digital ghost quickly enter the string of numbers, in front of the air on the projected image.

It was after the season to repair Yun chose to enter the safe space, recorded by security defense system cabin down the screen.

The purpose is to record recording screen face and the evidence, or to prevent the escape after capture, by the enemy not open the door caused internal injuries, but can also be used as evidence in court provided the user successful escape back to the universe court for.

Ji Yun repair raid was during routine patrol galaxies Union territory.

Union inspections every five years, each lasting a year, Xin Tesi Empire currently deployed with two captains, one for the southeast, one for the Northwest.

Ji Yun Xiu is the one responsible for the southeast.

Raid his people is that galaxies in the universe notorious bandits groups, but Mr. Marshal saw his spaceship and armor bombed-screen look no trace of volatility.

- He was in solitary when they were raid.

As Grand Admiral, Ji Yun Xiu around usually followed by guards, and the single time pitiful.

The number is so meager, he was raided.

Obviously, guard Marshal's inner demons.

Ji Yun Xiu seems to be no team has the Guards after the ghost, and they have been cosmic bandits raided two things in mind, however, lie in the security cabin quietly out of the range of the enemy's garrison, your breath and began to read.

He needs to determine their coordinates.

As for the ghost, Marshal did not mind, because he believed his henchmen will be spared the man's kick out fast.

His luck is excellent, safe spaces have not been attractive and repulsive forces in the universe thrown too far, he located the planet's 6 Union territory belongs to the edge of the galaxy, recorded by on the screen a few iconic planet, Marshal Mr. roughly determine their coordinates.

He read the screen, and sitting on the ground quiet moment suck oxygen, until the previously accelerated heartbeat gradually stabilized, he stood up.

Ji Yun Xiu neat action set off a blood-soaked mattress, the mattress fabric torn, pulled out a piece of bloodstained mattress from exudes Xuexing Qi, the transparent, half a palm-sized hard card.

Mr. Marshal because of the blood on top and a little meal.

Although this invisible chip afraid of water, but after blood clotting was uneven in the top left traces.

To use it, you have to wash the job.

Ji Yun Xiu recalled a moment spare cabin safety freshwater resources, or feel that they probably need to go out looking for a fresh water resources.

His hanging from the wall of a small bag and pulled out a bottle of liquid, holding abandoned mattresses and tattered clothes, turned toward the door.

The more Anzheng paw raised ready to knock claws not fall, in front of the door was opened.

He looked up to holding a thin mattress and dirty clothes, it seems ready to throw out the human race,Soft "meow" sound.

I thought the little guy has escaped the footsteps of Mr. Marshal meal.

"Meow." Ann called more loudly.

He looked wearing a short-sleeved, across the clothes can still clearly see the muscles of the lower human, feeling each other's clothes neat look pleasing to the eye a lot.

He bypassed the big legs of Mr. Marshal wearing black pants edge, completely outside the cat did not think of myself as meaning, direct swaggered into the black this technology product.

- Who would have the heart to refuse a cute little cat do?

At least there is no denial of Mr. Marshal.

Not repair Yun season is not wary, but this little visible biological relatives, when they are in close to his intentionally fangs and claws close up, leaving only the soft pads.

Intelligent species can be considered one animal, human kindness to come from the outside and has the most malicious mostly instinctive judgment, but the wisdom of thinking will hinder their obedience to act instinctively, so that they restrain their own desires, to shackle himself with a moral.

The fight outside year round, Mr. Marshal open for ordinary people than the instinct to many profound.

Thinking with simple good and evil animals get along, obey instinct would have been sufficient.

Little guy very friendly, perhaps even saved his life.

Ji Yun Xiu looked curious safe to walk around in the cabin, where the bumper here from time to time to pat small animals, will hold their own mattresses and tattered uniforms thrown into the door, opened the lid of the hands of liquid, the one full cup liquid poured up.

Ann heard the news, sitting in the room turned to look at the door.

Outside the bloodstained mattresses and clothes, under his gaze gradually turned into steam steaming, disappear completely.

Technology is black!

An Dengyuan the cat's eye, watching the seasons repair Yun returned to the house, put in the hands of pot cover, again back into the small bag on the wall.

Then, he opened a cupboard, the cupboard stood a dozen yards neat row in full bloom with pale blue liquid, such as test tubes thing, Ji Yun Xiu from the inside to come up with a directly opened the lid to drink a mouthful.

Curious cat's instinct is greedy, especially to see the human face in front of their own time to eat.

The more that human safety can not help but come around, straightened up and stuck his two front paws resting on the other leg, craned their necks, meow meow woo woo attracted attention of Mr. Marshal.

Ji Yun Xiu Tieshanglai looked down at the little guy, along the other's eyes saw his hand holding nutrients.

"I want to eat?"


Mr. Marshal will sound very high sugar content that sounds as a response.

But be honest, the taste of nutrients is not wonderful.

He dipped slightly to a little finger, hand placed in front of more security.


The more security thinking, but still stretched his head and sniffed, nose haunted by a surge of light and fruity.

Cat cubs out of small pink and tender tongue, carefully licked a drop of human hands stained with nutrients, and the next second jump all the way open, the cat's face is a capital despise.

Mr. Marshal saw clearly their own to eat, and now find it too was not a small guy, I do not know for what state of mind, explains: "We usually do not eat this."

The more Ann looked up at him, meow loudly.

I do not know believe it or not.

Season cat zero-level language repair Yun looked at the hands of the wonderful taste quite liquid, then the remaining nutrients drained.

Security cabin space is very valuable, fresh food is not possible there, and nutrients, although some of the space, but the heat within the content of nutrients needed by the body, a two days would be sufficient to support an adult , exercise less, it is also possible to support four days.

Before going out in search of water, Ji Yun Xiu energy security needs to be a good complement cabin.

The more security while crouched, watching the season repair Yun went on one wall, two palm print on the wall, another one swept across his body, followed by that wall to split a crack, with placement nutrition that same style cabinet agents pushed out, neatly stacked on top is not the nutrients.

Ann suddenly the ears, blue eyes glued to the season to repair Yun picked up a piece of light purple crystalline ore, go out into the hind legs Yi Deng Ji Yun Xiu hands of ore fury!

Ji Yun Xiu eyes of a profit, after notice to the security of the target will be pushed on a door closing fast, a close hand, Xuanshen retreated to a corner to avoid a surprise attack his little creatures.

An outsmarted the blow, saw cabinet taken back paw shot several times did not see open, anxious meow, keep the foot in the quarter jumped to repair Yun feet, round and round around him.

He is absolutely not wrong, Ji Yun Xiu holding hands, is not the year to be in the family for a hundred years old-timers who would rather accept their declining power of magic, to the last of the human form are not reluctant to bite began with one of you!

This person actually has a cupboard! !

A whole cabinet! ! !

After this began with the cabinet, he can now save hundreds of thousands of years that aura of great predecessors human form out of the waves!

Lang might even last a year or two years!

The more security trance now it seems to be clinging to a very thick gold thigh.

Ji Yun Xiu aware of the creature focus on energy spar in his hand, and shook the hands of stone.

"you want?"

Marshal's voice is always cold, not like a million years of ice, face very chilled, with even the eyes are cool.

Ji Yun Xiu playing small touch on the battlefield Gunda climb up, all with the rank of marshal abruptly exploits stack up, even if he do our best relent, also appears cold and hard.

Evil spirits and blood are stubborn things, though Marshal season is billions girl's dreams, but it is also not to be close to children, even animals across three years to go on around him Shashen.

This furry little guy wants to be friends with him, already out of the season's surprise the repair Yun.

The more secure a blink of staring at the hands of Jun spar season repair, to hear his questions, hastened answered loudly: "Meow!"

Ji Yun Xiu down at him, seemed to be wondering what, did not speak.

Ann looked at the cold season repair Yun look like, so angry he wanted to paw scratch.

We waste a tail to save you!

You do not even Lingshi to me!

You have a whole cupboard!

Not even one not to me!!

The more security to grieve.

He helplessly watched the piece began, then turned around and looked at the piece of wall cabinets take it back, now get a heart weighed the cabinet and later began more likely to get the pros and cons of Lingshi.

The new owners look good money that is not missing Lingshi look.

Followed him out of here, then, it is not to have many, many began to eat.

Eat Lingshi, he can, like the legendary big monster, the mere mention of a wave of his paw on the world, move mountains but pronto.

Think it is very cool!

The more at ease surging tide, the piece began to look up, eyes burning a little more.

Ji Yun Xiu discretion for a long time, opening:. "Once again produce water of talent."

You do not even Lingshi to me!

I also want to use magic! !

Reiki not money!

Ann stared at the repair Yun season, simply wanted it turned into his ass to the table in protest.

Ji Yun Xiu vaguely understand a little meaning, he added:. "Spent, this will give you energy spar"

Voice hardly ever, the very security hemp wave claws slip, a few condensed water in dry very fine air.

Ji Yun Xiu observed a moment, than before to see a little thin.

He first piece of the blood on the invisible chip with these few clean water, before looking down to the very flexible the more urgent to catch his legs Ann's.

He said: "You understand me."

An catch the more urgent: "Meow!"

"You saved me." Ji Yun Xiu said again.

"Meow!" Yes yes yes!

You also how a big man than grinding grumble a little girl!

Ann stared at the Lingshi, anxious to catch just want to bite.

Ji Yun Xiu saw this little cute for a while, leaned into the hands of the energy spar at his feet.

"Thank you for saving me." Then Mr. Marshal, introduced himself, "I am the season to repair Yun, How about you?"

Hurriedly put his arms began to hug the white hearing this, slightly surprised a moment, looked up to the look of the season is still a chill repair Yun.

He hesitated for a long time, clasped his arms in Lingshi, finally responded to the other side.


I'm more security.

"I do not understand your words." Mr. Marshal said, he thought, "Well, let's call you white."

The more security: ......

The more security:? ? ?

The more security incredible.

Then you also asked a shovel Oh? !

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