The Last Cat in the Universe

By Zui Yin Chang Ge

2. Chapter 2

2. Chapter 2

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Chapter two

The more secure now finally understand that family doyen of earnestness said to him, "destiny can not be countered," what it means.

His two claws claws holding out on the floor soiled gray tail, sadness touched Youmo rub and rub.

After tail off, will meet with the human desire to slowly disappear.

Ann watched the baby was not his own tail a little bit turned into a ghost, then soaked for ocean color blue eyes as if Shuiguang spinning.

Good air!

Simply can not be wronged.

The more security watched his tail disappearing, never to find not a trace at the time, the hind legs Yi Deng, jump lying on the huge egg-shaped protective shell of humans.

See each other naked. Outside of your tattered clothes chest, the more security and more angry.

Even the tail off!

After all, this is destiny.

But murder is not actually his little sister immortality of Wildness!

actually! Is! Stiff! Smelly man!

An angry the tail hair is fried up Yandeng cats wandering round.

He squatted on the whole body stained with blood of the man's stomach, feel the life of the machine under its own foot more and more exuberant, can not help but pop a sharp nails, raised his paw looked down at the front of the chest under the ups and downs, wondering where the lower jaw can make this stupid human Enron died in his sleep.

But think of this man is that he spent a tail to save the back, the more security claws ready to fall and stopped at each other's skin.

He would not have others.

As family practice for many years, has experienced veteran vicissitudes of smoking a cigarette of line with the security of the plush had said the same.

Wishing until someone let the cat wholehearted immortality far, nine cats are not struggling to escape the tragic fate of Article IX on the tail.

The more secure looked at his fingernails, looked at the human unsuspecting coma.

Since it is a waste of a tail I come back to save the human race, that and his life is mine.

Ann wanted to say more, to recover the nails, soft pads fell on the man's chest.

Not tight chest muscles soft, with a V with the breath.

An absent-minded thinking of the old-timers told him before the earnestness of those words, claws could not receive a reduction of a stepped from the milk.

Old-timers say, anyway, can not escape, it is better to find a fresh and delicious good looks pretty nice and kind owner.

Anyway, over twenty years to complete a desire to escape death directly, twenty years, not to stay where to stay.

Wan met other people look good sincere hope that they make a wish immortality it?

The more secure this young nine cats will attempt to escape out the fate of the tail, and experienced a few times, basically have given up the struggle, asking for a shovel feces to see pleasing to the eye when the officer went to the master.

After all, think about luck, if a ghost of it, good luck may day soaring.

The more security thought here, a pair of beautiful blue eyes □□ slightly moved, look to the man himself paws underneath.

He looked down, Jiuzheng on over here on the man's attention.

That dark eyes like the quiet of the night sky, where light spilled, leaving the star point glory.......? ? ? ?

The more milk Ann stepped claws meal, stunned.

Ji Yun Xiu did not expect to have a chance to survive.

He opened his eyes but did not expect, in addition to some body paralysis almost no pain other than weakness - even the old year chronic disease and those who need a long rest adjustable internal injury have disappeared completely.

Body is like a clean-up is done thoroughly, they will not apply to all those excluded out, leaving only the viability of the crest of the collapse Teng blood and young and strong physique.

Of course, his most did not expect that they actually will be attacked ...... chest.

Native of the galaxy, now the real power of the Empire Marshal Xin Tesi, billions girl's dreams, and the universe was hated enemy bandits, the name can only say out jagged edges season silver hostile alliance of the night crying child repair Yun, Ji marshal.

In the dying injured, but enigmatic suddenly healed the occasion, is a soft furry, looks quite lovely unknown biological, hit the chest.

This is really a very exciting new experience.

Ji Yun Xiu looked blankly bird Dengyuan eye, looks are still growing creatures, very calm and cold thought so.

An silly Leng Leng looked more human this while, then looked down at his paws on the people still on the chest.

He crooked crooked head, paws silently recover, falling back again on the other side of the belly, to see this man by his dirty paws paste on a piece of carbon black chest, decided to pretend to be nothing like students, turned look at the scenery.

Originally Here is a small hillside, is on top of a large rock.

The rock under a huge cave, dry and warm.

This place is very abundant geothermal resources, covered with animal fur handled well, even to the wet da da everywhere outside of the rainy season, there are located in the height of the stone shelter, the nest will not be much rain to penetrate into the overall It is still dry, very comfortable.

The more security to stay here for decades, is simply no longer like their nest.

But now let alone nest, the natural stone cave are pulpy smashed, there is a high temperature to be most directly carbonized.

The more a reminder of the security began to get angry, be angry person can not scratch, he had two angry jump jump on the human belly.

Ji Yun Xiu: "......"

Ann shook the dance through the tail, fluffy warm fluffy swept the men's abdomen.

His territory was that a trace of moisture has been slightly moist to dry up this heaven Dome, dry and hot at the moment, only the man who still chilly.

The more security down, looked at that they have been dyed black charred ashes hairy, looked clean, and there is no where to mankind, under the watchful eye of the other "meow" a cry, raised his paw gently waved.

A few small water appear out of thin air, just like with self-consciousness in general, continue to travel between a person covered awkward a cat, took them trail of blood and dirt.

Ashamed to say, this year spell on the aura exuberant, is said to be able to move mountains Niubi skills, but also when the Earth will be able to take a shower.

Put here is not even a shower will not work, you can only save a Diudiu the water flow,Can not do anything else, thirsty to drink two or lick him clean up dirty place but added just fine.

Ann lifted the paw, combined with water to wash the dirty paws dark, exposing the original lovely delicate pink pads, washing the curled front paws and hind legs.

Ji Yun Xiu looked at him standing on the little creature's belly with impunity clean up the body, inability fingertips slightly moved, finally began to recover physical strength.

Ann did not feel the humanity of this change, after this to themselves and humans are clean, the more security the first thing we do is to observe the rise of the human face.

The more safety to humans and there is no aesthetic ideas, his aesthetic is essentially followed his first owner to go.

For instance, he felt like his first owner that normally haircut, go out when it will rub powder coated a lipstick, lovely and lively little girl very nice little squeamish.

The little girl likes admired worship, but also most of the Flaming Lips leather high-heeled royal sister image.

So the big sister Ann feel like also very nice.

As for men.

The little girl had to hold him touch hairy when the front of the computer crazy praise, mostly pink and white slim elegant beautiful boy.

So the more secure feel beautiful boy is in the best looking men.

Aura had finally had enough time turned into a human form, the more Ante intended to go back to the mirror, now that he is such a type, which he is quite satisfied.

The front of this man is not like that type.

He is very sharp facial contours, eyes cool to near freezing, it looks very trifled with.

The other is to take care of security sweeps clean body, feel his body called a tall, muscular lines perfectly smooth, almost can not find a trace of fat, even if this time he was general weakness lay, the more security can clearly feel the burning sensation of blowing force.

And not aesthetic. The more security, his eyes came back to the other side goes it can not be called beautiful boy's face.

That was really ugly.

It does not have the human aesthetic cat cubs this thought.

But the power seems to be okay, as the new owners, then the more security very reluctantly agreed to this shovel feces officer.

As for the other party will not support him this possibility, the security had not thought.

- Who would have the heart to refuse a cute little cat do?

But also life-saving grace cat.

The more security thought, and then squatted not move a mountain of people on the belly and began licking cozy wool.

Mao also cleaned with a slightly moist for a cat for some discomfort.

When he finished licking the front paws, preparation for finishing fuzz on his stomach on a stomach turn over people lying, human flesh slowly sat up on the cushion body.

The more security from his stomach to slide all the way to the legs, loss of looked up to is head down, looked at him blankly human.

Then he recalled a moment when the memory is also the owner of his state's first possessor, licked his little nose, sticky sweet and greasy soft "meow" sound.

Ji Yun repair the eyes of ice slight movement, as if recovered with thorns eyes, looked around the barren circle,Voice hoarse opening: "You saved me?"

Ann shook the tail: "Meow."

Ji Yun Xiu did not expect a domesticated wild animals can understand human speech, nor the security of the call to respond to this direction of thought.

But he also does not feel that he might be a delicate look cute and love a clean-known wildlife saved, how much surprise that one thing.

Size of the universe, boundless.

After mankind entered the era of the Star, he spent two thousand years to expand the search to the edge of the universe, found numerous new intelligent species, and even find many lives have a special talent, but still did not touch the boundary of the universe.

Ji Yun Xiu only feel their own luck, be able to on a strange planet, encountered a satellite network has not yet been entered in the database, has a special talent of special creatures.

- Only a special creature, he is likely to pull back from the brink of death, but also gives him a healthy body like a newborn.

Ji Yun Xiu lowered her eyes, which should be looked at his stomach stabbed wear open-hole.

Severe pain seems still remained, but hideous wounds was gone.

Distressed Reichsmarschall sat on his legs will hold up in bed little creatures, in order not to hurt his suspected only savior of small creatures, the whole body chilled temperament man hands gentle movements to incredible.

His big palms, hands carefully to prop up the only strange creatures and see the other side of that blue eyes, carved like a shoal in the sun.

Ji Yun Xiu even be able to clearly see the patch of blue in the iris lines.

Season marshal sight back, feel the hands of young and gentle creatures, as if the slightest exertion will be able to crush it.

He thought for a while, covered with thick cocoon of big hands warm velvet soft fur brushed the little animal, in exchange for the other party back rub and comfortable soft meow crying.

Long time no one to hold him touch the fur.

Ann looked at this the more human he wasted a tail, eyes narrowed, want to get comfortable snoring.

Ji Yun Xiu looked significantly revealed a cozy little animals, for some very rigorous scientific approach, be careful of this ability is not clear, but it looks quite small and friendly human animal body turned over, exposing the belly to then eyes fell close to the security of the tail.

The more security on this matter very resistant belly exposed, he was just ready to turn back, the next second you suddenly paused, looked up to see the staggering before he serve also serve quite comfortable humans.

And he looked human, then accurate hand fell on his testicles.

Even squeezed very shameless! ! !

...... ah, primary symptoms are male.

Season marshal hand back, staring eyes looked slightly open mouth revealing a small fangs, across races could see his face in shock ingredients small animals, slightly hesitated and looked quiet wave passing touch of micro can not check at a loss.

Ji Yun Xiu:?

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