The Last Cat in the Universe

By Zui Yin Chang Ge

1. Chapter 1

1. Chapter 1

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Chapter One

Alone on a deserted prairie, there are clusters of small white lying quiet in the shade.

It was a cat.

His whole body white, oily hair shiny, pretty pink nose, clear eyes like the ocean is saturated with the color of sapphires.

The cat's name is more secure.

Was his first owner gave him the name.

White cat tail and shook it easy laid-back cool place, then sat up, behind the thin tail flick between shocked, there were several white tail appeared back in the roots.

A cat face looked nervous, turned his head carefully counting his tail.

one two three four five six seven eight.


The number of satisfied over white tail, he has looked carefully cropped up in Article IX of the tail a little ghost, very careful imaginary ask for a moment.

Then as if, like really touched, revealing a very successful expression, even comfortable playing a snore.

An eight more gently shook his tail behind a real presence, those extra tails are like close up folding fan, a change back.

Legendary cat every practice twenty years, will be able to grow a tail, until nine tails grow, even if the story rather than repair was immortal, can become immortal.

But when the tail is about to grow out of Article IX, the cat will be clear to heaven, to satisfy one's desire, any desire can be.

But the desire to meet other people off the tail, so the cat always left with eight tail, it can not become immortal.

The more security is only a young cat, he did not shed a tail, the tail does not want out.

Young cats do not accept their fate, he took advantage of tribal guards do not pay attention, stealing the only one success immortality nine cats stay matrix method, this is not sent to the place of human existence.

The more security calculated that day, his tail will grow out of Article IX.

And here, no human!

An Gaoxing more extremely, he yawned, stretched, tossed proud tail, what about the beautiful soft fur licking themselves.

It is only the presence of an animal park.

Dry season has come to an end, the high fever raging barren steppes about to usher in the sweet rain.

Ann smell in the air the more subtle vapor, hot arid grasslands to bring a touch of coolness.

Whole body white cat stood up, shook body hair, jumped on the big rock he usually used to grind claws.

Aung petite body erect, the more secure the lion thought he had seen on television, I think exuberant mane lion, flattered to learn to look like a lion, roared loudly.


Who did not tender sounds scared, even near the head held high alert predators did not scare away birds.

The more Ann: "......"

Oh, good gas.

You wait for me immortal!

I will be able to call out the bombing of the plains!

Ann looked down at the tightness of their claws, gently scratched his nails pop up under the heel of the big rock, see the scratch where there have been five deep scratch marks, only to meet the recovered claws.

He jumped off the rock, bristling tail,Swaggering into the reservoir within the territory he went.

The lack of security has come to this place for decades aura, from the tail since he was five, right here circled the territory through life not move house.

In fact, he said the lack of Reiki are flattering here, and even then few cats can awaken Euro RSCG be practicing the Dharma Ending the era, no less aura here.

How much more secure can guess that they have not the Earth.

Here oxygen thin, smaller than the flora and fauna encountered on earth Shanghao laps.

The sky is always gray glowing red, hot feeling does not come from sunlight, but from below ground.

But that has nothing to do.

His long tail with aura little to do, as long as you can live a long, thin aura or not, just a matter of the size of his power with a little magic out of it.

For example, in the year can be directly split the collapse of a wall of lightning tactics, the aura of near-free now, can only be used ...... catch fish.

Anyang more fish in the reservoir, in the dry season is occasionally audacious secretly enter his territory to steal a few small animals, sometimes more safe now, and did not care.

They are to live, but others live Baba, he is more comfortable to live it.

And so become immortal could be more comfortable!

The more security is dangling from a split fainted fish, nest in the direction of their own side to take a stroll, while happily imagined.

And so become immortal, what to eat fish to throw a one, favorite chicken can eat cool, do not catch the little sparrow, you can go directly to catch the Phoenix!

From the point of view no body happy adult white cat walked small steps, but for fish in his mouth, he can even meow meow sing.

The security of the pond sub bit far away from his nest.

Prior to his eight children into monsters are rather twee possessor of domestic cats, first owner was a pretty little girl love, to be able to pet his pet heaven, but the little girl's mother was pregnant with a second child, they Ann sent to the home country.

The more security is to open at that time of Euro RSCG, is that when they were loitering outside the big cat demon seniors carry Hui inside.

The little girl raised more security than a year, even with the Ann followed her to develop a lot of finicky little habits.

For example, around the nest you can not smell, such as to always maintain the glamorous image, such as eating slowly, when to pay attention to deportment and the like.

An even more he returned to his place a circle devoted to eating and food debris buried.

His nest in the middle position slightly to the right and ponds point on, there is a not covered by the outer land □□ weeds.

There is more security in the restaurant.

The safety of the fish in his mouth down, shook tip of the tail high tilt, time is preparing under the mouth, ears suddenly pricked up, looked up to his right front.

Without warning, his body after pressure hind legs Yi Deng, like a white lightning, suddenly jump out!

Xixisuosuo pile of weeds came the sound, the shorter wait than weeds in half the time of the re-emergence of security, he also looks like a bite birds and animals like chickens.

The animal has been killed more security, more security easily dragged twice as large animal than his body back to the restaurant,Fengrui out too far nails, action is very skilled in his own right at your fingertips Yeshi strips dismantling.

Then he shuffles to lick himself and stained with blood on the paws and Roumo, was buried slowly started eating fish and accidentally come Yeshi.

Tastes like chicken, chicken and more chewy than for teeth better than nothing.

An over the more leisurely enjoy a meal, clean up the stained paws and licked the blood from his face clean, finally began to dig pits in the next, ready to eat the rest of his skeleton buried.

Then the sky suddenly blasted out loud thunder.

Being dedicated dig pits white cat was stunned and suddenly jump, looked up to the sky glowing red hazy.

He did not smell before rain of humid atmosphere.

This time should not thunder.

As more security after thought, after the thunder in the sky a few seconds of silence, then without warning, bursting out with a dazzling fire.

That fire more light, more light, eventually crossed the foggy sky, like a scrape the comet's atmosphere, dragging a long Huo Wei, with a day off to destroy the momentum toward this barren earth smashed down.

Ann looked at the thing suspected sinking comet is getting closer, and finally across his head from the sky, accompanied by rattling the foot of the land, fell ......

? ? ? ? ?

My nest! ! ! ! !

The safety of fish bones in his mouth "Pata" soon fall to the ground, cute cat face showing a bit dazed sort of grievance and a bit shocked.

He was covered in hair is fried up, but also attend to go bury food debris, turned around and spread claws go out into the direction of their nest bolted.

Unfortunately, the outcome is known.

The more safe sitting next to a heat exudes amazing huge gray and black oval heaven was finally looking at setting up their own, lived for decades nest wreckage, sad to want to cry.

White kitten soiled with soot also attend go to take care of him around the dark briquettes took a few steps, the final stop listless da da, delicate voice meow a few times, not wronged.

Pity not for a few seconds, and anger began to paw desperately scratching that smashed his Waterloo briquettes.

The more security is a monster.

Monster combat effectiveness is quite amazing - physical fitness is also very frightening.

He scratched his burning anger that has experienced the atmosphere, stiffness quite scary briquettes, like scratching a layer of paper just as simple.

The more security Naoliao did not take long, just to feel the touch of a change under the paw, as if to touch something.

Then came the internal briquettes extremely light "click" sound.

Ann shook the ear, alert put up, seeing the enormous eyes of briquettes split from the middle of a gap.

The more security paws of a contraction, so that back a few steps, the next moment you see something wrapped briquettes exposed they really are.

It was a disheveled milky light, the egg looks like the same thing - but not the eggs, because it is a little bit open, exposing the inside to protect things.

It was a man.

A ragged, the stomach was opened a hole, covered with blood-stained man who nearly stopped breathing.

This person also Jisi breath,Even strong willpower slowly opened his eyes.

Humanity! ! !

The more inner security alarm suddenly sounded, after the egg to see what is inside, he did not hesitate, turned tail and ran.

But it was too late.

Cats will soon grow out of Article IX of the tail at the moment feel the clear heaven, inevitably heard the desire of almost the next second will breathe the most eager of the human heart.

...... I want to live.

I want to live.

The more security pretended not to hear, sprinkle claws desperately run, Paozhaopaozhe feel themselves a tail light, a look back to see the tail of a floating dropped to the ground.

The more security the pace of a stop, trembling thrown all their tails, unbelievers counted, then count them extremely indignant wailing loudly, looking at his fallen a tail and are visible to the naked eye injury degree of recovery human, just feel a black eyes.


I date you a fairy plate board! ! ! !

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