Love You from the Depths of the Stars Jian Shi Yi

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““Third Master, you are like a book, and when I look at you, I would like to… sleep.” Xin Ai racked her brains and finally came close to Third Master Jian, who ruled the Mingdu Capital. She pleased and plot against him just in order to find her missing sister.
Three months later, he threw a check to her and said, “I’m tire of you.” She got up naked with a bright smile on her face and concealed the bitterness in her eyes, saying, “Fine, I’ll stay away from you as far as possible.”
When they encountered once again, she turned a blind eye to him, but he pressed her against the wall, asking, “After having s*x with me so many times, how could you pretend that you don’t recognize me?”
She smiled coquettishly and put her hands on his shoulders, saying, “I’m sorry, the men I’ve slept with…””


  • Modern Day
  • Late Romance
  • Cold Love Interests
  • Female Protagonist
  • Bickering Couple
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