Chapter 120

Chapter 120

In the cover of the rainstorm, there were dull hooves, and the large footsteps rustled and gradually approached the little tent.

"Someone is coming." Zhuge said in a deep voice, then turned and stood up, quickly sorted out a small bag, wrapped some gold and food, and said to Chu Qiao, "How are you? Can you go?"

Chu Qiao nodded, "Yes."

Zhuge took out the dagger, and then tore the quilt a few times, and regardless of the child still sleeping, he picked him up on his back and tied it tightly on his back.

The child woke up in confusion, stretched out his hand and rubbed his eyes, muttering in confusion: "Uncle, what are you going to do?"

"Kid, the person who caught you is coming." Zhuge's face was unchanged, and his tone was calm.

"Ah?" The child suddenly became shocked and hugged Zhuge's neck.

The torrential rain whistling, and the hoof outside was as fast as a gusty wind. The child trembled on the back of Zhuge, but forced to hold back and not let himself tremble so much.

"Kid, are you afraid?"

The child's face was scared, but he still shouted his teeth and said, "Not afraid!"

Zhuge Yan smiled coldly, and there was a different kind of conceit and pride in the laughter. "Good boy, you remember, those outside have not yet let us fear the capital."

In the darkness, the torches that burned the pine oil were ignited, and they still did not go out in the rain. Someone shouted with a thick scorpion: "Hand over the people and spare you a life!"

In the darkness, the man turned his head, his eyes were so bright, his eyebrows flew into the shackles, and the beautiful face seemed to be a sculpture. He looked at Chu Qiao, his eyes were calm, and he asked: "Can you?"

As time went by, the light and shadow walked between them in a hurry. She seemed to see the evening many years ago. He sat high and hung his head, and asked her like this: "Can you?"

All the way ups and downs, full of swords, they pulled their swords together, several times tit for tat, and almost died in the other side's edge. Between life and death, the red blood did not blind their eyes. Thousands of sails have passed, they still have not killed the last killer of the last move, hesitating, day and night, and even unwilling pains and sorrows, countless late nights to ask themselves, but still choose to fight side by side in such a night.

Do not ask the way forward, do not ask once, do not ask the political views and positions of the two.

There is only one reason, you can't die, no matter you or me, you can't die here.

Chu Qiao took out a short knife and smiled lightly. "If you are dead, I will put a hundred firecrackers, and celebrate that you no longer have to remember to pay back your feelings."

Zhuge Yan Yan Yan smiled and smiled into her eyes. Chu Qiao was the first time he saw him laughing, warm, calm, no sarcasm, no cold, and not so much bitterness mixed with it.

"I am afraid that you do not have this opportunity to set off firecrackers." His eyes were deep, as if something was hidden underneath, so deep, so deep, so deep that she did not dare to touch.

He suddenly opened his arms and gently embraced Chu Qiao's shoulder, whispering in her ear: "Follow me."Chu Qiao’s nose was a bit sour, she nodded her head and said with a voice, "You are careful."

A few screams suddenly came, and Zhuge’s brow wrinkled and suddenly stood up. The child squatted on his back and saw him stand up so rashly, for fear of being hit by a low tent, and with both hands stretched, he covered his head.

But only heard a loud bang, the violent wind suddenly blew in. Chu Qiao’s long hair was suddenly blown away, and the dark butterflies danced wildly.

The child opened his eyes and saw that the large tent had been removed by hooks. The three stood in the open field, with more than 30 horses in front, surrounded by them, and the men on the horses wore brown shorts. Wufu, all of them are the generations.

"Let the child down, don't do unnecessary resistance." A man headed holding a javelin and staring at the Chucho three people as if they were already in the bag.

Responding to him is a cold cold mang, only to hear the sound of a sharp sound in the pouring rain, the man's skill is also agile, suddenly flashing, his horse is not so good quality. The horse was frightened and suddenly stood up. The sharp dagger slammed into the horse's neck. The horse screamed and screamed when the blood smashed, and the blood was sprayed!

The man was smashed from the horse back and fell heavily on the ground. However, before he got up, the frightened horse stepped on his stomach.

Time, the tragic sorrows resounded throughout the world!

His men had not had time to rescue him, and the horse screamed and slammed into the man.

The sound of flesh and blood cracked clearly in the heavy rain, and everyone even imagined how terrible the man was. However, they have no time to think about these things, because just in this short change, the opposite man instantly looks like a rising leopard, rushing forward.

A swordman suddenly pulled out the scabbard and screamed like a dragon!

A flash of lightning suddenly splits the sky, and the thunder of the rumble follows, and the red blood spills over the earth.

The knives and colds were attacked by the Quartet in an instant. Zhuge rushed into the sky and sighed with enthusiasm, and sneaked a slap in the face, stepping away from the horses, violently attacking, and the momentum was fierce.

Chu Qiao had difficulty walking even in the past, but in front of her life and death, she could not retreat. Originally thought to be a merchant in Xianyang, I expected to have some incense of the big peers, but now Liu Xi rebelled and killed other parents and relatives. Once she reveals her identity, she is afraid to recruit.

More terrible killing. She can only be desperate, hard-working and rushing into the crowd.

After a burst of weapons, Zhuge 玥 a sword forced back three guards, but each side was blood-stained, the other side died and two wounds, Zhuge's chest was also cut by the sword, blood flow.

"Uncle!" The child shouted in fear. "You are bleeding!"

Chu Qiao heard the words, a knife forced back a guard, flew up, a side kicked, one foot in the middle of a guard's chest, the man stepped and slammed on the ground.

"How are you?" Chu Qiao held Zhuge.The other party knew that he was so powerful that most of the attacks were just greeted by him. At this moment, Zhuge’s chest, arms and calves had three injuries.

Zhuge's voice spit out a bloody foam, shook his head, his eyes were gloomy, his face was cold, and the bright red lips became more and more glamorous. He put out his tongue and gently rubbed the blood on his lips. He said, "Nothing." ""

Suddenly, the sound of the weapon broke behind the wind, and Zhuge smashed the sword back and squatted on the other's sword.

At this time, heavy rain poured, and the world was white and bright, and the eyes were blind. Chu Qiao also curled up at the same time, petite body through the shackles of Zhuge ,, a knife in the heart of the other side, piercing, horizontal pull, and then force a pick!

Thunder and thunder, everyone did not expect these two people to be so difficult, there are not many people coming, at this moment, there are already more than 10 people killed and injured in one face, everyone suddenly shocked. Under the shouting, I only heard a lot of people approaching in the distance!

On the outside of the camp, there are a large number of guards standing in the dark like steel, blocking their escape route.

"Star, can't escape."

Chu Qiao raised his eyebrows slightly, and there was still a smile on his lips. He quietly smiled and asked: "What should I do? Surrender?"

"Haha!" Zhuge screamed out loud, and the guards who wandered around and waited for the fatal blow to them to panic for a moment seemed to have been scared.

"What do you say?"

Then, the two turned their heads together and looked at the huge camp hidden in the darkness.

It is located in the middle of the Liu’s center camp, where the livelihood of Liu’s new generation of Liu Xi, who planned this massacre!

The thieves first smashed the king, and their thoughts always tacitly agree!

The child was on his back, and the initial fear had disappeared. He seemed to remember the bloody turmoil of last night. The parents died in front of their eyes, and they all made a cold body to their loved ones. Uncle Meng carried his own weight to kill the encirclement, but there were so many swords cut on him, and the blood spurted out like hot oil. The child clenched his teeth, his eyes were red, and his white little fingers were pointed out, pointing at the people opposite, and there was a deep hatred in his voice.

"Uncle, that's them!" the child said in a word, "that is, they killed Mo's mother, killed Mo's sister, they are!"

Zhuge Yu explored his hand and took out a small firework with exquisite workmanship. Then he opened the hook lock, and a bright brilliance instantly rushed into the dark night sky, exploding a golden fireworks.

The siege was suddenly shocked and thought he was summoning reinforcements.

Zhuge Yu turned his head and said to Chu Qiao: "Even if we die here today, there will be someone who will avenge us."

Chu Qiao shook his head and said, "We will not die here."

Zhuge stunned and immediately laughed and said: "Okay, let's kill together!"

"Star! Take the horse!"

The two men turned to attack in an instant, and they even smashed into the circle, and explored the horse and turned it up.The two horses were riding at the same time, and the Zhuge 玥 sword was inserted between the necks of one person. Only the other person next to him took the opportunity to attack the children behind him. Zhuge screamed coldly and shouted: "Despicable!" The other hand waved the scabbard and slammed it across the other's head.

The sound of the skull burst suddenly came, and Zhuge screamed and kicked a soldier who followed, and said loudly: "Stars keep up!"

Immediately kicked on the horse stocks, the horses were long, like a bloodthirsty tiger, and instantly smashed the encirclement.

The encirclement of these guards, built with flesh and blood, is as fragile as a piece of white paper under his sword, and Zhuge is moving forward with a bloody hurricane. The wind is raging and raging, and there is a mysterious yellow between the heavens and the earth. Nowhere is it the screaming and shouting!

"Protection camp!"

A rush of screams suddenly sounded, and some people panicked to the center camp.

"Protect the lesser home!"

"His goal is to Shaodong, kill him! Kill his horse!"

"Archer! Archer ready!"

There are shouts and screams everywhere, and there are panic screams everywhere. I don’t know if I was ambushed by the army.

The blood rushed, the rain was like a note, Chu Qiao followed Zhuge, behind the child behind him, waving his weapon in a healthy posture. Most of the offensives were blocked by the men in front, and at this moment, she had not been hurt by a trace. This night seems to be exceptionally long, and by this time there is still no past meaning.

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