Return of the Swallow

By Beautiful Clear Moon After Snowfall

Chapter 811 砸 子 (1)

Chapter 811 砸 子 (1)

Qin Yi-Ning pressed for many days of anger and resentment. After hearing the undisciplined slander and insults of this group of people, they finally couldn’t hold back.

"Danger? At the foot of the emperor, someone is coming to the door. Can I be afraid of them? You told people to tell the five cities and soldiers that they would fight home, and the rest of the brothers will stay in the house, and the rest will follow me. Go out." Qin Yining's eyes are cold as never before. "I want to see if these people can do anything."

The two masters and the three masters have been wronged for so many days, and they have long been angry. They can't take care of others at the same time. They go back and look for guys. One person picks up the broom and finds a bolt with one person.

"Calling people to come to the door, not even dare, the older brother knows that they are not afraid of being mad at you?"

"Yes, kill the group of sluts!"

The Qin family were angry. The people who were benefited by the Qin family were also copying the guys. Some people found an axe or a fire stick, and some people went to the kitchen to find a kitchen knife and a wok for cooking. The nursing homes were neatly carrying the eyebrow sticks, and everyone was waiting in front of the door.

The door was slowly pushed open, and the screams outside the door were still rampant, but when I saw the Qin family, I dared to open the door, and the people who yelled at it had a moment of silence.

Qin Yi-Ning stepped forward and looked like a waterway: "Is it a trouble here? Isn't it true that Shun Tianfu does not agree?"

“Hey!” The official headed for Qin Yining, “The son-in-law of the thief’s family is not a good thing!”

"Yes! In the end, it is not the people here. If you come from the South, you will be uneasy. Doesn't it mean that he is the teacher of the dynasty of the Yan Dynasty? I know that he has no heart of rejuvenation. Maybe it is Qin Meng Laofu who intends to secretly Help Yan to rejuvenate the country!"

"It’s a wolf-hearted dog! Don’t let the holy gond, die and live!”

The expression on Qin Yining's face became a little bit calmer.

But those who are familiar with her can see that Qin Yining is now on the verge of anger. Since returning to the Qin Dynasty, she has been tempered by reality. She has not seen the eyes with the aggressiveness of the beast for a long time. But now she, a pair of eyes looking at the group of people who are screaming and cursing, is like watching a group of shreds waiting to be shredded by tooth decay.

"Don't ask this adult, who is the surname?" Qin Yining said, "My father is a court official. Because of public salaries, you have to provoke you to be as insulting. You say who you are, or we are all I know that it is so beautiful to do things, is it a family source?"

"Hey! This official line does not change its name. If you don't change your surname, you can't change your surname. You are a sergeant on the right. Since the official is a sergeant, you can't sit idly by Qin Meng and other countries who are eager to seek glory. You must tell his true face to the world. I don’t want to be emperor!"

"It turned out to be a generation of adults, and I have long been famous." Qin Yining sneered aloud. "I don't know if you are in harmony with your wife in the thirteen rooms. You have a two-room outside room, and you have to go to jade to grab the same set of ruby ​​heads. Well, they didn't meet your wife? You later bought a set of red gold ruby ​​heads for three of them, but it is really pity.""You! Nonsense!" Dailin was furious, and his face was red. "When I have a wife of thirteen rooms, I have raised the outside room for a while! I am going to set up three sets for the official office. Gemstone face! You are going to talk nonsense about the reputation of the official!"

"Oh? No? But the lady ladies in the upper class can be spread all over, and this Wang Hao is also heard by chance. Isn't this true?"

"The female genius, the ignorant,

It’s ridiculous to believe in rumors and dare to take things. "Dai Lin's sleeve.

"Yes, ridiculous!" Qin Yining raised his eyebrows and angered: "You are here to believe in the name of my father's body behind me. Isn't it easy to be obsessed with rumors? You have become a human spirit, or have you learned a thousand miles of eyes? Have you seen it before, but you have seen it with your own eyes?

"I said that my father transported the money of the army to the scorpion? Just by touching your lips on your upper lip, everyone will believe in you!"

"You are such a character, but also a good name to be a sergeant! Are you worthy of the holy tongue? Do not repair yourself, do not stand up to the virtues, and swear on the holy, you listen to the wind is the voice of the rain, I am embarrassed for you. !"

Dai Lin was sternly robbed by Qin Yining, and the red face of the training was red, pointing to Qin Yining’s fingers.

Qin Yining looked around to see the lively people, his nose was sour, and his tears fell.

"Dwelling folks, my father was a courtier of the sacred ministers, and the sacred trust of the priests. The sacred priests took the heavy responsibility. My father was murdered by the traitors and lost his life for the country. Our family, though sad, knows This is for the big week, for the people, we are also glorious. But today, there are people who are red and white to fall!"

The slender finger refers to Dai Lin: "This person, he does not practice private morality, is not good at human beings, greedy law, party smuggling, bribery and bribery, there is nothing less to do, a small imperial official, but the family is wealthy, I don’t know where the silver comes from! The person of such a character is actually still in front of the door to reverse the black and white, bullying our family and old women and women when my father’s body is not cold for the country!”

Qin Yining’s crying pear flower is raining, and it’s already a cry.

The people watched the excitement for a long time. They originally listened to this group of people, and they felt that the things that Qin Daren did were not good, and they followed.

Now the Qin family door is open, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com A family of people dressed in white, one by one with a dry face, the beautiful beauty of the dripping drops of pears with rain, a word and a sentence are said to be exceptionally correct, everyone knows that Qin Yuyuan virtues have a loss, also I can’t help but shake it.

Dai Lin saw a big picture: "Stop! Hugh to listen to this woman gibberish! She is filthy!"

There was a woman in the crowd holding a vegetable basket and took a sip: "Hey! You just said the truth, others said that you are filthy, you are old!"

This sound is not too big, just for everyone to hear.

The woman seemed to feel that she was not in a good position. After taking a sip, she quickly left the right and wrong.

But this sentence plus the previous Qin Yining said, just let everyone's heart have committed another embarrassment.That Dai Lin was mad at the seven-smoke smoke, originally listening to the autumn family's instructions to do this hand to the errands in the heart is still sneak, this time he found his own design, called this woman to be said in public.

Dai Lin couldn't bear to scream: "I am treasonous, and I still encourage the family to be a traitor. Come, give me a rush, and marry Qin Meng's mourning hall!"

"Yes!" The men behind him should have a cry, and the momentum is going to linger.

"I see who dares to move my father's hall!"

Qin Yining grabbed the axe in the hand of the thick and beautiful woman around him, and cut it off to Dai Lin!

PS: Seafood poisoning, it took a couple of days, it was sour and sour...

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