Martial God Cang Tian Bai He

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What is a genius? Capable of comprehending any battle skill regardless of the skill itself and sweeping away the bottlenecks while cultivating a new technique; this is a true genius! He Yiming was originally an ordinary youngster in He family estate with not too extraordinary aptitude in learning martial arts. However, after a fortuitous encounter, this ordinary youngster became what people refer to as genius in a single leap. Possessing an aptitude for learning martial arts which could leave people in awe, regardless of whether it’s his clan’s Houtian Scripture of Five Phases or various Xiantian scriptures of legends, regardless of whether it’s mental techniques or battle skills, he can comprehend it all in its entirety at a frightening speed. Martial God, with martial as name, using the most simple and direct approach, thrives!


  • Male Protagonist
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  • Special Abilities
  • Alchemy
  • Confident Protagonist
  • Cultivation
  • Cunning Protagonist
  • Fast Cultivation
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  • Legendary Artifacts
  • Romantic Subplot
  • Weak to Strong
  • Arranged Marriage
  • Beasts
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  • Hiding True Abilities
  • Sudden Strength Gain
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