A Scout in the War of Resistance Qian Zhong Cao

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The scout Gao Quan came to Luo Wenyu, the Great Wall in 1933, and the heroic 29th Army was smashing blood with the Japanese. Relying on the extraordinary skills of practicing in the modern army, we are committed to the anti-Japanese war full of blood and passion. Once and for all, the cruel war, once back to the general battle to determine China’s destiny, one notorious, butchers, war criminals, executioners with hands full of blood of our people, one great and brave, bravely fighting against the Japanese, left in the history of the war of resistance The famous general. From the soldiers to the generals, they have gone through hundreds of battles, not for anything else. They only killed a few small devils in this war. They only saved a few of my Chinese people, only to suffer from humiliation and suffering. From then on, it has suffered a little bit of hardship.


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