Fanatic Martial God

By Demon Soul

Deicide Xiao Chen

Deicide Xiao Chen

„xiū xiū xiū!”

Hot pursuit Qian Yun, simultaneously displays attack, in the palm, green energies fly to shoot toward front Xiao Chen, sound from out of the blue is unceasing.

These attacks are unable to hit Xiao Chen, can make the Xiao Chen's speed reduce speed at most.

„Is very good! From is getting more and more near! This fellow is Profound Immortal middle stage, the strength and speed unexpectedly so is just formidable, cannot keep him absolutely!” In Qian Yun heart secretly thought, merely less than one minute, Qian Yun then pulls closer with the Xiao Chen's distance, obviously the rapidness of Qian Yun speed.

„Immortal Arts! Limitless Ice Prison!” Qian Yun within the body circulate ice attribute Immortal Yuan, both hands fast hand seal, the big shouted once sound, in Xiao Chen space in all directions, emerges out of thin air suddenly ice walls, surrounds Xiao Chen just like ice coffin generally.

„Snort! Couldn't be inescapable?” Qian Yun sneers saying that reveals several points of self-satisfied color.

„Was surrounded.” Xiao Chen sneers saying that had not worried.

„Xiao Chen, Qi Hun how not with you together?” Qian Yun sneers to ask.

„It seems like Qi Hun had not been caught by them.” In the Xiao Chen heart secretly thought, feels relieved much, before was also worried about the Qi Hun safety.

„You thought that this trivial Ice Prison can surround me?” Xiao Chen sneers to ask.

hear speech/words, Qian Yun slightly frowned, cold sound track: „Are you are blustering?”

„Ghost Shadow Spirit Art! Escaping Technique!” Xiao Chen sneers saying that both hands hand seal, lowers the shouted once sound immediately, the personal appearance flies to shoot from Ice Prison suddenly, penetrates Ice Prison unexpectedly , to continue to fly toward the distant place.

„What? Can penetrate my Ice Prison unexpectedly! How is this possible?” Qian Yun turn pale with fright, cannot believe simply that immediately also the hurried pursuit goes.

„Xiao Chen, flies quickly toward the mountain range! Escapes into the mountain range, he could not find you!” Ancient White Tiger saying with sound transmission.

„Yes!” Xiao Chen said with a smile, mountain range that not far away had leaving uncultivated.

„To hide in the mountain range? Snort! Ten Thousand Li Cloud Chasing!” Qian Yun coldly snorted and said, the Immortal General initial stage formidable imposing manner erupts in vain, circulate Immortal Yuan, the speed promotes two times in the flash fully!


The Qian Yun speed is quite astonishing, during merely blinking, overtook Xiao Chen unexpectedly!

„What?” The Xiao Chen complexion immediately changes, has not thought that the Qian Yun speed also so is unexpectedly fast!

„Snort!” Qian Yun cold snort|hum, contains fist pounding of great power maliciously to Xiao Chen!

„It is not good! Xiao Chen is careful!” Ancient White Tiger turn pale with fright, what a pity without enough time has avoided, the speed of Qian Yun promotion, Xiao Chen is unexpected suddenly.



The tyrannical strength hits Xiao Chen, bang crack, the formidable strength shakes the Xiao Chen mouth to spit the blood, the personal appearance flew toward not far away mountain range.

„Xiao Chen, are you all right?” Ancient White Tiger hurried sound transmission asked.

„hey hey! Relax, anything has not obstructed greatly.” Xiao Chen hey hey said with a smile, had formidable physique luckily, otherwise this struck absolutely by heavily injured.

„Snort! I thought that which you also toward run!” Qian Yun sneers saying that face falling place wipes the self-satisfied color, afterward not anxiously not busy flying to mountain range.


Was shaken flies to mountain range Xiao Chen, turns around to separate suddenly spatially waves, a sound from out of the blue, white energy ray explodes shoots at Qian Yun.


The Qian Yun look dodges to disdain, waves directly, Bang crack, unarmed breaks the Xiao Chen's attack, it sneers saying: „Also wants to revolt on your this strength? Really laughable.”

„Xiū!” with the aid of the inertia of offensive force, Xiao Chen fast dives toward the mountain range under.

„This fellow can withstand my strength unexpectedly! Is this possible? Even if he has the Profound Immortal late stage strength, is impossible to withstand my full fist.” Finds Xiao Chen also to be able fast flying to the mountain range, Qian Yun has shocked once more, his fist left fully, properly speaking the boundary of Profound Immortal a moment ago was unable to resist, but Xiao Chen can actually withstand!

Xiao Chen flies to shoot in the mountain range, rapid convergence aura escapes into underground.

When Qian Yun falls the body when next, without a trace that Xiao Chen vanished.

„Um? Xiao Chen person? Hid aura, sly fellow.” The Qian Yun cold sound track, all around looked at one, has not discovered the Xiao Chen's form unexpectedly.


Qian Yun has swept around one, immediately crazy toward attacks in all directions, crack unceasingly, suddenly, crushed stone sawdust everywhere flies upwards.

„Snort! I thought how long you can hide!” Qian Yun coldly snorted and said, their speeds are too fast, these guards cannot follow, now also has Qian Yun one person in the mountain range.

„hey hey, you slowly look!” Escapes into underground Xiao Chen hey hey to say with a smile, immediately takes out Nine Returning Soul Pill take, leaves from the mountain range.

The mountain range is huge, just like an incomparably giant mountain valley, moreover float in upper air, Xiao Chen leaves from mountain range base flying, Qian Yun had not realized slightly.

But Qian Yun also like the fool in all directions the random attacks in the mountain range, wants to compel Xiao Chen, completely does not know that Xiao Chen left the mountain range.

„Haha! Xiao Chen, the fool still looks for you in mountain range!” Ancient White Tiger sound transmission said with a smile.

„Makes him look slowly, now I temporarily am not his match, after my cultivation base promotes, best not to let me run into him, otherwise I will butcher him personally!” Xiao Chen sneers saying that the look flashes through wipes dark-cold murderous aura, making one be afraid.

After a double-hour, Xiao Chen arrives at another mountain range, enters natural cavern healing, was hit that fist by Qian Yun, the injury is serious.

Is good has Nine Returning Soul Pill also to have formidable Water God's power because of Xiao Chen, otherwise injury very difficult recover completely.

Xiao Chen cut to kill Easy Heaven City and other news of city more than 200 guards to pass on quickly, in the Easy Heaven City peripheral influence upon learning this, shock.

However Easy Heaven City City Lord Qian Meng flies into a rage, three cities are the alliances, now is cut to kill more than 200 people by Xiao Chen unexpectedly, this simply is to their insults!

No one can believe that boundary of the Profound Immortal middle stage, facing several hundred Profound Immortal guards, can cut to kill more than 200 people unexpectedly.

The peripheral influence secret curious Xiao Chen's background, regarding Xiao Chen's exist(ence), they never has heard.

Moreover exits to be farther along with news spread, some people grant Xiao Chen given name Death God unexpectedly!

By Profound Immortal middle stage cultivation base, guards the front in several hundred, but can also cut to kill more than 200 people, can be called Death God this given name absolutely!

In the mountain range, two time of double-hour pass by, the Xiao Chen's injury restored recover completely, afterward continues to hurry along.

„Was right, Small White Tiger, Immortal Realm is Spiritual Qi appropriate your practice?” Hurries along, Xiao Chen opens the mouth to ask suddenly.

„Naturally appropriate, Immortal Realm Spiritual Qi is too for me weak, cultivation base promotes slowly, my original cultivation base is Divine Realm cultivation base, after following up ascend Immortal Realm, my cultivation base instantaneously promoted Profound Immortal initial stage, my within the body should be limited by the seal.” Ancient White Tiger saying with sound transmission.

„Originally is this, can practice be good, your practice, cultivation base cannot promote in any case, now can practice, cultivation base promote to be quicker!” Xiao Chen said with a smile happily.

„Haha! Also quickly your Ah!” Ancient White Tiger Haha said with a smile again quickly.

In order to avoid chasing down of Qian Yun, Xiao Chen has hurried along, the innumerable cities that passes through have not stayed, must be far away from the Easy Heaven City sphere of influence.

Xiao Chen hurries along continuously for more than ten days, felt relieved that stops the rest, after all has been far away from the Easy Heaven City sphere of influence, moreover position that Xiao Chen is at now, the peripheral influence is stronger, Easy Heaven City is fierce, does not dare to act unruly to here.

„Zi Xuan City.” Xiao Chen falls to the Zi Xuan City entrance, looks that the signboard whisper said.

„Xiao Chen, this Zi Xuan City many expert, Immortal General Realm finds at everywhere!” Ancient White Tiger saying with sound transmission, in Easy Heaven City, Immortal General Realm is rarely seen, most is the boundaries of Profound Immortal.

„Um, it seems like we were away from Immortal Capital to be getting more and more near!” The Xiao Chen nod said that afterward enters the city gate.

Before arriving two defend to protect oneself, Xiao Chen to one person asks: „This guard big brother, is here away from Immortal Capital far also?”

hear speech/words, that guard strange looked at Xiao Chen, afterward said: „By the words of boundary of your Profound Immortal, it is estimated that also takes one month.”

„Many thanks.” The Xiao Chen nod expression of gratitude said that this enters in the city.

„Really was getting more and more near, so long as Immortal Capital, has been able to find the Auction House person to help to construct the palace, Haha!” Ancient White Tiger sound transmission said with a smile, happy.

Has been familiar in Soul Sect, therefore Ancient White Tiger also anticipated that has own palace in Immortal Realm, is not own, where lives is uncomfortable.

Enters Xiao Chen in city, without doubt becomes the object who all people pay attention , a strange vision looks in pairs.

„Young Lady, you looked quickly that the fellow dresses well is strange, but also carries a sword after behind!” On the street, a maidservant was saying to her Young Lady that the look fills strangely.

That Young Lady looked at Xiao Chen, immediately said with a smile lightly: „You, seeing anything to be curious, Immortal Realm is so big, the wear felt strange that you are also curious.”

, That Young Lady also said: „But, this person is actually different from others, and does not care about others' vision, is very tranquil, this feeling is no one has, but concrete is anything felt that I cannot say, his eye fills to be resolute and firm, making people very comfortable.”

„Young Lady, did you have a liking for? He is very handsome, wants me to catch him to go back?” Maidservant skill expert brave [say / way], appearance weird.

„Talked too much.” Young Lady white said.

These vision Xiao Chen were already familiar with, walk calmly, every step so is as before calm steadfastly.

„Crane Immortal Building.” On the street, Xiao Chen arrives at a restaurant entrance, looked at one, the whisper said that afterward entered the restaurant.

„Young Lady, he entered Crane Immortal Building, we were also quick.” Maidservant hurriedly said, they planned Crane Immortal Building.

In Crane Immortal Building, servant polite runs, grovels to say with a smile to Xiao Chen: „Customer come.”

The restaurant is magnificent, the red carpet of ground goes nonstop to the restaurant the steps of two buildings, the entire restaurant is prosperous, the sound is irritable.

„Brother Xiao Chen!” At this time, hall not far away broadcast together the excited sound.

hear speech/words, Xiao Chen looks, immediately one happy, said with a smile with amazement: „Qi Hun, originally you also here!”

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