Heaven Defying Mad Venerable

By Wu Shan Yun Yu

Heaven Defying Mad Venerable Chapter 365

Heaven Defying Mad Venerable Chapter 365

In the cold palace area, a cultivation room, Chen Hao, who is cultivating, suddenly opened his eyes and said a little strangely. His injuries have long since recovered, but he has been immersed in the cultivation. The life and death crisis brought by this beast has made Chen Hao surpass his limits and benefit a lot. In addition, Chen Hao wants to hide his secret of undying blood, and can’t recover too fast.

“Hey… Chen Hao…”

Chen Hao deliberately adjusted her aura to cultivation and still has a weak state, but the sister huā who just returned and apparently has something to do, knocking on the door, at the same time, the voice of the sister huā is also gently floating. In the cultivation room.


After waiting for a while, Chen Hao took a long breath and pretended to quit the cultivation state. With a sigh of relief, he walked out of the cultivation room.

A black robe, the original handsome face, with shallow scars, the whole person’s spirit is also obviously hurt. His face was also pale, but there was no way to hide the charm of this guy. The scar on the face, invisibly adds a cold and arrogant aura.

When the two women saw the appearance of Chen Hao, they were obviously surprised. Although they had been there, they did not meet. To be exact, they have never seen Chen Hao in the face. Where is this still the youngster who is not a person, a ghost or a ghost?

“Hey… you are Chen Hao? Eastern Continent’s younger generation of leading figures, killing Chen Hao of the 30 top genius of the South China Sea Islands?” Leng Ningle’s eyes wide open, slightly looking up, staring at Chen Hao directly asked Road.

“Hey… how do you know?” Chen Hao just wanted to speak, but was shocked by Leng Ningle’s words. Tianzhu City and Cuiyan City are separated by nearly 100 million miles. How can I know my identity so quickly? What’s more, Chen Hao knows that Cuiyan City is only a remote slum compared to Tianzhu City. Who cares about the things there? But now the two magical little gimmicks have known his deeds, which is a bit too exaggerated.

“That’s it… my grandfather guessed it. I didn’t expect you to be ugly, but still…”

Leng Ningle When it came to this, Leng Ninghuan habitually grabbed Leng Ningle’s hand and stopped her. Road: “This is Nine Yang Dan that our grandfather gave you. You should take the healing treatment first, wait for you, we will take you to see our grandfather… He wants to see you.”

“Nine Yang Dan? This…Many thanks.” Chen Hao was slightly surprised, but took it directly from Leng Ninghuan.

“Hey, Chen Hao…we will save you first, right?” At this point, Leng Ningle said again. Leng Ninghuan gave a slight glimpse, but did not stop it.

“Yes… it is indeed the two who saved me first. Without you. My fleshy body is afraid that it is over…”

“You save us after, or say, we are behind the common enemy. You help us to save yourself, I say this… can’t you do it?” Leng Ningle’s expression was a bit embarrassed, but still full of expectations. come out.

“Oh…you can say anything if you want to say anything. As long as I can help you do it, there is no problem naturally. The rules of the magic road, I understand!” Chen Hao saw the expressions of the two women, quite awkwardly said.

“That’s good… you can swallow pill medicine, I will come to you with Elder Sister for a while, let’s talk later…” Leng Ningle said with a smile on his lips.


“Happy, happy. It’s really fun… These two little girls are really good. They saved my life. Even if it’s a slap in the face, it’s not too much. I’m still embarrassed, using the tone of negotiation… However, it seems that their grandfather directly gave me Nine Yang Dan…”

After Chen Hao walked back to the cultivation room, his heart was dark. Nine Yang Dan, but he is much more advanced than Nirvana Pill. One will be worth tens of thousands of high grade yuan crystal stones. Although it is nothing to Chen Hao’s current wealth. But Chen Hao believes that even this sister pill medicine can’t be used casually. Otherwise they have already used it for themselves, why wait until now?

Nine Yang Dan was handed over to the storage space, Chen Hao sat down on the knees, and the aura suddenly appeared strangely undulating, and the pure True Origin suddenly rushed to the skin. In an instant. A scar began to dissipate at a speed visible to the naked eye.


“Elder Sister, this Chen Hao, although there is no Simon to ask Jianqiang now. But I think it will definitely be stronger than Ximen in the future. What do you say?”

“He has a lot of secrets on his body. Didn’t you see Grandpa being surprised? Destroy Sword Dao, the unicorn inherits, and a sword kills more than 20 top genius beyond his Realm… although the ganius of the South China Sea Islands is certainly not good, but he It was a leap-level killing. This can’t be done even by us, and in less than a year, he was promoted from the early days of the reincarnation to the early days of the Yuanshen, which is too fast… and Grandpa allowed us. Going to the mainland with him… I can imagine how grandpa valued him…” Leng Ninghuan said.

“Yeah. If…if he didn’t help us, we would save him how much he would return. You can sign a master-servant contract directly with him. Although there is only one year’s time limit, it can help us do a lot of things… At least I will teach you a lesson for a year, so that she can also taste the suppressed taste! And that Ximen asked the sword to be disgusting, and Mo Yuxian took him as a treasure, what a great thing… and when we didn’t know him The purpose, old and dedicated to us… Elder Sister, I have an idea, don’t you know if you are willing or not?”

“What idea?”

“Oh… we can have a hot spot with Chen Hao. Chen Hao is much better than Ximen’s sword, regardless of age, talent, potential, or appearance. Just let him think that we are the kind with Chen Hao… Relationship, I don’t think he will bother us like a fly…”

“This is not very good?”

“What’s wrong?”

“One is easy for Chen Hao to misunderstand us. Second, Ximen asked Jian if he was looking for Chen Hao’s trouble…”

“What is this? We told Chen Hao in advance that he just said, as long as it can be done, it will help us. As for trouble, nothing, the rules of Scorpio City, he still dare not come in chaos. And Grandpa He said that Chen Hao is good at concealing, and he must go to Eastern Continent. Is this a trouble? If even Simon asks the sword, he will not have to go to the mainland…”

“Can’t say that. If you don’t see a master in the mainland, you will offend… Simon asks the character of the sword…”

“Elder Sister, don’t you think so much for others? At that time, we directly explained to Chen Hao that he would help, and if he didn’t help, he wouldn’t help. Anyway, the interest told him, always become?” Leng Ningle Stop Leng Ninghuan and say.



The next day, Chen Hao was stunned and completely restored to normal. Under the leadership of the sister huā, I met their grandfather. What surprised Chen Hao was that Aura’s powerful old man was just like a chatter. He didn’t have the slightest shelf. He just negotiated with Chen Hao according to the rules of Magic, and signed a fair contract. There is only one requirement, that is, let the two women follow Chen Hao to the Eastern Continent. The contract period is one year. After one year, Chen Hao can be free…

Chen Hao was a bit tangled, but did not refuse. After all, life is saved by others. If it is true that Leng Ningle said that it is an unfair contract, Chen Hao can’t violate it. It is also very good to be able to get rid of the “servant” status now. Of course, the most important thing is that Chen Hao can feel that this family is a magical way, but it is a Orthodox. Otherwise, he is betrayal and does not matter. With his ability, if he wants to escape, there is definitely an opportunity.


“Chen Young Master, the biggest auction house in Tianzhu City is the Tianzhu Chamber of Commerce. The auction is held every day. If Chen Young Master needs anything, he can basically auction it there…”

Accompanied by a servant from the cold home, Chen Hao visited the city of Tianzhu in a leisurely way. When asked about the auction house, the servant introduced it. This servant is a cold-night special guide to Chen Hao, one of the cold housekeepers. Looks only look at only fifty or sixty years old, Realm is the late stage of the meta-destination of the Peak, the whole body is full of magic, powerful. The eyes are more savvy, apparently sophisticated.

At this moment, the sisters huā have begun to reconcile their enlightenment and consolidate the income of this beast. According to them, retreating is able to provoke the punishment and go to the mainland together. Chen Hao just took advantage of this time to see if he could buy materials that blended with the mysterious existence, so he proposed to go to Tianzhu City.

“Oh? I want to auction something first, can you pass through your cold home?”

“Oh, of course. Chen Young Master is a VIP of our cold family. This little thing can help you get it down… In fact, Chen Young Master doesn’t have to worry, the information of anyone auctioned by Tianzhu Chamber of Commerce will not leak.” The butler said with a smile.

“At least people at the Chamber of Commerce will know. Hehe… then there is a Senior.” Chen Hao said: “I have five variants here, each of which can increase Shouyuan for about 30 years…”

“Ah? Chen Young Master…” The smiling butler heard Chen Hao’s words, and suddenly he was shocked and his voice was a little trembling. “You…re you really?”

“what happened?”

“This… can you tell us about Patriarch? Patriarch. He… He buys the heavens and spirits that increase Shouyuan everywhere. If it really increases the life of 30 years, Patriarch must definitely participate in the auction… I mean, Can you tell Patriarch to bid directly? You can rest assured that Patriarch is a person and will never let you suffer…”

“This way, OK. Go back and talk to your Patriarch directly.”

“It’s a big deal, Chen Young Master, how about going back now?”



“Thirty years… definitely can be improved for thirty years!”

After returning to the cold home, the two directly found the cold home Patriarch. When the housekeeper said the situation with the cold home Patriarch, the cold home Patriarch looked obviously a surprise, and couldn’t wait to let Chen Hao sacrifice a variation. . When he looked at the consequences, he suddenly said excitedly. (To be continued)! ~!

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