The spring thunder sound, the myriad things are long.

So-called Jingzhe, is refers to lunar one of the 24 solar terms.

This solar terms are representing after ‚spring beginning’, the temperature warms up gradually, the spring thunder starts the deafening sound, is dormant various hibernating animals in soil to revive, the nature has given full play to the vitality.

Also because of so, this talent will be called as Jingzhe by the ancient.

Today, exactly was Jingzhe date.

The space thunderclap is billowing, the bean big raindrop drops unceasingly from the eave, results in like broken line bead, pounds the ground immediately in all directions to splash.

The drizzle is continuous, among entire Heaven and Earth turned into one fog misty pictures.

Qin Ruoying stands after the iron gate did not have a while, Chen Xi then hugs the kid to come arrived side her.


„The feelings of some not being able saying that feel strangely......”

Qin Ruoying was answering the Chen Xi's issue, while extended outside the hand the arrived eaves.

Looks that raindrop hits unceasingly in own hand, the Qin Ruoying eye color of doubts was actually thicker.


Although Qin Ruoying is unable to describe own feeling, but Chen Xi has thought after one next, actually as if can understand her meaning, therefore asks back immediately: „You thought that this rain is the same with the tissue, covers light on the body is very comfortable?”

„Do you also feel arrived?”

hearing this, Qin Ruoying facial color one happy.

She also thinks that is own psychological process, has not thought that Chen Xi also feels arrived unexpectedly.

That feeling......

Actually turns on air conditioning to cover the silk fabrics to sleep like the summer.

This silk fabrics is very very thin is also very slippery, thus gives people a very comfortable feeling.

Perhaps is because thought the too comfortable reason, Qin Ruoying can not help wants to enter in the rain, the preparation realizes again well that feeling.


When Qin Ruoying will soon go out of the eaves, Chen Xi stopped by calling out her suddenly.

„Yingying, goes home first, but must take a bath to change the clothes to Niannian.”

„Um, good.”

After hearing the Chen Xi's words, Qin Ruoying fiercely has then gotten back one's composure.

This rainstorm......

As if has an unusual charm, makes her subconscious wants to stand in the rain.

Therefore, looking pensive after looked at outside rainstorm, Qin Ruoying is then reluctant to part goes upstairs arrived with Chen Xi.

After proficient, she starts to be busy at work is taking a bath to the kid.

But Chen Xi found time a neighborhood not far away market at this time, doing grocery shopping at the same time also while convenient gave the kid to buy clothing of one set of changing and washing.

This little thing takes a bath special skin, is splashes water is also restless, simply taking a bath to have regarded the parent-child game, must therefore rub gently each time very for a long time.

Therefore, when Qin Ruoying helps her take a bath finally, after she changes cartoon night clothes, Chen Xi also almost quickly the dinner completes.

Today's supper is very simple.

The gongbao chicken and green pepper fry the meat and tomato scrambled eggs, sur- winter melon soup, completely is most common family three dish soup.

Although this simple dish the needed materials are simple, easy operation, but in Chen Xi exquisite under grasps, can be called is the color fragrance is complete.

Although on kids also on many children common small problem, but her actually also merit, that is eating meal time never grumble, spoke of eats meal must run quickly compared with anyone.

Therefore, Qin Ruoying just closed the air blower, this little thing is going against a dishevelled hair, leaping up speedily to the tea table by, takes up the ladle to puff and blow has scooped up.

After all, her Father cook is the world is best......

Has had the dinner , after looking at several volumes of Anime, the time also comes arrived in the evening 8.3 ten.

Possibly is because took a bath a moment ago restless was too fierce, therefore Anime of this kid looked at half, her eye hid unable to bear hit to put up.

Appearance that Chen Xi sees kid having a drowsy look, therefore then directly hugs her to come to the bedroom.

After having roared her 2-3 simply, this little thing then heavy has rested.

Outside thunderclap as before, to prevent kid was awakened by the thunderclap, Chen Xi specially has also gotten down sound-insulated restrictive seal in the room arrange.

When he completes all, closes the bedroom door goes to the living room time, Qin Ruoying has actually stood in the balcony, continued to put out a hand to meet outside rain water.

After realizing Chen Xi's arrives, Qin Ruoying continually has not returned directly asks: „Sunlight, how will this rain one type be refreshing to me, the whole body insightful feeling?”

hearing this, Chen Xi has not replied immediately, but embraces her lower abdomen with the left hand gently, then extends the right hand, her only stretched out the palm of balcony from below cradling.

This modeling, looked like classical bow poss in RMS Titanic actually.

Chen Xi smelled the light fragrance that transmits from a Qin Ruoying round of tree top, is preparing to reply when her issue, startling thunderclap actually once more crack comes in the horizon.


The thunderclap nearly is very very near, simply like a hand grenade, in the side exploded, is it may be said that deafening.

Therefore, after the thunderclap resounds, in neighborhood has heard immediately a squeal continuously.

Many people are afraid thunder.

However what is good, like this degree of thunder rainy day, possibly cannot see all year round one time.

Generally, the thunder rainy day will usually not continue to be too long, most will thoroughly also rest the hour on.

Also does not know today actually how, after this thunderstorm rain has continued for three hours, sign that still has not actually weakened.

This way, tonight feared that has many people to lose sleep......

Chen Xi is hugging Qin Ruoying gently.

Until after that billowing thunderclap rests finally, he in a low voice said one near the Qin Ruoying ear: „Was rising tide......”

To be honest, before Chen Xi, has not thought that in Central Sea this kind of over international big city, the situation of unexpectedly also presenting the spiritual energy tide.

But makes people think what is surprised is......

Scale by far Qinling Mountains of this spiritual energy tide ties up the scale that spirit large formation causes, spiritual energy of heaven and earth that contains, even also wants the rich several points compared with the spirit fog of Siachen Glacier.

Therefore, now each drop of rain water that drops from the space, actually contained many spiritual energy of heaven and earth.

This which what simple thunder shower?

This radically is

The day falls the ichor.

Simple explained after Qin Ruoying the spiritual energy tide is anything, Chen Xi then draws her to return to the living room, then under the arrange Spirit Gathering Array made her grasp practice.

practice after is matter of accumulating over a long period of time, even if this sudden spiritual energy tide cannot make Qin Ruoying's realm progress by leaps and bounds, actually can also make her save many times.

After is the good deed that hundred advantages do not have harm, naturally must treasure this opportunity well is.

But reason that Qin Ruoying a moment ago that wants to go to the rain, is actually because her cultivate to Immortality has, therefore meets wish of instinct to approach the spiritual energy rich place.

Chen Xi sits cross-legged to sit side Qin Ruoying, until after she enters to sitting in meditation of deepest level, this sets out in the arrived balcony.

Outside room wind and rain as before.

Chen Xi stands in the balcony motionless, seems was waiting for that anything resembles to result.

Sure enough.

Roughly after passed most double-hour, a huge thunderclap has made a sound from the horizon once more.

But this time, in the flash that thunderclap resounds, the entire earth as if vibrated......


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