Nine Sun God King

By Solitary Little Thief

Nine Sun God King Chapter 2272

Nine Sun God King Chapter 2272

Qin Yun sees Shenyu Heavenly Dragon hurt like this, but he doesn’t feel at ease, “Heavenly Dragon, I can’t leave you Ah! Would you like us to go together?”

“What are you worried about? As long as I don’t face the nine Sky Monster emperors, I am not afraid of anyone! Even if the group of bastards in Heaven Law Hall besieged me, they can’t take me!” Shenyu Heavenly Dragon urged: “You hurry to find Those strong people of Heavens, remind them!”

Shenyu Heavenly Dragon is worried that those who are strong will become food and feed the nine Heavenly God demon.

Nowadays, most of the nine Heavenly God demons have not yet awakened, mainly because the nine Heavenly God demons need a lot of powerful blood.

The strong people from Heavens, their blood is strong enough to be said to be the best food of the nine Heavenly God demon.

“Is it really okay?” Qin Yun bitter with a smile: “I managed to save you, if you are finished, then I am not saved?”

“Don’t look down on me!” Heavenly Dragon laughed: “Nine Heavenly God demon can’t come out now, in Heaven Law, I am invincible!”

“Okay!” Qin Yun spread his hand.

Shenyu Heavenly Dragon looks good at this time, but his internal injuries and injuries on soul can be difficult to say.

Qin Yun and Shenyu Heavenly Dragon walked out of the tower, and Heavenly Dragon drilled directly into the interior of the mountain, hiding it for healing.

Qin Yun went to Xiao Yuelan by chasing the soul.

On the road, Qin Yun also took out Xie Wufeng’s chasing souls, they seem to be in the same direction.

Later, Qin Yun took out the chase of the unnamed old man and the Heavenly Demon Spirit Clan.

Found that they are all together!

“Could it be that said that the strong people are gathered together?” Qin Yun wanted to know what they were doing together.

He is a little worried, and those who are too ancient will be drawn over by Heaven Law.

“Little Yun, there are so many Taikoo strong people, it’s impossible to be fooled by Heaven Law!” Ling Yun said: “At least Divine Moon and Shenyang will not!”

“God Celestial Clan and Nine Sun Celestial Clan should not!” Qin Yun said: “It’s hard to say anything else. After all, Heaven Law’s strength is not weak, and there are many Heaven Law gods!”

Qin Yun had thanked them before, let them tell the Shenyang and Divine Moon families, and let the two strong people guard the Heaven Law Hall.

They are sure to meet the two strong people now. Think of this, Qin Yun is not so worried.

The direction he was heading at this time was still far from the plain, not on the edge of the plain.

It can be said that it is a good thing to stay away from the seal of the Heavenly God demon area.

Qin Yun ran for almost a whole day, only to be closer to Xiao Yuelan. This area is still a mountain that overlaps.

He can see far away, there is a high tower with silver on the top of a massive.

There is a silvery crescent moon on top of the tower, which is the tower of the Divine Moon family.

In the night, the tower and the curved Yue Dou are particularly dazzling and can be seen far away.

“The Divine Moon family is there!” Qin Yun took out a few chasing souls and found that Xiao Yuelan was in that direction.

“If the sister is not there!” He looks at the singer’s chasing soul, frowned, and then he sensed a familiar breath.

That breath is faintly cold, and it is a breath of immortality!


Qin Yun rejoices in his heart, and quickly turns to look back. I saw a woman in a white dress walking down the hill, riding a tiger that was condensed in ice and snow.

“Icebush Tiger…” Qin Yun couldn’t help but laugh.

Xian Rujing rode a tiger formed by ice and snow, and rushed to the mountain from the bottom of the mountain.

After she saw Qin Yun, the snow tiger turned into a white air and returned to her body, making her snowy long skirt dance.

The sacred face is as cold as ice and frost, but after seeing Qin Yun, the cold vision is tender and watery.

The goddess of ice and snow suddenly became gentle and graceful. The whole person looked extremely charming, and the goddess of glamorous and charming, did not hold any restraint at this moment. After seeing the lover, he directly plunged into the arms of the lover.

“Little Yun, I am so worried about you!” Xian Rujing’s jade face, clinging to Qin Yun’s chest, whispering low mumble.

“I’m fine!” Qin Yun said with a smile, his hand caressed the beauty of the beautiful face.

Xian Rujing raised the head and smiled lightly: “Although I know that you will not have something, I am worried that this has always been the case for so many years!”

Xian Rujing was once stripped of love, and later birth, and the love is still born for Qin Yun, coupled with the original love that has come back, it makes her emotions stronger.

Especially when Qin Yun was reunited for a long time, this emotional outburst was even stronger. She was holding Qin Yun at the moment and seemed to want to integrate into Qin Yun’s body.

“Right, have you seen Xie Laos with them?” Qin Yun held the fragrant soft jade in his arms and felt the endless tenderness under her icy appearance.

“See, we have almost everything! Little Yun, don’t worry about these things. The Divine Moon family’s king and the gods have met. The Divine Moon family has already understood and will be wary of Heaven Law. !”

Xian Rujing stares at Qin Yun, softly chuckling, her beautiful and sparkling, blurred eyes full of charm and feminine style, full of infinite temptation, it is very charming.

“Yue Lan, are they all right? Have you got Heaven Law inheritance?” Qin Yun looked at the beautiful woman in front of him, and couldn’t help but see her, and couldn’t help but hold her tight.

Xianrujing charming eyes with a smile: “They are all Nine Sun Goddess, naturally have Heaven Law inheritance, don’t worry…”

“My most beautiful ice and snow elder sister? Have you got Heaven Law inheritance?” Qin Yun 嘿said with a smile.

“You took out the Yunyun Tower, I told you inside…” Xian was so soft and charming.

Qin Yun took out the Yunyun Tower, and they did not see them for many days. They gathered in the tower and unreservedly released the thoughts in their hearts…

After a night, Qin Yun and Xian Rujing woke up from the gentleness.

After waking up, Qin Yun, next to the gentle beauty of the jade, said with a smile: “Like Jingjie, you seem to have not told me, what you got Heaven Law inheritance!”

“Now tell you not too late!” Xian Rujing smiled softly, then sat up and picked up a beautiful long hair and hanged in front.

Qin Yun also saw that the beautiful back of the snow, such as the snow, slowly emerged as the goddess of ice.

However, those totems are different from before!

“This is… Heaven Law?” Qin Yun frowned.

“Tianyu Cold Curse!” Xian Rujing said: “I got it, but I still can’t use it now! This Tianyu curse is merged with my totem!”

“That is Yue Mei, what about them? Is it also Tianyu God Incantation?” Qin Yun surprised.

Qin Yun caressed the back of Xian Rujing. Although he also had a Tianyu curse, he could not understand the Tianyu Cold Curse of Xianrujing at the moment.

“The Nine Sun Goddess’s Heaven Law inheritance is very special. They are all secret, no one can say, so I don’t know!” Xian Rujing gently slammed the beautiful hair behind his back.

The goddess of ice and snow on her body, and then gradually hidden into the white skin.

“No wonder I saw Yue Mei before, she didn’t mention this with me!” Qin Yun smiled.

“Little Yun, I got Heaven Law inheritance, can you give it to you?” Xian Rujing said: “Yue Mei said, you get a strong Tianyu curse, you can use it very well!”

“You don’t have to give it to me, you are left!” Qin Yun will pass the fairy like a quiet, caressing her back, softly said: “You can’t use Tianyu Cold Curse because there is not enough blood!”

Xian Rujing screamed: “Tianxue? I heard it from the mother’s moon… I said it at the beginning of the month, let us practice in the moon, and use sun and moon Heart Meridian, which can lay the blood of the cultivation moon. basis!”

“It turned out to be like this… It seems that the blood of the day is worthy of further study!” Qin Yun also fell into meditation.

When he used Tianyu God Incantation, he had already used a lot of blood when he used the energy of Profound Yang, Baiyang, and the blue Nine Heavens Monster Race.

In addition, his Blood Soul Force, which is condensed by the blood, has a good effect on the sky.

“Little Yun, I saw Bai Suxin, Yu Mei’s heart, what is the relationship with you?” Xian Rujing smiled with a sly smile.

“It’s nothing relationship… It happened that there was a misunderstanding, and then I helped her, just like this!” Qin Yun pinched her face, said with a smile: “Like Jingjie, what are you thinking about?” !”

“Don’t want to lie to me, this elder sister said that when you talk about it, whether it is the eyes or the tone, there are big flaws!” Xian Rujing grinned and pinched Qin Yun.

Just when Qin Yun wanted to kiss her forever, she suddenly saw a white crescent moon on her forehead.

“Āiyā … there is an urgent matter!” Xian Rujing quickly got up and quickly wore a white dress, and his look was very flustered.

“What’s wrong? What is urgent?” Qin Yun also wore clothes and asked, “What is Xiao Yue Liang on your forehead?”

“That is a way of doing, and the people of the Divine Moon family teach us! It allows us to perceive each other in an emergency, especially when we are close, we can bring people together quickly!” Xian Rujing soon Dressed up.

“Can I learn?” Qin Yun asked.

“No, only women can learn!” Xian Rujing simply sorted his hair, and some worried: “Little Yun, you are waiting for me here! The tower of the Divine Moon family, men are not allowed to go in!”

“I will go with you!” Qin Yun said.

“No, you are here!” said Xian Rujing: “The tower is not far from you!”

“Okay!” Qin Yun wanted to know what was urgent and could only wait for the news here.

When Xian Rujing walked out of the tower, he immediately rushed to the tower of the Divine Moon family.

The reason why she is outside is to find Qin Yun.

Qin Yun stands next to the Yunyun Tower and looks out at the tower of the Divine Moon family in the distance.

At this time, in the middle of the nine Heavenly God demon territory, suddenly a red beam of light spurted into the center of the Star River vortex. “Nine Sky Monster Emperor started the energy of Devour Galaxy again!” Qin Yun quickly picked up the Yunyun Tower, and then quietly followed the immortal, he worried that there would be other situations, so I have to look over.

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