Nine Sun God King

By Solitary Little Thief

Nine Sun God King Chapter 2165

Nine Sun God King Chapter 2165

Qin Yun also felt the blood in the inside of the body, suddenly became very hot, as if to melt his bones.

Although it feels a little uncomfortable, Qin Yun still feels very happy, because the bones in his body are soaked in hot and powerful blood, which is becoming faster and stronger.

What puzzles Qin Yun is that other people don’t seem to be suffering.

“What happened? Could it be that I am the exception?” Qin Yun had some doubts in his heart.

Also, he suddenly felt that the Nine Sun of the own, like the nine dragons, swims in the body.

This made him feel uncomfortable, because the feeling, like nine hot thorns, drilled in the body, and even drilled into the bones.

Even the head has been affected!

“No, I have to hurry to find a place!” Qin Yun quickly left the Qin House and returned to the Mania Mountain Villa.

He rushed to a secret room, exerting a heavenly power, and running the Divine Physique.

Qin Yun looked at his own Profound Yang, Profound Yang’s crazy spin, constantly spurting energy, to impact his flesh body.

“The strength of Nine Sun bloodline is really terrifying!” Qin Yun only felt that the whole body of the old is like melting.

This is mainly because his blood suddenly became very powerful.

He thinks that if the blood of the old is dripping out, it must be able to ignite a large forest.

It is like terrifying like sun fire!

Now, Qin Yun finally knows why Yang Yang can drink those sun liquids because her flesh body is strong enough not to be afraid of the sun.

Qin Yun thought of this, took out the little black bottle, and then took a sip of the sun.

“Ah, it’s hard to drink!” Qin Yun couldn’t stand it with a sip, but he couldn’t take it, but the taste was not good at all.

He couldn’t understand why Yangyang, the snack food, could drink such a difficult thing.

The strength of bloodline is rapidly improving Qin Yun’s flesh body.

Qin Yun also felt that the Nine Sun of the own became very active. He suspected that the home would be so uncomfortable. Maybe it was because of Nine Sun’s nerves that it could absorb a lot of bloodline strength.

“My bloodline may be stronger than others!” Qin Yun thought secretly.

Qin Yun is quietly practicing in the practice room. He runs the nine Heart Meridian and refining the bloodline strength.

That is the strength given by Ten Thousand Worlds, which makes the flesh body stronger, and it is easier to absorb the strength of Ten Thousand Worlds.

In the past three days, the city of Qin Medicine King was in a frenzied jubilation. All the members of the emperor became excited because they recovered the royal bloodline. They were all excited and carnival.

This time, recovery can restore the bloodline, and the emperor becomes the new Nine Sun royal family.

They are extraordinarily rare and don’t want to lose this powerful bloodline anymore.

So they have to be united.

And they will fulfill their original promise and draw the discipline to the Nine Sun Temple.

As for the new Nine Sun royal family, how will they unite, it depends on how the older people negotiated.

In short, the first thing they do after they restore the bloodline is that those big brothers will sign a soul contract first.

The main content of the contract is that one party has difficulty supporting all parties and must do it.

In this way, everyone can fight against the enemy together.

In the past three days, some people just integrated the bloodline and got a strong strength.

And some people have to be two or three days to fully integrate.

Most people complete the fusion in three days.

Only a small number of people are still retreating after three days.

This part of the people is very strong in bloodline.

Five days passed!

Over the courtyard of the Qin government, the colorful Divine Light suddenly appeared, and Divine Light also turned the dragon!

It was the son of an Emperor Dragon clan, just blending bloodline.

After five days have passed, the colorful Divine Light appears from time to time in the Qin Dynasty.

This means that these people’s bloodlines are very powerful.

Youngster, middle-aged or old man.

This Unusual Form is more than two thousand times, meaning that only two thousand people have a powerful Nine Sun royal bloodline.

On the tenth day after the opening of the altar, many of the older generations were suspended in the sky above the Qin House, waiting for the Unusual Form to appear.

The person who appears Unusual Form on the tenth day must be stronger than the bloodline.

On the tenth day, there are only a few dozen people.

“Almost all of them are out!” said Qionghua’s mother-in-law: “It seems that the later the bloodline is merged, the stronger the bloodline strength will be!”

“Well, in the specific situation, we have to bring them together and study them carefully!” Qin Huowang said.

“Right, Qin Fei that brat?” Qin Medicine King looked at Qionghua’s mother-in-law and said: “Is his injury still not good?”

“Not yet!” Qionghua’s mother-in-law did not know where Qin Yun was. She had been to the Mania Mountain Village before and could not find Qin Yun.

Qin Yun is in the secret room under the depths of the Mania Mountain.

Ten days have passed, he is still practicing!

The reason why he sneaked into the ground was because he felt better underground. He could use the treasure lands of Qin Medicine King City to absorb the power of Ten Thousand Worlds.

Under the deep underground of Qin Medic King City, the power of many gods and yangs secretly poured into the underground of the Mania Mountain Villa and entered the body of Qin Yun.

Qin Yun doesn’t know when it will end, because he feels the powerful blood in his own body, like the very hungry, the constant strength of Devour Ten Thousand Worlds.

So he will enter the depths, so that it can absorb better and faster.

Qin Hao mad was used for eight days to integrate refining bloodline strength, he was also called to Qin.

On the Nine Sun Temple, many people were sent to study the new Nine Sun bloodline.

Qin Yun practiced in pain, and it took more than a month without knowing it.

He felt that the pain in his own is gradually easing, and everything in the body is like being born again.

Whether it’s bones, muscles, or internal organs, the original has been melted by powerful blood, and it has become more powerful.

Qin Yun is under the depths, looking inside the heart of own.

The heart is the biggest change!

The heart, like a tiny Ten Thousand Worlds, is in his atrium, ordinary and ordinary.

“My heart of the sun, has it become like this?” Qin Yun was secretly surprised, and he quickly took out Zhenyang Divine Arrow.

His Divine Arrow has also changed a lot. It was originally black, but it turned pale gold, and it was also wrapped around nine dragons.

The Nine Dragons embossed in nine colors, releasing nine colors of light.

“Restoring Nine Sun bloodline, the effect is really good!” Qin Yun secretly rejoices, then left deep to the ground.

He did not see the Qin madness, and the Divine Flower medicine here has also been harvested.

“I seem to have been closed for more than a month… Doesn’t Qin Qin want this Medicine Garden?” Qin Yun hurriedly took a shower and put on a clean white clothed.

“Dog God!” Qin Yun shouted.

The dog god has always been here, and he also knows that Qin Yun is at the Mania Mountain Villa.

The fat man ran out of the house and shouted: “Boss, you finally appeared!”

“Dog God, Lao Qin?” Qin Yun asked, he also wanted to see how the situation of Qin Hao crazy at this time.

“He should have gone to the Nine Sun Temple!” The dog god said with a smile, and then told Qin Yun about the recent situation.

Qin Yun immediately learned that those who obtained the bloodline after the altar opened and who needed more than seven days to refining the bloodline were called to the Nine Sun Temple.

“The longest guy is 12 for about three days! Boss, can you have it be that used for a month?” The dog god stunned: “So why didn’t I see the nine-color Unusual Form?”

“My situation is special!” Qin Yun also felt puzzled. It is reasonable to say that his nine-color Unusual Form should be very big, but the dog god did not see it.

Therefore, he is more anxious to find a person to restore the bloodline to compare.

“Right, the flower girl is back! She came to see you, I heard her say that it took her fifteen days to integrate the refining bloodline!” said the dog god.

“She was refining in the Guanghan Palace?” Qin Yun asked.

“Well, her strength is very strong, this Little Miss is just a mysterious god, but I may not be her opponent! You Nine Sun royal family, really terrifying!” The dog god exclaimed.

The dog god stared at Qin Yun’s look and kept looking at his between the eyebrows.

“Boss, your inbetween the eyebrows, why not?” said the dog god.

Qin Yun touched the eyebrows and said, “Why do you have a thing?”

The dog god said: “The old Qin’s between the eyebrows, there is a nine-color fire mark, like a small group of flames, he said that it is the Nine Sun mark, is the imprint of Ten Thousand Worlds!”

Qin Yun quickly took out the mirror and took photos. Then he continued to touch the own between the eyebrows and said, “His mother, I didn’t even have it! So, is it really Nine Sun?”

“Boss, the Nine Sun royal family I have seen, they all have this mark! The flower girl and the big beam three brothers have!” The dog god looked puzzled: “Boss, did you restore Nine Sun bloodline?”

“I… I certainly recovered!” Qin Yun can feel the body of own, and it is very massive.

But why didn’t he have the Nine Sun mark?

“Does Lao Qin tell you what the role of Nine Sun is?” Qin Yun asked.

“He didn’t say it, but it definitely worked!” said the dog god: “Boss, are you okay?”

The dog god is somewhat worried about Qin Yun, because the situation of Qin Yun is really special.

Qin Yun thinks of the heart of own, has become the look of Ten Thousand Worlds, and immediately rest assured.

However, he still has to determine the specific situation. He also wants to know that other Teijin people have changed their heart after recovering the bloodline.

He took out the chasing soul, which is looking for Qin Long.

Like him, Qin Long has Zhenyang Divine Arrow. In order to use Zhenyang Divine Arrow, he also cultivated the heart of the sun.

After he came outside the city, he found that the direction of the chasing soul was to go to the Nine Sun Temple.

“When the old man came out and said!” Qin Yun put away the chasing soul, and was about to return to the city, but saw a white man robe with a fight.

“Senior!” Qin Yun shouted with some surprises, the old man is the nameless old man.

“I have been waiting for you for a few days, and finally waited for you to leave the city!” The anonymous old man said: “You are so powerful, even I dare not enter the city!”

“What happened?” Qin Yun stunned. “The altar sheltered the city of Qin Medicine King, my Nine Sun Celestial Clan, was restricted!” Unknown old man said with a smile.

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