Nine Sun God King

By Solitary Little Thief

Nine Sun God King Chapter 2030

Nine Sun God King Chapter 2030

Wu Great Saint sighed: “Or Brother Qin, you have a way! Let’s go in and say it!”

He let all the disciplines enter the building and hide in the building with peace of mind.

Different Dragon Clan Those flying giant ships, after a period of continuous attack, finally stopped.

At this time, Ji Jingsu also came to the cabin of the crocodile dragon king.

“Old age, this is what happened? That guy’s Great Array, how powerful?” The crocodile dragon is very anxious and said: “Your son has provided me with a lot of wrong information, otherwise things will not It’s like this!”

“father, I… this is really not my fault!” Ji Jingshi said: “The evil guys brought by the hole old man are doing things!”

Ji Jingsu is a middle-aged man with a round face and a little beard. His eyes are small and he is stitched into one. His face is dark and he said: “It is reasonable to say that Wu Great Saint has only one soul and cannot penetrate the cultivation base. And it is about to return to heaven, but now it has become so strong…”

“It’s Ah! The old guy has only one soul. After being injured by the crocodile dragon king, it was almost the same as the dead person. It couldn’t move, but… but suddenly defeated the crocodile dragon king!” Ji Jingshi said.

“Crocody Long, when you confronted Wu Great Saint, is it a light enemy?” Ji Jingsu said.

“Not at all! The cultivation base of that guy should break through to Heaven Saint! And his Blood Soul Force has been enhanced many times!” The crocodile dragon is very serious. “If this is the case, then we must quickly attack the Great Array and get rid of Wu Great Saint in advance!” Ji Jing Su complexion sank said: “If the Grand Duke and the second houseman intervene, then we will bother. You have to know, Wu Great Saint breakthrough bottleneck, and lifespan is continuation, it is very

The existence of terrifying! ”

“Father… If I don’t kill the old guy, wouldn’t I be stared at him?” Ji Jingshi suddenly feared.

“Not only you, I will be stared at him!” Ji Jingsu whispered: “What’s the matter with the world? Why do you allow others to cure the Great Saint?”

Gnashing one’s teeth said: “It’s all that bastard… I really don’t know that he is so heaven defying, it can help Wu Great Saint, and let him breakthrough!”

Later, Ji Jingshi said what he knew.

“That guy is definitely an expert!” Evil Dragon Sir said: “It can make Wu Great Saint so strong, it can be said that the divine ability is vast!”

Ji Jingsu said: “The Great Array of the Protector Mountain may be enhanced by that person! Therefore, we must take the Great Great Saint as soon as possible. If you give him a chance to fight back, we will be in danger!”


Qin Yun and Wu Great Saint are in the hall, depicting the Strange Mark on a very realistic beast skin.

Today it is mainly the Great Saint, drawing some wild lines.

Those wild lines are all Strange Marks. After painting, they can change the flow. When the Strange Mark changes, it will produce a strong strength.

“The wilderness is the Strange Mark from the birth of Birth, and Nine Sun has a certain induction!” Qin Yun said.

“The wild lines I am now painting can absorb the energy of Nine Sun!” Wu Great Saint said: “When I paint it, it’s the turn of Brother Qin. You have the rest of the Strange Mark!”

Qin Yun ordered nod, and there was a ruin of the Great Saint, which made him more smoothly connected with the Sun through Zhenyang Divine Arrow.

It is still attacking outside, and although it continues to tremble, it is very stable.

Different Dragon clan, their attack, still can’t break this Great Array.

The fleet led by Jigong, the third official residence of the Imperial Palace, also launched an offensive to bombard the Great Array.

After seeing Kong Cheng, he quickly ran over and cursed: “The fleet of Ji Jingsu has also attacked!”

“Don’t ignore them, our reinforcements will soon arrive!” Qin Yun said with a smile : “My Nine Dragons Tianyuan array, can support the reinforcements!”

Wu Great Saint carved the desert lines very quickly, and it was completed at once.

The next step is Qin Yun to paint some special Yang stripes.

Before Qin Yun, let the door god give it to the god of void. It is through the special sun pattern to contact the sun, and the sun is used as the relay to transmit the message.

The reason why Qin Yun and void’s Protoss’ Envoy can only be used is because their souls are painted with that kind of special sun.

This connection was also found between Jiuyang Zhenyang Divine Arrow, so Qin Yun had to make such an attempt.

Because of the help of Wu Great Saint, Qin Yun only took half a day to complete!

“You can’t try until the weather is fine!” Qin Yun said with a smile: “It’s dark outside, and the guys are still attacking, it’s not the time!”

Wu Great Saint said: “I can return to the Sun Sacred Land. This is my wish for many years! I always want to return to the Sun Sacred Land. On the one hand, I miss the hometown where I was born, and I want to find the Ice Dragon Senior and see if he has There is no way to help me cultivate the missing nine!”

“Master, your missing soul has been refined by this master!” Kong Cheng said with a smile.

“It’s Ah! I really didn’t think that someone in the world could master such a strength!” Wu Great Saint smiled and said, even now, he feels that this is not true.

In the middle of the night, Qin Yun came to the mountain. In the base, he took out the beast skin Great Array that was made today and introduced the strength of the Nine Dragons into the surviving energy.

It was dawn, Qin Yun took out to pass on the news, Qin Long was contacting him.

“Little Yun, I immediately rushed to the Great Saint of the Great Saint, the Dragon Emperor, they are coming soon!” Qin Long said.

“Daddy, are you here too?” Qin Yun was a little surprised, said with a smile: “I thought you wouldn’t come!”

“You have got a Shenyu Fire Dragon bead, I am Fire Dragon God, of course I have to go see!” Qin Long chuckled.

“Daddy, did the Holy Tiger King tell Dragon Clan, where is Sun Sacred Land?” Qin Yun asked.

“No! The King of the Tigers refused to say it! But, I learned that the guys in Heavenly Dao have already found the Sun Sacred Land, but they are very secret, we can’t find any news!” Qin Long sighed.

“When you come, let’s talk!” Qin Yun said.

He put away the to pass on the news sign and went outside.

The mountains are still trembled, and the Great Array, which has been enhanced by the Nine Dragons, is very strong. The dozens of ships of the Dragon Clan release the energy attack of Berserk, and they can’t break through.

At noon, there was a fierce dragon roar in the distance!

The dragon boat of the different Dragon Clan immediately stopped the attack, and the crocodile dragon king also flew out, looking at the distance, frowning: “There is a dragon coming over!”

“This is what is going on? From this situation, it seems that a group of dragons are coming over!” Ji Jingsu looks at the direction of the dragon roar, it is very doubtful.

“Maybe they passed by?” Ji Jingshi said.

Dragon Clan’s dragons are coming soon.

One body of massive dragon, hovering in the air, flying around the Great Saint and the different dragon clan.

The giant dragon is not a lot, only a hundred, but it is very powerful.

Qin Yun also saw the giant dragon of the Chiyang Dragon Mother and the Dragon Emperor, which are not the strongest among the dragons, but they are the highest.

“Different Dragon clan’s bastard, you don’t want to go to war, just give me a go!” Shouted Dragon Emperor shouted.

“This friend of Dragon clan, I am different from Dragon Clan, but I haven’t provoked you!” said the crocodile king. He worked hard to improve his voice, but he couldn’t be much taller. It was obviously afraid of Dragon Clan.

The holy cland of Dragon Clan is in the Holy Land, but it is a very powerful strength.

“I am entrusted by people, come to help Wu Great Saint!” Dragon Emperor angrily said: “You will not go, then you will never go!”

Ji Jingsu and Ji Jingshi also came to the crocodile dragon king.

Dragon clan is trusted to help Wu Great Saint, which is something unexpected for Dragon Clan and Ji Jing Su!

Ji Jingsu said: “This Dragon clan friend, Nawu Great Saint is very mean, and he has no choice but to defraud the Dragon Dragon’s Shen Dragon Fire Dragon beads…”

“Far fart, I understand this thing very clearly, it is clear that the crocodile dragon is weak, and the skill is not as good as people say that others are unscrupulous!” Dragon Emperor roared.

“Dragon clan’s friend, is it the Grand Palace Lord and the Second Palace Lord of the Holy Palace to let you come?” Ji Jing Su heart startled, asked.

“Which scallions do they call us?” There is a dragon that is very disdainful.

Ji Jingsu is even more surprised, can call the dragon clan these powerful dragons, really not ordinary people!

At this time, Qin Yun and Wu Great Saint also walked out of the hall.

Wu Great Saint and Kong Cheng know that this group of dragons is called by Qin Yun, and they even admire Qin Yun’s ability!

After Qin Yun came out, he shouted: “It is obvious that someone has bullied the ancestors, but they have fallen into the Great Saint…”

Later, Kong Cheng spoke out all the evils of Ji Jingshi, and Wu Great Saint also added some things alongside.

Wu Great Saint is still famous in the holy wilderness. After all, he is the earliest epoch group. Although the cultivation base has been stagnant, the Strange Mark level is extremely brilliant.

At this time, everyone learned that Wu Great Saint was born with nine defects, so the cultivation base was stagnant, which is even more admirable.

In the absence of nine, it can be so powerful!

Now, everyone knows that Wu Great Saint has stepped into the late stage of Heaven Saint, and the strength is naturally taken for granted. It is normal to defeat the crocodile king!

After listening to the ins and outs of this matter, Dragon Emperor said while laughing loudly: “Different Dragon clan, you guys can’t afford to lose, just come up with this kind of thing!”

In addition, one dragon said: “I didn’t expect the Three Palaces of the Holy Palace to be such a villain! Yes, the Grand Palace and the Second House of your Lord’s Palace are all in my Dragon clan, they know us. Come and help Wu Great Saint, they are all on the way!”

Ji Jingshi and Ji Jingsu, the father and son, looked ugly to the extreme, they lost, and they lost completely!

At this time, there was a strong heavenly power in the distance, and the golden clouds were accompanied by lightning.

“Heavenly Dao is in the gods!” Qin Yun frowned.

Heavenly Dao’s Celestial Being, soar into the clouds and mount the mists.

Celestial Being said: “The Great Saint is very powerful defense. If I am not mistaken, then it is the strength of Nine Dragons!”

On the way, the Dragon Emperor has already sensed the Nine Dragons, and he is not surprised, because Qin Yun is here! Seeing the Celestial Being of Heavenly Dao’s domain, the different Dragon Clan and Ji Jing Su are very happy, as if their rescuers came.

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