Nine Sun God King

By Solitary Little Thief

Nine Sun God King Chapter 1499

Nine Sun God King Chapter 1499

At this time, the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range is occupied by the evil yang in a special void, full of all kinds of dangers.

If you go back, you don’t know how to return!

Since Xie Qirou let Qin Yun hurry to find the Heavenly Seal, it means there is a way to go to the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range.

“Like Jing Jie, congratulations on becoming Immortal Emperor, really fast!” Qin Yun smiled and said.

“This is mainly thanks to you!” Xian Rujing’s cold Yurong suddenly appeared a gentle smile: “Little Yun younger brother, I have to thank you very much!”

“You’re welcome!” Qin Yun said with a smile: “Your Zhenyang Divine Arrow, has it become weak?”

Xian Rujing nod: “Requires the support of the heart of the Sun, Divine Arrow of Zhenyang can play all the strength. Now, the heart of the sun is completely disconnected from our Zhenyang Divine Arrow, which means we can only rely on our own Practice the heart of the sun!”

“Cultivate the heart of the sun? Are you practicing now?” Qin Yun asked.

The spirit of Divine Arrow said that it would take a long time to cultivate the heart of the sun through the sun totem of Divine Arrow in Zhenyang.

“Beginning, it’s harder!” Xian Rujing said with a smile: “But, once you cultivate, you can not only get a strong strength, but also make Zhenyang Divine Arrow stronger!”

“Is it right for Jingjie, if you have any news for you to bring me?” Qin Yun asked.

“No Ah! Water is now a sacred one! And she is also recognized by two holy baby fruit, can absorb a lot of energy of the holy baby!” said Xian Rujing.

Qin Yun let Nangong water plant the mysterious seed. If there is any movement, Nangong Water will definitely let Xianrujing bring news.

“The cultivation base of your sister in the Guanghan Palace is really fast!” Qin Yun said.

“It’s mainly the month of Sacred Mountain! There are many holy baby fruits in Sacred Mountain in the month, and there are many innate talents in the Grand Palace. After they get the approval of the baby, they can use one. The training of the joints will be repaired together!” said Xian Rujing.

“Can you still do this? The Guanghan Palace is really a cultivation of Sacred Land!” Qin Yun said with a smile.

“You are now a good Sacred Mountain, and you have so many fruits!” Xian Rujing stood by the window and could see the glittering fruits of Strange Mark Sacred Mountain.

Qin Yun said: “If you are a quiet sister, I have removed a sun altar and it is still complete. I am going to give you the Grand Palace and transform you into an altar of stars!”

“This is fine…” Xian Rujing said with a smile: “You guy, is it fascinated by the star god? How do you care about her!”

“Not!” Qin Yun snorted.

“Right, I promised you before… As long as you help me get Divine Arrow, let you touch the thigh!” said Xian Rujing, taking off the outer robe and sitting on a chair. On, put the big white legs of the old Dual Cultivation.

“What’s so good about it…” Qin Yun 嘿said with a smile : “You promised to give me the goddess of ice… When do you give it?”

“Little Yun younger brother, I will give you sooner or later! Don’t worry? People are not ready for you now!” Xian Rujing said softly: “You come over, I let you touch the thigh!”

“This is no need, no good touch!” Qin Yun waved and said.

“Hey, I let you touch, you have to touch, don’t refuse me!” Xian Rujing lightly snorted, a beckoning hand, released a strong Immortal Emperor strength, and brought Qin Yun over.

Qin Yun was shocked in the heart. He really couldn’t understand what the ice mother tiger was, and forced him to touch her thigh.

“If Jing Jing…” After Qin Yun was rolled up by a fairy, Xian Rujing quickly got up and pushed Qin Yun to the chair.

After Qin Yun sat down, strong said with a smile: “Like Jingjie, I am honest, male and female don’t kiss! Besides, I never thought about touching your thighs…”

If you are so quiet, you can open the white gauze dress of your own lower body, wear only one short shorts, then sit on Qin Yun’s thigh and slant the two snowy and slender jade legs.

“Quick touch, I let you touch half an hour, you have to touch half an hour!” Xian Rujing said, vigorously licking Qin Yun’s waist, said while playfully pouting: “Fast touch!”

“This is… no good touch!” Qin Yun looked at the jade legs and sighed: “If you are a goddess of tranquility, why are you suffering? You have to repay me, you can use other methods, why should you sell the hue? ?”

“I promised you, I will do it!” Xian Rujing said softly.

“Is it? I remember that you once gambled with me and said that if you lose to me, you will marry me!” Qin Yun touched his nose, said with a smile.

“Hey, I didn’t wake up the goddess of memory at that time, so I don’t count it!” Xian Rujing sat on Qin Yun’s thigh, swaying the jade legs in anxiously, shouting: “You guy, fast touch Yeah!”

Qin Yun doesn’t know what the ice-mother tiger is eating, but it’s so generous…

“This… like Jingjie, I am honest, I can’t get it!” Qin Yun is very good for making things difficult for.

“Is the honest man still using the Dragon’s claw hand? I used it so many times?” Xian Rujing turned his eyes and pinched Qin Yun’s chest.

“Hey…” Qin Yun was screamed.

“You don’t touch, I will bite you!” Xian Rujing’s jade hand, also placed on Qin Yun’s chest, giggling, seems to be ready to bite.

Qin Yun wants to run away, but this immortal is like Immortal Emperor, he can’t run at all.

“Like Jingjie, the altar of the god god elder sister is there, and she can show up… I have seen her before, she looks exactly the same as Xiao Tian!” Qin Yun said again: “If she sees me touch Your thigh, she will laugh at you!”

“Xingshen elder sister, elder sister…” Xian Rujing whispered a few times, then said with a smile: “Seeing no, she didn’t respond! She was fleeing during this time and would never come out. Besides, It would be better if she came out, I want her to see you touch my thigh!”

“This…what she saw, isn’t it good?” Qin Yun frowned. “You didn’t let me tell her before, did you kiss me?”

“You told her?” Xian Rujing face turned cold, glaring at Qin Yun.

“Yeah!” Qin Yun admitted in order to make the immortal angry.

“Great!” Xian Rujing’s cold face was suddenly full of smug smiles. She sat on Qin Yun’s thigh and shook the jade foot.

Qin Yun would like to play the two slaps and see if the owner is in a dream or what happened. This ice mother tiger has become so abnormal.

“Any Yun, this goddess of ice and ice just saw that you are very concerned about the god of the stars, specially removed a sun altar in the Guanghan Palace into a star god altar, so it is jealous!”

“Have she had a good vinegar?” Qin Yun was very depressed.

Xian Rujing grabbed Qin Yun’s hand and held it on her jade legs, letting Qin Yun feel back and forth.

Qin Yun suddenly felt a very slippery and warm feeling. The jade-like legs were really touchy, and they were not cold at all, just like one piece of snow-white warm jade.

“Is it so touchable?” Xian Rujing said with a smile.

“Also…” Qin Yun nod said.

“That’s right!” Xian Rujing said softly: “You guy, just pushed three resistances!”

Xian Rujing also released a cold and fragrant body fragrance.

She was sitting on Qin Yun’s lap at this time, and she leaned slightly on Qin Yun. The two were very close.

“Like the goddess of tranquility, I didn’t expect you to be cold and cold, but now it’s so fragrant and warm!” Qin Yun also put her hand on the soft jade waist, and tightened her a little, the other hand is light. Caressing her jade legs.

Suddenly, the seventeen-story altar has a movement, and the star-studded shadow of the star god emerges.

Seeing this charming and charming stunner, Qin Yun suddenly panicked and wanted to throw Xian Rujing out, but found that Xian Rujing had tightened him tightly.

Qin Yun just didn’t believe that Xian Rujing was jealous and wanted to show it to the gods, but now he believes!

Xian Rujing really deliberately and he is so close, is to stimulate the star god.

“Xingshen elder sister…” Qin Yun hasn’t finished, but he was kissed by Xian Rujing.

The star god looks at the face of the resentful look at the face, full of jealousy, and even jade foot.

Qin Yun only feels awkward, because the star god is next to the looks at it!

“This is the ice mother tiger of deserve to die…” Qin Yun was secretly stunned and wanted to open the fairy, but he couldn’t get the Immortal Emperor.

After Xian Rujing kissed Qin Yun for a while, he smiled and walked down Qin Yun’s thigh, the proud star Divine Dao: “elder sister, hello, long time no see !”

“Ice noon younger sister, I did not expect you to change so much, even … so bad, bullying my Little Yun!” Star god’s charming face is full of resentment, said while playfully pouting.

“Who will let you seduce Little Yun younger brother all day! Also said that I want to grab it with me, you can’t grab me!” Xian Rujing said with a smile.

“Hey, do you believe that I am going to the fairyland again now, I promise to get Little Yun to the hand!” Star God bit his lip and scorned.

“Okay, okay! If you come over, Xiaotian will be gone!” Xian Rujing also reluctantly sullen and sweet personality, and then comforted again and again: “Star god elder sister, Little Yun can like you. He is still for you. Take the risk of attacking the altar of the sun, and build the altar of the sun in the Guanghan Palace!”

After the gods heard it, they were so happy that they gathered together the beautiful hair hanging on their chests. Every move was very charming.

Even Xian Rujing looked secretly, she knew very well that the kind of charm of Xingshen could not be learned.

“Two big sisters, you are also the god of the gods, how can you be jealous for my little mortal?” Qin Yun very helplessly exclaimed.

“You are not a small mortal!” Star god said with a smile: “You are the future Sun God, the king of Deities!”

Xian Rujing looks at the statuette and said: “I already knew that it was the god of Sun God! I didn’t expect this guy’s past life, it was Sun God!”

“Star God, Sun God are all there, still a month of God, where is she?” Star God whispered.

Immortal beautiful eyes flashed a touch of color, seeming to know the whereabouts of the moon, what she wants to say, but to stop.

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