Nine Sun God King

By Solitary Little Thief

Nine Sun God King Chapter 1445

Nine Sun God King Chapter 1445

Xiao Yuelan was taken by Zhenyang Divine Arrow to fly inside a heart of the sun, and Qin Yun’s Divine Arrow of Qin Yun was invaded by the power of evil spirits, so he could not pick him up.

Not long after, Yang Wuxin came down from above.

“I will take you to the heart of the third sun, let’s go inside and say it!” Yang Wuxin said: “The Diyang Arrow inside is not very optimistic. We must quickly dispel the power of evil spirits, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous! ”

Yang Tianzheng is also very worried that if the sun’s heart is out of order, they are also responsible, and may even be punished.

“We all blame Xu Tiangao for this group of bastards. Can they be it that they are not afraid of death?” Xu Tian said with a high and low voice: “If there is a problem with the heart of the sun, we will be punished!”

“Yang Patriarch, please also ask you to be the most powerful. Don’t let the evil-yang people enter the tribal barrier again. Only when they enter this area can they touch the heart of the sun. They must use Secret Skill to make evil. The power of the sun penetrates into the heart of the sun!” Yang Wuxin solemn warned repeated: “Fortunately, now only a heart of the sun has a problem, but can save it!”

Yang Tianzheng nod said: “We know, if the evil spirits guys come again, we will blow them out in spite of everything!”

“That’s good, I am now carrying the Qin little brother, entering the heart of the third sun!” Yang Wuxin said.

In this place, only the five hearts can fly, he took Qin Yun to the heart of the sun in the air, although the speed is not fast, but at least can fly up.

The heart-and-yang world is forbidden to fly, and it is also not wanting people to fly into the air to contact the heart of the sun. Therefore, people of the evil-yang family can come in many times and cannot get close to the heart of the sun in the air.

Only this time, let the people of the evil spirits enter the tribe, they have the opportunity to get close to the heart of the sun.

Although they did not fly up, they must have used what means to let the power of evil spirits penetrate into the heart of the sun.


At the Xu family, Xu Tiangao was in a secret room, very angry shouted: “Yang Tianshi this bastard, actually not giving me face! I am protecting the heart of Spirit Clan’s patriarch!”

“The inside of the heart of the sun is infiltrated by the power of evil spirits. Is it evil spirits?” Xu Hong asked: “If the evil spirits get a heart of the sun and a Divine Arrow of Zhenyang, then we Xujia Not to be controlled by them?”

“I don’t know, the evil spirits of the group of people are very treacherous! I let them in, but also think that they can not make any trouble, now it seems that they have the means to quietly infiltrate the power of evil sun into the heart of the sun !”

When Xu Tiangao said this, his face gradually became gloomy: “The Examination is behind, and suddenly there is a big problem. It is very likely that it is the ghost of evil spirits!”

Xu Hong said with a smile : “Only one heart of the sun has an accident, this has no effect on our Xu family! Instead, Qin Yun, this guy, can’t enter the inner core of the Sun, nor can he get the Diyang Arrow. !”

Xu Tiangao smiled and said: “The evil spirits of the group of guys, if you really get the heart of the sun and Zhenyang Divine Arrow, then the next will definitely pay for the Yang family! At that time, they and the Yang family hit a lose, It’s when our Xu family dominates the heart and the sun, Hahaha…”


Qin Yun and Yang Wuxin flew into the air, the heart of the sun, looks at the heart of the sun that is getting closer, and asks: “Yang Envoy, can you still enter the inside of other Sun Hearts?”

“There are people in the heart of the first, second, and fourth suns. I can’t go in any more! We Envoy, usually just on the surface of the Sun’s heart, see if there are void cracks nearby, because the evil spirits can tear the void. Let the power of evil spirits come in!” said Yang Wuxin.

“What happened to the two bald Envoys? They seem to want to swallow the Divine Arrow!” Qin Yun said: “I suspect that after the evil-yang people enter the tribe, they will find a way to start your Envoy, then Then through those Envoy, the power of evil spirits will penetrate into the heart of the sun!”

“I will definitely check this out!” Yang Wuxin’s face suddenly ugly, low-lying: “The evil spirits of this group of bastards, it is too dammit!”

Not long after, they touched the surface of the heart of the sun.

When I was close, Qin Yun only felt that the heart of the sun was as big as the moon. The surface was cold and not hot at all, but the light emitted from the ground was warm, but it felt warm.

When Yang Wuxin took out the token, he could penetrate the hard crystal on the surface of the Sun’s heart and enter the central area of ​​the interior.

Qin Yun followed it and thought it was very strange. It was like the owner was soaked in a light golden liquid. He was covered in warm water. It was very soft and comfortable, and his breathing was smooth. He could absorb a very strange strength. .

They are not walking inside, but swimming.

“The inside of the heart of the sun is really strange!” Qin Yun said.

“Well, this strength is very special, I don’t know how it is made!” Ling Yun was also amazed.

After a while, Qin Yun followed the Yang Wuxin into the center area.

Inside the central area is a very spacious stone chamber.

Come here, Qin Yun feels a familiar feeling. At the beginning, when he was in the sect, he once entered the interior of the massive Divine Arrow, which is full of sun-related totem and Strange Mark.

The same is true for this stone chamber. The Strange Mark on the wall exudes a touch of golden brilliance, and the embossed Strange Mark and totem seem to be flowing.

This is the moving sun Strange Mark!

Qin Yun was not the first to see this Strange Mark. When he saw it last time, it was made by the Star God. It was very strange and seemed to release a very strong energy.

“What about the power of evil spirits?” After Qin Yun came in, he also saw Zhenyang Divine Arrow, which was inserted in the middle of the round stone chamber.

“Weird, there are still a lot of black evil yang powers in it, how suddenly disappeared? Could it be that was cleared by the heart of the sun?” Yang Wuxin frowned.

Qin Yun walked over and held the Divine Arrow, Zhenyang. I was shocked. “This Divine Arrow… can’t connect with me, can it be that doesn’t belong to me?”

Yang Wuxin heard Qin Yun say this and hurriedly shouted: “Quickly release Divine Arrow from Zhenyang… The power of evil spirits controls Divine Arrow!”

Qin Yun quickly opened the Divine Arrow in Zhenyang, but found that Zhenyang Divine Arrow was attached to his palm, and a black gas suddenly sprang out and slid into his palm.

All of a sudden, his arm swelled up, his sleeves were all bursting, and the whole arm became lacquered black, and a black spurt.

“Oops…” Yang five heart complexion big change, shouted: “Qin little brother, I cut your hand!”

“No!” Qin Yun suddenly became very calm, because the power of the evil spirits could only flow in his arm and could not enter his body.

Nine Sun Divine Soul on his wrist, at this time, is constantly absorbing the energy of the Sun’s heart, and then releasing a powerful strength to suppress the power of evil spirits.

“Yang Envoy, you go out first, I can handle it!” Qin Yun’s voice is very calm, and he can see that he is not afraid of the power of evil spirits.

Yang Wuxin knows that Qin Yun is very powerful and is very valued by the spirit of Divine Arrow.

He saw that the evil force could not enter the body of Qin Yun, and he was relieved. Qin Yun is much more calm than him.

“Good!” Yang Wuxin nod, and then quickly left the stone chamber.

Qin Yun holds the Divine Arrow, said with a sneer: “The power of evil spirits? If you hide it well, you may still achieve the goal, but you meet me, and you have to start with me, then you Just recognize bad luck!”

“Yue, start Devour power of evil spirits!” Qin Yun said.

“Good!” The spirit of the child said with a smile: “Profound Yang is the most cattle, what the power of evil spirits, nothing in front of Profound Yang!”

After Lingyun promoted Profound Yang, the power of evil spirits seemed to be very fearful. I wanted to leave Qin Yun’s arm and return to Zhenyang Divine Arrow. However, the power of Devour generated by Profound Yang has already turned the evil spirit. The force is locked.

“Aaah ……” Qin Yun’s muscles suddenly bulged, and the epidermis seemed to have a thing running out, and there was someone shouting under the arm, making a variety of shouts.

Qin Yun said with a smile : “The power of this evil yang is a very strong soul! This guy is finished… Devour is a powerful soul, dissolved strength, used to cultivate my soul. !”

Profound Yang is like a melting pot that dissolves all kinds of energy and turns it into the purest raw energy.

After the soul is dissolved, there must be a lot of pure Mental Force to absorb.

Just a moment, Qin Yun’s dark arm gradually recovered, and the black gas disappeared.

“Being Devour!” The charm is said with a smile.

Qin Yun Divine Arrow, held by Qin Yun, turned into a red fire again, like a layer of flame.

“The Spirit of Divine Arrow… What the hell is going on?” Qin Yun asked: “Can Zhenyang Divine Arrow not control the heart of the sun? Why not control the Sun’s heart and destroy the Xu family and the evil spirits? people?”

“I can’t do it!” Divine Arrow’s Spirit: “The Heart of the Sun is not completely controlled by me. Let’s just say, Nine Sun has nine Chun Yang, the nine red suns you can see on the Nine Wild. ! Now there are only three nine Chun Yang in the sky of the nine wild!”

“In addition to nine Chun Yang, there are nine evil yang! Nine evil yang is the dark side of nine Chun Yang… And Nine Sun’s heart is the heart of Nine Sun, which is common to nine Chun Yang and nine evil yang, and has been fighting for control! ”

Qin Yun is not surprised, because this existence is relatively normal.

“Once the nine Chun Yang is destroyed, the nine evil spirits can control the heart of the sun! You have the people of Zhenyang Divine Arrow, the main task is to suppress the power of evil spirits, don’t let the sun heart be controlled by evil sun!” Divine Arrow Ling said again: “You must hurry to practice, as long as you become 9th Layer Earth Immortal, with the strength of the four of you, enough to fight evil spirits!”

Qin Yun asked: “As long as we destroy the evil-yang people next to the heart-yang world, we can return to the fairyland?”

The spirit of Divine Arrow should say: “Yes! And you must also return to the fairy, because the strength of the nine evil will invade the fairy, which is the great turmoil before the destruction. In addition, there may be extraterrestrial The creature is plugged in, that is the biggest crisis!”

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