Nine Sun God King

By Solitary Little Thief

Nine Sun God King Chapter 1213

Nine Sun God King Chapter 1213

Qin Yun is just a smile and continues to engrave the dragon totem pattern.

When Xian Rujing was in the spirits, he knew that Qin Yun had mastered the Strange Mark soul, but he did not know how much he mastered.

She is also secretly scared now, because Qin Yun carved dragon totem, the fineness is very high.

Old Dragon is very happy said with a smile : “If you really have carved, and then meet the two strong people of the group of bastards, I can kill a few!”

Carving dragon totem is also very simple for Qin Yun. He did this to make Old Dragon a stronger strength!

In this seabed domain, Qin Yun has only a few strong players to do the backing.

After a few hours, Qin Yun also carved, not too tired.

Old Dragon is very happy and very happy, I really want to try the powerful strength I just got.

Xian Rujing said: “The people of Xianjia should be coming soon!”

Lu Haikang, a few of them, quickly hid, they have Qin Yun refining characters, can hide the breath.

The suit was also worn on Qin Yun’s body, but I wore other clothes outside, so I couldn’t see it.

And he held a box in his hand, and the clothes in it were faked by him and Nangong Water.

In front, there are several big cars flying fast.

After the big car came, seven old men and more than ten middle-aged people walked from above.

Fairy laughs also followed them.

Qin Yun saw Di Yuan, dressed in a very beautiful, wearing a white shirt, walking posture is also very coquettish.

“If you are quiet, we have long time no see, you are getting more and more beautiful, even if you dress very casually, you can’t cover your beauty!” Di Yuan’s voice, the tone is like a woman, it sounds like people Chicken skin.

“Does people bring it?” Xian Rujing asked coldly.

“Bring it!” Di Yuan waved his hand.

I saw the Immortal Spirit snow and fairy seals, respectively, were pressed down from the car.

Immortal Spirit Snow was brought down by Xian Xiao, whose face was full of sad appearance, because she never thought that Xianjia would treat her like this.

For many years, she was loyal to the Xian family, but now she uses her to threaten Xian Rujing.

“younger sister, sorry, dragging you!” Immortal Spirit snow can not help but fall into tears.

Xian Rujing coldly looked at the fairy smile and the few old man, I can’t wait to get rid of this group of people.

“Where is the clothes?” Di Yuan looked at Qin Yun and smiled. “It’s a very handsome boy. It’s no wonder that you will love you like Jing Jing!”

Qin Yun can’t wait to beat the strongest big move, killing this Di Yuan, whether it is eyes or sound, or a demeanor, it makes him feel sick.

Xian Rujing took the box in Qin Yun’s hand and opened it and said, “The suit is here!”

After Di Yuan saw it, said with a smile: “heard, this suit is blended with the soul of your little servant. What should I do?”

“As long as he is willing, he can dispel the fusion!” Xian Rujing took out a dress and threw it to Di Yuan.

After Di Yuan took over, said with a smile: “If quiet, I heard your little servant is still a Strange Mark Master! And there are deep hatreds between the two strong people, it is a very powerful person!”

He took the dress and went to study with several other old men.

Qin Yun deliberately made the impression of the Heavenly Seal of the cloud more obvious, so the old man can be recognized at once, all to be wild with joy.

Originally, only the pants were printed.

In order to make it more realistic, Qin Yun got on the clothes. Anyway, he passed through and activated the suit, and even if there is a change, no one will doubt it.

Di Yuan immediately tried on the test and did not respond.

“Not everyone can wear it, Xuan Yuan Ping got this suit for so long, but nothing was found!” said Xian Rujing.

“Tear the pants too!” said Di Yuan.

“I have given you the clothes, should you let people go?” Xian Rujing said coldy.

Di Yuan gave a look to the people behind, and they put the fairy on the shelf.

But Immortal Spirit Snow is also being looked at by the smile.

Immortal anger said: “Why don’t you let the spirit of the elder sister?”

“Lingxue is the woman of my family Song Master, I will of course put her out, but she will continue to be under house arrest at Immortal Palace! Unless… unless you come to change her!” Yin Yuan, a strange match with a smile .

Song Fengchen is willing to smash the Immortal Spirit snow, also in order to get close to Xian Rujing, wanting to accept the immortal and Immortal Spirit snow. But later, I found that one piece of immortal iron plate is not enough.

“Younger sister, don’t promise him!” Immortal Spirit shouted in tears.

Xian Rujing looked at Qin Yun and let him go.

Qin Yun smiled and looked at Di Yuan and said: “My family is quiet, even if you die, you can’t promise it! This, the old senior of Xianjia should know?”

Di Yuan said with a smile : “This little man, you have to know, if Xian Ruo does not agree, then Immortal Spirit Snow is my family Song Master!”

“Your home Song Master, be sure to be beautiful, will not care about Immortal Spirit snow?” Qin Yun said: “If you don’t put Immortal Spirit snow, don’t want this pants!”

Di Yuan laughed: “If you don’t give us the pants, then I will strip the clothes of Immortal Spirit on the spot!”

These words make Xianrujing angry!

Qin Yun is very calm with a smile: “Di Yuan, whether you are, or your family Song Master, don’t care about Immortal Spirit snow! Otherwise, let’s make a deal, you give Immortal Spirit snow to us. We give you four hundred thousand thousand yuzhu! So, you can also use Immortal Spirit snow for a bigger benefit!”

I heard four hundred thousand thousand fairy jade beads, Di Yuan, Xian Xiaopian and several other seniors, all eyes are shining!

“You have four hundred thousand thousands of jade beads?” Di Yuan eyes with a hint of fanaticism.

Although he is the first slave of Song Fengchen, so many Xianyuzhu is a big deal for him.

“We signed a soul contract to trade!” Qin Yun said with a slight smile: “This way, everyone can rest assured!”

“Good!” Di Yuan agreed, because even he is only able to get 30,000 Xianyuzhu every year.

Subsequently, Di Yuan excitedly signed a contract with Xian Rujing.

Xian Xiaopian and the elders of Xianjia are very dissatisfied, because Di Yuan sold the Immortal Spirit snow and wanted to swallow those few thousand thousand beads.

After signing the contract, Xian Rujing ordered nod on Qin Yun.

Qin Yun handed Di Yuan a storage bag.

Di Yuan also let Xian Xiao dumped the Immortal Spirit snow.

After the snow of Immortal Spirit, I cried in a low voice with the immortal.

“So many fairy jade beads, where are you coming from?” Di Yuanqing counted a large number of fairy jade beads in the storage bag, very excited to ask.

“I am coming!” Qin Yun said with a smile.

Immortal Spirit Snow is deeply grateful to Qin Yun, and she is willing to save her with so many fairy beads.

Di Yuan said with a sneer : “That pants, should you give us?”

“Give!” Qin Yun threw the pants over.

After Di Yuan got the pants, he immediately put it on.

Now, the clothes he wears are black. After the blood drops, there is no reaction at all. Unlike Qin Yun, it will turn white.

The elders of the fairy family are all around, looking at the clothes on Di Yuan.

“Di Yuan, do you know what level of this suit?” Qin Yun suddenly asked.

“Qin Yun, what is Qin Grandmaster, do you know what is this level?” Di Yuan asked: “How do you feel when you put it on?”

“This is Top Rank 仙衣! I used to wear it, there is a feeling of impervious to sword or spear, and can quickly absorb Immortal Qi, can condense a strong fairy force! I am a sham, but wear After going to this set of clothes, it is not difficult to defeat the three robbers and half a fairy!” Qin Yun said with a smile.

Who knows, Qin Yun was wearing this suit, and strength was very fierce.

“What do you say so much? I can’t activate it!” Di Yuan coldly snorted and said.

“I am Strange Mark Master, I have a way to help you activate, let the fairy dress merge with your soul!” Qin Yun said with a smile : “But… this dress should be for Song Young Master?”

Di Yuan angered: “Of course, it is for Song Young Master, but I have to check for him. Isn’t it? Quickly, how can you help me activate this suit!”

He thinks that he is a five-robbery and a half-sex. If you get this set of Top Ranks, even if you face the immortal, there is no fear!

“You give me four hundred thousand thousand yuzhu, I will help you activate!” Qin Yun said with a smile.

“You… you can’t think about it!” Di Yuan shouted: “Cover them, don’t let them run!”

At this time, Lu Haikang, Old Dragon, Zhuge Qingxiong, Duan Patriarch, Hu Nongtian, all rushed, and the momentum was fierce.

In particular, the powerful Longwei of Old Dragon is even more frightening to the elders of Xianjia.

“Today, whoever dies is not necessarily!” Qin Yun faint said with a smile.

The fairy smile was also scared to tremble with his legs because he was locked by the fierce killing intent of Old Dragon.

He really did not expect that Qin Yun, a small servant, could call such a powerful helper.

Immortal Spirit Snow also secretly marveled at Qin Yun’s ability, and also understand why he dared to challenge the two strong.

Zhuge Qingxiong said with a slight smile: “You, the two big strong men, the five big Sea Clan besieged us a few people, but they have not hurt us! Instead, they are hurt by us! If you play with us Get up, you should die half!”

Di Yuan and Xianjia’s old people, the heart is cursed with Qin Yun, they really did not count, Qin Yun will call a few powerful six robbers and half as a helper.

“Qin Yun, can you really help me activate this suit?” Diyuan coldly asked, if he got this suit, he would make a big profit.

“Four hundred thousand thousand yuzhu, what level of celestial clothing can I buy?” Qin Yun looked at Xian Rujing and asked.

“Slightly high Grade Fairy!” Xian Rujing replied, she is now more assured.

This is to tell Di Yuan, as long as you spend four hundred thousand thousands of fairy beads, you can get Top Rank fairy clothes, but also floating clouds Immortal Monarch refining, very cost-effective.

“Well, I promise you! But I have to sign a contract!” Di Yuan has been a slave for so long, and he has long wanted to leave.

After Qin Yun and Di Yuan signed the soul contract, they also had to go back to the four hundred thousand thousand jade beads, and then casually made a few, so that the clothes on Di Yuan became white, which made Di Yuan very happy.

And the fairy laughter and other older generations are very incomparable.

Xian Rujing secretly admired Qin Yun’s means, so that only one FALSE dress was lost, and Immortal Spirit Snow was saved.

“Emperor elders, I know that you are very upset, but you have to know that this suit is exchanged with Immortal Spirit snow! Immortal Spirit Snow is the woman of my family Song Young Master, I used her to change this set of Top Rank 仙Clothing, this has nothing to do with your fairy family!”

Di Yuan laughed heartily, then looked at Qin Yun, said with a malicious smile: “You don’t want to go, the two strong people are ambushing nearby, you can’t go, Hahaha…”

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