Nine Sun God King

By Solitary Little Thief

Nine Sun God King Chapter 1137

Nine Sun God King Chapter 1137

“Small clouds, I will take you to see the soul of Profound Yang. You can try it first, can you take away the soul of Profound Yang!”

The Great Emperor took Qin Yun and walked into the stairway leading to the ground. He said, “You are going down, the soul of Profound Yang is underneath. I don’t usually get close, it is very difficult to get close!”

Qin Yun went on.

The Great Emperor yelled at the back: “If the soul near Profound Yang feels too uncomfortable, stay away as soon as possible!”

“Know it!” Qin Yun nod said.

“I will go to the Dragon Clan group of bastards. I haven’t seen them for a long time! The Dragon God altar is destroyed, their faces are definitely good, I am going to stimulate them, Hahaha…”

The Great Emperor is very happy. He not only sees the son of own, but also sees the appearance of Dragon Clan.

You know, the Great Emperor has been a great Emperor, but now the strength is suppressed, and his strength is the same.

Dragon clan got the help of Dragon God through the Dragon God altar, and the Great Emperor was hard to fight, and it has been for many years.

Now, Dragon clan doesn’t have the Dragon God altar, and the Great Emperor can finally counter the Dragon clan.

Qin Yun walks in the dark stairs and feels very good.

He did not expect to meet with the meditation Cult Master so smoothly.

“How much do I know about the uglies of the Great Emperor in my previous life? This guy, I can’t help but never recover the memory!”

Qin Yun thought of this and felt a little funny.

“Little Yun, Sister Ruan does not seem to want you to restore memory, you can it be that also know the stupid things she has done before?” Ling Yunjiajiaid with a smile.

“Maybe! When I got the soul of Profound Yang, I would contact my sister, and ask her if she knew the relationship between the Great Emperor and me!”

Qin Yun thinks that Xie Qirou should be aware of it, but he has been holding him for nothing.

The spirit also said: “The Artifact Spirit of the Holy Spirit, I don’t even say this to you! Really!”

“Maybe because of my reincarnation, Artifact Spirit doesn’t recognize me very much!” Qin Yun said with a smile : “But in any case, the Holy Blade is still following me!”

This staircase is very long and leads to a deep underground.

Qin Yun is flying fast, and there are some doubts in my heart.

Because the Great Emperor said that it would be very uncomfortable to be close to the soul of Profound Yang.

He doesn’t know why it is uncomfortable, just want to hurry up and see.

“Yao Fangjie, my past life and the Great Emperor of the Nether are known, you know?” Qin Yun gave Yao Fang sound transmission.

“What? You and the Great Emperor?” Yao Fang was a little surprised: “I only know that the Great Emperor is a good guy, at least in the memory of the Great Emperor! It’s a stupid old man! ”

Qin Yun couldn’t help but laugh out. If the Great Emperor knew about it, his hatred of the Great Emperor would definitely increase.

“Yao Fangjie, I saw the Great Emperor! This guy actually said that I am his son. Do you think this is true? You didn’t talk to me about this!” Qin Yun said.

“You really saw him? Where did you see him?” Yao Fang was shocked: “Are you sure that it is the Great Emperor?”

“The wrong thing is that the soul of the Holy Spirit guides me to go…” Qin Yun said the process simply.

After listening to Yao Fang, I felt incredible.

“Qin Yun, you are very likely to be the son of the Great Emperor of the Nether… Really, your identity has always been a mystery in the fairyland! I think you are not just as simple as the son of the Great Emperor!” It is also full of curiosity.

“Yao Fangjie, how is your Nine Sun learning?” Qin Yun also plans to ask the Nether Great Emperor about Nine Sun.

At the beginning, Qin Yun was released in the past, deliberately let Yao Fang be cursed by the Great Emperor.

After Yao Fang was cursed, he could peek into the memory of the Great Emperor of the Magic Fairy before he got the Nine Sun.

Also in other words, this was carefully planned by Qin Yun’s past life, and Yao Fang did not hate Qin Yun because of the Nine Sun.

“I still can’t master it! I won’t pass it on until I don’t master it! It’s not that I want to swallow it, but I worry that you will go away, a devil… Also in other words, you can’t touch now. “Yao Fang said.

Qin Yun did not doubt Yao Fang’s words. Although Yao Fang hated him very much, he still got along well with him, and he was very concerned about him and gave him a lot of help.

“Yao Fangjie, do you need to destroy the soul of the world? If you have a soul to cooperate, you may learn faster!” Qin Yun said with a smile.

Qin Yun has no soul of extinction, but Xiao Yue Mei’s mirror record has him, he can join hands with Xiao Yue Mei to refine the soul of the world.

“If you have time, get it for me! I will try it!”

Yao Fang also knows Xiao Yue Mei’s mirror and burns the soul of Profound Yang.

“What is the relationship between Yao Fang, my past life, and my sister?” Qin Yun asked.

“I don’t know!” Yao Fang is also very curious about this matter.

“Oh!” Qin Yun can only ask from the Great Emperor.

Xie Qirou will never tell him about it.

Not long after, Qin Yun suddenly felt that his body was sour, which made him very uncomfortable.

“could it be that is close to the soul of Profound Yang?” Qin Yun was shocked: “What is this energy, why does it make me feel uncomfortable?”

“Little Yun, the strength of the soul of Profound Yang is very special… you can try it, can you use Nine Sun Divine Soul to resist!” Ling Yun said: “If Nine Sun Divine Soul can’t resist, then you can’t near!”

Qin Yun is really difficult to go on because he is sour and can’t say that it is painful, it is difficult to feel that way.

He secretly mobilized Nine Sun Divine Soul to enter the energy of the whole body into the Nine Sun Divine Soul.

His energy passed through the Nine Sun Divine Soul, and after entering the body, the feeling of sourness was gone, allowing him to continue.

“It seems that to get the soul of Profound Yang, having Nine Sun Divine Soul is the key!” Qin Yun was in the dark, and then walked quickly.

Finally, he came to the bottom.

Here, there is a black bead that looks like Profound Yang.

Unlike Profound Yang, this black bead gives a very special feeling.

“This is what is going on?” Qin Yun suddenly felt a little headache and quickly covered his head.

“Little Yun, that’s a mental force attack!” Lingyun shouted: “Inject your Mental Force into the Nine Sun Divine Soul and cycle through the Nine Sun Divine Soul!”

Qin Yun immediately did it, and it took a long time to recover.

“No wonder the righteous father will say that it will be very difficult to come here! The soul of this Profound Yang is really difficult to collect!” Qin Yun took out the funeral figure and contacted Xie Qirou.

“Little Yun? Is there anything?” Xie Qirou’s sweet and soft voice came.

“Hey sister, I found the soul of Profound Yang, just in front of me, how do I collect it?” Qin Yun hurriedly asked.

“Ah! So fast!” Xie Qirou was a little surprised and hurriedly said: “You can charge with Nine Sun Divine Soul!”

Qin Yun controls Nine Sun Divine Soul from the own’s wrist, then walks over and touches the soul of Profound Yang.

The soul of Profound Yang suddenly turned into a black gas, wrapped around his wrist, and he was screaming.

“Little Yun, what’s wrong?” Xie Qirou was full of worried voices.

“No…nothing, the soul of Profound Yang is like a snake suddenly entangled my wrist, I was shocked!” Qin Yun said with a smile.

The soul of Profound Yang is also a little bit into the Nine Sun Divine Soul.

Qin Yun asked: “Hey Sister, the soul of Profound Yang and your Jiuyin god, should be a pair? Why can I enter my Nine Sun Divine Soul?”

“You are only temporarily charging the soul of Profound Yang. When we meet later, the soul of Profound Yang will enter my Jiuyin god!” Xie Qirou said with a smile: “Little Yun, the soul of Profound Yang is very Strong ability, as for what it is, I am not quite sure now!”

Qin Yun looks at own’s wrist, the string of Nine Sun Divine Soul. One of the nine beads has become bigger, and that is the soul beads of Profound Yang.

“To deserve to die, that bead is the fourth bead, I can’t open it!” Qin Yun low cursed: “Where not go, just enter this bead!”

“Little Yun, don’t worry! The soul of Profound Yang is already in your hands!” Xie Qi soft said with a smile.

Qin Yun finally got a soul of Profound Yang, but he still couldn’t use it. He also needed to open the fourth bead of Nine Sun Divine Soul.

“Hey Sister, I saw the Great Emperor, that he gave me the soul of Profound Yang…” Qin Yun told Xie Qirou after seeing the passage of the Great Emperor, “He is really me.” The righteous father?”

“Well! I am not too clear about this matter. Your past life was only mentioned with me. The specific situation did not tell me!” Xie Qi softly sighed.

“My father said, I turned you away from Immortal Emperor and made the Immortal Emperor jump off. This is what happened?” Qin Yun was very curious.

“This is… I was with you at the beginning!” Xie Qirou said with a smile: “Little Yun, don’t ask this! This is a long time ago!”

Later, Qin Yun told Xie Qirou about the Dragon God altar and the altar of the evil spirit.

Xie Qi soft heard amazement.

“The righteous father is doing things for the gods, so have you done anything for these gods?” Qin Yun asked.

“No… they don’t look at me!” Xie Qi smiled softly: “The Great Emperor and Immortal Emperor are definitely there!”

Qin Yun swears: “The Great Emperor and Immortal Emperor are really wastewood, so many things for God, they can’t enter the holy land!”

Xie Qi Judo: “Those gods don’t want them to enter the holy land, just want them to be in the wild. After all, the magical Great Emperor and Immortal Emperor are the strongest in the fairyland!”

Qin Yun thinks and thinks that those gods don’t want to make the Great Emperor and Immortal Emperor stronger, which is more convenient to control.

“Little Yun, Yue Lan, they are still okay in the Guanghan Palace, she wants you not to worry about them, let you take care of Yue Mei, and… Xian Rujing! Yue Lan gives you orders to let you know about Xianrujing. Better!” Xie Qi softly said with a smile : “What is Yue Lan thinking, you should be clear?”

Xian Rujing is the key to Qin Yun’s possession of Nine Sun. Qin Yun knows what Xiao Yuelan is thinking.

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