Nine Sun God King

By Solitary Little Thief

Nine Sun God King Chapter 1069

Nine Sun God King Chapter 1069

Yu Feng’s arrogant face stunned Qin Yun and said, “Know how good I am!”

Qin Yun laughs and says nothing.

You Feng took out his own flying boat, then carried Qin Yun and Gu Qiuqi, and entered the inner area of ​​Honggu College.

This time, I can go in without any casualty. I have to go through the gate of the inner zone. The air barrier has been closed.

Moreover, when entering the gate, it has to be checked.

Mainly there are people at the gate, holding some utensils to compare the breath.

When Feng Feng was inspected, he was still quite nervous, and he passed several checks smoothly.

She secretly marveled at the characters before Qin Yun, and she managed to hide her energy, otherwise she would definitely be discovered.

Not long after, Yu Feng took Qin Yun and Gu Qiuqi to a seven-story tower.

After the phoenix came, take out the sound transmission and carry out the sound transmission.

A kindly old lady soon opened the door and saw the phoenix. She said with a smile: “Xiaofeng, I haven’t seen you for a long time. Why don’t you come to see me often?”

“Mu Grandma, I am very busy…” You Feng looked at Gu Qiuyu and said: “This is the little girl I told you before. It is very well-behaved, don’t bully her!”

Wood grandma said with a smile: “How can I bully her? When I taught you, I was often bullied by you!”

Qin Yun said: “Yu Feng Teacher, you are so fierce, even such a good grandma is bullying!”

You Feng took a look at Qin Yun.

Grandma said, “Xiaofeng, how do you paint black outside your eyes?”

“This is personality, you don’t understand!” You Feng said: “Wind mother-in-law, I am leaving, I will come to see you next time, take care of Xiaoyan, but she has a big brother who makes head pain!”

You Feng looked at Qin Yun and said, “This is brat!”

Qin Yun said to Gu Qiu: “Oh, you should study with your mother-in-law, be sure to be serious, and communicate with her!”

Gu Qiu’s point is nod: “big brother, I will definitely study hard, and I will cook medicine pill for you later!”

Ms. Mu’s face is kind: “How good is Miss Miss, it’s so sensible! It’s hard to meet the student who is so easy to get along with this year! I will take care of you and teach you like my granddaughter. !”

“Thank you, Grandma!” Gu Qiuqi took the wooden grandmother’s wrist and was very happy.

Mu Grandma touched Gu Qiuqi’s head and then looked at Qin Yun, said with a smile: “Little big brother, do you want to be Xiaofeng’s student?”

Yu Feng immediately shouted: “I don’t want this student!”

Qin Yun If she is given a student, she will definitely be mad, because she does not have Qin Yun.

“No, I want to be a Teacher!” Qin Yun looks at the phoenix, said with a smile: “She is not worthy of my Teacher!”

“What do you say? I am so bad? I was one of the top ten Teachers last year!” Yu Feng fried, shouted.

“That is because people are afraid of you, only to give you a place!” Qin Yun said with a laugh.

“Hey!” You Feng grabbed his wrist and squeezed it. He said, “I will take you to Teacher and let you know how hard it is to be one of the top ten teachers!”

Qin Yun was thrown on the small boat by the phoenix and flew away quickly.

Wood grandma said with a smile: “Xiaofeng this girl, met the opponent!”

Gu Qiuyi also smiled at nod.


The interior of Honggu College is full of pavilions and numerous gardens.

The area that Qin Yun saw was only the school district of the Dark Society.

There is also the school district of the Sacred Society and the Devil Beast Alliance, which is more massive.

In particular, the Devil Beast Alliance’s school district is the most massive, and there is a large lake dedicated to the water system Devil Beast.

The dark school district is the smallest one.

Qin Yun sits on a flying boat, looks at the Profound Yang star in the far air, and sighs: “I really want to go to Profound Yang star! You can take me up with Youfeng Teacher? If you can, I will give you Make a good set of Equipment!”

“I also want to take you up, but not the meditation discipline. I can’t get on the transmission line. I can’t do anything about it! When I become the Cult Master of the meditation, I will take you on an illegal tour!” You Feng said: “You will help me refine a set of Equipment. I will become a Cult Master and I will deliver my promise!”

“When will it wait?” Qin Yun rolled his eyes.

“You are now a mid-Martial Emperor. You have to go to the Martial Emperor. It will take a long time? And, you have to prepare for a robbery! You have to be a robbery to become a meditation discipline… I will definitely be before you become Cult Master!” You Feng said with confidence: “The fastest thousand years!”

“A thousand years ago, I have already become a fairy!” Qin Yun snorted: “Reassured, I am sure I will soon be able to spend half a mile!”

Yu Feng looked unbelievable, scorned light snorted, pointing to the front of a kilometer tower, said: “That is the learning tower of Honggu College, Teacher and many excellent students, live there! I will take you to the past Registration, as long as you pass the Teacher Examination, you can become Teacher!”

“It’s really troublesome!” Qin Yun’s doubtful look at Yu Feng, asked: “Are you really a virgin saint? Why didn’t you have any power? I thought I could easily become a teacher by your relationship with the saint. of!”

“You are one of the teachers of the entire Honggu College, but it is the certification of the three forces of Tonghong Ancient College. I said it alone!” Yu Feng faced Qin Yun’s suspicion and rarely angered: “You If you don’t understand anything, you know that you are indiscriminately questioning me!”

The Learning Tower is also the center of the Dark School District, the Holy School District, and the Devil Beast School District.

Both the Teacher and the excellent student live in it, and the higher the floor, the better.

Yu Feng handed a letter to Qin Yun and said: “This is my introduction letter. I just said that you are a friend of a friend of my friend’s friend, so that others will not doubt my relationship with you! ”

Qin Yun took the letter and frowned. “What do they suspect?”

“I am worried that someone is thinking about it, thinking that you and I are the relationship between men and women!” You Feng said: “When I learned the tower door, I will throw you down. You can go in and go!”

“Right, the content of the contract you signed with me is, I want to protect you as a student, and now I have to change it…”

Subsequently, she also signed a contract with Xin Yun from Xinyi.

After signing, Qin Yun was rushed off the boat.

He just went down, and Ying Feng controlled the boat to fly at the fastest speed, for fear that others knew their relationship was very good.

“Inexplicable woman!” Qin Yun took the letter of introduction and walked into the lobby.

There was a lot of counters on the first floor of the lobby. He soon saw a one piece of brand on the counter and Teacher signed the Examination point.

He walked over and took out the letter of introduction to the woman at the counter and said, “I am here to register the teacher exam!”

“Name, cultivation base!” asked the woman.

“Qin Yun, medium-term Martial Emperor!” Qin Yun said.

“Midual Martial Emperor? Our students are mostly late and Martial Emperor. You can only teach children this cultivation base!” The woman frowned.

“Introduction letter, Yu Feng gave!” Qin Yun took the letter of introduction.

After the woman looked at it a few times, she was a little surprised: “Well, if you can pass the Examination, it will be It’s nothing! The cost of 100 million Star Coin, registration fee, Examination material fee, if not passed, We will return 80,000,000 Star Coin !”

“100 million Star Coin?” Qin Yun cursed the phoenix in his heart, but did not tell him in advance, this is to hang him.

“You don’t have it? You didn’t tell you about Youfeng Teacher?” asked the woman in confusion.

“Of course she said to me, she said that she should first remember it on her head, and go back to find her! You also saw it, I am a mid-Martial Emperor, how could there be 100 million?” Qin Yun said with a Smile : “There is a phoenix guarantee, what are you worried about?”

“Well, if we can’t catch up with this Star Coin, then cancel your Teacher qualification and blacklist you!”

The woman ordered nod, then took out a card and handed it to Qin Yun, letting him drop blood on it.

“You took this card on the fifth floor and went there, you know how to do the Examination!” The woman pointed to the stairs.

“many thanks little elder sister!” Qin Yun smiled and walked quickly to the stairs.

The woman smiled softly: “Midial Martial Emperor also wants to be Teacher? This is definitely a prank of Youfeng Teacher, this brat will be tossed to death, and the phoenix Teacher will really play!”

Qin Yun came to the fifth floor. Here is a very empty hall. There are many middle-aged and old men here. Youngsters are there, but few.

After Qin Yun came, like other people, standing here with a card.

After half a day, the examination began, and the number of people was as many as three hundred.

“If you want to become the Teacher of Honggu College, you must have a certain ability to guide students, and now your Examination is to test your level!” An old man shouted in front of the lobby: ” Ladies and gentlemen, please move with me to the sixth floor!”

The old man walked in front and everyone followed.

In an empty hall on the sixth floor, it can accommodate thousands of people.

The old man shouted: “The person who thinks that the cultivation base is the lowest, come to me!”

Everyone suddenly looks at each other, because the person who is the Teacher, the cultivation base is not low.

Qin Yun also found that it seems to be half a fairy here, and those who look younger are also robbed and half a fairy, but they have not gone up.

Qin Yun thinks that the person with the lowest cultivation base is none other than him, and he goes up.

“youngster, what is your cultivation base?” The old man saw Qin Yun coming up, wondering: “From your breath, it is only Martial Emperor!”

“Senior has a good eye, I am in the middle of Martial Emperor!” Qin Yun said.

Everyone has a slight glimpse!

Martial Emperor is actually going to be Teacher, and it’s still in the middle!

Then everyone laughed.

Qin Yun knows that there will be such a result. Before he came, he did not know that the Teacher was as high as the cultivation base.

The old man shouted: “Don’t laugh! The winner is a teacher. You don’t have to have a cultivation base. You don’t have to be old!”

Qin Yun is very appreciative of this sentence, and busy nod.

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