Nine Sun God King

By Solitary Little Thief

Nine Sun God King Chapter 1006

Nine Sun God King Chapter 1006

The people of the sunny mountain of Foyang, although they were all surprised, they did not agree.

Before, the Thunder Wolf will lose to Xie Wufeng. On the one hand, it is somewhat underestimated, and the other is because when it is fighting with the night invites snow, the injury and consumption are too large.

The Thunder Wolf is not fighting at its best, so after losing to Xie Wufeng, he is also very dissatisfied.

Of course, the people of Lei Wolf and Heyang sunny mountain do not deny the potential of Xie Wufeng.

If Xie Wufeng is a mid-term Martial Emperor, or a late Martial Emperor, Ray Wolf has no chance of winning.

“Hundred tower entrance, can cultivate a Xie Wufeng, it is very rare! Could it be that they can also cultivate two failures? Qin Yun’s strength is very strong, and definitely not the opponent of the Thunder Wolf! He is Strange Mark The soul teacher, most of his time, is used in the Strange Mark!” Shao Lao said: “We don’t need to fear him!”

The people in the sunny mountain of Foyang have nod, and everyone’s face is full of confidence.

Xu Lun discussed with several old men and discussed who to send to power.

After a short while, they also discussed the results.

I saw a teenager in red and black clothes jumping on the Martial Platform.

This boy, it seems that about 10 3-4 years old, tied with a scorpion, face Yuanyuan’s, green and tender, revealing a delicate, the pair of slightly bigger eyes, full of contemptuous look at Qin Yun.

Qin Yun is about two heads taller than this boy. In contrast, it is a child and Sir!

The person who came up from the sunny mountain of Huoyang was actually a teenager, which surprised the discipline of the hundred tower entrance.

“Xu Xiaoba, you don’t want to underestimate the enemy, the other party is not good at all!” Xu Lun said.

“Grandfather, you can rest assured! I can definitely win! The Thunder Wolf is so much older than me, I lost both of them. This guy is just the initial Martial Emperor, and it is still Strange Mark Master. The combat power is definitely not good. !”

Xu Xiaoba is very confident, with a hint of contempt in his eyes, looks at Qin Yun, and said: “He is Strange Mark Master. When fighting, he must rely on Equipment! This kind of competition, you can’t use Equipment, he loses. It!”

Qin Yun frowned and showed his unconventional eyes. He went to see the small Martial Soul of Xu Xiaoba, but he did not see anything.

At this time, Xiao Yue Mei sound transmission to Qin Yun, said: “Brother, the Little Ghost’s Martial Soul is not easy, I can’t see what the Martial Soul is, you be careful!”

“I don’t know what Martial Soul? How could this be?” Qin Yun was very confused, asked for the sound transmission.

“Let’s say, I didn’t use a mirror to see the Martial Soul of the night elder sister? My mirror is a red, and when I saw the Little Ghost, my mirror was white!” Xiao Yue Mei said.

“Yue Mei, you have the memory of past lives, you must know enough, know what is this reason?” Qin Yun asked.

“Generally speaking, it means that their Martial Soul is stronger than mine! The Martial Soul of the night elder sister is red, the Martial Soul of Little Ghost is white, what is the Martial Soul, I don’t know. !” Xiao Yue Mei sound transmission explained.

Qin Yun secretly suspects that this boy named Xu Xiaoba may have a powerful Martial Soul, but it is only white.

Xu Xiaoba looks at Qin Yun and asks: “Your name is Qin Xiao Yun, or Qin Yun!”

“All right!” Qin Yun smiled and said: “The name is just a nickname!”

“What do you call for your parents, what is the name?” Xu Xiaoba asked.

“Qin Yun!” Qin Yun also felt a little funny, this Xu Xiaoba, actually entangled in these problems.

“If you call Qin Little Yun, I will see that our name has a ‘small’ word, and will be merciful, but you are not called Qin Little Yun, then I am welcome!” Xu Xiaoba said with a sneer.

Qin Yun is speechless. This Xu Xiaoba is really a child.

Of course, Xu Xiaoba’s cultivation base is very high, it is the peak Martial Emperor!

The boyhood is the Martial Emperor, which is not much in Nine Sun Sect. It can be seen that this little bully has a very high innate talent.

Qin Yun looks at Shen Bajian, nod said: “I am ready, can start!”

Xu Xiaoba quickly shouted: “Don’t start, I am not ready yet!”

“When you are ready, let me start!” Shen Bajian said: “I will put down the barrier now!”

Shen Bajian opened the barrier.

Xu Xiaoba is walking on the Martial Platform, looking around and wondering what he is going to do.

In short, the feeling of this young man is strange.

The people of the sunny mountain of Huoyang seem to be accustomed to it, and the discipline of the hundred tower entrance is discussing the boy in a low voice.

Yang Chongtian didn’t know much about Xu Xiaoba. Some worried: “Old Xu, how strong is your grandson? This is not a play. If you lose, you should give a hundred tower entrance 5000 High Grade Emperor every year. Source Stone!”

Xu Lun said with a laugh: “The bully defeated the Thunder Wolf twice, what do you say? I dare say that the bully will be among our hottest heavenly mountains, the youngest half-sex in history!”

Shao Lao said: “This inat talent of brat is very terrifying, and Martial Soul… his Martial Soul is also very special. In the sunny mountain of Heyang, he is the third-ranked Martial Emperor, and the thunder wolf is the seventh!”

The discipline of the hundred tower entrance, I heard that Shao Lao’s deliberately loud voice could not help but be dazed.

The thunder wolves are so powerful, they are only ranked seventh!

And Xu Xiaoba, this Little Ghost, is even stronger than Ray Wolf, and Fire Mountain is ranked third!

Terrifying is, in front of Xu Xiaoba, there are two very strong Martial Emperor!

With such a comparison, you can see the gap between the hundred tower entrance and the sunny mountain.

Xu Xiaoba is also very proud of it: “I am just too young, and I am temporarily ranked third… Of course, I am too lazy to fight for the first, because I will soon become a half-sex, Martial Emperor ranks right For me, it’s like a play!”

Qin Yun has been sensing the breath of Xu Xiaoba, trying to find something from it, but nothing at all.

Ling Yundao said: “Little Yun, this Little Ghost is not going to start, it should be to make people praise and praise him, this nasty little boy, must be jealous of him!”

Qin Yun also thinks that he gave Nine Sun Divine Soul’s Yaofang sound transmission and asked: “Yao Fangjie, how do you know about Yue Mei’s mirror?”

Yao Fang is very concerned about Xiao Yue Mei and Xiao Yuelan, and the relationship is extraordinary.

“The person who knows her mirror best is me! Even if she is owned, she may not know how powerful the mirror is!” Yao Fang asked: “What do you ask this?”

“Her mirror is white when she is exploring other people’s Martial Soul. What does this mean?” Qin Yun asked with a slight surprise.

Yao Fang’s tone suddenly became very surprised. He hurriedly said: “White? Her mirror detects other people’s Martial Soul, and it appears white… Qin Yun, is that guy your opponent?”

Qin Yun immediately realized that Xu Xiaoba’s Martial Soul was not simple, and he told Yao Fang about the situation.

After Yao Fang listened: “You only have 20% to win!”

Qin Yun said: “Yao Fangjie, what is Martial Soul?”

Yao Fang sighed and said: “That is not the ordinary Martial Soul … that Little Ghost, there should be the bloodline of Nine Sun Imperial Family, his Martial Soul, is given by the sun, in the wild name is called the soul of the world! Of course, this Martial Soul is also rare among the Nine Sun Sect Imperial Family!”

“The Nine Sun Imperial Family has a total of nine ethnic groups, and each family has two 30,000 years before they have a person with a soul of destruction!”

After listening to Qin Yun, he was also shocked and asked: “What is the relationship between the soul of the world and the Nine Sun?”

“There is a great relationship. People who have the soul of the world can master Nine Sun more quickly!” Yao Fang said: “Qin Yun, don’t mess with it… If you take away his soul of destruction You will definitely be destroyed!”

Yao Fang is worried that Qin Yun will go to the soul of the world.

Qin Yun took a deep breath, then compared the Shen Bajian next to the Martial Platform and said: “Sink tower master, I have something to do, say a few words with a friend!”

After Xu Xiaoba heard, said while laughing loudly: “Are you afraid?”

The people of the sunny mountain of Huoyang also laughed.

Fang Zhijin 讥said with a smile : “Things that are shameful!”

After the barrier was withdrawn, Qin Yun came to Xiao Yue Mei and then used her sound transmission to borrow her mirror.

Xiao Yue Mei’s mirror is very special, not a magic weapon, but a sword like the sword of the life, it is fine without the Martial Platform.

Although she did not know what Qin Yun was going to do, Qin Yun wanted, and she immediately lent Qin Yun. That mirror is equivalent to her half life, showing that she trusts Qin Yun very much.

Qin Yun borrowed Xiao Yue Mei’s mirror and placed it on the third bead of Nine Sun Divine Soul and handed it to Yao Fang.

“Yao Fangjie, when I wait for the contest, I can see if I can find a chance to take care of his soul of destruction. If it is, I can train the soul of the world!” Qin Yun gave Yaofang sound transmission.

After Yao Fang got Xiao Yue Mei’s mirror, she was very excited and very happy. “Qin Yun, it doesn’t matter if you lose, as long as you can shine on the soul of the world, this is more valuable than the Emperor Source Stone! Rest assured Although Yue Mei’s Martial Soul is not as strong as the dying soul, the mirror can also successfully record the soul of the world!”

Xu Xiaoba saw Qin Yun coming up, 讥said with a smile: “Worried to die, I thought you were going to run away!”

After Shen Bajian opened the barrier, Xu Xiaoba shouted: “I am ready!”

Qin Yun also ordered nod on Shen Bajian.

Xu Xiaoba double-handedly gripped, and the faint whiteness of the white clouds began to tremble slightly more than the Martial Platform.

Shen Bajian was shocked and started the big clock. The contest started!

During the bell ringing, Xu Xiaoba was loudly shouted, violently trembled than the Martial Platform, and then cracked and burst!


More than the Martial Platform after the violent shock, all broken.

It is a few hundred meters wider than the Martial Platform and has the protection of a barrier. Before going through many battles, it has not been damaged. At this time, Xu Xiaoba suddenly broke it.

Bang bang bang ……

Even more terrifying, it is more than a massive column of the Martial Platform all around.

The crowd suddenly jumped into the air, and it was destroyed at once than the barrier of the Martial Platform!

Qin Yun is far from Xu Xiaoba. At this time, it is also shocking to add. Xu Xiaoba’s strength is far beyond his imagination.

“Hahahaha… I want to destroy everything!” Xu Xiaoba is full of screaming laughter, covering the entire hundred tower entrance.

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