Nine Sun God King

By Solitary Little Thief

Nine Sun God King Chapter 807

Nine Sun God King Chapter 807

First, the head of the fat female brothel owner explodes, and then the arm of Yang Fangheng is degraded, which is almost instantaneous.

The onlookers also screamed and pushed away.

At the same time, several Martial Kings suddenly appeared outside the balcony.

“You…who?” Yang Fangheng could clearly understand that the man was nearby.

Qin Yun also appeared, just as he just appeared, the sorcerer’s blade in his hand also smashed the head of Yang Fangheng.

“Ah!” Yang Fangheng suddenly screamed, his body was almost split into two paragraphs.


Qin Yun’s fist, fiercely hit the abdomen of Yang Fangheng, and the inside of the road Xuan Dan hit the back of Yang Fangheng’s back.

Long Qiaofeng saw Qin Yun standing in front of own, which was the back that she was very familiar with, and suddenly she burst into tears of excitement.

“Who am I? I am Qin Yun!” Qin Yun finished, punching the head of Xiangyang Fangheng and breaking it.

Those who ran to the distance, and heard the words “Qin Yun”, could not help but look back.

This is really shocking for them!

Qin Yun is a legendary character, but now it is here!

Everyone knows that Qin Yun and Long Family are the opposite and the number one enemy of Long Family.

Today, Qin Yun goes deep into Dragon’s Cave, just to save Long Qiaofeng!

This is reminiscent of many things.

Previously, Long Family lost one dragon, and later only knew that this was related to Long Qiaofeng.

Today, Qin Yun came to save Longqiao, the other words, Long Family, the dragon, was taken away by Qin Yun!

For Long Family, the dragon is precious and is the beast of the town house! But it was taken away by Qin Yun, which is a shame for massive for Long Family!

At this time, everyone just wants to know how Qin Yun took the dragon. How is the dragon now?

“It turns out that Long Qiaofeng is stalking you!” A Long Family’s Martial King, looks at Qin Yun said with a sneer: “Qin Yun, you come here, simply walking right into a trap !”

Qin Yun put Long Qiaofeng into the first bead of Nine Sun Divine Soul, and he was relieved for a while.

The few Martial Kings here, and the many Wu Jun of Profound Martial Realm, are the ones Long Long has been ambushing here.

Qin Yun looks at the group, said with a sneer: “I want you to take me with you, too? It’s so naive!”

“Innocent is you! You are a guy who can’t get a Martial King Realm. You can’t escape today!” The Martial King yelled rushed to Qin Yun.

Qin Yun quickly released Heavenly Lion Town Long Ding!

Heavenly Lion Town appeared on the dragon, and it flew past.

Qin Yun is now in the late stage of Profound Martial Realm. It can be used very well in Heavenly Lion Town. It is used in battles more than in the refining.

Heavenly Lion Town whirls past and crashes into the Martial King, bursting out with a Heavenly Lion.

Terrifying, the Heavenly Lion Totem on Heavenly Lion Town, like the flying Heavenly Lion empty shadow, produces a strong strength.


The rushing Martial King was directly smashed by Heavenly Lion Town.

Several other Martial Kings who wanted to rush over, I was shocked to see this scene.

However, just as many people’s attention focused on Heavenly Lion Town, Qin Yun suddenly disappeared.

Heavenly Lion Town has also disappeared!

It seems that Qin Yun took the Heavenly Lion Town and suddenly left!

Just when everyone was surprised, a formidable Martial Dao is coming!

That Heavenly Lion Town suddenly appeared, slammed down and pressed on a Martial King!


The body of the Martial King was crushed by the heavily fallen Heavenly Lion Town, splashing a lot of flesh and blood.

Heavenly Lion Town Inside Longding, sealed with Long Family and Xuanyu’s Banxian and Martial Emperor, Qin Yun can’t open the lid now, but the Heavenly Lion strength released by Heavenly Lion Town has a strong suppression for Long Family. force.

All of the two Martial Kings were killed at once, but this scared the courage of the Long Family!

Even the people in the distance are unbelievable, because no one expected, even Qin Yun of Martial King Realm, can easily kill two Long Family Martial King.

“Heavenly Lion Town is a powerful dragon, it is a magic weapon to restrain the dragon!”

“Long Family is also bad luck, meet such a person!”

“It’s no wonder that Long Family has to kill Qin Yun in spite of it. Is Qin Yun mastering this Dragon-Subduing weapon?”

“Qin Yun is a Strange Mark Master, mastering the double Strange Mark soul. If he can refine more Dragon-Subduing tools according to Heavenly Lion Town, then Long Family can’t mix!”


A group of people said with emotion.

There are still three Martial Kings left, and they also informed the Long Family of Mighty Dragon Mountain Villa to let them send people.

After Qin Yun killed the Martial King, he took Heavenly Lion Town to disappear!

The other three Martial Kings are also brought together!

Heavenly Lion Town suddenly appeared, and there was a burst of black gas, and the gryphon burst!

“Block together!” an old man shouted.

Heavenly Lion Town was violently depressed, and the three Long Family’s Martial King also quickly released the strongest strength, blocking the impact of Heavenly Lion Town Longding!

At the same time, other Long Family’s Profound Martial Realm Wu Jun, one after another, attacked Qin Yun.

Qin Yun sneered, release five flying knives!

The flying knife flashed cold light, fluttering in all around, puncture back and forth on the group of Wu Jun, and suddenly killed a large piece!

Long Family The group of Wu Jun, who just flew past, all fell to the ground.

The three Martial Kings were shocked and decided to retreat!

Just when they were about to retreat, Qin Yun’s hand suddenly appeared a flashing strong sun hammer!

Qin Yun holds Nine Yang God Hammer and goes to the sky above the three Martial Kings.

Hōng lóng!

The thunder is ringing, and the heaven frightening moves, such as Nu Long.

The majestic strength, which struck from the air, poured down like a waterfall, sparkling with a strong glare, with thunder and thunder!

Bang bang bang ……

The thunderstorm force was laid down, Heavenly Lion Town Dragon Ding also suddenly flew away, and strength fell on the three Martial King!

At the same time that the night sky was illuminated, there was a painful scream!

Qin Yun held up Nine Yang God Hammer, the whole man rushed into the air, and the moment of hammering fell, as if Xing Chen fell, with incomparable burning and bursts of impact.

This is a falling star!

The three Martial Kings, in the face of this kind of strength to restrain their strength, are hard to parry.


Like the hammering of Xing Chen’s fall, the three Long Family’s Martial King burst into flames and spurt!


The Heavenly Lion Town, suspended in the air, also quickly fell down, smashing the three Martial Kings of the Long Family and igniting a flame.

Qin Yun looked at all the bodies of those martial arts, and quickly passed them, quickly extracting the Martial Soul from them.

“Mighty Dragon Mountain Villa, give me a wait!” Qin Yun sensed a few powerful Martial Emperor breaths, and quickly disappeared.


Qin Yun is still in the Dragon City, because I can find out the next news here, and I can know the next step of the Long Family.

After he was able to accommodate it, he stayed in a simple inn to rest.

Controlling Heavenly Lion Town Long Ding against those Martial King also made him very tired.

“I have to breakthrough quickly. I am only dealing with Long Family’s Martial King. It’s not so easy to deal with other Martial Kings!”

Qin Yun recalled the battle just because the Heavenly Lion Town was able to restrain the Long Family and make him more relaxed.

In the first bead of Nine Sun Divine Soul, Qin Yun let her out, and at the sight of her injured, she was secretly distressed.

“Qiao Feng, I am sorry, I am late!” Qin Yun sighed.

“Qin Yun, you don’t have to apologize to me! It should be that I apologize to you!” Long Qiaofeng lowered his head and did not dare to look at Qin Yun.

“Qiao Feng, how is your milk girl?” Qin Yun asked.

“She is gone!” Long Qiaofeng could not help but cry.

“It’s all gone together!” Qin Yun caressed Long Qiaofeng’s face.

“Thank you, and saved me!” Long Qiaofeng looks at Qin Yun, his eyes are full of gratitude.

“What did they do to you?” Qin Yun’s hand, pressed on the abdomen of Long Qiaofeng, could not help but frown: “Your Martial Soul?”

“Take them away.” Long Qiaofeng gently sighed: “They also found that I have a dragon totem!”

“I will get it back!” Qin Yun complexion sank: “The dragon totem, but I gave it to you, why do they take it?”

“Qin Yun, don’t go! I am still alive, I am very grateful to you!” Long Qiaofeng quickly pulled Qin Yun: “I can’t let you take risks any more!”

“Qiao Feng, I am not here for you! But your Martenial Soul, you must not fall into the hands of the Long Family, that is what I gave you, no one can take it!” Qin Yun’s face is gloomy.

“But…but is your strength enough?” Long Qiaofeng was worried.

“Reassured, I will definitely be able to get back to Martial Soul!” Qin Yun said: “I will go back to Immortal Weapon Palace and find someone to come!”

“Qin Yun, forget it! I can finish my life for the rest of my life. I am very satisfied! I don’t want the Immortal Weapon Palace to fight against Long Family for this matter!” Longqiao Feng sighed.

“Don’t say more, you have a good rest!” Qin Yun has decided to go to Mighty Dragon Mountain Villa.


Qin Yun killed several Long Family Martial Kings in the Dragon City and also spread it over the night.

This is to make the entire Long Family violent!

Because Weilong City is near Mighty Dragon Mountain Villa and is also the site of Long Family, Qin Yun has killed a few Martial Kings and killed a large piece of Profound Martial Realm!

This is equivalent to being arrogant in the home of own.

If Long Family doesn’t do anything, then there is no way to mix in Ao Star State.

You must know that the entire Long Family of the spiritual world is now united.

Therefore, the Long Family over the Flying Dragon State also attaches great importance to their position as a whole Long Family.

Even if the Long Family in Aozhou is being bullied, they have to take action to help them, so that they can unite and shake other Sects.

However, Immortal Armament City is also not vegetarian, which has a powerful immortal, and with this, it makes people who want to attack Immortal Armament City dispel their thoughts.

Qin Yun returned to Immortal Weapon Palace with Long Qiaofeng and went to the Immortal Weapon Temple.

When he came to the Immortal Weapon Temple, he saw Lan Suyao soaking in the Immortal Pond, and Bing Xing sat next to him, seemingly conditioning the injury of Lan Suyao.

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