Nine Sun God King

By Solitary Little Thief

Nine Sun God King Chapter 760

Nine Sun God King Chapter 760

Qin Yun doesn’t know the specifics of the Martial Sword Conference. He only thinks that he has little relationship with him. After all, that is the mutual game between the forces of several parties.

He is a little martial artist and he doesn’t want to go to the fun.

Qin Yun has this idea and is too underestimated. Because Jian Yutian and others are very eager to see Qin Yun.

At the time of the last Martial Dao hegemony, Qin Yun was only the beginning of the Spirit Martial Realm, but it reversed the situation and helped Sword Immortal Pavilion to recover the massive loss.

Although Qin Yun intends to go to Jiandao, he does not intend to show up. Because he is too much behind others, worried about being jokes.

“Little Yun, Martial Sword Conference, definitely fight, don’t you go up and play?” The spirit is playing with a smile

“Hey, I’m still some distance from Profound Martial Realm! The Martial Sword Conference is a genius of several major states, and it’s Profound Martial Realm. I’m just looking for abuse!” Qin Yun said.

“You have the body of Immortal Demon, and you can certainly make up for some gaps!” Ling Yun said.

“If it is an ordinary dish, Wu Jun, it is no problem, but those are genius Ah! Behind everyone, there is a super power.” Qin Yun sighed: “If you can use weapons, I would rather it’s nothing. I am so scared!”

If you use weapons, Qin Yun can win if you are lying down.

Aura with a smile: “There is a challenge to challenge!”

Qin Yun thought about it and said, “Well, I will try it when I get there! Yang Elder Sister seems to have gone too!”


Qin Yun own A person, who rushed the road overnight, soon came under Jiandao.

On the way, he also met people, they are all going to Jiandao.

Qin Yun is below, raising one’s head looks at sky, secretly shocked.

Sky has two massive empty islands, the first is the old sword island, which is relatively small.

The second Jiandao, above the tens of thousands of meters of the first Jiandao, is more massive.

The entire island looks like it was made of black iron and is very strong.

“The overall strength of this swordsman is really terrifying! There are not many Strange Mark Dao Masters, so you can’t make such a powerful empty island!”

Qin Yun took the shock and flew up.

The old Jiandao below is not abandoned and still has a prosperous city.

The sword island above is mainly the activity place of the entire sword family. It is now open to the public and is only for the Martial Sword Conference.

After Qin Yun flew up, standing in front of a gate, I also felt the powerful barrier of this sword island.

“I think I use the mysterious divine ability, I should be able to penetrate it!” Qin Yun thought secretly.

To enter this sword island, you need to be a division of Spirit Martial Realm to enter, and then you need five hundred thousand amethyst coins!

Qin Yun lined up to enter the gate, tested the cultivation base, and then paid five hundred thousand thousand crystal coins, and went smoothly.

“Yue Mei, Yue Mei, come out to meet the brother, I am at the gate!” Qin Yun took out a sound transmission conch.

This sound transmission conch was given to him by Xiao Xuanqin before. At that time, he did not intend to enter the quiet moonland, so Xiao Xuanqin gave him the conch and asked him to go back to find Xiao Yue Mei.

Sound transmission The conch soon came the voice of Xiao Yue Mei.

“Brother, you don’t move there, I will pass!”

After Qin Yun enters the gate, he walks here and also looks at the middle of Jiandao.

In the middle of the new Jiandao Island, there are seven sharp giant swords, which are thousands of meters high and are surrounded by the middle to protect the middle area. At first glance, it is the core of the Sword Immortal Pavilion.

When many people came in, they all looked at the seven giant swords in the distance, and they were all shocked.

“There are seven swordsmen in the spirits, and every swordsman has a very powerful sword. Now, they have made the sword bigger and used for the array, which is very powerful!”

“The swordsman is not as good as the Long Family!”

“The heard Long Family has ten dragons and is very powerful!”

“I think the swords are stronger, because they are all sword repairs! After practicing the sword of the life, you can easily kill the level!”

“What you said is only in the case of no weapons! If you use weapons, the advantage of sword repair is not great!”

A group of people are discussing, if Long Family and the swordsman fight, who will win…

Not long after, Qin Yun saw a blue clothed Little Miss with a double ponytail, half covered with a jade face, leaping and running, it is Xiao Yue Mei this little girl.

Xiao Yu Mei came over, smiled and pulled Qin Yun, Jiao said with a smile: “Brother, I know you will come back! Haha, the king returns!”

Qin Yun, across the veil, took down Xiao Mei Mei’s cute and pretty little face and said, “I have something important to find you!”

Xiao Yue Mei took Qin Yun and walked to the spacious street in front, whispered: “Brother, because you are not there, Jiannan 浒 that guy, but arrogant to the extreme, really no tiger monkey in the mountains called overlord, you must go Lessons to teach him!”

“Yue Mei, I’ve just been at the top of Spirit Martial Realm!” Qin Yun sighed.

“Nothing, even if the sword is a Martial King Realm, you can beat him!” Xiao Yue Mei tenderly snorted and said.

Qin Yun followed Yue Mei and headed for a tall tower in front. At first glance, I knew that it was Strange Talisman Palace.

Xiao Yue Mei got a badge for the Strange Mark, so I can stay at the Strange Talisman Palace for free.

I have to say that she got such a badge, but it is very valuable, so that she can stay in the luxury Strange Talisman Palace when she goes to every city.

“Yue Mei, is Jiannan 欺 bullying you?” Qin Yun asked.

“Just rely on the stupid monkey, but also want to bully me? He is not qualified!” Xiao Yue Mei looked disdainful.

“Then why don’t you go to the Martial Sword Conference and kill him?” Qin Yun said with a smile.

If Jiannan knows that Xiao Yue Mei calls him a monkey, it is estimated that he will be angry and directly killed.

“I have too many secrets on my body, I don’t want to be exposed, and I am not very good at fighting!” Xiao Yue Mei Jiao said with a smile: “Brother, you can sign up, defeat Jiannan, and then tell him You are Qin Yun!”

Xiao Yue Mei saw Qin Yun indifferent, whispered with a smile: “Brother, you fake identity on the line! Otherwise, I use my divine ability, turn you into a sister, you as a sister to defeat Jiannan 浒!”

“Death, don’t always want to turn me into a woman!” Qin Yun squeezed a Xiao Yu Mei’s face and smiled.

“Brother, don’t you think it’s so fun? Even Yang Elder Sister doesn’t know who you are! Don’t worry, I will turn you into an aunt, so that you won’t be stared by a group of stinky men!” Xiao Yue Mei I laughed even happier.

Qin Yun is also didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, can only look at her little face, as a lesson to teach her.

Xiao Yue Mei also stepped into Profound Martial Realm. With her innate talent, it took a few years. If there is no breakthrough, it is a strange thing.

In the Strange Talisman Palace, it is very lively.

Qin Yun came in with Xiao Yue Mei and also met an acquaintance. It was really a fat man who laughed at the animal husbandry.

Shepherd laughs and sees Xiao Yue Mei. Although he is fat, he can be thoughtful. When he sees Xiao Yue Mei coming in with a man, he also has doubts.

He quickly followed up.

Shepherd laughs and knows that Xiao Yue Mei has a badge of the Strange Mark, and she used to play with Xiao Yu Mei.

“Hey fat man, what are you doing sneaky!” Qin Yun also knows that shepherd laughs and sings with a smile.

“Smelly brat, it really is you!” Shepherd laughs and is happy.

Xiao Yue Mei came to the own suite and opened the door to let Qin Yun and Mufeng laugh advanced.

She looked outside and determined that no one was tracking, only went in, then closed the door.

“Hey fat, do you have an anecdote with you?” Xiao Yue Mei asked.

“Qin Yun is my friend, he escaped from the dead, of course I want to get together with him!” She said with a smile: “I thought he was dead, I still shed a few tears!”

Xiao Yue Mei swears: “Go and go, who believes in your ghost!”

牧风笑looks at Qin Yun ,said with a smile :”Qin Yun, you are in the quiet moonland, the harvest is definitely not small! The moonmount mountain range has become the big Treasure House, within the secluded wilderness, not Believe it!”

Qin Yun bitter with a smile: “Peace fat, if I have a great harvest, I have already stepped into Profound Martial Realm!”

Shepherd laughed and scorned: “Qin Yun, although you are not Profound Martial Realm, but you can sneeze, you can make the Profound Martial Realm guy tremble, you should not be modest, who do you know the strength?”

Xiao Yue Mei nod said: “Brother, you must go to the Martial Sword Conference and teach Jiannan to the monkey!”

Qin Yun smiled and smiled: “Yue Mei, you honestly say, are you hateful with Jiannan? I will help you mediate the mediation, and you won’t have to fight!”

Shepherd laughed hehe’s smile: “This little girl was the last time the person posing as a swordsman swindled and swindled, and was smashed by Jian Nanjun on the spot! Xin loses me to cooperate with her in time, otherwise it will definitely reveal the stuffing!”

Xiao Yue Mei glanced at the shepherd.

Shepherd laughed and said: “Qin Yun, this Martial Sword Conference, not only has the competition, but also the Strange Mark competition! The contest is divided into several levels, with the competition of Wu Jun, Martial King and Martial Emperor! Of course, you can also Go to sign up for the Wu Jun level!”

“The first thing I started was the Strange Mark game. The swordsman took out the good thing this night and rewarded last night!”

Xiao Yue Mei quickly asked: “What is the thing? Now I have a lot of guesses outside!”

Shepherd laughed and said: “I have a more reliable gossip, said to be High Grade Yang!”

High Grade Yang!

Qin Yun has a jump in the corner of his eye, this is the Strange Mark he always wanted to get.

Although Momo can see through the dark lines, it can also repair most Strange Marks, but she can’t copy the Yang lines.

Qin Yun’s sword from Jiannan’s former sword also had a positive pattern.

Sun and moon The fairy bed also has a sun pattern, but it can’t be made by the foam.

This is because the strength of Momo is not strong enough!

“If it’s just a set of High Grade Yang, then it’s nothing to use!” Qin Yun shook his head.

“It’s not just a group, it’s said to be several groups!” She said with a smile: “In short, I have already signed up! Of course, I didn’t want to win, and a lot of Strange Mark Dao Master of the swordsman also participated!”

Xiao Yue Mei said very uncomfortably: “Even if someone wins, the Yang pattern will only be in the hands of the sword!”

“I am going to sign up and participate in the Strange Mark competition!” Qin Yun said suddenly.

“Brother, it’s better to go to the competition. The Strange Mark game is good, you can’t win those Strange Mark Dao Master!” Xiao Yue Mei quickly shook Qin Yun’s shoulder.

“I am going to compare, I will do it!” Qin Yun said with a laugh.

“Qin Yun, if you go to the competition, it is best not to win the first!”

“Why?” Qin Yun and Xiao Yue Mei asked together.

“Because this is the first, it must be a battle between dragons and swords! It is the competition between Long Family and the swordsman. If you get the first, I am afraid… I am afraid that you will be hostile to Long Family and the sword!” Said with a smile.

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