Nine Sun God King

By Solitary Little Thief

Nine Sun God King Chapter 702

Nine Sun God King Chapter 702

Long Yue admit defeat, which makes the Muzhou King and Long Family people dumbfounded!

This means that they lost a very precious thing!

Especially the king of Muzhou, he lost a source of immortals before, and now loses a Purple Gold Moon Martial Soul.

What is most unacceptable to him is that Qin Yun, the person who killed his discipline, actually won his best thing!

After Jian Haotian withdrew the barrier, he quickly landed next to Qin Yun. The people of Long Family all rushed up.

In particular, the middle-aged and half-yearly fairy of Long Family slaps when they come up.

Long Yue, who just stood up, was beaten by the middle-aged and half-sex, and flew out than the Martial Platform.

Long Family people want to chase after the past and continue to abuse Long Yue, but was unexpected, Long Yue was actually caught by Xiao Yuelan.

Moreover, the cloud demon mother, also blocked the front, a palm of the Long Family that Martial Emperor!

“What are you doing?” Long Family’s half-senary quickly roared.

“Long Yue is the discipline of our demon moon island!” Cloud demon mother saw Long Yue being beaten, and also had a heart of tying, decided to pay for Long Yue at all costs.

On the Martial Platform, the rest of the Long Family is angry and asks Qin Yun, where he learned Heavenly Dragon.

Qin Yun looks at Xiao Yuelan, Long Yue, who is next to her, because Long Yue was not injured, but deliberately lost to him.

You know, Qin Yun has played the two tricks at the end, and there is no strength to fight back.

Although Long Yue seems to be knocked down on the ground, but full of energy, can easily defeat Qin Yun!

Qin Yun confirmed that Long Yue must be the person he is familiar with, so he will give this final victory to him.

People of other powers are also fond of this kind of thing, one after another taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune’s looks at.

The middle-aged half of the Flying Dragon state is the highest-ranking Long Family here. He looks at the cloud demon mother, said coldy: “You are waiting for me, I will wait for you to clean up!”

King Muzhou also rushed up and yelled at Qin Yun: “Qin Yun, your plagiarize Long Family’s secret skill, this is a violation of Martial Dao taboo, you rush to cultivation base, otherwise, you are dead today! ”

Bao Changshou is in front of Qin Yun. He also took over the three sources of immortals from Jian Yu Tian, ​​which was won by Qin Yun, so even if he fights his life, he must protect Qin Yun.

Qin Yun sat on the ground and got the Purple Gold Moon Martial Soul.

Jian Ruyan and the moon are also on the surface, sending strength to Qin Yun to help him recover quickly.

Qin Yun now has no strength, but he is not worried at all, because Bao Changshou will definitely protect him.

“You want to kill Qin Yun? When I am a dead person?” Bao Changshou said with a sneer.

“Package longevity, you take the three sources of immortals and go back to Immortal Armament City! There is nothing wrong with you here!” Muzhou Wang took out a long sword, and Xianli forced him to see at a glance. Immortal Artifact.

Bao Changshou laughed: “Qin Yun is the discipline of my Immortal Armament City. How can I not have it? If you want to kill Qin Yun, kill me first!”

Long Family’s middle-aged half-heart, coldly said: “I am the second Patriarch of the Long Family of Flying Dragon State, Long Xian! You should have heard of my name? Do you think you can beat me?”

“I didn’t bear you! I don’t think I can beat you, but I feel that I have to go with you, still no problem!” Bao Changshou said with a sneer: “I dare to fight with you, do you dare to fight with me?” ?”

“Well, let’s take a step back. I just have to revoke Qin Yun’s cultivation base!” Long Xian said: “He plagiarizes our Long Family’s Heavenly Dragon 诀, this is an indisputable fact!”

Qin Yun recovered a lot of strength and said with anger: “I didn’t plagiarize your Heavenly Dragon! That’s the totem Martial Art that I realized in my Following Dragon totem!”

“Your so-called Heavenly Dragon 诀, is also an improvement of the Following Dragon totem Martial Art! Even worse than the dragon totem Martial Art I master!”

Qin Yun’s remarks caused a commotion in the square.

That is actually the dragon totem Martial Art!

Long Family people don’t know what to say for a while. Because Heavenly Dragon 诀, it is indeed a adaptation of the Following Dragon totem Martial Art.

Longevity said while laughing loudly: “Have you heard that? It is dragon totem Martial Art! Dragon totem This thing, not your Long Family is unique, Qin Yun understands the Martial Art inheritance, it is normal!”

“He lied! He has Heavenly Lion Totem, and there must be no more dragon totem. The two are originally gram!” Long Xian coldly said: “He is an excuse!”

Qin Yun stood up, said with a sneer: “Would you like to carve the dragon totem and then announce it to the public!”

“You… do you really master the dragon totem?” Muzhou Wang stunned, even he could not completely master the dragon totem, only the carving part.

There are only a handful of Long Family Strange Mark Masters to engrave the dragon totem!

Long Xian is also shocked: “Qin Yun, do you really master dragon totem?”

Qin Yun said with a smile : “Yes! I can carve it now! I can even engrave many copies, and it is a gift I gave to the Strange Mark Master of the Spiritual Waste!”

“Do you believe it or not, I can make the dragon totem rotten!

Qin Yun’s remarks made the Long Family and the Strange Talisman Palace people feel terrified.

If it is a precious dragon totem rotten street, it will have a lot of influence on them.

They can absorb many Strange Mark Masters for their lives because they have a precious dragon totem.

“Now, do you believe that I have mastered the dragon totem?” Qin Yun looks at Long Xian: “My Martial Art is all realized in the Following Dragon totem!”

Long Xian and Muzhou Wang, I don’t know what to do for a while!

They want to win Qin Yun, and because Qin Yun won their source of immortality, they seized the opportunity to deal with Qin Yun.

But now, they are caught off guard by Qin Yun’s remarks.

Qin Yun looks at Jiantiantian, said with a smile: “Sword Headmaster, many thanks you take action! Thank you, and in order to enhance our friendship between Immortal Armament City and Sword Immortal Pavilion, I can give you dragon totem !”

The dragon totem was sent casually, but this made other forces have a sigh of relief and made a low-pitched voice.

Especially the tops of Long Family and Totem Court, the most heart-wrathing, because it is the mono of their monopoly, and now, Qin Yun has just sent it out.

Qin Yun’s remarks, let a few Sword Immortal Pavilion’s half-sense, one after another, will show the sword of the old, it seems to be desperate to protect Qin Yun.

“Qin Yun, in order to thank you for your gift, we will never let you suffer a little bit of damage!” Swordsman Hehe smiled: “If necessary, we can also invite the Senior Elder from the Sword Immortal Pavilion!”

Qin Yun’s dragon totem is enough for Sword Immortal Pavilion to send out the strongest strength.

Long Xian and Muzhou Wang also completely disappeared.

They are now at the site of the Sword Immortal Pavilion, and the Sword Immortal Pavilion protects Qin Yun so that they can’t even touch Qin Yun’s hair.

“Qin Yun, you are amazing!” Long Xian icily said, then turned to look at the cloud demon mother, said: “Old woman, I will hand over Long Yue! I will punish her on the spot!”

At this time, Xiao Yuelan suddenly gave Qin Yun sound transmission, saying: “Little Yun, Long Yue is Xiao Meilian, she was just slapped and injured!”

Qin Yun was stunned and his emotions were greatly affected.

Long Yue is actually posing as Qi Meilian!

He didn’t know why Qi Meilian had to sneak into the Long Family. He only knew that Qi Meilian was in front of him, and he was also slapped by the dragon.

“This bastard!” Qin Yun looks at his back to his dragon, his heart suddenly rises to the incomparable anger: “You play Xiaomeilian, I will make you better than death!”

Just when everyone looked at the cloud demon mother, Long Xian’s head suddenly appeared a Heavenly Lion Town!

When Heavenly Lion Town appeared, it released a force of the dragon, so that Long Yin, who is a dragon, suddenly lost his mind, just when he returned to God…


Heavenly Lion Town Long Ding fiercely pressed and covered Long Yin!

The tripod suddenly became smaller and then flew into the hands of Qin Yun.

The tens of thousands of people in the square are all stunned, and their eyes are wide at the sight of Qin Yun!

One and a half cents, even caught by Qin Yun.

Even the Jian He Peace Package has longevity, and Qin Yun did not expect Qinu to do so.

Long Xian was just awkward and no longer dealt with Qin Yun.

Qin Yun also does not need to take action on Long Xian.

However, he still took action!

Only Xiao Yuelan was not surprised.

“Qin Yun…what have you done!” the other people in Long Family yelled.

“I am doing your uncle, what’s wrong?” Qin Yun angered, and he thought that Long Xian would hurt Qi Meilian and he was angry.

Everyone didn’t understand that Qin Yun, who had just got rid of Long Family’s siege, was like a dynamite.

Jiannan whispered: “Qin Yun, you will put that guy away, otherwise Long Family will not let you go!”

“Reassured, I promised to give you the Sword Immortal Pavilion dragon totem, you can do it! If you don’t want the dragon totem, you can’t protect me!”

“I and Long Family have had a hatred. It is rare to have a chance to catch their half-sex, I will never miss it!”

Qin Yun will never lightly hurt Long Yin of Qi Meilian.

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Sword Immortal of Sword Immortal Pavilion, although Qin Yun is in the heart, but has to protect Qin Yun at this time, after all, dragon totem is still very important to them.

“Qin Yun and your long Family grievances, our Sword Immortal Pavilion!”

“But you have to do it at the Sword Immortal Pavilion site, then we can’t sit back and watch it!” Swordsman looks at the group of Long Family who are about to explode, said coldy.

Jiannan Yi also dragged Qin Yun away and said: “I took him to see our beautiful girl elder!”

Sword Immortal Pavilion has a very innate talent beauty Strange Mark Dao Master, also the Sword of the Sword Immortal Pavilion, Jiannan Q with Qin Yun to see the beauty elder, the intention is obvious.

It is to let Qin Yun pass the dragon totem to the beauty elder, and also avoid the Long Family people here.

Qin Yun wanted to say a few words with Qi Meilian, but she was taken away by Jiannan.


It was not long before Jiannan took Qin Yun to leave the square. A black massive ball suddenly fell from the sky and penetrated several layers of barriers and landed slowly on the square.

A few Sword Immortal, such as Jian Yutian, his face suddenly changed.

The black massive ball, more than a hundred meters wide, landed on the square, only to see a group of black robe people flying inside, with a strong evil.

Slaughter heaven and earth suddenly with a smile: “The people of the devilish domain have come, you have to finish!”

There is a mysterious field in the spiritual world, and there is also a magical waste!

The people of the Devil’s Land are coming here. The purpose is obvious, that is, to grab the source of the fairy.

Cursed in the heart of the sword, it is really a wave of unrest.

What worries them is that other Immortal Sects may unite with the people of the Devil.

For example, Yezhou King or Medicine Immortal Valley, etc., if they fight, their Sword Immortal Pavilion is very likely to be destroyed.

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