Nine Sun God King

By Solitary Little Thief

Nine Sun God King Chapter 667

Nine Sun God King Chapter 667

Qin Yun is killing the big star magic there, and has harvested a lot of Starry Sky Dao Pellet. His two Heavenly Lions are very brave and energetic, plus powerful, against the big stars, it is very easy Take it down.

Qin Yun, just holding a sword and attacking as a knife, although some are not easy, but this is the best weapon he can get now.

“If I can use Nine Yang God Hammer, killing these things is like mowing!”

In order to save physical strength, Qin Yun will try to avoid using a strong strength to attack, and only rely on cleverness to attack.

One of the key points of the knife type is how to use the skillful strength, with a very light strength, it can produce a lot of power, reaching a realm of four or two pounds.

Although Qin Yun is not good enough, but now it does not cost strighth to kill the big star.

Because the two heads of Heavenly Lion are very moving, you can know someone here in the distance.

Now, Jiannan Yi rushes to Qin Yun, and there is a very strong Liang Yuanhai behind him.

“Jiannan is coming!” Ling Yun said suddenly.

“What is this bastard doing?” Qin Yun quickly summoned the two Heavenly Lions, so that they would not be stared at by Jiannan.

Jiannan 浒 This guy is very aggressive. If he finds that the two Heavenly Lions are very strong and they are attacked by him as a demonic beast king, then it is troublesome.

“Not just a guy in Jiannan, there are people behind!” Ling Yun said: “I remember that guy, it seems to be the definition of Medicine Immortal Valley, but it has changed look! Could it be that is… magical ?”

“How could this be?” Qin Yun saw that Jiannan’s rushing over had a bad feeling.

“Jian Nan, what are you doing here?” Qin Yun shouted.

“Qin Yun, I will give you a present! Don’t you hate the guys in Medicine Immortal Valley? The guy behind me is on Medicine Immortal Valley!” After Jiannan came over, laughed heartily: “Hurry up and thank me!”

“I thank your mother’s uncle!” Qin Yun saw Liang Yuanhai so powerful, and suddenly cursed said: “Jian Nanzhen, are you a bastard not very good at fighting? How to bring this thing to me!”

Qin Yun wants to kill the big star demon and get a little more Starry Sky Dao Pellet.

“I don’t have time now, I am going to chase down what Demon Star Overlord… That guy is amazing, I can’t let him run! So, I will bring this Liang Yuanhai to you.” Jiannan 浒The child passed by Qin Yun.

After seeing Qin Yun, Liang Yuanhai suddenly became angry: “Qin Yun, you are the enemy of our Medicine Immortal Valley!”

“How did you become this guy?” Qin Yun felt the extremely strong evil of Liang Yuanhai, and could not help but frown.

“This is what overlord Sir gave me!”

Liang Yuanhai originally wanted to kill Qin Yun. After he was demonized, the desire in his heart would be more intense.

Jian Nan has already run far!

Qin Yun is not going to fight with Liang Yuanhai. He wants to save strength against the demon star Beastmaster.

“Jiannan 浒 this bastard, I thought he was a stupid coward, I did not expect it to be so treacherous!” Qin Yun turned and ran, chasing Jiannan.

Jiannan saw Qin Yun chasing him and suddenly shouted: “Qin Yun, are you doing dry hair?”

“I want to bring that guy back to you, I am going to hunt the beast!”

Qin Yun is also a little angry. If it is not a guy brought by Jian Nanzhen, he will be able to kill the big star magic very comfortably.

“Qin Yun, your strength is good, even if you can’t beat that guy, you won’t be killed!” Jiannan shouted: “Don’t let him bother me!”

“The bastard, I also have the thing to do! Why do you kill the Demon Star Overlord and let me deal with this demon!” Qin Yun angered.

“I don’t care, anyway, I don’t want to fight with that guy!” Jiannan said, suddenly smashed the ground.

Qin Yun looks at the hole, smashed.

“This bastard, actually will hit the hole, is he a mouse?”


In the back of Liang Yuanhai, a fist hit, the fist’s strength rang in a few kilometers, and when he passed the Great Earth, he left a deep gully on the ground.

Qin Yun angered to the extreme: “I will kill this guy first, then go to Jiannan to settle the account, the bastard is too much!”

The fist’s strength that came from the bang, although very strong, Qin Yun jumped into the air to avoid.

“Jiannan 浒 This weak chicken, certainly there is not enough strength, quickly kill this guy, only gave it to me!” Qin Yun fell from the air, slashed his sword.

Liang Yuanhai’s strength is very strong, but because it has just been demonized, the state is very unstable.

When Qin Yun attacked and the body swelled up, the arm suddenly became black and smashed, like a claw, reaching into the air and grabbing Qin Yun.

On the palm of Liang Yuanhai’s palm, Qin Yun’s swordsman also broke out a berserk’s shocking thunderbolt, which provoked a huge violent thunder.

“what happened?”

Qin Yun was shocked. He didn’t expect the sword of own, but he was caught by Liang Yuanhai.

“Hahahaha… garbage…” Liang Yuanhai crazy while while laughing loudly: “This is my strength…overlord Sir gave me strength, Hahaha…”

Liang Yuanhai was like crazy, laughing and then slamming Qin Yun’s sword.


Liang Yuanhai’s arm also overflowed with a wave of berserk, and Qin Yun flew.

Qin Yun grabbed the broken sword and was shocked to the extreme.

“Yue, how did this become so strong after the demonization?” Qin Yun was shocked by the strength and asked: “The guy always said overlord what…”

Ling Yun said quickly: “Be careful, dodge!”

Qin Yun quickly avoided Liang Yuanhai from the flight.

The maddening of Liang Yuanhai, the speed and strength of the surge increased a lot, after flying over, fiercely chasing Qin Yun.

Qin Yun quickly showed his death and disappeared, disappeared!

“You can’t escape!” Liang Yuanhai smiled and quickly chased Qin Yun. He seemed to know the whereabouts of Qin Yun.


Liang Yuanhai’s arm was smashed in the past, like a terrifying giant axe falling.

Qin Yun slams away!

It was just a thrilling moment. He felt that even if he had Mysterious Heavenly Lion Physique, he could not resist the terrifying arm.

“This guy should be the winner of the Star Demon King!” Ling Yun said: “The core of the demon star breeds a lot of star spirits, and those star spirits also have kings, if I don’t If you guess wrong, the king will be attached to a demonic beast!”

“The king of the demonic beast is the one that Jiannan is chasing?” Qin Yun said, evading Liang Yuanhai’s attack.

Liang Yuanhai is also angry, because he has not succeeded in several attacks, and he has always been avoided by Qin Yun.

After the demonization, he was very violent. At this time, he couldn’t calm down, and he kept yelling and attacking Qin Yun with the strongest strength.

“Demon Star Overlord, which Jiannan has to deal with, should not be evolved yet. It is no wonder that Jiannan is so anxious to go, he is also worried that the guy will not kill after thorough evolution!” Ling Yun said.

“Would you like to summon Heavenly Lion?” Qin Yun asked.

“Little Yun! You have to do everything you can to defeat this guy, but that is also very hurt for you.” Ling Yun hurriedly said: “Even if Yue Lan comes to help you, it is not so easy to take this guy! ”

“could it be that no way?” Qin Yun gnawed his teeth and repeatedly evaded Liang Yuanhai’s crazy attack.

“The body of this guy must have a star spirit, and it is still relatively strong, which means that his Dao Dan is also the kind of white Dao Dan who has the power of Xing Chen.” Ling Yun said.


Qin Yun’s abdomen was suddenly punched and flew to the distance!

That Liang Yuanhai was terrifying to the extreme, speed, strength and perception, all reached the limit.

“Little Yun, there is a way to get rid of this guy, but… but there is a certain risk!” Ling Yun said: “It is Devour, the power of Xing Chen of his Dao Dan, because of the risk, because I am not sure if the power of Xing Chen in Dao Danli is the purest!”

“If not, then your Devour comes in, it may be troublesome!”

Qin Yun said: “Try it and you will know. If you go on like this, I can’t get away. If Yue Lan comes over, it will drag them down!”

Said, Liang Yuanhai has already swept over.

Ling Yun controlled Profound Yang Dao Dan’s strength release, condensing a super gravity, pressed on Liang Yuanhai’s body.

Liang Yuanhai was crushed by the sudden super-gravity, and the body suddenly became difficult to move. Qin Yun rushed over and grabbed Liang Yuanhai, pressed him to the ground and locked the hands behind his back.

“Get started!” Qin Yun shouted.

Ling Yuner also controlled Sun Martial Soul and started Devour Liang Yuanhaidao Dan’s Xing Chen.

“Successful, it is the power of pure spirit!” Lingyun said with joy: “This guy will definitely continue to mad, and constantly release the strength of Dao Dan, so that you can easily absorb it!”

“If this guy is smart, he can defend your strength Devour.

Qin Yun also felt that the constant power of Xing Chen, madly poured into his Profound Yang Dao Dan, quickly refining into a pure Mental Force, poured into the skull, poured into the purple spiritual star crystal .

“If you have a little more of this guy, I might be able to breakthrough!” Qin Yun said while laughing loudly.

“It’s not so easy to breakthrough! Your situation is special. If you want to spiritualize the month, you should still need some specific conditions… Hey, if you see Yang Elder Sister, she might have a better way! “Ling Yun said.

Qin Yun’s Sun Martial Soul, Devour’s kind of Xing Chen’s power is very fast, and soon Devour is a lot.

Liang Yuanhai struggled wildly, cursed, if he stopped releasing the strength, Qin Yun would stimulate him and make him crazy.

In this way, Qin Yun can continue to release the power of Xing Chen from Devour.

Suddenly, the evil spirits in the air fierce and surged in one direction.

“Overlord Sir is going to evolve completely, Hahaha… I am going to be saved soon!” Liang Yuanhai said with a malicious smile.

Ling Yuner quickly accelerated the speed of Devour, and Liang Yuanhai’s Dao Dan was also taken a little by the time. After a while, there was only one empty shell left.

Qin Yun killed Liang Yuanhai!

“Let’s hurry, don’t let Demon Star Overlord evolve successfully!” Ling Yun said very worriedly: “Otherwise, we may all be very dangerous!”

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