Nine Sun God King

By Solitary Little Thief

Nine Sun God King Chapter 604

Nine Sun God King Chapter 604

The black clothed Corps is the most mysterious and powerful corps in the Illusory Immortal Armament Domain.

Grandma Ma also said before that the black clothed corps is equivalent to a large number of points, as long as you can kill one, you can get a hundred points.

Qin Yun recalls that there are more than 50 black clothed regiments that have just appeared. If they can kill them all, it is 5000 points!

“Mother’s, this black clothed corps is really amazing!”

Qin Yun clenched his fist and re-entered the Illusory Immortal Armament Domain. After he entered, he appeared in the safe city.

What he didn’t expect was that the owner actually lost a hundred points!

After being killed by the black clothed corps, one hundred points will be lost.

“to deserve to die !”

Qin Yun saw that the number of own points was one hundred less, and my heart was very upset.

The black clothed regiment is very strong and has never appeared. It is said that most people who see the black clothed regiment will be killed in an instant.

Unless there are several powerful regiments that besieged the black clothed regiment, there is odds of success.

At night, Qin Yun left the safe city.

He went to the Headquarters where the Longqiaofeng Corps is located, and went to Longqiaofeng to ask.

In the dark, he can use the power of the shadow to make the owner invisible.

As a result, even if the black clothed regiment appears, you can’t kill him at once.

“Long Qiaofeng has been here for a long time. Go to her and ask, I should be able to ask something!” Qin Yun closed his eyes and looked at the map.

Long Qiaofeng told him where the Headquarters of the Qiaofeng Corps was, and there was something to look for.

In Immortal Armament City, if there is nothing else, the disciples are mostly in the Illusory Immortal Armament Domain, trying to get points.

Only by getting points can you get a valuable cultivation method.

Especially those Heaven Grade cultivation methods, which require a lot of points to redeem.

Late at night, Qin Yun came to a desert.

Standing on the edge of the desert, he sensed that there was a breath coming out of it.

“Do you have a fight?”

Qin Yun was in amazement and quickly went to the desert with the fastest speed.

He flew for half a hour, and suddenly felt a Blaze Qi Cover of Berserk.

“Yang Shenglong!” Qin Yun remembers that this is the breath of Yang Shenglong.

Over the desert, many people are fighting.

That was the battle between the Qiaofeng Corps and the Shenglong Corps.

“Long Qiaofeng and Yang Shenglong fight in the distance!” Qin Yun looks at the distance, frowning: “Alright, the discipline of these two regiments, let me harvest it!”

Qin Yun released five flying knives!

After the refining of the flying knives, he became the martial artist of the Profound Tool, Martial Dao 9th Layer and Spirit Martial Realm. If there is no time to defend, there is only dead end one.

Qin Yun is hidden in the dark, controlling five flying knives into the chaotic battlefield and killing many of the Spirit Martial Realm martial artists.

His points are constantly rising!

Qiaofeng Corps and Shenglong Corps, but two large regiments, if all killed, add up to more than a thousand points.

Although some people died in the previous battles, there are also about 780 points.

The martial artists of Spirit Martial Realm seem to find that someone is taking action in the dark.

“It’s a flying knife, Qin Yun is here!” Suddenly someone shouted.

Qin Yun’s previous battles, many people have witnessed it, knowing that he has five very powerful flying knives.

I learned that Qin Yun is here, and the people of the two regiments are all one after another.

Qin Yun took out a black knife and quickly entered the battlefield.

Many people who escaped were also killed by flying knives.

Qin Yun is chasing the martial artists who flee, basically one by one.

In order to let Qin Yun kill more, Lingyun also quickly released strength to help.

Not long after, the two corps people were killed by Qin Yun.

“A group of weak chickens!”

Qin Yun is suspended in the air, looking at the direction of Yang Shenglong and Long Qiaofeng, then hiding in the darkness and flying quickly.

Qin Yun After the past, I saw that Long Qiaofeng was injured and was fighting against Yang Shenglong. The weapons in his hands were also damaged.

“Yang Shenglong, your despicable bastard, actually attacked me, not to say that we, these family forces will not fight each other!” Long Qiaofeng angered.

“Your Long Family is the strongest elder in Immortal Armament City. To be held for ten years, your Long Family has lost power in Immortal Armament City.”

Yang Shenglong said while laughing loudly, swaying a giant axe, playing a path of fierce burning waves.

“I killed your maiden, Long Family wouldn’t say anything, Hahaha… and the dragon madness also supported my actions.”

Long family’s elder, who was angered by the Protector Church, was severely punished and was detained for ten years.

In these ten years, the power of Long Family is weakened, and it is normal to be bullied by other big families.

These family forces are like this. When strength is evenly matched, they will unite, and when one is weakened, they will rush to eat the weak one.

Today, Long Qiaofeng is attacked by Yang Shenglong, and the same is true.

Long Qiaofeng is still too young. I didn’t expect Yang Shenglong to attack her regiment, but still use ambush.

“Dragon Qiaofeng, I have long wanted to go to you once, even if you are beaten by me, I want you to be a slave girl!”

The sinful desire of Yang Shenglong’s heart was completely ignited and laughed wildly.

Long Qiaofeng, wearing white clothed, has many blood marks on his body, all of which are hurt by the kind of terrifying.

“I wonder, even if I lose a thousand points, I won’t let you touch me!”

Long Qiaofeng’s voice is cold, and the jade face is full of ice.

Qin Yun can also judge from her voice that her injury is not too serious.

Long Qiaofeng uses Dragon Phoenix strength, which is also very powerful.

And the Maartial Soul of Yang Shenglong seems to be a strong flame Martial Soul, playing the Primordial road, releasing an extremely overbearing burning strength.

“Original, Long Qiaofeng and Yang Shenglong have similar strengths, even stronger than Yang Shenglong, but she does not have Heaven Grade Martial Art, so it is very disadvantageous on this!” Ling Yun said.

Qin Yun also ordered nod. If it is the strength of the game, Long Qiaofeng is not weak at all.

However, Yang Shenglong masters Heaven Grade Martial Art, and Dao Li is released through Heaven Grade Martial Art, which is much stronger than Earth Level Superior Martial Art.

Long Qiaofeng suffered from this loss, and she was ambushed before.

“Loyang Heavenly Seal!”

Yang Shenglong roared, a massive Fireball, like a small sun, suddenly fell, shrouded in Long Qiaofeng.

Long Qiaofeng was suddenly covered by this Fireball!


Under the control of Yang Shenglong, the Fireball, like the little sun, produced a burst of explosions that hit the dragon and phoenix inside.

Long Qiaofeng screamed in anger and pain.

“Dragon Qiaofeng is afraid of being tortured, and it is not a bad thing for her to experience this kind of thing!” Qin Yun holds a flying knife, and he can already take action.

After the big Fireball exploded, Longqiao Feng, who was covered in scars, lay on the desert and gasped.

“Hey, you are not pretty now, but the body is still very good!”

Yang Shenglong haha ​​smiled, just as he had just walked over, but saw a cold light shot.

That is a flying knife!

The flying knife stabbed and fell on the forehead of Long Qiaofeng, killing Long Qiaofeng!

The dead Long Qiaofeng also left the Illusory Immortal Armament Domain to avoid being tarnished by Yang Shenglong, but she lost only two points.

Yang Shenglong was shocked and he knew the flying knife.

Here, only Qin Yun uses this terrifying flying knife!

Just when Yang Sheng Long Jingxian was surprised, “xiū xiū xiū” flew a few flying knives from all sides.

“Qin Yun, don’t hide!”

Yang Shenglong is still very powerful. He vigorously slams his feet and his body rushes out of a Blaze Qi Cover. It is difficult for the flying knife to penetrate.

Qin Yun appeared, just behind Yang Shenglong!

He holding a black knife, a gentle wave, an ordinary knife, but very sharp and fatal, with the fastest and most appropriate offensive, squatting to the waist of Yang Shenglong.

Yang Shenglong’s Blaze Qi Cover is very strong, but Qin Yun’s knife is stronger!

“Ah, mean!”

Yang Shenglong’s lower back was slashed, the bones were broken, and the body could not maintain balance.


Qin Yun’s second knife, light and smooth, will smash the arm of Yang Shenglong.

When he felt that he was almost the same, he put the knife away, raised his fist, and slammed Yang Shenglong.

Qin Yun’s double fists, every time they hit the body of Yang Shenglong, they will overflow a wire.

Berserk’s black thunderbolt strength will also be drilled into the body of Yang Shenglong.

Yang Shenglong was screamed and screamed by Qin Yun.

He didn’t expect Qin Yun to be here. He closed his eyes and saw Qin Yun’s points increase by more than 800, with two thousand eight hundred percent.

Ranked tenth, points are only three thousand, Qin Yun is now ranked 12, and will soon be in the top ten.

Yang Shenglong couldn’t stand the pain, forcibly left the Illusory Immortal Armament Domain, was deducted a thousand points, and fell out of the top ten.

As a result, Qin Yun’s ranking became the 11!

The number one is Jian Ruyan, the sword of the sword, without a regiment.

The second Tian Yaolei, the third is Long Qiaofeng. Then there are some other strangers, and the points are not so high, they are all over 3,000.

For the top ten people, the gap between the points will not be too big, because they mainly keep the ranking and get the qualification to participate in the Martial Dao hegemony.

Although they had a lot of points before, they all exchanged resources.

Even the top-ranked Jian Ruyan has only more than 4,000 points, and the second Tian Yaolei has three thousand nine.

As the day dawned, Qin Yun walked out of the desert and prepared to return to the city, but suddenly saw a team of mighty people in the distance, and a corps came.

“Yao Lei Corps!”

Qin Yun saw the burly man who was two meters tall.

Tian Yaolei will appear here, apparently Yang Shenglong brought him.

Yang Shenglong also followed Tian Yaolei, full of anger at the sight of Qin Yun, he lost a thousand points, the Corps was also killed by Qin Yun, which is a great shame for him.

“Qin Yun, you are really capable! I almost entered the top ten! But if I am there, I will not let you enter the top ten.”

Although Tian Yaolei is massive, she is very sensitive. The body turns into a lightning, and she flashes in front of Qin Yun.

Tian Yaolei’s muscles are exposed, and the lightning strength flows under the muscles, flashing.

“You came to give me a score and help me enter the top ten!” Qin Yun hehe smiled.

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