Nine Sun God King

By Solitary Little Thief

Nine Sun God King Chapter 602

Nine Sun God King Chapter 602

The white clothed middle-aged is the Medicine Immortal Valley. It has a great hatred with Immortal Armament City. Now it meets the discipline from Immortal Armament City and it is very very ruthless.

Qin Yun did not expect that he had just met someone, but it was the discrimination of Medicine Immortal Valley, which also made him secretly surprised.

Since he stepped into the Spirit Martial Realm, he has not played against people in reality.

Although fighting often in the Illusory Immortal Armament Domain, it is not his real strength.

Qin Yun’s true strongest strength is Mysterious Heavenly Lion Physique, and the cultivated Heavenly Lion Skeleton Spirit.

The powerful mysterious strength, which is unusable in the Illusory Immortal Armament Domain, is greatly limited.

Today, he meets the definition of the Medicine Immortal Valley and can unscrupulously inspire his strongest strength.

White clothed middle-aged hooks hit, Qin Yun did not dodge, but the strength of the strength, let the Heavenly Lion Skeleton Spirit burst out.

His Mysterious Heavenly Lion Physique is very formidable.

Nowadays, the spirits of the Heavenly Lion are combined to make the whole Mysterious Heavenly Lion Physique more terrifying.

You know, Qin Yun’s Mysterious Heavenly Lion Physique is terrifying like the Profound Tool.

White clothed Zhongyun saw Qin Yun did not dodge, and his heart was happy, thinking that the hook could break Qin Yun’s neck.

However, when the hook touches Qin Yun’s back neck, it seems to be a very strong thing, and it cannot be hooked in.

“Medicine Immortal Valley bastard, you seem to be very happy when you meet me!” Qin Yun coldly smiled: “I am as happy as you are!”

During the talk, Qin Yun walked over, to open the five fingers, and grabbed the past.

He did not use the power, directly using the strength of the mysterious body, fanned out a terrifying spirit.

That sighed, leaving a few scratches on the white clothed middle-aged face.

Qin Yun Another hand, also grabbed the long hook pole, so that the middle-aged can not take back the weapon.

That long hook is just the Spirit Tool.

After Qin Yun grabbed it, he took it hard and brought the middle-aged.


Qin Yun slammed into the middle of the white clothed middle-aged chest and whipped up a strong shock.

After cultivating the bones, the bones contain the powerful energy, blending into the spirit of the Heavenly Lion, and the Mysterious Heavenly Lion Physique, let the release of the flesh body strength, like the ancient Heavenly Lion terrifying.

“What is this strength?” The white clothed middle-aged is terrified because he feels like fighting a powerful beast.

Bang bang bang !

Qin Yun hit a few punches in succession and directly used the strength of the flesh body to beat the white clothed middle-aged.

The white clothed middle-aged was seriously injured by Qin Yun’s fist, and the bones in the body were broken.

This is a serious injury on the flesh body!

“A garbage, actually dare to be arrogant in front of me!” Qin Yun said, and he punched the white clothed middle-aged.

When you encounter the definition of the Medicine Immortal Valley, you can kill it without leaving your hands. This is what Grandma Ma said.

“Combat in reality, when you meet a person of general strength, I don’t need to use weapons and Martial Skills at all, I can kill each other indiscriminately!”

Qin Yun looks at own’s double fist, can feel that flesh and blood is absorbing the powerful Heavenly Lion Skeleton Spirit strength.

Let Heavenly Lion bloodline boil in the body, bringing a fierce and powerful strength.

“Little Yun, Heavenly Lion, inside the beast, seals a strong strength! As for how strong I don’t know, after all, it will make you suddenly become very strong, but can’t be used for too long.” Ling Yun said.

In the Heavenly Lion Immortal Palace in the Heavenly Beast wilderness, Heavenly Lion Old Ancestor also said that there is a strength in the Heavenly Lion beast, which can be borrowed when needed.

“I don’t need it now!” Qin Yun said: “After blending Heavenly Lion, let me have a deeper understanding of Heavenly Lion Totem Martial Art. I can master those totem Martial Art and bring me very much. Strong strength!”

At this time, the sound transmission conch vibrates.

Qin Yun quickly took it out.

“Qin Yun, are you killing that guy? Is he the Medicine Immortal Valley and the Fire Immortal Mountain?”

The Grandma Ma’s eagle is just spinning in the air and can’t hear the sound below.

“It’s the discrimination of Medicine Immortal Valley, I got rid of it!” Qin Yun responded.

“Very good! You are going east now, there is a very strong guy over there! That guy is rushing to Jing Meng with a quick speed!” Grandma Ma said: “You have to be careful about that person, maybe Sword Immortal Pavilion of!”

“it is good!”

Qin Yun rushed east, and the speed was very fast, because he ensured that Liu Jingmeng was not disturbed.

Soon, he saw a young man standing in front of a blue clothed.

He is holding a long sword with a chilly face, his handsome face is full of cold, his bright eyes are staring at Qin Yun, his eyes are like a sword.

“What are you Immortal Sect?”

The blue clothed youth asked, the cold voice, with a touch of arrogance.

He seems to be waiting for Qin Yun to come over.

“I am Immortal Armament City! Are you from Sword Immortal Pavilion?” Qin Yun deliberately used a hoarse voice, plus a mask, it was difficult to hear his original voice.

“I am Jiannan of Sword Immortal Pavilion!”

Qin Yun looks at the sword, frowning: “You are a sword repair?”

“It’s not a sword repair, but I have to be stronger than a sword!” Jiannan stunned his face and said: “Take your weapon out, let’s play one game! The dispatches sent here should be the most A strong early martial artist, I want to fight you with a painful fight!”

“Are you sure you can win me?” Qin Yun smiled and he was delaying time.

“You Immortal Armament City has an Illusory Immortal Armament Domain. Although your practical experience is rich, you can compare the battles in reality, there are still some gaps!” Jiannan 浒said with a sneer: “If you are in the Illusory Immortal Armament Domain It’s so arrogant that it’s arrogant, it’s very stupid!”

“Our elders have passed me. If you meet someone at Sword Immortal Pavilion, the take action should be measured and you can’t hurt them, so as not to hurt you. I am willing to fight with you, but I don’t want to fight with you!” Qin Yun indifferently Said: “As for your Sword Immortal Pavilion, will you kill me, that is your business, in short, I will not kill you!”

Jiannan smiled and said: “Your Immortal Armament City is now enemies with the Medicine Immortal Valley and the Immortal Mountain, so I dare not avenge me again. This is normal!”

“You know it! So I don’t look down on you, just because there is a reason, I can’t play with you with all my strength.” Qin Yun slammed his fist and said, “I don’t need weapons to fight with you!”

“Are you sure you don’t need weapons? My sword, but stronger than the sword of the sword repair!” Jiannan said very confidently.

“Why? I have also seen the sword of Sword repair, but I can’t see where your sword is strong!” Qin Yun asked curiously.

“I have Sword Martial Soul, and sword totem! My sword, with sword totem and Sword Martial Soul attached.” Jiannan is proud to say: “My sword totem is Profound Level totem, Martial Soul is black Sword Martial Soul, so I have a strong Sword Divine Ability, swordsmanship and earth!”

Qin Yun looks at Jiannan’s ordinary long sword, secretly surprised, he really did not expect that this seemingly ordinary sword, there are so many doorways in it.

“And, my sword is an ancient Dao Tool!” Jiannan Yan saw Qin Yun’s hair, and said proudly.

“Can I watch one or two carefully?” Qin Yun saw that Jiannan was not bad. It was not the kind of person who was arrogant, but only had an innate arrogance.

This kind of arrogance is available to many powerful swordsmen. Xie Wufeng, Jianbian and Jianlang, whom Qin Yun has seen, are all such people.

“Yes, you can see it on the line!” Jiannan said, holding the flat sword.

Qin Yun walked over, carefully looking at, and soon saw the shallow totem pattern hidden on the surface of the blade. It was very shallow, translucent, and it was difficult to see clearly without looking carefully.

It is also integrated into the pattern of the blade, which is very well hidden.

“The ancient Dao Mark and the sword totem pattern, the perfect fit, blended into the pattern of the sword folded and forged!” Qin Yun praised: “There is a high man, carving the sword totem pattern inside the blade!”

“You are Strange Mark Master?” Jiannan stunned and asked.

“Slightly understand one or two!” Qin Yun continued to observe, and there was a great discovery: “There is still a positive pattern. This is really a very strong Dao Tool! If I didn’t guess wrong, your sword should Can evolve!”

“Good eyesight!” Jiannan has encountered many powerful opponents. No one has ever seen the power of his sword.

“The most powerful part of my sword is that there is a black sword spirit inside. The black sword soul is my own. Moreover, I can also realize the powerful sword intent through my natural sword totem pattern!” Said: “Do you know how good I am now?”

Qin Yun ordered nod: “You are really strong, it is the disciple of Sword Immortal Pavilion!”

Jiannan 浒 proudly smiled: “So, you still come out with your weapon! Only then, you can beat me!”

Qin Yun thought about it and shook his head. “I don’t have a good weapon! No matter what weapon I take, it will be damaged by your sword. I don’t have much odds of success!”

“If that’s the case, then don’t stop me from looking for the Spirit Beast!” Jian Nan浒 put the sword down.

“No, I can’t beat you, but I can delay you for a while.” Qin Yun smiled and said: “Since we have met, it is also a good thing. If you don’t fight one, it is a pity.”

“I am comparing with you, you must use a sword! Because the sword is all my strength, I don’t need a sword, and it is no different from the waste!” Jiannan Yan said very seriously: “So, I can’t beat you with bare hands, you still come up with Weapons!”

Qin Yun If you take out Nine Yang God Hammer, a few hammers can ruin this beautiful sword, he can’t bear it in the heart, and it will also tie the beam.

“Let’s get started!” said Qin Yun, who also wants to give it a try. After the foot enters Spirit Martial Realm, where is the limit.

“Then I will be welcome.”

According to the experience of own, Jiannan Yan can judge that the mask in front of him is very strong, so there is no enemy in his heart.

Jiannan 浒 first attacked, the sword light flashed, and suddenly a compelling 滔Celestial Sword momentum emerged, slamming to Qin Yun.

Qin Yun suddenly felt terrified, only feeling that all around suddenly became cold, making him like a falling hail.

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