Nine Sun God King

By Solitary Little Thief

Nine Sun God King Chapter 521

Nine Sun God King Chapter 521

The people watching outside the barrier are all stunned!

“What kind of armor do they have? How can it be so powerful that it can withstand the savage of the Spirit Tool!” a golden clothes elder said with amazement.

“could it be that is Profound Tool armor?”

A middle-aged man in blue clothed was surprised.

The people wearing blue clothed are all Strange Mark, knowing the refiner.

A blue clothed old man shook his head and said: “If they have Profound Tool on them, then the strength of the Profound Mark will be released, and the barrier can be detected!”

“What the hell is it? It looks like a very soft soft armor. Although the sword tip can penetrate, it can’t be pierced!” surprised the old man in the medicine pill hall of Qing Yi.

“I don’t know, they didn’t have this soft armor in the morning!” A golden clothes elder, he also watched the game here in the morning.

This suddenly became a mystery, and many people on the scene were one after another guessing.

Teacher of the sharp swordsman, looking ugly at the knife, angered: “Knife, what damned thing do they use?”

This Teacher, a tall and thin old man, stands with the knife, although it is as high, but the body is much worse.

“How do I know? Anyway, it is not a violation!” Knife faintly smiled: “The sword attack and defense war is changed to this, isn’t it in the competition Equipment?”

The original sword attack and defense can counterattack, even if the difference between the equipment can have a chance to win.

As long as you fight back in madness, it is very likely that the attacker will repel.

But now, you can only defend against counterattacks, and naturally you have to rely on Equipment!

Everyone is fascinated by the fact that Qin Yun has Dao Tool and Profound Tool in his hands.

So it is also very likely, have a strong king Spirit Tool!

Moon dance and the beautiful knife in the cold hands are the very powerful Spirit Tool.

“Qin Yun, this guy is an Equipment library, there are many good things!”

“It seems that he has picked up a Strange Mark Dao Master’s storage magic.”

“He used the Profound Tool to reward the children of Long Family and Yang’s family, and he also made the two great families feel worried and worried that they would be abolished!”

Everyone seems to be able to see that Qin Yun and the two female devils will kill the killer in a month!

Soon, a column of incense is burned!

The moon dance was in a good mood. Although the body was poked a lot by the sword, she was treated as a massage.

If the cold face is full of ridicule: “Feng Jian Jian Yuan, you just said that you can kill us today?”

Moon dance smiled and came to the side of the sky, said with a smile: “This group of people to middle age, can not step into the Spirit Martial Realm, you can see a group of rice buckets at a glance, how can they really take what they say? ?”

“It seems that after they enter Swordblade Mountain Villa, they know that they are bragging all day!” Qin Yun said while laughing loudly: “I have to say that this group of waste materials is a group of idiots, actually spent more than 10 million amethyst coins to choose to attack. We are trying to gain an advantage only to end up worse off!”

The people in the Fengjianjianyuan were so mocked by two women and a brat, but the anger reached the extreme, their faces were red and the forehead was full of blue veins.

“Where the knife yard, defensive High Grade Institute success, get eight points, a total score of 16 points, currently ranked first!”

When the male knife saw that the column was burning, he shouted.

The sword attack and defense, the first day to get 16 points, this is unprecedented!

The second-ranked sword school only took six points!

It was the swordsman who was blind, Wu Chen, and Yang Shuotian. They broke the defense of a Middle Grade in the morning and scored four points. They also quickly broke through a Low Grade school and scored two points.

But compared to only three people, they are still a lot worse!

“In this way, this Low Grade’s knives are very likely to get the first!”

“Get the first, you can be promoted to Middle Grade! And you can get rewards for the five halls, and other rewards!”

A blue clothed old man surprised

“Impossible! They have to defend for a month!”

“That is, they have just entered the Swordblade Mountain Villa for a short time, and it would be unfair to get such a generous reward!”

“The sword hall will definitely win them!”

Many people have some knives, and they are not willing to see that the knife factory can get the first.

Teacher of Fengjian Jianyuan suddenly shouted in anger: “We are not satisfied! They have Profound Tool bodyguards on three of them, our weapons, and only the Spirit Tool!”

“We didn’t wear Profound Tool on our body!” Qin Yun coldly said.

“You said nothing!” Teacher of Fengjianjianyuan, angered: “Let the people of Strange Mark come over and check!”

An old man from Strange Mark Hall came over and took out a mirror and said, “I use a mirror to shine on you. If there is a Profound Tool, the mirror of my mirror will glow white!”

“Then check it out quickly!”

The Teacher of the Jianjian Jianyuan was very dissatisfied. They spent tens of millions of Amethyst coins to buy the right to choose.

Strange Mark’s blue clothed old man, holding a mirror, back and forth on Qin Yun, Tian Ruo Leng and Yue Mai…

Everyone is also concentrating on the mirror, but there is no movement at all!

“There is no Profound Tool on them!” blue clothed old man After some inspection, it is very positive.

“Quickly check their knives! Their three knives look very powerful!” Teacher of the Fengjianjianyuan still refused to give up.

If the sky is cold, the moon dances, Qin Yun, they will take out the knife.

Blue clothed old man used a mirror to look at it, while also carefully observing the Strange Mark on the blade, he was shocked.

“Is there anything discovered?” The teacher saw the look of the blue clothed old man, and asked with surprise.

Blue clothed old man is a Strange Mark Master and found the star on the knife, so I was very surprised.

“This… is a very powerful Spirit Tool with an ancient star pattern engraved on it. It is very clever and has a high level of fineness!”

Blue clothed old man, put his eyes on the knife of the cold cloud knife, the sound is a little trembling.

The ancient star pattern, which is a very precious Strange Mark for every power.

“This is where you got it from? Quickly!” Teacher of Fengjian Jianyuan, suddenly greedy, asked.

“none of your business!”

If the weather is cold, furiously shouted.

Her beautiful eyes cold light sparked, releasing a chilly Murderous Qi, shrouded in the Teacher’s body, the cold cloud knife in her hand, overflowing with the cold white air.

If the sky is cold now, I understand why Qin Yun hides the owner of the Strange Mark Master because he has an ancient star pattern!

Now, the ancient star pattern has been exposed.

If the cold is worried that Qin Yun is so scared, he is very angry and can’t wait to kill the Teacher!

“My students are very tired. If there are no other things, you will give me a go!” Knife is also very rude, full of anger, holding a black and sinuous knife in his hand.

“Little Yun, let’s go to rest!” The moon dance hurriedly pulled Qin Yun into the house, and the coldness followed.

Qin Yun is their younger brother, they naturally have to protect.

Fengjianjianyuan earned two points in the morning and lost eight points in the afternoon. Now it is also a negative point.

There are two High Grade hospitals in succession, and it is impossible to break the Low Grade’s knives!

You know, this is only three people in the knife factory!


Swordblade Mountain Villa, the Eastern District, is the area where all the swords of the Kendo are located.

In one of the new yards, Long Wu Chen and Yang Shuo Tian are here, they are looking at the sorcerer who is drinking tea.

“Sword blind, do we have to buy the right to choose tomorrow, to attack the knife factory?” asked Wu Chen coldly.

“With your strength, you should be able to break their defenses! As long as they are scrapped, we each get 20,000,000 Amethyst!”

Yangshuo Tianyi remembered that he had bowed to Qin Yun, and his face gradually began to pick up, and he couldn’t wait for Qin Yun and Tian Ruo to smash the corpse.

“Then I might as well kill you and Long Wu Chen, and then get two Profound Tool to sell again, there may be hundreds of millions of amethyst coins!” The sword blind hehe smiled.

“Sword blind, I admit that you have a bit of strength! But you want to kill us, is it too arrogant?” Long Wu Chen is somewhat dissatisfied.

“I am not afraid to offend you both dragons and yangs!” Jianbian smiled calmly and smiled: “Your news is not well-informed. You can do it that I don’t know, you are the Patriarch of Long and Yang, by Qin. Yun has a reward with Dao Tool?”

The youngster here, one after another moving!

Reward the two Patriarchs with Dao Tool, which is very expensive!

“You…this is impossible, who will help him release a reward?” Yangshuo yelled.

“Devil Moon Island released! I believe that soon, Qin Yun will use the Profound Tool to reward your two children’s heads, when, oh…” The swordsman drank tea, a slap in the face.

Long Wu Chen and Yang Haotian, their faces have changed.

They finally felt the threat!

Swordblade Mountain Villa’s discipline, dare not do it for them, but also because they have their elder in the villa.

If it is out, it is not necessary!

The spirit is so big, there must be some who are not afraid of death, in order to get the Profound Tool to chase them!

“Do you know now that you are afraid? Hahaha…” Sword blind while while laughing loudly.

“We will go to attack the knife factory tomorrow!” Long Wu Chen coldly said.

“With you, anyway, I will not take action!” The sword blindly squinted: “I would rather offend you than to sin Qin Yun! I am a blind. But my heart is nothing, Qin Yun is a good People, but also very terrifying!”

Dragon Wu Chen and Yang Shutian did not want to admit it, but they knew in their hearts that sabbamon is a very powerful sword repair. With his sword of life, you can kill Spirit Martial Realm!

If their squad is not stunned, they can’t break Qin Yun’s defense.

Dragon Wu Chen and Yang Haotian, quickly left the yard, they are going to find the elder they have arranged here.

In the evening, Swordblade Mountain Villa came with an amazing news!

Long Family and Yangjia added a bounty. As long as Qin Yun, Tian Ruo Leng, Yue Wu, and everyone in the sword school, 100 million amethyst coins can be obtained!

Originally 20,000,000, it has now increased to 100 million!

Qin Yun used the Dao Tool to retire the Patriarch heads of the two dragons and yangs, and it gradually spread!

Therefore, it caused the anger of these two great families, and vowed to abolish Qin Yun in the sword attack and defense.

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