Nine Sun God King

By Solitary Little Thief

Nine Sun God King Chapter 464

Nine Sun God King Chapter 464

“Zhao Jingyu, Strange Talisman Palace, I will let you pay the price!” Qin Yun casts a mysterious divine ability, leaves the dungeon and comes outside.

He took out Heavenly Lion Town and looked at the giant dragon inside.

This dragon is not dead, it is only a serious injury. He still doesn’t know how to deal with this dragon, and he can only put it aside for a while.

Because Heavenly Lion Town has closed one dragon, it also made him unable to use this trip to fight.

But there is no Spirit Martial Realm here, and even without Heavenly Lion Town, he can have other ways to fight Martia Artist of Martial Dao 9th Layer.

The dungeon is in the Strange Mark Hill, and there are many guards.

Qin Yun takes out the transparent soul beads, makes the own become transparent, and then walks out of this guarded area.


The square in front of the Strange Talisman Palace is built with a massive than the Martial Platform.

On the Martial Platform, Zhao Jingyu is comparing with a man and is close to the end.

The man who competed with Zhao Jingyu was also seriously injured at this time.

“The spirit of Sect’s discipline, the strength is really too strong! Yun Peixiao is a bloodline child, and after fighting hundreds of moves with Zhao Jingyu, can not hurt Zhao Jingyu, but was seriously injured, this is the gap!”

“Qin Yun actually wants to challenge him! It seems that a few days ago, it was Zhao Jingyu’s mercy, and he did not kill Qin Yun on the spot!”

“Yes, Zhao Jingyu is also scrupulous of Strange Talisman Palace, so I didn’t use the real strength, I just scared Qin Yun! I didn’t expect Qin Yun to kill him and fly him!”

“Qin Yun is also an act recklessly, not only to anger the Strange Talisman Palace, but also to challenge Zhao Jingyu’s genius!”

“Wu wasteland is a wasteland, and we are better than nothing but a spiritual waste! No matter what aspect of people, we are too strong!”

Many people saw Zhao Jingyu, and they easily defeated Yun Peixiao. They were all shocked.

Zhao Jingyu stood on the Martial Platform and enjoyed the look of everyone, his face full of pride.

“Zhao Jingyu’s success is also rewarded with Amethyst!” An old man from Strange Talisman Palace, after coming up, said with a smile: “Congratulations to Young Master Zhao!”

It is also closed than the Great Array on the Martial Platform.

Many bloodline family and major King Tier Sect’s discipline, one after another went up, congratulations Zhao Jingyu won.

“Young Master Zhao, your Martial Skill is so good, can you tell us a few tricks at this time than the Martial Platform?”

“Yeah Young Master Zhao, you just didn’t use all your strength to play, we didn’t see your superb Martial Skill!”

“Young Master Zhao, don’t be humble, just take a few tricks!”

One after another went down than the Martial Platform and let Zhao Jingyu show.

Zhao Jingyu is full of arrogance, loud with a smile: “So I am now playing a set of Earth Level Superior’s Martial Art, called Mad Crash, I have learned Big Success realm!”

Everyone suddenly exclaimed, Martial Dao Realm 3rd Layer, the Earth Level Superior Martial Art, mastered Big Success realm, which is very rare!

“Look at it!”

Zhao Jingyu loudly shouted, is about to punch, and on the Martial Platform, suddenly there is a person!

It was a cold-faced youth, dressed in black clothed, like a star-like eye, full of Murderous Qi!

The person who suddenly appears is Qin Yun!

Everyone, suddenly stunned, and what happened next made them even more convinced…

Zhao Jingyu is about to punch, but Qin Yun is faster!

Qin Yun held a black big knife and showed Beheading Wind six styles to Zhao Jingyu!

A few knives of the brush brush, the wind between the heaven and the earth, the clouds of the air are like the undulating, lightning and thunder!

The knife wind is like a raging wind, and the smashing impact on the Quartet, the Murderous Qi of the sky screams, picking up the sounds of wail like ghosts and howl like wolves, it is full of cold!


Zhao Jingyu was smashed into pieces by Beheading Wind. The painful screams before his death seemed to come from Jiu You hell, and he could not help but tremble!

Zhao Jingyu is dead!

A discipline from the Sect of Sin, the Martial Dao Wizard who was praised by many people, was killed on the spot!

Zhao Jingyu was killed in an instant, without any resistance to the strength!

This suddenly appears Qin Yun, like killing the gods, the Murderous Qi is like a whistling wind!

There are also a lot of Martia Artists in Martial Dao Realm 9th Layer nearby, but they are too late to stop, only the sights at Zhao Jingyu are killed!

“Jing Yu!”

A white clothed middle-aged man, anger yelled and flew over.

Qin Yun quickly put on wearing the mysterious divine ability, broke into the Great Earth, and disappeared at once!

More than a dozen Martia Artists of Martial Dao 9th Layer, standing on the Martial Platform, looking at the angry look at all around, looking for Qin Yun’s trail!

“Blocking the city, the city searched!” Strange Talisman Palace’s old man, shouted loudly.

Xie Wufeng, they are also on the scene, they are still thinking about how to save Qin Yun!

Unexpectedly, Qin Yun actually ran out, and also killed Zhao Jingyu on the spot!

The excellent discip of Sect, Sect, died here, which immediately caused an uproar!

Outside the Martial Dao ancient city, there are many tents, which are the elders of all major forces.

They are waiting for the final result here to see who can get the place to enter the ancient Ancient Garden forest, but now suddenly came out, Zhao Jingyu died of news!

Ten Sect elders from the spiritual world, after hearing, are caught in surprised and angry!

Especially the Sect Yuxingmen, where Zhao Jingyu is located, is the most angry!

They can’t wait to rush into the Martial Dao Realm ancient city, but because they are the cultivation base of Martial King Realm, they can’t pass the city gate.

Strange Talisman Palace and the major King Tier Sect, totem Pavilion, bloodline family, immediately sent people to mobilize all Martial Dao Realm 9th Layer, enter the ancient city to capture Qin Yun!

Strange Talisman Palace feels Qin Yun’s provocation, totem Pavilion and bloodline family, is to find the opportunity to catch Qin Yun.

Other King Tier Sects and forces also want to show off to the spiritual Sect, so they both have one after another to call Martial Dao 9th Layer and enter Martial Dao ancient city to get Qin Yun!


After Qin Yun killed Zhao Jingyu, he applied the mysterious divine ability and drilled deep into the ground. He was also stuck in the solid stone below the deep ground.

He exhausted the strength of the whole body, cast a mysterious divine ability to drill towards the ground, and after exhausting the strength, he could no longer advance!

“The Martia Artist of the Martial Dao Realm 9th Layer is too much!” Qin Yun is resting, waiting to recover.

If there are only a few Martia Artists of Martial Dao 9th Layer, he can fix it with a fixed character, but there are dozens of them on the scene, all from the spiritual waste.

He has dealt with a wave, and he can’t deal with the second wave. He can only leave temporarily!

Qin Yun rested for a day and recovered. He is now stuck under the depths. If he goes straight up, he will appear in the square of Strange Talisman Palace.

“You can only move below, stay away from Strange Talisman Palace!” He bit his teeth and continued to wear the mysterious divine ability, moving in one direction.

Just as he walked more than a hundred meters to the south, he suddenly appeared in an empty place!

“I am at least two kilometers below, there is actually a massive stone chamber!” Qin Yun quickly took out the glowing stone and illuminated it.

This is a circular stone chamber that is tens of meters wide and is the base of the Martial Dao ancient city!

“This base has not been discovered by Strange Talisman Palace!” Qin Yun saw the Great Array’s working hub, and he couldn’t help but feel excited. He also had a bold idea.

Just control the Martial Dao ancient city!

He carefully observed the stone chamber and found a transmission array, which was connected to the ground!

“It’s no wonder that Strange Talisman Palace didn’t find the base. It turned out to be through a secret transmission array!” He took out the transparent soul beads, made the own become transparent, and then turned on the transmission array.

After the transfer, Qin Yun found that the owner appeared in a tree hole!

This tree hole is very secretive, and the tree is in the woods of the Martial Dao ancient city.

After Qin Yun came out from the ground, he quickly went to the neighborhood to inquire about the news. What made him angry was that Hong Yan was actually arrested!

In order to save Hongyan, Murong Daren was also seriously injured!

Today, Xie Wufeng is fighting at Strange Mark Hill to save Murong Daren and Hong Yan!

After Qin Yun learned the news, he rushed over with a red eye!

His relationship with Hong Yan is very good, and this is what many people know!

Hong Ying Martial King is a different kind, and has long angered the totem cabinet, so now the major forces are not afraid of Hong Ying, dare to catch his son!

Qin Yun went to the square at the entrance of Strange Talisman Palace and saw Murong Daren and Hong Yan tied to the pillars.

They were all bruised and bruised, and the kind of shocking blood marks made the head skin numb, showing how much torture they suffered!

Because Qin Yun killed Zhao Jingyu, the contests that challenged the lords yesterday were also postponed!

At this time, Xie Wufeng held the sword of the life, and the two old men of Celestial Sword sect and the Martia Artist of more than ten Martial Dao Realm 9th Layer.

Although Xie Wufeng is powerful, but after all, it is Martial Dao Realm 3rd Layer. In the face of Martial Dao 9th Layer, it is also difficult to confront, and all kinds of injuries are also on the body. The white clothed has been dyed red by blood.

“Thank you, boss, let’s go! This way, we can’t live anymore!” Murong Daren, who was tied to a stone pillar, endured pain and shouted.

Hong Yan is also weak: “Xie Wufeng, you are a rare sword repair! Don’t waste your life for these two slags, we will not blame you!”

Qin Yun, who is very angry, saw this scene in the distance and was infected.

Although Hong Yan and Murong Daren often quarreled, but Murong Daren is on his own, but he is desperate to get up!

Qin Yun, who became transparent, flew past, and saw Xiao Yuelan next to him, holding the hilt in his hand, ready to take action!

“Yue Lan! Are you in the month of Xuangu’s discipline, still in the Strange Talisman Palace?” Qin Yun asked quickly.

“After the accident, they have all been withdrawn. Only me and Cai Senior Sister are here… In the current Strange Talisman Palace, there are many Martia Artists of Martial Dao Realm 9th Layer, and no one can enter!” Xiao Yuelan heard Qin Yun’s sound transmission, responded quickly.

She just finished, but saw a Purple Gold bead and hit the nine-story Strange Talisman Palace!

That bead is a Taoist of the Spirit Martial Realm, and it is also the Dao Dan of the bloodline Martia Artist!

Angry Qin Yun, passing the Dao Dan through the Xuanwang cannon to the tower of Strange Talisman Palace!

Hōng lóng!

The incomparably strong explosion suddenly shocked the entire Martial Dao ancient city!

The Strange Mark Mountain was shrouded in the energy of the explosion of Dao Dan, which became a myriad of pieces, with the storm blowing in all directions!

The most terrifying is that many of the fragments of Martial Dao 9th Layer Martia Artist, like rain, fall everywhere!

Xie Wufeng and others who are fighting fiercely are also shrouded in a thick dust and violent wind!

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