Super Robot Wars harem biography

Super Robot Wars harem biography

„Serial No. 678, you will soon start A Class pilot to be promoted S Class pilot Unique Mission, this mission the computation is the common mission cycle, this mission can only alone participate by Serial No. 678, your team and your follower will carry on other mission, your forthcoming mission is: chaotic world Super Robot Wars SRW: J.”

„This mission portable robot quantity x3, you have carried A+ Class robot Tactical Armor Dawn, A- Class robot Wild Animal Eagle, A- Class robot Wild Animal Giant Whale.”

wild animal robot is in Legion developed Super A.I. battle combines robot Series, Eagle is representing No. 1 robot, belongs to new robot under transforming fighter jet Series, Great Whale is 5th robot is also battleship Series robot, under the battleship shape, only then the subminiature ships of 40 meter/rice lengths, imitate Macross Quarter-class manufactured wild animal robot, bridge anything naturally does not exist, small space that the interior only then one height two meters five, the length and breadth respectively two meters small control room, is just used to sleep with several, is used to hold Legion Participant to provide the rest in the special situation the place.

„The mission countdown starts...... 10...... 9......”

„Super Robot Wars SRW: J? Super Robot Wars? Harem biography?” Xiao Ran has gawked, suddenly turned around to look to behind similarly in accepting the mission people, in the heart always the feeling of mmb.

Creuset, Murrue, Leonard, Lowe, Barsac, separately is representing the SRW: J world SEED influence, the Amalgam influence already the G Gundam fighter biography, if entire squadron all passes, it is estimated that was one time does the wind to do the rain special to move, but his group of people unexpectedly all cannot enter this world not to say now, after the key was Xiao Ran entered to this world, cannot do well must with Creuset, had battle with Leonard.

The teammates did not have turned into the enemy, truly let Xiao Ran somewhat the feeling that wanted to spit blood, moreover this harem biography, has world that Touya Shiun this Super Robot Wars harem king had, wife Shana-Mia that but also has be pregnant his existed, Xiao Ran thought oneself as if must make anything to be good.

But Creuset not clear Xiao Ran mmb in heart, after seeing the Xiao Ran's look, now also recovers Xiao Ran an expression of understanding clearly, the speed extremely quick opens the mouth said: „G Gundam duplicate country.”

„Knew, probably before , the senior technological that the generation civilization leaves behind crystallized, gets so far as that then it will be alright.”

Creuset, Lowe, the Leonard three people nodded, Murrue, other Sheryl and people have also given a Xiao Ran careful look or the expression, but joins Noin of team most newly, then some anticipations and have gotten hold of Zechs' intense, along with people at present one black, all people disappeared in Prometheus in a flash.

Opens the eye once more, saw that the surrounding that is very as if familiar, but the special strange environment makes Xiao Ran know oneself entered mission world, blue Earth and profound space, this is completely different from the picture that Prometheus can see, but also absolutely is not the normal condition.

Xiao Ran looks oneself were covered in light ball unexpectedly, and can also extremely terrifying speed is crashing in the Earth direction clear seeing and perception to this light ball correct use, then instantly Xiao Ran felt oneself breathed also to stagnate.

All of a sudden, Xiao Ran has almost not borne has shouted: „What ghost this is, how can be such entering the scene way!?”

„Ding, Serial No. 678, you started your being promoted Unique Mission.”

„This mission difficulty: Extremely high.”

„Completes this time issued that mission random three mission instantly complete this mission. After mission completes, you will be promoted S Class pilot successfully, and will obtain S Class pilot to be promoted reward.”

„Mission 1, the accumulation defeats or annihilation S Class robot.”

„Mission 2, the accumulation defeats or annihilation five A Class robot.”

„Mission 3, in annihilation all Earth exists to Earth threatens, urging Earth to obtain the peace.”

„ mission four, annihilation sparks/Mars all has the threat to Earth,

Urges sparks/Mars to obtain the peace. ” „mission five, the annihilation Jupiter all has the threat to Earth, urging Jupiter to obtain the peace.”

„mission six:????”

„In this mission, not conventional Main Mission, is unable to embark any Secondary Mission, standard mission will renew when necessary.”

„Ding, Serial No. 678, examines this world to have faction O.R.B., faction Fury, but you are unable to have any connection with these faction, you are unable to obtain any help from these faction places.”

„Language and writing that already and this world language synchronization, this world all presents automaticswitching for your native language.”

As the prompt sound falls, Xiao Ran discovered that covered own light ball speed violent to increase the several fold once more suddenly, was almost changes to a start of Meteor ordinary free falling to descend toward the ground straight line, slowly, Xiao Ran even felt the intermittent cool breeze started to blow, but the light ball ray also starts he was protecting slowly became must be dim.

Xiao Ran has a feeling, after so long as perhaps several seconds, now will protect his light ball completely to vanish, but this time mission this inconceivable opening also will be one type will never have the special opening, in the past any mission Prometheus before they will come soberly will put in them in the safe place, at least can guarantee for several hours the completely safe place.

But this time, enters the stage unexpectedly in the Earth edge, was covered by light ball casually then descends toward Earth, moreover light ball from the beginning isolates outside influence the present really to have the light wind to start completely to seep, but light ball also started becomes is dim gradually, seemed explaining that this light ball was unable to insist too for a long time, is forcing Xiao Ran to start to have an action to perform immediately ordinary.

Besides this point, the mission prompt of this time is also different from any other mission, all mission technologies are the disposable complete issues, moreover only needs to complete three mission can finish mission, in according to the prompt, is far from triggering of any Secondary Mission without any Main Mission, but will renew the present mission list according to certain situation.

Also, this world has Fury obviously, has O.R.B., in fact can obtain O.R.B. and Fury's dual support by the Xiao Ran's situation completely, even if at least can also have the support of O.R.B. to be right again badly, but this time, even if having and Xiao Ran in this world has O.R.B. as well as Fury of not poor relations, another issue that any help that but is actually not able to obtain in these two faction, extends, that is Xiao Ran basic does not have any status in this world, Prometheus has not given Xiao Ran to arrange any status in this world.

These issues, whether can obtain the O.R.B. help, the Fury help, has status these not to be actually unimportant, needs O.R.B. and Fury help by the Xiao Ran's strength, can help Xiao Ran's mostly is also some not too big nor too small issues, has the helper issue not to be big, but the key obtains more situations with the aid of these two influences in this world possibly was also interrupted.

But the identity issue, this is more unimportant, has status unable to change any present situation, most can also relate to the ways of certain people, has more convenient, has not mattered, similarly enters the basic information that world should obtain not to have not to be unimportant similarly.

Now is placed in Xiao Ran at present is a more important issue, how long light screen barrier can also insist, looks at the picture of under foot more and more clear earth and rapid enlargement, gradually becomes the dim light screen, slowly moves the breeze of lower hem corner from breeze turning sufficiently, is explaining the urgency of present time to Xiao Ran.

But, Xiao Ran also realized that another condition, that protects own light screen not to defer to the way of straight line to descend, but once for a while will carry on angle adjusting/Coordinator slightly, looks like has any thing to be the same in the control, in flies to be the same toward a Xiao Ran not clear goal, finally may lose Xiao Ran to a very important place , after perhaps is flies half, light ball vanishes whatever then Xiao Ran true free falling.

Therefore now is placed in front of Xiao Ran also only then two choices, first, immediately summon robot then to jump in cockpit, the way does not limit, after so long as in any case enters cockpit, Xiao Ran has the enough solution present condition, second, insisted where will have a look at light ball to fall, finally will be dies is just like one to need to pay gambling of very big price exactly.

Actually no matter chooses first second is also gambling, summons robot to cause light ball to vanish very much immediately, then Xiao Ran is unable to know that light ball genuine destination, but in the life how long time did not summon robot to be equal to placing this light ball to support, the result was Xiao Ran is unable to guarantee similarly.

Safely the safest procedure is also the first type, but Xiao Ran actually has chosen exactly the second type, under the mask that sparkling eye as if becomes tranquil, observed light ball also in observing below rapid enlargement ground, the right hand is opening to lift a side on the face to select gently gently, the mouth slightly moved slightly.

„Current drop speed probably also takes three minutes to fall the ground, the computer in mask also gives such computation, to open the light ball brightness that the eye sees to come as the contrast speculation and differentiates with the scale division, about five seconds will glitter one time and decrease a scale division, ten scale divisions will feel the obvious stepped changes of wind power, from opening the eye so far one minute presented 12 twinkles, by the present scale division decline, the light ball completely gloomy time similarly about three minutes, finally, light ball by a time angle trimming is carrying on adjusting/Coordinator of landing line every minute.”

„In other words...... light ball while completely will be vanishing falls on the ground, but if at that time did not have the reacting force to decrease drops speed, the final result was the flash that light ball vanished, I maintain present speed will crash directly turn into the meat patty finally, will prepare to be inferior to die absolutely, in other words, when arrived at the ground and light ball vanishes the beforehand last minute is my motion time.”

„light ball in this final one minute in having any angle change, the landing place can also be confirmed finally, puts out robot directly to carry on instantaneous movement/teleportation to enter cockpit, starts robot to decrease the speed time at least to take 15 seconds under this landing speed finally, must therefore flow out in any event the final 15 seconds, otherwise can mount robot to start definitely will also be injured or cause robot to be damaged.”

„But, issue biggest is not this, how in transforming the robot's flash enters to robot, or under this landing speed, when summoned robot to come out, letting robot can maintain with light ball same relative speed, at least had relative speed in some instantaneous time, then to the angle of robot delivery , the distance will have very big request.”

„If changes into does not have Teleportation Ability pilot, for example the Nazi's words she will do? Depends upon own ability to twist standpoint to reduce the gravity to achieve the safe landing forcefully, or reduces own gravity to try to enter cockpit in the process of landing? Then changes into Creuset, depends upon the strong rhythm and calculation ability the robot delivery under foot certain distance, then depends upon Participant entry of inner body quality accuracy to cockpit, un, if A on the pilot's words, so long as the body data can be the certain extent, reaction speed is quick enough truly can achieve, the risk has, the difficulty also has, but is not that big.”

Xiao Ran is thinking these, extended the hand that opened to bump the light screen, did not leave Xiao Ran of accident/surprise truly unable to move existence of light screen truly, in other words this light curtain while protecting his, he can also Freedom left this light curtain.

„Perhaps this light ball is first in this time mission tests, tests me whether has enough observation ability, calculation ability and reaction ability, if the success test pass through, that should be able to make contact with this world plot was right along the windmill.”

„However can become the A Class pilot's person, perhaps has the fool of iron to insist finally, but majority definitely will immediately make the arrangement of most appropriate ability, even if lacks confidence, observes ability to be insufficient, but the reaction strength takes one of the A Class pilot most important standard, any normal A Class pilot also sufficiently in light ball starts to descend before the ground in these days security opens this light ball, in brief will not have any danger, but this time delivery way truly some unexpected.”

„But, I thought that this light ball only aims at special that I present to test likely, each individual ability is different in Mission 1 starts facing the condition should also have nothing in common.”

Xiao Ran puts down to carry mask side hand, moved the finger then calm start to wait for slightly, one minute passed by, speed that light ball dropped has not changed, but the angle presented adjusting/Coordinator suddenly, but Xiao Ran in light ball actually could not rush to any a wee bit sound that angle adjusting/Coordinator brought, but blew in wind becomes bigger.

Another minute passes by, light ball started final adjusting/Coordinator, finally direction locking in Xiao Ran already the city that can see clearly, but after the light ball last adjusting/Coordinator direction and continued to descend for five seconds, Xiao Ran's both eyes shone the blue ray suddenly, this light glow almost penetrated on the face was bringing the mask, made Xiao Ran wrap the same color light from top to bottom.

In this flash, Xiao Ran single-handed wielded a giant shadow to appear in the Xiao Ran's sole, was not equipped Tactical Armor huge Dawn, but was carrying in three robots that was called Wild Animal Eagle robot, Xiao Ran special-purpose special version Wild Animal Eagle, has achieved super transforming fighter jet of A- Class degree.

The left hand raised up the index finger and middle finger instantaneously touches between the volumes, during distortions Xiao Ran impressively vanished from light ball, appears in Wild Animal Eagle single cockpit.


„I, Sir Xiao Ran.”



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