The Feast

By Li Hua Bai

Chapter 224: Emotional Intelligence Is Too Low

Chapter 224: Emotional Intelligence Is Too Low

"Let's say, what is your plan?" Duan Tingxuan's biggest concern is naturally the straight-bend problem of a good brother, so when he comes in, he will stare at Su Donglou and ask. `乐`文`Fiction`し

This problem is also the concern of Lu Fengyu. No, it cannot be said that it is concerned. This product is only more curious. Although he sees that Su Donglou has an ulterior motive for himself, he does not know that this thought has arrived. What is the point, at this time I heard Duan Tingxuan asked, I also want to know the answer. Even in this case, the answer is indifferent.

"What about you? I know my mind but I don't poke it. What do you think?" Su Donglou did not answer Duan Ting Xuan's question, but looked at Lu Fengyu and said with a smile: "You have always been alone. I don’t want to eat fireworks. After I know what I think about you, how can I endure it? Is it to use my help to complete the great cause of the King of Yang, is it to be patient? Or is it a bit unclear to me?”

Lu Fengyu smiled and said: "You are really shameless. But it doesn't matter, I am not a good person anyway. Yes, you are right, I just want to use your thoughts on me to help the prince to complete the great cause." When I have a big deal, I have a hundred ways to make your death silent, and then you will know the price of your attempt."

Su Donglou was silent. Suddenly, "Ha" smiled and patted the clapping: "That would be great, I am really afraid that you are also moving to me. I am a man of blood and blood." Grasshoppers, but there is still no annihilation of human nature. If you have this kind of thought for me, let me start to destroy you, I am really a little bit unbearable. Now it’s fine, since you are so vicious, then I don’t have to worry about anything. It is."

He then turned to Duan Ting Xuan. He smiled and said: "Don't you say that he is going to be rehabilitated?" I said that this thing is on me. How? Give my brother a face, like him, the world can no longer find the first Two, you let me play for a few years, anyway, this is a guy with a bad stomach, don't have to pay for it, wait until I have enough. He estimates that he is half dead. At that time, he will die of starvation. Yeah, it is also his retribution."

Duan Tingyuan took a look at the goods. Cold shouted: "You are damn, saying this in front of warmth, it is not too shameful."

Su Donglou, a glimpse, then quickly turned to give a warm ceremony to the Soviet Union. The sin of the crime: "The younger brother just let go of the moment, but also please forgive me."

Su warmed and looked at Lu Fengyu, who was already pale in the chair. Although reason tells her that this is indeed the other party's retribution, but in my heart, it is a bit unbearable, whispered: "So... will it be too cruel? You are too scum."

"Cruel? My wife wants to think about the people who are dead in his hands." Su Donglou sneered: "And, is this better than he was stunned? Maybe someday I am happy. I will give him A happy one."

"Hey!" Su warms a handful of Su Donglou to the side,

Whispered: "You really didn't really care for him?""Ha ha ha..." Su Donglou sneered a smile: "How is it possible? You are too despised by me."

"This is what you said." Su warmed his finger at Su Donglou: "Hey, don't blame the blind man for not reminding you in advance. The blind man sees too many such things. Some words hurt people deeply. Once they say it, the future Regret can not find regret drugs."

"Where did Mrs. See see so many things like this?"

Su Donglou was curious. In one sentence, he couldn’t speak the warmth of the Soviet Union: Where did she see this kind of thing? Of course, it is a novel, especially the author named Lihua Yanyu, who is best at writing this kind of dog blood that has been abused and abused. But can she tell Su Donglou about this kind of thing? Can you?

So the final warmth of the Soviet Union can only be waved and defeated. She knows that she can't reverse the mind of Su Donglou. In this era, no one cares about the results of people like Lu Fengyu. However, Lu Fengyu’s high IQ of eating goods is so low, you really think so, you can’t say it, there are countless, the hero does not eat before the loss. proud? face? In the face of terrible fate, these are old.


Duan Tingxuan suddenly made a gesture, and everyone knew that the three brothers of Lushan came over. Lu Fengyu was about to make a sound reminder, but Su Donglou’s eye was almost in the throat, and suddenly he couldn’t speak.

The next moment, the two men walked in and laughed and walked in. When they saw the scene in the house, they were a glimpse. It was already too late. Duan Tingxuan suddenly flew down from the beam of the house. One foot and one kicked the two brothers who were caught off guard. street.

Needless to say, things going down. Since Lu Fengyu assisted the Queen of Fuyang, it can be said that he has no choice but to dream, but he did not expect this time to be so miserable. Watching the two brothers not even show their strength, they were added by the sword. The scene was so bad that he couldn’t bear to see it. He couldn’t help but sigh and muttered: "He wants to die, non-human sin."

"You see, things are already like this. Is it better to tell the situation you know honestly? When I am, you will make up for it."

Su Donglou put his hands on the chair and leaned over to look at Lu Fengyu. He had long wanted to look at this face so close to him, and he could breathe and see the eyebrows that are not refined but pleasing. I’ve seen it clearly, and today’s wish is finally realized.

"What is this? Is the chair squatting?" Su warm and warm, don't worry too much, thinking that Su Donglou is too urgent, right? Suddenly listening to the husband next to her doubts: "Chairs? What is a chair?"

"Hey, that's the posture of the East Building. It's usually pushing people in the corner. Then he should put his arms on the wall. It's called an alcove. But now he puts his arms on the chair, so Nature is the chair."

Su warmly and patiently explained, but she saw her husband’s expression of “can’t understand”, and sighed and waved: “Forget it, it’s not an important thing anyway. If you don’t understand, you don’t understand. Our generation gap. Too deep."After listening to Lu Fengyu snorted, she was surprised to turn back, the dark road is this Lu Feng Yu is not stunned? At this time, I even dared to spit on the face of Su Donglou? I am not afraid of the other side of the animal, let him do it here first?

As it turns out, the Sudong Building is not going to be a place for animals. After all, there is a lady next to her. So he just calmly got up, rubbed his face with a handkerchief, and then warmed up to the Soviet Union: "Mrs. Hey, he refuses to recruit, what should I do?"

"Ask me what? I will not interrogate the set." Su warm and inexplicable, but see Duan Ting Xuan and Su Donglou laughed together, the same voice: "For Lu Daren, your means can be better than torture interrogation It is."

"What do you mean?" Su warmed and looked at his husband angrily. He used his eyes to signal that he would explain it or wait.

"Stupid warm, have you not thought of it? For this person, the temptation of food is more useful than the torture. Don't forget, he already knows our identity, but because of that stutter, so we tolerate them to this day, This gave us the opportunity to completely turn over."

"I am fighting with you."

Lu Fengyu sighed with grief. Ever since the situation turned to despair, he has always resisted and refused to lose his attitude. He finally couldn’t help it anymore. When he stood up, he rushed toward the Soviet Union.

Halfway through the road, but Su Donglou opened his arms and slammed into the other's arms, just listened to the bastard and laughed: "How? At this time, I still want to eat my lady's tofu? You can give me a break. Or let me eat your piece of tender tofu in your mouth."

"Hey!" Duan Tingxuan's temperament has jumped out, just reminded once, and the result is that the bastard in the East Building still does not learn the lesson. In the warmth, he said that tofu is not tofu, and this kind of joke between men can also be used as a joke. Said with a warm face? Nothing stained her ears.

Su Donglou also reacted, just to apologize, just listen to Su warm and smile: "Nun tofu? Donglou, are you making a mistake? Compared to you, Lu Daren is a piece of old tofu, you are authentic Is the tender calf old grass good?"


Duan Tingxuan looked at his wife with a black line: I know that you are generous, but this kind of words can be said casually, is it really good? "

Su warmed up and spit out his tongue, but soon he cocked his hips: "What are you doing? Blame me? Is it clear that the East Building is unobstructed? You should rush to him if you want to get angry." Quoted.

Su Donglou: ...

Duan Tingxuan: ...

Lu Fengyu: "Ha ha ha said well... ah..." It was Su Donglou who made a punch on his stomach. The painful waist was bent into a shrimp, and he realized the truth of the disaster.


"The scorpion in the summer is not good. To say that the meat is delicious, it must be this scorpion meat, the most tender and tender."

A bunch of bonfires are burning, UU reading wooden sticks are chained with a whole scorpion grill, the oil drops, giving off a seductive aroma. The meat outside is already slightly burnt, and it must be fully cooked. Su warms and talks, and skillfully sprinkles various spices on the meat.Next to the campfire, there is a big pot. The pot is sizzling and bubbling. A dozen pieces of snake meat rise and fall in the water. The broth has turned into milky white. Siping is watching the fire, looking back from time to time. Sitting on the bottom of the tree, Lu Fengyu.

Lu Fengyu has been hungry for two days. Although the expression is still calm at this time, the stomach has already stirred up the river, especially the scent of the broth and barbecue, and it is hard to drill into the nose. Self-control is almost on the verge of collapse.

"Okay, Siping, put the wild vegetables in the pot, it’s too tired to be meat. You have to rely on this wild vegetable to get rid of greasy. In addition, I will mix a mother-in-law and bitter diced vegetables. You will prepare the seasoning for me. After we finished mixing, we will eat. At this moment, the wind is just right. It is the coolest meal in the bamboo building." (To be continued.)

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