2126. Chapter 2126 When your friend is much better than your brother

2126. Chapter 2126 When your friend is much better than your brother

Chapter 2126 When your friend is much better than your brother

For a moment, the cloud painting stuck.

The first time she responded, she immediately retired and went around the back of the computer, the range that the camera could not reach.

Some of the ear roots are red.

My heart is also a little tight.

But then she was relieved, and there should be no problem.

This is the senior leadership of Bosking's domestic company. It is not the senior leadership and board member of the Bauhinia Foundation. When she was the chairman of the Bauhinia Foundation, she did not directly intervene in the daily affairs of the consortium. Not many people know her, not to mention It is said that these people in the video are all domestic companies, and it is even more impossible to see her as the chairman of the Bauhinia Foundation.

Her identity should not be exposed.

The cloud painting was a little relieved.

Bo Siqing’s gaze revisited the camera: “There are two remaining issues to change the time to discuss. The meeting.”

After that, he cut off the video directly and closed the computer.

"Nothing?" He looked at her.

Cloud painting shakes his head.

Bo Siqing put the computer on the side. "The meeting is all the middle and senior management of our company. I won't talk about anything. Moreover, there is nothing to talk about, your sister is not a good person."

The face of the cloud painting was a little black, looking at him. "I still can't see anyone."

"Is it?" Bo Siqing raised his eyebrows and smiled. "I don't think I saw anyone in the end."

Cloud painting lips, " Anyway... Anyway, I don't want my identity to be noticed by too many people."

He glanced at her deeply and nodded. "Good. What have you just said, let me do a favor for you, what busy?"

Cloud painting bites the lip, and some don't know what to say.

If you don't make clear the cause and effect, it seems to be very troublesome, and it is not a gesture of asking for help.

"I have a friend, Shen Shiying." Cloud painting said, "She is now a star. Today's news about her on the Internet is very sensational. Have you seen it?"

"Looked at it, didn't pay much attention to it, what happened?" Bo Siqing looked at her.

Cloud painting said, "Her father used to be a policeman, but then something happened. According to the police's briefing, her father deliberately ran a smuggler in a slap in the face, even killing a policeman and her father himself. I also followed the smugglers. After so many years, there was no news."

The cloud painting paused and continued: "After Shen Shiying debuted, the company gave her life a little cover, and most people would not find her life, but this time Shen Shiying Spring Festival file and new movie release, the outside world is very much looking forward to this The box office of the movie should not be bad. The total number of box office in the Spring Festival is so much. A good movie will suck a lot of box office. All other homes that are released at the same time will definitely be the hands of her movie, plus the movie. The production of Fangxingchen Media is also a newcomer in this industry. The attitude of the old-school forces to it is only superficially friendly. In fact, it is a confrontation...""There are various factors. The result is that Shen Shiying's father has been dug up. The other party is prepared. It should have been prepared for a long time. The evidence is informative. Now, after a brain burst on the Internet, it is out of control. The discussion of netizens is very high. For the Shen Shiying who has such a life experience, the netizens are very resistant. Among them, the water army has a rhythm, but most of the netizens themselves are very disgusted with Shen Shiying’s father. The sense of justice on the Internet is always stronger than reality. too much."

The voice of the cloud painting is very calm. "The rival company has seized this point very keenly. This can ignite the sense of justice in the hearts of ordinary netizens. It can be said that in this matter, Shen Shiying could not wash the white, even any ruthless wash. Bai Shen Shi Ying's people will be attacked by netizens."

Bo Siqing heard the words, nodded and looked at the clouds. "So, what do you want me to do for you?"

Cloud painting hesitated for a second. "You are... or I am going to find a big brother..."

"Looking for big brother?" Bosi Qing smiled. "Why, I can't help you?"

"I don't have..." The cloud painting looked down with some guilty conscience.

It’s not that he can’t help, but... but he’s already a businessman, and then rushing to ask these things, it’s not convenient in any way. And he is a person who insists on principles, and she does not want to ask him trouble.

"You obviously have it!"

His voice is close at hand.

The cloud painting was shocked and suddenly looked up. This person did not know when she was standing in front of her, and there was no sound at all!

The cloud painting bite his teeth. "It’s me... I’m smashing. It’s the best thing to find a big brother...”

"You want to save Shen Shiying's future?" Bo Siqing bent down slightly, and a beautiful face was approaching her. It was quite stressful. "How do you want to save?"

The whole person is shrouded in his breath, and the cloud painting can't help but step back to be able to wake up.

"Use capital to pressure and help her out?" His voice is very low, and the magnetic voice is extremely low and attractive. "You will not do this, the symptoms will not be cured, and even cause a more serious rebound, even if it is really depressed." This will be the black spot that she will never wash in her life. So, what do you do?"

The clouds are coveted.

"If you want to cure the symptoms, you must first cure the problem. The root cause is Shen Shiying's father. Since it is impossible to deny the relationship with the father, the only way is to prove that her father is not guilty." Bo Siqing looked at the cloud painting and said, "You want to I help prove that her father is not guilty?"

Cloud painting took a deep breath, nodded, but shook his head. "I don't know what to do."

"If her father is really a criminal, you won't ask me to come here, and I won't even think about it." Bo Siqing looked at her and said, "So, is her father really innocent? Not guilty... ... smugglers... killing colleagues... do you suspect that her father is actually undercover?"

Cloud nodded.Bosi Qingqi raised his eyes. "Is it a golden wolf case? This case has been followed by Huaiyi for ten years, not to mention the people who had previously dealt with this case... The police have been prepared for at least 15 years. What you said... Shen Shiying’s father was undercover for no less than 15 years, or even longer..."

His face is serious. "Drawing, you have to know that if her father is really undercover and has been undercover for so many years, his identity must die and there is no room for change."

Cloud painting smiles bitterly. "I know, Lingnan told me. But... But what else can I do? No, no, no, no, the most important thing now is to determine whether Shen Shiying’s father, Shen Yecheng, is undercover. Can not be made public, but Shen Shiying must know the exact truth."

When the cloud painting said, it was awkward. "I saved Shen Shiying at the beginning. I don't know if her father is undercover. I just... just think that she is so pitiful, and if there is no faith in the heart, it is not living. Going down, her state was very bad at the time, and I deliberately guided her to make her feel that her father was undercover, not a criminal. She has lived on this and has her own career. So after this incident broke out, if it was not resolved, it would not only ruin the future of Shen Shiying, but also completely destroy her people."

The cloud painting sighed for a long time. "If she knows that her proud father is really a criminal, then her three views will collapse and all souls will be taken away. What courage she has? Keep living?"

The cloud painting said, only a little cold, could not help but hold his arm and clenched his fist.

A few unspeakable sighs.

Then, the head was knocked, and the strength was light and light.

The cloud painting looked up a bit.

Bo Siqing looked helpless. "Are you so good to everyone?"

“Ah?” The cloud painting blinked. “Shen Shiying is my good friend.”

"Well, one has been saved by you, and because you have become a big star, now I have to help her consider her future and personal safety friends..." said Bo Siqing, "Drawing, can I be your friend?" After all, when your friend's treatment is much better than being a brother."

Cloud painting: "..."

The key question now is whether Shen Yecheng is undercover. This truth Shen Shiying must know.

Even if it is because you can't tell the truth and ruin your career, it is not as important as Shen Shiying's life. Shen Shiying must know the truth, and the truth, cloud painting can't get it.

In fact, she has already regretted it. This matter should be looking for the big brother, Bo Si Nian, now called Chen Ennian.

But she hasn't said it yet, and Bo Siqing guessed it.

"I will ask." Bo Siqing said to her, "Whether the identity of Shen Shiying's father is dead or alive, I will give you a reply."

Cloud painting lips, "Are you convenient? Or I will go directly to my eldest brother..."

Her voice did not fall, he suddenly deceived, an arm from the side of her ear back on the wall behind her, "I just look down on my second brother?"The cloud painting bites the lower lip and does not say a word.

He chuckled and stood up straight. "Okay, don't tease you, I will ask you, as soon as possible, I promise."

"...Oh." Cloud painted nodded and hesitated before saying, "I am going to go back to Jiangxi City..."

“Jiangxi City?”

"I didn't recognize my family before I went home, but I was in Jiangxi City." Yun painting whispered.

"I know that Lingnan has been working there for a few years." Boss Road, "You go back... Looking for Shen Shiying? You know she is there?"

"I guess." Cloud painting said, "She has nowhere to go."

"I go with you."

"You are not asking me for the matter of Shen Shiying's father?" The cloud painting quickly said, "No, I will go as long as I can, and Shen Shiying will definitely not want to see others."

"She doesn't want to see others, I don't care, but I can't let you go alone." Bo Siqing's tone was very firm, and he turned to go and clean up his laptop.

Cloud painting frowns, "I will take the bodyguards."

He has turned around, his body shape, and he came back and looked at her. "Do you think any bodyguard can match me?"

There is nothing to say about cloud painting.

No bodyguard can compare with him!

The two booked the latest flight to Jiang.

On the way to the airport, the cloud painting called Tan Shaoning. "Brother, Nono is troublesome to take care of you. I need to go back to Jiangxi City. I have to go to Shen Shiying."

"Well, I know, let me here." Tan Shaoning said, "The little girl is very strong and very worry-free."

When talking about Shaoning, the cloud painting is indeed more assured.

The plane can only go to the provincial capital city of Jiang, and then drive to Jiangxia City.

Since the plane drove to Jiangxi City, the cloud painting has been very silent.

she was……

I have not returned to Jiangxi City for many years.

No time, I dare not go back.

She let people send the ashes of Han Fangzhou back, let people arrange the life of the mother and mother of Han, and secretly sneak up to protect the mother and mother of the Han family, but she did not have the courage to see them, and did not have the courage to tell them. How did Han Fang’s death in the end?

This time, if not for Shen Shiying, she will not return to Jiangxi City.

even if……

Even if she goes back to Jiangxi City, she does not dare to go to see Han’s mother and daughter.

"Don't worry so much." Bo Siqing drove and looked at her. "Nothing will happen. She is an adult."

Cloud painting shook his head and said nothing.

Finally, I arrived in Jiangxia City.

"Where to go?" asked thin secretary.

From the intersection of the next high speed, the heart of the cloud painting is tight.

A familiar and unfamiliar city.

In the past few years, the development of Jiangxi City has also been rapid, and the changes have been great, but the overall picture can still be seen in the past.

"Go to the People's Park." The cloud painting whispered, "I will open it, I know the road."

"No, I know the road."

But after a few seconds, his smile solidified.

He also knows the road?

Why did he know the way to People's Park?

Jiangxi City...

Has he been here before?At least in his memory, he has not been to Jiangxi City.

"How do you know?" The cloud painting is obviously a bit surprised.

Bo Siqing’s lips re-attached with a smile, and did not let her see that it was wrong. “I have been to this place.”

"Oh... Oh, I have been there, when have you been?" The cloud paintings were not found. I asked this question a little strange and somewhat guilty.

"Last year." Bo Siqing said faintly. "There was a cooperation meeting held here, and I came."

Cloud painting was relieved, it turned out to be the case.

He glanced at her, didn't talk anymore, continued to drive, followed his feelings and left.

When the car really stopped at the entrance of the People’s Park, the color of the thin eye was thinner.

He actually...has found the People’s Park. This route seems to have gone through many times in his mind. I remember it is particularly profound and clear.

But he can't remember when he came here.

Have you been here last year? Meeting?

Oh, lie to her.

Cloud painting takes a deep breath and gets off.

At this moment, the sky has already darkened. I watched the crowd who had eaten dinner and walked around for a walk. The cloud painting was also a little uneasy. Is Shen Shiying really here?

"The lake here is where I saved Shen Shiying." The cloud painting whispered, "I think she will be here, but I am not sure... let's go and see, don't be too close to me." what."

(End of this chapter)

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