851. Chapter 851, you help me look at it.

851. Chapter 851, you help me look at it.

Chapter 851 You look at me for me

Probably speaking of the secret, the mood of the cloud painting was relaxed at once.

She is also asleep.

At eleven o'clock, Bo Siqing woke her up.

Cloud painting looked at him in a confused way, and he still didn't want to get up.

After all, I didn’t sleep one night last night. I only slept for two hours at this time. It was still very sleepy and very confused.

"Come back and sleep again."

Bo Siqing reluctantly picked her up, helped her put on her shoes, and helped her sort out the clothes that slept and slept.

Then I took the person to the car.

Cloud paintings have been stupid, until the car drove into the Luquan Mountain, when the guards began to strictly check, she suddenly woke up.

It took her a minute to figure out what it is.

Then her face changed.

"Why don't you wake me up early? My hair, my clothes... I... I will see the grandfather in this way?" The cloud painting is almost crying.

Bo Siqing is helpless.

"Who was just trying to get up?" Bosi Qing whispered.

The cloud paintings have widened their eyes, and the gangs are bulging, but they are mad, but they have nothing to say. Just now... it seems that she is not willing to get up.

But I am sleeping so sweet, how can I get up easily!

"Do not worry, this dress is very good to see Grandpa." Bosi Qing whispered.

Cloud painting is also a person who has been to Mount Quanquan. When I came last time, I was nervous. When I came here, I was nervous...

After all, when she came last time, she knew that she wanted to see her loved ones, and she was nervous and nervous, but she did not feel too scared.

But now, it’s time to see the thin old man!

That is the family of Bo Siqing!

How could she not be nervous?

Bojia is on the 1st courtyard of Yuquan Mountain.

Not with the family.

When the cloud paintings came, I remembered it. I quickly called Ji Yan and asked the grandson Ji Songquan not to be there. Ji Yan did not know, and the cloud paintings were called to Hong Fenghong in the courtyard of the father.

"I am going to J province, I am afraid that these two days are not there." The voice of Hong Feng on the phone is very hearty. "Drawing a picture, I want to see the old man?"

"Well, I haven't seen it for a few days. It's a trouble, and I will go when my grandfather returns."

Hanging up the phone, Yun painted a thin eye.

Blame him, why should you bring her to see the thin father!

She is really nervous or not.

just in case……

What if the thin father doesn't like her?

As it turns out, what she thinks is superfluous.

She will not let her suffer any grievances, even his family, she must not be wronged.

He will flatten the father's side in advance and will bring her over.

The thin old man is not quite the same as the old man, and the thin old man has a more military character.

I haven't seen Bo Siqing for a long time, but when I first met, Bo Laozi just looked at Bo Siqing and found that there was no shortage of arms and no legs, so he directly dropped Bo Siqing to the side and ignored it. Instead, focus on the cloud painting.Thin old eyes are too fierce, like X-ray, cloud painting is very uncomfortable, but there is nowhere to hide.

Bosi sighed and sighed directly in front of the cloud painting. He looked helplessly and said: "Grandpa, you are not afraid to scare people away."

"I will take a look!" Bo old did not take a look at Bo Siqing, "I can't see it?"

"Yes." Bosi Qing smiled. "When you enter our house, you want to see what you want. When you look at the people, I will find one for you!"

(End of this chapter)

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