672. Chapter 672 沉的沈诗颖

672. Chapter 672 沉的沈诗颖

Chapter 672 沉的沈诗颖

When Shen Shiying came back with a lot of ingredients, Lingnan was commanding several men to put three scum into the car.

"What happened! I heard people talking about traffickers, wherever!"

Shen Shiying looked around.

The cloud draws a light cough. "Isn't this already taken over by the captain!"

"That's a few!" Shen Shiying widened her eyes. "When I came over, I heard that they caught a girl and said that girls are their daughters. They have to take people away. It’s so daring! Thanks to the girl, Otherwise it will be terrible if they are taken away by them!"

"thank you."

Cloud painting said one sentence.

Shen Shiying glanced at the cloud painting. "What do you mean?"

Chu Yu’s mood is not very good, no sound.

Shen Shiying is not stupid. Look at the picture of the cloud painting. Then look at the several scums that have been tied. She reacts instantly. "No, the girl is you? They want to catch you?"

"I went to TMD and licked their dog eyes!"

Shen Shiying’s bag in her hand was thrown on the floor, and she rushed straight into the crowd and rushed in.

"A group of pigs and dogs are not as good as the animals, and your dog's eyes are not!" Shen Shiying squatted on one of the men's three-way, the rope on the man's foot was just unlocked by the police, otherwise he could not be escorted. Go to the police car.

Shen Shiying was so in front of the police, and the man was so weak that he could not get up on the ground.

"What are you doing..."

The two policemen on the side quickly stopped Shen Shiying.

"I killed them!" Shen Shiying screamed, and squatted, squatting at another man who was already sitting behind the escort car.

"Stop!" Lingnan reacted, no words, and quickly greeted Chu, "You quickly take her down!"

Cloud painting and Chu Yu did not react.

Shen Shiying is too fast!

Before, when Shen Shiying and Yun Huan followed the battle of Chu Yu, Chu Yu said that Shen Shiying’s talent in this aspect is better. In fact, Shen Shiying’s learning is indeed better than cloud painting, and... time relationship, Shen Shiying It’s more to practice with Chu Yu...

If you say that the cloud painting has just been a few times, it is directed at the uniform gangsters, then this time Shen Shiying, is completely directed at hitting people!

How to hurt how to kick, how to hurt how to fight!

Chu Yu opened up Shen Shiying, and Shen Shiying was still screaming: "Dare to start painting, I can't kill them!"

"A group of garbage, scum, come to me, see my sister, I am dying of them..."

The appearance of Shen Shiying’s claws is quite scary.

Cloud painting quickly came forward, pulling Shen Shiying from Chu Yu, and quickly said: "I am not okay? Don't be excited, don't be excited..."

"I am mad at me, this group of animals, scum!" Shen Shiying gasped.

Just those two times, not to be tired like this!

The cloud painting clung tightly to Shen Shiying. After she calmed down a bit, the cloud painting discovered that Shen Shiying was not tired, but angry.

After she calmed down a little while, the cloud paintings clearly felt that Shen Shiying’s hands were shaking!"Okay, it's really okay." Yun painting quickly hugged Shen Shiying's arm. "Do you think that this is not something that you haven't had? If you run into me, the person who is worried is them. They are unlucky."

Lingnan hurriedly let the three scums get rid of them, and then they wouldn’t get rid of them. The three scums were afraid of being killed!

At this point, it is estimated that only half life is left.

(End of this chapter)

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