White-Robed Chief

By Xiao Shu



Sun Mingyue suddenly took off the veil, revealing the face of the United States, crystal clear as white jade, exudes warm and radiant, double eyes like laughing and laughing at the hundred miles: “Where is this out?”

“Can the Fan Elder die?”Miles of martyrdom.

“With some living crimes, death will not come.”Sun Mingyue shook his head gently.

Baili sighed with a sigh: “This time, if you can’t take the letter again, you can only get rid of it. This woman’s intuition is too keen.”

“See your identity flaws?”Sun Mingyue smiled faintly: “You will be so careless and reveal flaws?”

Baili shook his head and said: “It is reasonable to say that there is no flaw, but she can’t stand her instinct. I can’t see the flaws but I feel that it’s not right. This time it’s hard to solve all the problems. If you can’t, then you can only take the last step.”

Sun Mingyue chuckled: “This girl is really a powerful person.”

Chu left: “She is already over three hundred years old.”

This hundred miles is naturally Chu, when Song Zhifan and Fan Chang Lao were in the law, Chu appeared in an instant, sent back to Baili, and returned again. There is no flaw, which is entirely due to the observation of the great round mirror.

Sun Mingyue’s eyebrows gently pick: “You are forever?”

Chu slowly nodded.

Sun Mingyue said: “Blessed.”

The permanent youth can only keep the appearance unchanged, but it can’t keep the temperament unchanged. When people go through the time, they will experience more, and the mentality will change, reflecting the unique temperament.

Chu nodded and said: “It may be because the floating mountain is isolated from the world, so there is no distracting distraction. It has been caused by closed practice. This time only five gods joined hands?”

“Yes, there are only five shots.”Sun Mingyue sighed: “The decision of everyone is to abolish him and then imprison him so that he can’t stir the situation. As for killing him, he still has no courage.”

Chu left: “Difficult.”

Sun Mingyue shook his head: “Tang Xu is okay, Chen Yuji and the Ming and Ming monks are perfunctory, and may not be able to.”

“This Song knows that the means are endless, and the secret skill does not know how much. I am mixed with him to find out, know ourselves and know each other.”Chu sighed and said: “It seems that I still can’t find out.”

“Then you still have to dress up as a hundred miles?”Sun Mingyue asked.

The tacit understanding of the two.

Don’t say that he is dressed as a hundred miles, that is, dressed as a woman, as long as the two are close, naturally there will be strong feelings, knowing each other’s identity and position, no magical use of King Kong.

Chu is only a look, Sun Mingyue knows what he wants to do, and he works seamlessly and tacitly.

Chu nodded and nodded: “I have another idea now, but I have to play it down.”

Try me. “Sun Mingyue said.

The two sat on a boulder on the foothills.

The breeze came slowly, picking up her white gauze, the hair fluttering, it is not a human fireworks, let Chu leave the feeling of standing in the clouds, the distance is very close, in fact, very far away, out of reach.

Chu said: “It’s just such an idea. See if you can provoke the civil strife in the floating mountain. The longevity teaching is not internal, and most people oppose the mountain, do not want to dominate the martial arts, and think about a stable life.”

“So, is it that Song Zhifan’s prestige is insufficient?”Sun Mingyue said.

Chu slowly nodded: “Exactly, he is still young, and he is not tyrannical. He can’t compare with the original Song Wuji, so he can’t fully serve the people. After all, the old guys lived too long.”

Sun Mingyue said: “Can you really stir up civil strife?”

Chu said: “As long as Song Zhifan’s prestige is constantly being attacked, even if he becomes a god, he can’t press the floating mountain. Fan Elder is his confidant. If she can shake her, she will succeed 60%.”

“This fan elder does not believe in you.”Sun Mingyue said: “In my opinion, it is better to get rid of it.”

Chu left: “Fan Chang is easy to die, but she is the best weapon and can not be easily abandoned.”

“You are looking for trouble yourself.”Sun Mingyue smiled and said: “Don’t stop at the end of the day, but in the hands of her, after living for more than three hundred years, the mental machine will never be inferior to you and me.”

Chu away from the heavy nod: “I will be careful, you are also careful, this time is very difficult to succeed, do not put yourself in, and also be careful Tang Xu cold no front they took the opportunity to deal with you.”

Sun Mingyue’s jaw: “I will go now.”

Chu said with a smile: “That’s good, let’s go.”

Sun Mingyue hangs the white gauze, his eyes flashed, and suddenly he punched him in the chest.

“Pu~”Chu flew up from the sky, broke the two pine trees behind him, hung on a pine tree, and seemed to be comatose in the motion. There was a big flame in the body jumping, it seemed that he would be burned clean.

Sun Mingyue did not appear again, Chu has been coma.

From the evening to the early morning, he was not awake for a night.

The footsteps sounded, and the fan elders fluttered, and saw the Chu away from the branches, and floated to pick him up.

She didn’t seem to have been seriously injured. A force that ran into the body of Chu, quickly circulated, and looked at his injuries and physical conditions. The internal strength of the long-lived power was burned by a strange force, and it was getting weaker and weaker. A trace.

Fan Elder estimates that he will come a little later, his martial arts will be abolished again, and the blood will be burned almost, and he will die if he dies.

She has a complicated look at it.

This strange internal force is most familiar to her. It is the palm of the bright sacred Sun Mingyue. It seems that she only took him to fly and then left, not concerned about his life and death.

Thinking of the previous Sun Mingyue’s situation, Fan Elder can understand that in the eyes of Sun Mingyue, Baili is a lifeless death, and it is like nothing in the world. If he rushes up, he is afraid to be lazy, this is also his ability. The reason for returning this life.

Thinking of her here, she grinned and shook her head. This hundred miles was really a big life. For another god, his life was already dead, and he met Sun Mingyue, who was so cold and proud, and returned to a small life. .

She helped Chu to resist the big light and flame, and mentioned that he had been mad for half an hour, came to a valley, and met Song Zhifan, who was as old as the old man in the valley.

Song Zhifan was sitting cross-legged on a stone on the side of the spring, and he heard his footsteps open his eyes and saw the Chu away from his hand: “He didn’t die?”

“Get back a little life.”Fan Elder grinned and said: “There is a loss to meet Sun Mingyue.”

“Heng!”Song Zhifan screamed angrily: “Is it ruined again?”

“Wu Gong is not wasted, it is seriously injured.”Fan Changlao said: “There was also a show of dedication, great strength, and need to be well cultivated for a while.”

She left Chu in front of Song Zhifan.

Song Zhifan reached out and took a shot from the back.

“Whoa!Chu spit out a black blood and slowly opened his eyes.

Song Zhifan said: “A good Sun Mingyue!”

He can feel that Sun Mingyue’s palm power is extremely incomparable and better than the rest of the gods. This is caused by the supreme King Kong.

“Although the luck is bad, but the loyalty is enough.”Song Zhifan said: “After all, longevity is the only straw he can catch.”

“Yes.Fan Elder’s jaw.

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