Talisman Emperor

By Xiao Jinyu

Little teacher's younger brother's order

Little teacher's younger brother's order

Many thanks „thousand profound commands” hitting of baby shoe enjoys to support ~~

The Great Dao Discussion Competition third month 22 nd day.

Carries severely wounded Gu Yan, the luck is very as if bad, but is not bad.

Said that his luck is very bad is because, on this day, injury he again had not been discovered by Divine Courtyard Donghuang Yinxuan one line, to chasing down that he launches.

Said that his luck is not bad , because in process of chasing down, his passed by Ye Chen and Yu Jiuyue take action rescued together.

Was rescued by two Dao Courtyard successor, the luck cannot, therefore can only not call badly.

Witnesses this, outside many Dao Practioner all stunned.

It is well known, Dao Courtyard in Emperor Territory Five Top, is maintaining the neutral manner, treats God Overflowing Mountain and Nuwa Palace, treats Supreme Religion and Divine Courtyard, all adopts the strategy that two are not helping.

In this grade of situation, Ye Chen and Yu Jiuyue this is having enormous influence successor in Dao Courtyard, suddenly got down from a Divine Courtyard Donghuang Yinxuan pedestrian hand has carried severely wounded God Overflowing Mountain successor Gu Yan, has to make human's heart live the suspicion.

What does this mean?

don't tell me Dao Courtyard started to change the attitude, closed up toward God Overflowing Mountain that side?

At this moment, Lei Fu and Chi Songzi in two people Primordial Hall witness this, is out of control the complexion to sink, in the pupil gushes out wipes cold intent.

„, Has not thought that before that Chen Xi, unites Kong Youran, has eliminated your Dao Courtyard that many disciple, but is booing now, your Dao Courtyard disciple also so warmheartedness, on own initiative rescued God Overflowing Mountain disciple unexpectedly, this may be really great.”

Chi Songzi sneers, the sound is reverberating in the main hall.

Actually, incessantly is he and Lei Fu, Wen Ting and Yu Zhen have not thought that will have such one unexpectedly, in the heart also has doubts.

Many days ago, Huai Kongzi then returns to Primordial Hall, at this moment is sitting well on the central seat of honor, but has lacked Ying Qin Emperor Monarch only.

In other words, that day leaves after Ying Qin Emperor Monarch and Huai Kongzi together, then the looks like disappears generally, again had not appeared.

But this point has not caused any sound obviously.

At this moment, after Huai Kongzi hears Chi Songzi that to have the thick ridicule and interrogation flavor words, is actually appears quite tranquil.

He slightly hesitates, then said: „This is only the two kid individual procedures, does not represent my Dao Courtyard manner, perhaps, they are not cruel enough, in second round discussed, has been short of Gu Yan such one match who was worth respecting.”

hear speech/words, Chi Songzi sneers even more fiercely, hey however said: „Hope was best such as Fellow Daoist you to say such, otherwise, but will make me and other disappointed.”

In the sound brings to wipe threat.

Huai Kongzi like has not actually listened, including said with a smile: „Fellow Daoist may feel relieved greatly.”

Chi Songzi cold snort|hum, no longer has then talked too much.

Lei Fu is actually the brow wrinkles, looking pensive shot a look at Huai Kongzi one, felt Huai Kongzi , since the past few days returned to Primordial Hall, the manner as if faintly had the change.

Incessantly is Lei Fu, realizes including Wen Ting and Yu Zhen, but how is actually not fully correct in the Huai Kongzi heart to think.

But no matter how, when saw that Gu Yan was collaborated to rescue by Ye Chen and Yu Jiuyue, makes Wen Ting relax darkly.

Now in Dao Cauldron World, their God Overflowing Mountain already only remaining Chen Xi, Gu Yan and Tu Meng three people, if Gu Yan has the accident again, that this first round discussed, their God Overflowing Mountain thoroughly collapsed completely.


Also is the day, night, with a bright moon and few stars.

Chen Xi sits cross-legged to sit in bank of the cliff, the Cloud Sea transpiration, appears under the dim light of night quiet and grand.

His look the arrived pinnacle, could not see indifferently again any mood fluctuates, like a statue of clay sculpture.

From after Kong Youran separates, until the present, he as before has not searched related God Overflowing Mountain other disciple news.

Even, his matches meet all the way.

If this time is only he participates in this Great Dao Discussion Competition merely, he naturally is extremely glad to see such situation, at least he obtained Dao Engraving Ancient Cauldron, does not need to suffer competition of match, the situation cannot be better simply.

But was a pity that this Chen Xi is not a person, he is representing God Overflowing Mountain , some of his also many same side also.

All these mean, he cannot merely only.

„Misfortune Divine Plate...... Supreme Religion...... You, will pay the price!”

In the Chen Xi heart muttered, the look was indifferently one piece, the pupil deep place is actually surging cold biting cold divine glow.

took a deep breath, his long body, decides to continue, but in this time, his suddenly brow wrinkle.


Almost is simultaneously, distant place place transmits one extremely lightly.

At once, under that distant place curtain of night, flashes before two forms to come extremely baseless, that impressively is Ye Chen and Yu Jiuyue.

However, Chen Xi eyesight sweeps in two people, actually all of a sudden fell behind Yu Jiuyue.

Behind Yu Jiuyue, is shouldering a person, that person of clothing dyed with blood, face whiten, energetic dispirited arrived pinnacle.

But Chen Xi all of a sudden recognizes, that is Gu Yan!

In a flash, the Chen Xi eye pupil ice-cold arrived pinnacle, clang draws a sword suddenly, sword sharp murderous qi just likes tidal blots out the sky, has aimed at Ye Chen and Yu Jiuyue distantly.

„Puts down him!”

The character character like the blade, killing intent is copious, this piece of Heaven and Earth falls into the wail, several want collapse and extinguishes.

„I, if doesn't put?”

Ye Chen has been startled being startled, is out of control to smile.

„Little Martial Uncle?”

In this time, lies in Gu Yan raise the head that Yu Jiuyue carries on the back, when sees Chen Xi, in that gloomy pupil gushes out suddenly wipes bright Ze, but at once, he realized that Chen Xi has misunderstood, rapid [say / way]: „Little Martial Uncle has misunderstood, was they have saved me.”

„You said anything, I just want to fight one with this fellow, you may be also senseless.”

Ye Chen curled the lip, has caused a look toward Yu Jiuyue.

Yu Jiuyue understands, Gu Yan that will immediately carry on the back puts down.

Chen Xi is startled however, stares at Ye Chen and Yu Jiuyue carefully for a long time, looked toward Gu Yan that oneself walk, finally received Exile Dust Sword, moved forward to meet somebody hastily.

„What's all this about?”

Chen Xi holds Gu Yan on one side rock sits down, puts out some Spirit Pill elixir to squeeze in the latter lip, this knits the brows to make noise.

In the sound, passes is wiping to worry, according to his observations, the Gu Yan injury was extremely really serious, almost arrives at Dao Foundation on the wound, the whole body Qi disorder, at this time was to have Spirit Pill elixir, is unable to alleviate the opposite party injury immediately.

„When we see him, he they were being chased down by Divine Courtyard Donghuang Yinxuan.”

Ye Chen and Yu Jiuyue also walked.

„Divine Courtyard?”

In Chen Xi pupil chill in the air greatly Sheng.

„It is not Divine Courtyard, before I and Supreme Religion Leng Xinghun they fought, then received the severe wound, but can eliminate their two disciple, calculated the value. Has not thought that my luck somewhat was too as if bad, today with Divine Courtyard Donghuang Yinxuan their meeting face to face on a narrow path, if not Ye Chen they help one another, only fears......”

The Gu Yan respite start to talk, sound somewhat is rapid, the words have not said that the forehead cold sweat then flows.

Has Ancestral God Realm Expert of peerless posture, at this moment actually reduces to so the situation, including speech so Fei Jin, the injury that it can be imagined he receives so is serious.

„Do not speak, you rest first, other gave me.”

Chen Xi resented, loves dearly, after stopping the Gu Yan speech, looked at eyesight to Ye Chen and Yu Jiuyue two people.

„This time...... Many thanks two.”

Chen Xi took a deep breath, said.

Ye Chen smiled, said: „Are you very strange, why was the person of our Dao Courtyard has saved him?”

Chen Xi confident nod: „Good, I think that does not understand this point, this all the way, but many Dao Courtyard disciple defeated in my hand.”

„This is unimportant.”

Ye Chen shakes the head, the look is also becomes serious, said that „, because this is Great Dao Discussion Competition, has to lose to win, I not because of these, but regards as the personal enemy you.”

The Chen Xi eyebrow selects, the surprise looked at Ye Chen one, said: „Such being the case, why do you want to rescue Gu Yan?”

Ye Chen and Yu Jiuyue look at one mutually, finally Tanzania said: „I only hope that your God Overflowing Mountain should not be hostile toward Dao Courtyard.”

Chen Xi has narrowed the eye: „How did this words say?”

„The somewhat person made mistakes, some people compensate, I want to tell you, my Dao Courtyard has been pursuing the fair and rational manner, manages this Great Dao Discussion Competition, but the matter develops this step, I believe that many people have not thought.”

Ye Chen sighed lightly that „regarding plot, I most loathes, stemming from the what kind reason, should not use this and other in Great Dao Discussion Competition the ignominious methods.”

Chen Xi can feel, what the opposite party said is the truth, even has judged, Ye Chen only feared that also already understood arrived certain matters, will therefore adopt this grade of method, tries to melt itself to being hostile to of Dao Courtyard.

„Has made mistakes, may not only be only the compensation, but must pay the corresponding price for this reason, if cannot accomplish this point, I am unable to forgive.”

Chen Xi for a long time, this said silent.

Regarding the Chen Xi manner, has not made Ye Chen feel that excessive, his slightly thinking, then earnestly nods saying: „I believe that Dao Courtyard will give you God Overflowing Mountain and a Nuwa Palace confession.”

Chen Xi said: „I may wait.”

„That this, in advance said goodbye, Chen Xi, no matter how, Great Dao Discussion Competition must work, on the day of I very much anticipate and you fight, perhaps will meet next time, we were the matches.”

Ye Chen sprinkles however smiles, both hands carry on the back, turns around to depart with Yu Jiuyue.

„These two fellows, pour are good.”

Chen Xi stared at them to leave, ponders for a long time, shook the head finally, no longer thinks that looked at eyesight to Gu Yan.

„Little Martial Uncle, does not need to be worried that kept here to be OK me, even if this time were eliminated, I did not have anything to regret that proper was you may probably insist finally.”

Gu Yan feels arrived Chen Xi eyesight, opens the eye, on the pale transparent cheeks squeezes out wipes the smiling face.

He worried that he implicates Chen Xi.

Chen Xi has patted the Gu Yan shoulder, does not attend to Gu Yan opposing that was careful carried him in oneself has carried on the back, then said: „Heals from a wound relieved, by me, nobody can eliminate you.”

The words are light and tranquil, is actually passing firm unquestionable strength.

In the Gu Yan heart gushes out the warm current that wipes unable to contain suddenly, starts to speak but hesitates, has not said finally anything.

This is the order of Little Martial Uncle.

His whole life will not forget.

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