Reincarnation – Lord is Extremely Hardcore Hei Xin Ping Guo

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This article is one-on-one, the male body is clean and healthy! Be cautious when entering the pit! ... She was born again, 20 years old when she died, and the murderer pushed her out on the road in full view. However, in the eyes of all - her beloved father said to the murderer: Don't go to the heart, this is not your fault. Her loving mother said to the murderer: It doesn't matter, I have your daughter who is more than my daughter. Her dear brother said to the murderer: Cut, this woman is damn alive, and it makes me feel awkward to live! Her favorite man said to the murderer: I only loved you from beginning to end. The murderer murdered the tears, like a pure white lotus that was independent, but no one saw her vicious and disdainful smile. So - when everything has come back, she is going to double back what she belongs to, she must be once, the princess who will be comforted by the whole world in the public, let the woman who took everything away, taste the pain until The feeling of the soul. ...Small clip: Before the male owner fell in love with the female owner, he was indifferent and aloof. "I smelled the crime in her." After the male owner fell in love with the female host, she was cold-hearted. "I smelled on her and made me sin." The taste." Female host: "When you die, can you give me the body?" Male: "Do you want to me...?" Female lord: "I just want to make you a mummy." Male: "I didn't expect you to repeat this way. I want to stay with me in this way."


  • Modern Day
  • Tragic Past
  • Genius Protagonist
  • Revenge
  • Second Chance
  • Crime
  • Reincarnation
  • Complex Family Relationships
  • Female Protagonist
  • Psychopaths
  • Criminals
  • Sister Complex
  • Twisted Personality
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